St Greta of Kuntberg

I see that Swedish ‘climate activist’ Greta Thunberg is making a fucking nuisance of herself again.

The precocious sixteen year old eco warrior is sailing the Atlantic to join environmental protesters in New York, and to take part in a summit at the useless talking shop that is the United Nations. She’s being accompanied by her dad Svante* and a cameraman.

The trip is being made on a sixty foot yacht, and naturally it’s claimed that it will be ‘zero carbon’. Participants are eager to stress that this is no pleasure cruise. There isn’t a shower on board, so it’s all going to get a mite sweaty and smelly no doubt. There’s also no loo, so our intrepid voyagers will have to piss and shit into a bucket, the contents of which will presumably then be heaved overboard as raw sewage (nice), unless they’re planning to make a presentation to the UN as a token of their esteem.

Now maybe I’m cynical, maybe I’m just plain wrong, but I get the impression that young Greta is destined to go through life without ever having a proper job. I see her buzzing hither and thither, her life a whirl of conferences, media appearances, and carefully staged protests with virtue-signalling, gobshite celebrities there to get their pictures taken. No doubt too there’ll finger-wagging articles for the likes of The Grauniad, lecturing the rest of us on the damage that we’re all doing to Mother Earth. At some point there’ll be a ghosted biography (‘My Struggle’, now there’s a catchy title), and Hollywood will come calling (‘based on true events’). She’ll become famous for being famous, and if she plays her cards right, she’ll be on a nice little earner in the process.

All hail St Greta of Kuntberg, a right sanctimonious little know-all, if ever there was one.

* Swedish for ‘Cunt’

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. As an aside on the subject of annoying cunts, I just saw reference to a headline in ‘OK!’ magazine, which states ‘Simon Cowell reveals full extent of 20lb weight loss’.
    Well I’ll hazard a guess that the full extent’s something in the region of 20lbs.

  2. Pissed off that my earlier post disappeared into moderation and has since failed to materialise.

    Cock sucking Wordcunt.

    • Share your frustrations. Put comment through earlier which appeared briefly as awaiting moderation (dunno why as it was tame by the standards of this site unless it was because I used the 3 letter G word to relate the imaginary big chief in the sky) only for it to disappear then reappear later with no moderation noted only for it to have now vanished again. Dunno if diferent Admin have different views on what is or isn’t acceptable.
      Also tried 5 times to put in Dead Pool noms in variety of formats in case word thingy was the problem but with no luck. I’m beginning to think one of my noms is secretly part of the Admin team who has got the hump with me because of it.

      • Its admins fault he’s 100 % the one to blame here Paul, He saw your nomination realized that it took a good 5-10 minutes to write up and then said to himself ‘that comment isn’t getting through you cheeky cunt’ laughed like a evil madman and then deleted it continuing to laugh evilly

        • You know the answer.
          I dont remember any of you volunteering when we asked for help?

          And FYI God is not a moderated word

          Has it occured to you that your nomination may be in the queue – along with 87 others as it happens

  3. I see the good ship Thunderbox is setting sail just into the hurricane season (nice) Al JABEEBA (Devon) were having a veritable wankfest about this little cunt sailing off into the sunset. God help us all if goes into Mary Celeste mode. The SJW fucknuts will go into meltdown.No doubt the Baby Boomers, Brexit, or the far right will have to take the blame. I’ll bet she’ll ming if or when she reaches the Big Apple. Not even one of our peaceful brothers will want to go down on that muff.
    Anyone want to take bets the little tart will fly back? Club Class natch


    • And fuck knows she already looks like she has an aroma not dissimilar to that of Fleetwood harbour during a heatwave.

    • Could be a bit lumpy until Sunday, immediately thereafter doesn’t look too bad. There may not be enough time for a Caribbean hurricane remnant to endanger her, and there isn’t much doing in the way of hurricanes yet, anyway. The best hope would seem to be a collision with a container ship.

    • I’m changing my view. I heard her say ‘we have to get back to pre-industrial levels of …’ of something or other. I’m no scientist and I’m very skeptical of environmentalists doom laden claims. But something in that ‘pre-industrial levels’ rang true for me. Fits in with my fad for a Distributist Small Is Beautiful way of going about things.
      Also someone was saying above that she’s a ten days wonder. I think she’ll be around a long time.
      There is something about her. An historical comparison comes to mind; a plain young girl coming from nowhere influencing the rich and powerful with her ‘vision’ while galvanising people to fight? The Fourteenth century I think. The English killed her.

  4. If she DOES write “My Struggle,” I really hope it gets into German translation.

    I shall enjoy reading Mein Kampf out and about in Cardiff, especially when the twats realise it’s written by their latest daaahling.

    She is smorgasbord for sharks.

  5. Mr Plastic. A typically negative comment. How about praising us for the first successful testing of the English safety match? Every box sold thereafter had the award winning sales pitch “No Englishman was harmed in the testing of this product” written on it.

    And don’t be taken in by any claims that she is influencing the rich and powerful. I rather think the rich and powerful are manipulating her for their own ends such as new ECO taxes, forcing the internal combustion engine off the road so that everyone has to buy new battery powered cars which in turn pushes up the need for more electricity recharging stations for which the laws of supply and demand will lead to higher electricity prices etc, etc, etc. Oh yes little Greta will be a gift from the heavens to all the powerful individuals and corporations with vested interests but a kick in the unmentionables for the ordinary man and woman on the streets. The only question is when will the gullible see through the scam.

  6. I hope Saint Greta of the Blessed Mongberg doesn’t team up with the nauseating and utterly cuntish Malala Yousafzai…. But at least Saint Greta won’t bring all her fucking leeching relatives here to live in clover at the expense of the British taxpayer like that Malala gobshite…

  7. My 19 year old nephew dances around the maypole of this pig-tailed prophet who is sailing to New York in a £1m yacht with a film crew to show us all how ‘right on’ and ‘normal’ she is….get fucked!

  8. I listen to both sides. Like the Brexit debate. Many people, business owners are worried about the consequences of No Deal. Many on here dismiss that as Project Fear. I am in two minds. Same with Environmental warnings. Scientific evidence is put forward that we are heading for catastrophe. Others say it is not real and people have an agenda. I am unsure. But what I am certain about is that all this big Capitalism is a very bad thing. I feel instinctively smallness is right as regards economics; in keeping things in proportion. That economic activity (like all human activity) should be on a human scale, at a human level.
    That’s why I am not so much against her.
    She is Sectarian. Which many of these Environmentalists are. Sectarian in have nothing to do (or very little) with the idea that Technology can help. Which I believe it can. Her simple answer is to say that we should stop consuming. In the TV report about the yatch it said there were technological innovations to keep it ‘earth friendly’. That is the part of the answer. But she is a ‘clean living’ zealout so doesn’t emphasise that. But even though she is a zealout she has a point. For her all this consumerism is bad for the planet. For me it is bad not only for the planet it is bad for people bringing an historically unnatural paucity in human economic affairs.

  9. 1. How did she get to the UK to board the boat?
    2. How is she getting back from New York?
    3. Why are we pandering to the stupid little kid in the first place?

    Just asking…

  10. Arron Banks has been criticised after he appeared to wish harm upon Greta Thunberg as the 16-year-old activist set sail across the Atlantic in a solar-powered yacht on a zero-carbon two-week voyage.
    The controversial Brexit backer warned the teenager that “freak yachting accidents do happen in August” as he responded to a tweet by Green party MP Caroline Lucas who said Thunberg was carrying “the vital message to the UN that time is running out to address the climate emergency”.

    Bollocks Lucas, Banks spot on as always.

  11. If she really wants to help climate change, she should get her tubes tied at the earliest opportunity and encourage others to do so. Then she should try and get all those filthy peacefuls enjoying the Swedish royalties deported back to the sand countries so they can be left to starve to death.

  12. This windowlicking little shite is doing all this crap for her own fame… The bunch of cunts that are The 1975 will feature 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Mongberg on the first track of their forthcoming fourth album, Notes on a Conditional Form, which is out next February….

    The plug ugly little Garbage Pail Kid will have a record contract next… All going to plan then… The little cunt…

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