The Independent Group for Change

A full supported and relevant cunting for The Independent Group for Change.

The group of MPs who can’t even decide what they should be called (The Independent Group / Change UK) The Independent Group for Change have vowed to ‘carry on’, even though a recent poll has shown they now have 0% support.

After Chukka and Sarah Wollaston sold their souls to join the liberal undemocrats, and others like Heidi Allen became independent from the independent group???, they’re down to a whopping five members. But despite this, leader Anna Soubry, the scariest looking woman in Britain, has vowed to continue in their fight against Brexit.

Who’s even funding these fucking idiots? What a waste of everyone’s time they are. Desperate to not sink away in to obscurity they manage to find something insignificant to say to stay in the press. No doubt they’ll all be joining the only political party more irrelevant than them, the liberal dumbcats, to ensure they stay on the gravy train even though no one actually cares what any of them think or do.

They fuck off and make their own club, no one gives a fuck who they are or what they stand for, they piss and moan how no one is listening to them and somehow they’re still hanging about like a bad smell. Why aren’t they looking for another job like normal people who realise, ‘this is not for them’. Being a politician really is the easiest gig in the world, ignore everyone else’s opinion and try force your own down everyone’s throats, these fuckers are still doing it and somehow earning a living and they’re fucking useless.

I would hope this is the last we’ll see of Anna Soubry and co, but unfortunately like cats they always land on their feet. I hope those that still hold seats constituents remember what traitorous and self serving cunts they are and tell them to go fuck when the time comes.

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30 thoughts on “The Independent Group for Change

  1. What the fucking hell is that in the photo? Has a look of “old biddy who went shopping but has forgotten why she’s gone out and has subsequently got lost and can’t remember where she lives”.

  2. The “old biddy” in the photo is Ann Coffey…….ex social worker, Blairite, remoaner, middle class do gooder and general I know best bitch. The House of Commons is full of out of touch cunts like her. She’s 72 now so I expect she won’t put herself through the inevitable rejection at the next election. This is her moment in the sun and nobody knows who she is. Such a shame.
    Now fuck off and don’t come back bitch.

    • Thanks Freddie.
      I’ve neither seen nor heard of her previous to this cunting. I am however able to deduce that she is a complete and utter cunt, just by looking at the photo above.

      • She looks like a lesbian lady – probably wrestles with Jess Phillips at the Bulldyke Club

        • This is why they are called the party of change. Once they have fully transitioned, they can then revert to another party. Coffey looks as though she was half done to start with. Sourberries is almost there. She just needs a little work doing on the voice. Chuckup needed very little doing, apart from finding an appropriate wig for him. They are truly the party of transition.

  3. The Independent Group for Change
    The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change ™

    No connection, obviously. And no change, either.

    Any spare change, mister?

  4. These utterly useless cunts remind me somewhat of the band on the titanic!! ,
    Whilst other much smoother slicker sharper operators like Allen and umunna saw the writing on the wall and slipped off into the night leaving behind only the most clueless bonkers mad cunts like soubry to soldier on , let’s hope somebody takes pity on soubry and starts a crowd fund page to have her privately sectioned and kept in a small padded cell ….

  5. “Are you the Group for Independent Change”?

    “Fuckk off” –


    “Group for Independent Change. We’re the Independent Group for Change. Group for Independent Change. Cawk”

    Sound like a bit like Reg and his bunch of fucking losers from Life of Brian. I wonder if there is one in there that wants to be called Loretta.

  6. I’ve had 2 cats that could land on their feet but it didn’t stop them being hit by a bus. I suspect that will happen to Sourberry metaphorically at the next election, if she even stands, although I would prefer the actuality.

    • I remember back in April Sourberries was already getting her excuses in early, implying she might not stand at the next General Election…

      Why? Not for the obvious reason that she’d be humiliated and lose her deposit, no.

      Why then?

      “Because I’m 62 years old and exhausted.”

      I wonder what pathetic excuses the other EU ringpiece lickers will come up with to avoid a similar fate?

      PS: God I hate that Sarah Wollaston shit and her fat maggot neck.

      • Your hatred of the Wollaston woman goes back to that time when she was a police surgeon. Do you recall you’d been banged up overnight cos of that wild night you had in Bodmin? When she was called in to sedate you, she stuck the needle into the worst place imaginable. You’ve carried that pain with you ever since.

  7. What an old fucking bat. It’s so PC. Whitey is a cunt of course. And us thickoes just didn’t know what the fuck we were doing, fancy voting to leave, we were lied to. It was propoganda. CUNTS.

  8. Sadly the Sourberries bitch won’t be standing at the next election. I would have loved to have seen the old whore ritually humiliated and lose her deposit.
    She’s clearly as mad as a box of frogs and must have done tremendous damage to the remoaner cause with her rabid, wide eyed tv appearances.
    Another bitch who can fuck off and not come back.

    • Luckily i have kindly offered to hire out my kitchen to them for their party conference for a mere £10k.
      I’ll even throw in 2 dozen bottles of wine for that lovely fair minded sane woman Sourberries.
      Iknow, i know i’m all heart.

  9. Heidi Allen I hope she fucks better than she does politics? She can touch her tiptoes anytime as I slide in behind her.Anna Souberry well she’s just the scariest woman I’ve seen in a long time I wouldn’t want to meet her on a dark night anytime soon stupid silly bitch

    • I wouldn’t like to meet the cow in bright sunlight, if at all, although I reckon that would turn her into a pile of evil-smelling dust.

  10. Just looking at that dried-up periwinkle-encrusted flapped old Sapphic harridan on the picture makes me want to lose my lunch (even though due to my high-fibre diet it’s already departed my fundament). These bare-nakedly anti-democratic losers, who are now scurrying out of their burrows in a last-ditch attempt to actually just toss caution to the wind and rally their ‘troops’, casting away care for exposing themselves for what they truly are, deserve every single fucking coup de grace they get.

  11. Says it all that despite a keen interest in politics I have no idea who is in that picture. And the fact that Soubry is now their leader tells you all you need to know about Change UK.

    No wonder Speer Chukka got out…

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