The Demonization of White People

I would like to nominate the plague that is afflicting the mainly snowflake middle class young generation as cunts. The cunts who like to generalise about white people as a whole. All white people are racist cunts who hate immigrants, use their privilege against the minorities. All men are sexist and abuse all women, especially white men. These idiots like to think they are progressive and showing us the ills of society and how we can approve things by being more aware of inequality and the importance of identity politics. Now all I read is about white privilege and how white people need to be educated about their own selfish race.

I am sick of it.

I don’t understand where society is heading and I wish I could have a time machine and go back in time, before all this shit reared its ugly twisted head. I think this generation are turning into sheep, going along with what the universities and media force down their throats. These liberal Nazis think they are saving the world, but the irony is they are becoming the very people they say that they fight against. I don’t like to generalise, but as a working class person pleased of my roots (look at me playing identity politics) I am sick of these middle class cunts constantly patronising us and trying to make us feel shame because of what a small percentage of the population did hundreds of years ago. I am sick of these cunts demonising my culture and community.

Brexit is a classic example of this where leavers are uneducated yobs who did not know want they were doing and should keep quiet because how dare we have a voice. These cunts are full of contradictions and in the process fostering more hate. They are hateful cunts and I wish we could round them up and allow them to populate somewhere else.

I thought this twitter post encapsulates what western society is up against.

‘Dear fellow white people,

Stop using “Its a quote” when you say the N word rapping songs to excuse your blatant, obvious racism.

Its not hard to replace that word w/ “Bitches”.
Its the same amount of syllables and can be used gender-neutrally.

Non racist white people’

Nominated by Jason

33 thoughts on “The Demonization of White People

  1. Good post. Liberal logic, or Cunt Logic as I call it, is twisted and demented and a huge threat to western civilisation.

  2. White cunts against their parents, brothers and sisters. They will get their come comeuppance when they have to kow tow to an imaginary idol that is in the mind of nutters. Fucking pricks.

  3. Glasgow University has agreed to pay ‘reparations’ in respect of donations received from patrons, who were involved in the slave trade from the nineteenth century, that helped pay for the construction of some of the University buildings.
    Fucking ridiculous.

    • The cunts who agreed to this should be tied to an anchor and dropped in a sea trench.

      • Or dropped in the middle of the no go areas of birminghamistan of lutonistan etc etc.
        Complete with a “die hard” style wearable sandwhich board.

    • Fuck the University of Glasgow. Now that they’ve come out with this claptrap, watch the floodgates open.
      There’ll be handouts galore.
      Utter fucking madness.
      I despair.

    • Having recently acquired a decent sun tan I may see if Glasgow university would like to indulge me …..
      don’t ask don’t get …..

    • I want reparations for my ancestors being sent to Oz for stealing a loaf of bread, starting with the £10 they were charged to cover costs of transportation (that bit always cracks me up. Classic English cuntiness).

      • Another classic piece of English cuntiness my old dad was charged 3/6 for his burial blanket when he was in Malaya. Obviously you could not hand it back to stores if you were dead and buried in the blanket so you had to buy the fucker.

  4. Cunters I’ve had a few. I will sit on the naughty step for a few days. Apologies.

  5. Well if these black morons don’t like me or my country, they are free to leave and take up residence in a country more akin to their own worthless culture.
    How about part of Africa? They should love it there, especially Zimbabwe where the hatred of whites will get them onto that cunt Mugabe’s Christmas card list.
    Fuck off, and do us all a favour.

  6. What gets me is that most of the twats who make this an issue is mostly white middle class cunts.

  7. White guilt, not I! White pride, indeed. I never thought that my race was a big deal really, you are what you is after all.

    These days being white is a big deal.

    I’m waiting for my white privilege card to arrive.

    • White privilege card?

      Does this get me money off at Waitrose and Pizza Express?

      Where can I apply for one?

  8. Most of these libtard types would have been regarded as harmless oddballs 40 years ago.
    Now our kids are coming home from school full of this shite.
    Won’t end well.

    • My girls are 18 and 20 now and the ‘woke’ shit they came out with from school a few years ago was fucking astonishing. Thankfully I’m a relentless fucker and after a few years of painstaking brow beating and out and out cuntary they’re nearly back to normal. Still trying to ween them off that dark key cunt Stormzy though……Work in progress.

  9. I know about the power plus prejudice definition of racism and, like all postmodern theory, it’s complete bollocks.

    Too bad so many humanities graduates (and lecturers) are too dim or cowardly to see that.

  10. The libtards scream raaaay-sism at anyone who objects to huge numbers of booshka booshkas coming from Eastern Europe. This despite the fact that they are 99% white. And despite the fact that they are some of the biggest racists on the planet. If any of these deluded cunts had ever spoken to any of this Eurotrash they would know they are not used to black people where they come from and don’t like them. Also, due to old historical enmities we don’t understand they’re not too keen on each other either. Of course the Poles are notoriously anti Semitic so the libtards give them a free pass.
    Just one of the many contradictions in the neo liberal ideology.

    • Very good observation FtF, our Eastern European friends are not at all keen on the darker complexion and not that keen on each other either. We got rightly shafted when our leaders decided being part of fucking Europe was a good idea. Romanian pikeys for fuck sake!!

      • Like most large towns in the South East, the town centre near where I live is a cultural, post Blair, immigration wasteland.

        When we literally HAVE to go there , I tend to set myself to DefCon 1 as you literally can’t predict the behaviour of some of these cunts.
        Many look and act mentally disadvantaged. There was Polish guy outside Costa yesterday practising Karate kicks pretty much on himself.

        The massive increase in the sheer levels of human garbage littering the town is quite frankly staggering. How did anyone think that pandering to our own feckless with free money whilst at the same time importing the trash of the world (and giving them free money too) would be a recipe for success.

        I mean where else on earth does this happen and is it a success.

        I wonder if the South Koreans do this? They seem to have a good standard of living.

        Ooops sorry, I am clearly racist and the huge spike in crime in Sweden (one of the most racially distinct places on earth) has only by sheet coincidence gone up after importing lots of barbarians.

        Cannot be linked, in any way shape or form

  11. I don’t give a fuck about the idea of the demonisation of white people.

    Just like television – it will never take off!

  12. One way or another the country will just become a slurry heap of mongrels.
    With a shit ton of parking stanleys running the stinking wreck.
    Just about that time I hope the Russians turn up.
    Fuck off.

    • Superb and timely cunting and one that cannot be repeated enough!

      Russia’s a very interesting anomoly, as always a bit of an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a reality and will have a big part to play the future (if it has one) of the white western European race.

      State Socialism; aka communism, might have been a totalitarian fucking hell to live under but what it did was seal pre-war social constructs and conventions about race and identity under permafrost which effectively immunised it against the self-hating, liberal degeneracy that has now infected every other white European population.
      Now the ‘frost’ has thawed and those old racial and Nationalist ‘prejudices’ (for which substitute the word “preferences” and it immediately loses its sting!) have emerged to the horror of the liberati.

      On the meta-political level I have no problem with white eastern Europeans and their arrival into England, it buffers the decline of the white European race (which of course doesn’t really exist apparently). At the political level however, I curse unto the tenth generation those at the reins for engineering and facilitaing this democide and I despair most at the cowardice of the English/British for allowing it in the name of SUPPOSED “tolerance” I’m sorry???

      I’m sorry… did I fuckin’ blink and miss something? When in our past were we EVER thought of as being a ‘tolerant’ race??? We’ve always been an obstreperous and beligerant people whom it did not pat to fuck with, who knew what they wanted, who if crossed would exact twice the cost in blood and/or treasure!!!

      But now we hand out passports, NI numbers and billet the invaders in the suburbs without a shot being fired?

      T’ fuck!!

  13. Aw, poor regressive snowflake, forever looking backwards at an idealized version of the past. Grow a fucking pair.

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