Zoe Jones

An emergency cunting on a planetary scale for this worthless piece of shit and her little eco warrior mates/ cunts please.
This is one of the bottom feeders who held up traffic in Bristol, stopping a guy from being able to say goodbye to his terminally ill father. When she is told by a reporter what they had done and listened to a recording of the guy phoning a radio station in a distressed state, she starts crying. I shit you not, but explains why these worthless bunch of wankers are disrupting major cities…all for the sake of their agenda.
Why aren’t the police tearing these bastards a new asshole? Or can’t they now intervene, due to PC bollocks? I always though this sort of shit was against the law anyway.
If it were I this cunt stopped from seeing my dying parent, I would now be researching where she lived and she would be having a conversation with the business end of a baseball bat, then she could cry me a river too. In the immortal words of Ving Rhames ” I’m going to get medieval on your ass”

Nominated by CuntyMort

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  1. What is it about Bristol? After Londonistan and Brighton, it must be the next god forsaken place in the country. That twat who tried to hijack the noms page the other day came from there. I would think he’s probably jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge by now.

    • Another commuter town for the big ‘stan, thanks to the M4.

      A general rule-of-thumb; the stronger the ties to London, the more burrito and sushi places open up. Reading, Bristol, Guildford, Brighton, Oxford.

    • The ecofaggots have moved to Ireland to cause trouble for farmers. Except that we have and use shotguns here.

  2. I find it very worrying when the police choose which laws they are going to enforce. There are clear rules on what constitutes obstruction of the highway; any person appearing to breach these rules should be up before the beaks PDQ. Enjoy the rest of Monday my fellow cunts ( he says being a pensioner who enjoys seven day weekends).

  3. What a CUNT. She wears Libtard Feminazi earnings as well – big orange discs like those Jungle cunts stick in their lower lips. Except she’s the savage, not the jungle natives.

    Fuck off.

  4. She could fuck off to Brazil to plant some trees.
    But that’s more than just talking bullshit and requires effort so zero chance.
    I hope an oak falls on her head.

  5. The photo aboves looks like a Socialist Realism poster. A strong brave Soviet woman striding out ready to do the hard manual work of building an egalitarian society.
    This woman strides out to disrupt the traffic.

  6. You only have to look at this virtue signalling bitch and you can smell the poshness, the money and the hypocrisy. Apparently she has pictures on her soshul meeja acounts bragging about her travels around the world…….Africa, New Zealand you name it, this bitch has been there and left a huge carbon footprint behind her.
    She comes from a posh family of eco warrior, Corbyn loving fuckwits……..mother, grandmother, younger sister…… they’re all at it……..saving the fucking world and basking in their own self glorification.
    Of course the coppers won’t touch them, they’ve been told to dance with them , skateboard with them and ask them nicely if they wouldn’t mind moving on. They are middle class and libtards so they have rights.
    If working class cunts protesting about their vote being ignored were doing this shit there would be dogs, horses and coach loads of tooled up riot police itching for a fight.
    Don’t expect anything else from the libtard cockroaches who infest the Palace of Westminster.

  7. Trying to get to see a dying parent, child, family member or friend.

    Holding up ambulances, fire engines or critical blood/donor organ transporters.

    Preventing care workers from reaching elderly dependents.

    Stopping ordinary (less privileged) folk from reaching work or clients, costing them time/work hours and money they can ill afford.

    Blocking people from getting to places of interest or holiday destinations after saving up for the privilege.

    …they don’t care. All they care about are likes and up-votes from the members of their vacuous online echo-chambers.

    Plod knew how to deal with cunts like this in the 70’s and 80’s, now they’re only interested in locking up common sense folk who call these cunts out for what they are on (anti)social media!

    If I was the man in question, or the many others selfishly affected by these virtue-signalling wankers, I’d be seeing my way to setting up a class action against “Extinction Rebellion” and bankrupt the fuckers!

    That’s one extinction I’d happily live with!


  8. Selfish,pathetic Cuntwipes who believe that their views,however naive and blinkered ,give them the right to act to act like spoiled brats…”but,but we’re saving the planet/animals/the Country from Brexit etc.” they splutter with the righteous indignation which only the truly conceited and most selfish of egotistical wankers can manage.
    Only their point of view counts,you see,they know better and everyone had better listen or they’ll “scweam and scweam and scweam” until they get their way. No matter to them that their puerile actions hit the very targets that they so condescendingly believe that they are helping…they’ve shown “the Authorities” what brave little warriors they really are by hitting some soft target. They wouldn’t be so keen of blocking roads etc. if they had to face up to the people who had had their lives disrupted…they’d probably shit their cruelty-free,sustainably-sourced panties if faced with the very people who they smugly believe that they are saving from themselves.
    Typical of this type of spunkstain to start crying when confronted…I’d have forced the whiny bitch and her fellow “warriors” to explain face-to-face to the inconvenienced victims just why only the “eco-warriors” have a point of view that counts…and then piss myself watching as the “eco-warriors” got their arseholes pulled up over their eyebrows.

    They should grow up,wise up,shut up and Fuck Off to protest somewhere where there is a real problem if they feel so strongly….of course,they wont,they’ve not got the balls for that.

    Fuck them.

  9. A simple way to deal with these self indulgent cunts is to put them on a register. Then, in any emergency situation they need help with, let the emergency services turn up in their own time.
    Or not at all.

  10. These arseholes remind me of those Greenham Common slags from back in the day. Same bunch of attention seekers, middle class, posh …….. look at us we’re saving the world from nuclear destruction.
    Same shit, same wankers, different day.

    • Washing was against their principles: They stank so much the Americans used to jet water into their tents at night. Or simply piss on them.

    • I read that the definition of an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less! About right for eco-twats.

      BTW It is a fact that when the BBC (Bolshevick Broadcasting Commissars – the official media arm of Cuntface Corbyn’s Labour Party) want to know about science they ask that bunch of illiterates known as Shitpeace.

  11. Egowanking shitstain posh cunt who thinks if we don’t share her fuckwitted views on the environment then we need to be saved from ourselves. If that had been me she’d held up, I’d have been straight down to the rainbow planetlovefest and kicked her cunt in.

    • The only rock solid prediction that will 100% happen, the Earth will be destroyed at some point in the distant future.

  12. Set an (authorised) gang upon them swinging hobnailed boots and axe handles. Once the kicking and clubbing starts they’ll seriously question the wisdom of locking themselves down.

    I’m in forestry and have had more than an utter gutful of this kind of cuntwittery.

    • Years ago we had a hell of a job when we went to fell a stand of timber. Hippies gathered their magic mushrooms there apparently..had the forwarder tampered with and one of the Cunts threatened to burn the caravans out….didn’t stop us,we still dropped them.
      Also had some mad Cunts surround a condemned hardwood one time…had to wait til they fucked off for their lentil casserole before we could go back and get it stripped out…worth it just for the look on their faces when they turned up the next morning as we winched the stem over….some even lit little candle things and put them on the stump…excellent,it was.

      • How many years ago Mr. F? I suspect the ringleader might have been Creampuff. He lusts after magic mushrooms.

        • Never thought of that, BBU….you could well be right…the head hippy was a particularly seedy looking individual who had the look of a “sexual adventure-seeker”.

  13. Had a thought about getting something back from these protest wankers. If enough of the persons disadvantaged by nuke the whales or whatever protest is flavour of the month got together and sued the leaders of the protest movement for loss of earnings etc the resulting steaming cauldron of bollocks would be a joy to behold bailiffs knocking on doors, injunctions left right and centre, hysteria on a level not seen since a pork butchers opened in Islamabad. Pink boat in road large group of pissed off commuters push boat off road. Police acting like left wing twats and doing fuck all sue police. If nothing else the resulting scenario would be fun. The time has come to fight back, libtards will never win.

  14. The slag in the picture looks like one of Hitler’s bunker bitches… There is a touch of the Eva Brauns about this cunt…

    If she stopped me seeing my dying dad I’d use her napper as a football….

  15. I’m quite surprised she had the time to listen to that reporter, being that she was late for yoga class and probably needed to validate the parking on her Range Rover before setting off.
    Which reminds me; I need to throw more tyres on my woodburner.

  16. I heard our plod don’t have any water cannons anymore, what the fuck is that about, just wash them off the roads with water imported from Ethiopia.

  17. I went right through the middle of these fucking retards when they were in Leeds. I just told the cunts to get out of my way or I’d put the cunts in the hospital. Not one of the gutless cunts stood their ground. I also told the lazy cunts to get a job. AND I told the useless cunts in uniform what I thought of THEM.

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