Project Fear 3.0

Long time no post cunters, but had to vent my spleen at events post Bojo becoming PM

If one fell into a coma in 2017, awoke today and turned on the news, he’d be no fucking the wiser that he’d been out for the fucking count two years.

Here we have project fear 3.0 …..but without any inspiration or guile…..just the same old arguments as two years ago. Fuck’s sake, back to showing lorries stacked on the M1 or whatever. The pound dropping ( strong currencies always recover) farmers and “just in time ”
FUUUUCK you’ve had 3 years to make up new stories you lazy bastards!! WE’RE NOT BUYING IT ! Oh and we know well take a hit but it’s worth it cunts
A remainer said to me other day ” see this is what leaving means ” ….. I said nah mate, this is all your fucking faults…the markets and business…..if you’d just have backed the winners we’d be 3 years into recovery you fucking insidious spineless cowardice cunts!

Good to see so many new on here…. the anger is growing.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

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  1. Lies, lies and more lies….

    Today there was a report about the ONS, it seems that these cunts who’s job it is to count stuff have been producing inaccurate figures on net migration.
    They now think they under estimated the numbers coming from the EU.

    it’s all smoke and mirrors with these twats who are predicting the doomsday scenario of no deal.

    Still going on about the hard BORDER in Ireland that no one is going to build.


  2. I voted to remain. I’m so sick of brexit at this point I’d happily leave no deal just so people shut the fuck up about it.

    Three fucking years of this bollocks and we’re no further forward.

    • You are an honourable remainer — no quibble with your vote even though it was the opposite to mine and full respect that you are taking the fair approach. Wish all remainers were as principled.

    • If you were another country, after watching the way we have waffled, procrastinated & fundamentally botched our negotiations to leave the EU on ‘reasonable’ terms, would you want a trade deal with the UK ???

      I wouldn’t want to buy an apple from our government, if they were giving it away free :~

  3. Seems we live in a country where being a spineless cunt is the in thing. The progressives see the EU as a stepping stone to the one world borderless world they desire.

    Borders are racist constructs to suppress ethnic minority’s in their eyes. Believe that Europe should be preserved for white Europeans and your a racist. I mean if Europe drops its borders and allows total free movement of people what’s the worst that can happen? Let’s think rationally, say only 10% of Africa decides to enter Europe 110 million , they are joined by 5% of Eurasia circa 250 million, that’s 360 million people needing food, houses and infrastructure. Is that me indulging in my own project fear?

    Time people got a spine, prepared themselves for a bumpy ride for a few months and got behind the nation that’s given them the freedom to be spineless cosseted pussy holes.

    Freedom costs and I don’t think a little scarcity of some food or German cars is a high price to pay. If Europeans care about Europe they would follow us out of the EU globalist superstate.

    • Funny that the UK Marxists are behind brexit and hate the EU for the very reason that freedom of labour means exploitation of the working class.

    • I heard someone reporting about a shortage fresh Food, seems we may have to eat some tinned food… shock horror, the thought of eating peas or carrots out of a can…. it’s the end of civilised society!

      • Most people under 30 don’t know what a pea or a carrot is. Unless it’s a pizza topping or a side at McDonald’s, they won’t eat it.

        • That won’t bother Comrade Corbyn. All he ever eats is cold baked beans out the tin.

          • Preparing for any food shortages, Catweazle has become self sufficient in growing vegetables. His biggest problem though is how he can prevent a desperate and hungry Flabbot from raiding his allotment at night to steal carrots, onions and in particular taking a lêak.

      • For reasons unknown, every few days in the middle of the night somebody adds a few inches of top soil to my allotment.

        The plot thickens….

  4. I’m afraid to announce that “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” may be cancelled because of a no deal Brexit. Don’t ask me how or why I just come up with the scary ideas. Let some other cunt come up with the details.

    • Alas ‘Love Island’ will switch from the sizzling Mediterranean to the Isle of Dogs, quite appropriate actually.

        • They will be busy with the impending doom.
          “Riot police deployed in Islington as roaming gangs of top knots, neckbeards and millennial snowflakes rampage over soy shortage….we will keep you updated on this developing story”.

        • And Ch4 News too, please.
          “I’ve never seen such a load of lefty-libtard twats in one place…”

          • Well said HBH. Although that Snowflake cunt would never utter that.
            Plumbed new depths last night with the most blatant load of leading questions to the Labour Leader of Plymouth Council , “so you’re saying this is going to be a giant catastrophe are you?”. Er, no he isn’t saying that you cunt. He was merely stating that a few tens of millions needed to be diverted from Hull.

  5. I don’t really understand the back stop or not backstop. But on November 1st, what’s going to happen? Is there gonna be an invisible force field along the border, or are lorry drivers gonna slam on the brakes? Which cunt is gonna build and finance whatever is needed? No cunt will, so fuck it.

    There is an invisible force field surrounding my house blocking mobile phone signals.

    • 3 years ago I went to Ireland. Arrived in the north, drove in and out of the south across the “border” then flew back from Shannon domestic departures and arrived in the UK domestic arrivals. So why will it change after Brexit?

      • That’s exactly what I’ve been saying good and people can arrive in the North from outside the EU and go straight across the border into the south and vice versa with no checks on what’s actually going across just relying on the checks at the UK import point or the EU point in the south but of course the same vehicle could be collecting goods that are nominally taxed or charged duty at various rates which isn’t being levied. The Taric and other codes are incredibly complex so open to lots of errors(fiddles) and the Irish non border is a perfect loophole. So if they are happy it works now even though its obviously faulty why would they change. Oh its because they are cunts.

    • The Backstop is a mechanism that allows the EU to keep the UK trapped in the Customs Union in perpetuity.

      Apparently without the Backstop the IRA will be obliged to start blowing up anyone who disagrees with them again.

      • Like they stopped? This is history repeating itself. The IRA bombs and murders its way to the negotiating table, moves unification of Ireland a step closer and vows to disarm. Months later they find an excuse to bring out the guns and bombs under the guise of IRA version 1.x, a splinter cell supposedly. Brexit and the phantom border is just being exploited by the militant republicans to push for more concessions on the path to unification.

        It’s inevitable and the Irish teashack should make it clear that the Irish government will not tolerate terrorists or terrorist support in the south.

        Will he, fuck he will!

        Peace in Ireland is achieved by not teaching your kids to hate they other side before they can talk. Peace is achieved by debate and comprise, none of which is achieved whilst having gangsters on both sides keen to fan the sectarian flames.

        Fuck Ireland, it needs to grow the fuck up before it’s allowed a voice in anything. The Irish and the EU dictating that there can be no border? Get to fuck. I’d be tempted to either give NI complete sovereignty or sign it over to Uganda or the like. I know this will probably offend a lot of people but when one of your family is constantly bringing nothing but trouble home with them, sooner or later you cut them loose for the sake of the rest of the family.

        i wish all the people of Ireland peace, they just got to stop killing, maiming and intimidating each other.

        They can have their pikies back too.

  6. An excellent point you make about the Remainer cunts backing it when it happened and us now being 3 years into a recovery. So fucking true – the BBC seem to have gone into over-drive with project fear. And fuck those EU cunts.

    • To be fair Boris has done more in 3 weeks than Lady Gaga (T.May) did in 3 years. At least he is kicking arse.

      Today I have given up on Wireless 4 moaning miserable Mark Mardell was doing World at 1, and you know what he is going to say, and how he will say it in advance, and PM were worrying their little heads again.

      I think the BBC will be as biased as it is until that James Purnell ex Blairite bum sucker chappy has his vaseline-arsed cadaver kicked out of the BBC.

  7. It is all scaremongering cuntery, conjured up by Remoaners and shit stirred by the likes of the biased BBCunts.

    There was one such story on the BBCunts news the other evening. The biggest suppliers of tinned goods to hospitals and care homes were claiming a No-deal Brexit may cause stock shortages and for God’s sake!!! we cannot let Great Auntie Doris starve on the Geriatric Ward or Grandad go short in his care home, because we now how much they love cheap chick peas!!!!

    (I might also add that they supply prisons too, at which point my 78 year old mother said, ‘Well if there ARE shortages, they can start by not giving any food to those fuckers!!’.

    Umm, yes Mum.

    But I digress……..what utter scaremongering bollocks.

    We have not even REACHED the point of knowing how No-deal may impact the country because as yet, we haven’t even fucking left!!!! Speculation is just that and nothing more. We have been hearing this shit for years now and it is beyond tedious. This country, and those who apparently govern it, have demonstrated to the world that we are totally devoid of testicles and any courage of our own convictions, not to mention have become a Fascist state that has no intention of following through with the democratically voted for, will of the people.

    Laughing stock. That is what we are now. Well done, you cunts.

    Quite frankly, starving to death would be better than having to put up with any more of this dithering Brexit shit.

    • Maybe we might start getting sent food parcels from Kenya or Uganda’s answer to Stacey Dooley reporting on barren Lidl supermarket shelves and pensioners rooting about in bargain bins for half price cat food.

      • I can picture the scene now, LL.

        Some old Granny rooting in the bargain bin for a tin of ‘Whiskers’, then when she gets home it is ‘half for Tiddles’ and ‘half for Mummy on toast’……

        Oh, the humanity!!!!

    • The BBC, Lib Dems and Greens, and the pansy element in Parliament are like a bunch of scared old wimmin who have just seen a spider in the bath. God knows how they would have coped in 1938/39.

      • Need you ask? You can see how the fuckers react if we get so much as 2 days of heavy rain, never mind a war.

      • They wouldn’t have coped at all well, Mr Boggs!

        On the plus side, they could have inflated ‘The Flabbott’ with a bicycle pump (not that she doesn’t have enough hot air of her own) and used her as a barrage balloon……

      • Remember, children, if you see any Nazis on the street, they’re weally nice boys. We’ll go to Herr Lipp’s later to buy a birthday card for Uncle ‘dolf…

  8. Utter bollox from Remaniacs that want to halt Brexit altogether. The most common sense take on the issue was from Lord Mervyn King, the former BofE Governor, who said there was nothing to fear from no deal and Parlicunt was having a nervous breakdown over the issue.

    Once Brexit is done and Remainers fears are shown to have been overblown, some of these treasonous cunts are going to have their backs against the wall.

  9. I weep at this. What happened to the great island that bested Boney and Adolf. There are those loyal, beyond the seas that are more than willing to help in your resergence. You will flourish after wrenching yourselves from the Reich.

    • Exactly! When did the british become some scared, timid little neurotic?
      Thats not who we are!
      We are the bulldog breed,
      Terror of frenchmen,
      Smitter of the spanish
      We punch above our weight,
      We used to be the ruler of the seas,
      We are scared of nowt!
      So these panicky little mardarses who are afraid to tighten their belts if it gets hard for awhile?
      Well your not my countrymen or kinsmen, don’t know what you are?
      Grab a immo and catch the next flight out
      We wont need you in the new Britain

      • Not forgetting

        Hammerers of the Hun (3 times including 1966)
        Arsekickers of the Argies
        Scourge of the Fenian Pigs

    • Might I add the civilisation that dragged the whole world out of the dark ages through trade and technology.

  10. Ahh, bless old Merkel. I knew the German cunts would blink first.

    Schnell, Schnell you Nazi fuckera.

    • I’d love to see the Paddy’s fucked over by the EU on the backstop.


      • Especially that fuckin’ Irish tea shop. When that fucker is kicked out of office, the fuckin’ mîdget will find himself back again riding in the 2.15 at Leopardstown.

  11. Preparing for any food shortages, Catweazle has become self sufficient in growing vegetables. His biggest problem though is how he can prevent a desperate and hungry Flabbot from raiding his allotment at night to steal carrots, onions and in particular taking a leak.

  12. Maybe when there is no food, no medical shit, and no fucking Evian and bodies in the streets, we can spend our foreign aid budget on us. Win win

  13. Right now, any savvy capitalist cunt’s buying devalued pounds in the certainty of making a tidy stack when the £ recovers. When, not if. Brexit or no Brexit. A real Marxist would object to this. And I do. Never mind the kindergarten politics, how this game is played is all about getting speculators the maximum money for the minimum old rope. Faites vos jeux, messieurs, you can’t lose on this wheel.

    Meanwhile, the Express has just caught up with a story that’s been around for a few days, regarding the shitstain Blair telling the EU not to budge because the UK was going to give up on Brexit.

    • Fucking Blair ought to end up like Mussolini did – a lamppost in London, the queen of swing.

      • Blair in London as the Queen of Swing?
        Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time…

    • Tony fucking Blair. Bet they’re all ears in Brussels regarding what he’s got to say on the subject. Wouldn’t piss on the cunt if he was on fire.

        • Every recent military grave, every closed pub, every blagslag bogo bogo, every dooshka dooshka scrote, and every peaceful parking stan lee that infests our green and pleasant is down to Satan Blair…. May he go back to hell…

  14. For donkeys years they’ve managed to bring in any fucking illegal drugs you want and as many illegal immos as you don’t want but now there’s all sorts of shit that won’t be able to be brought in. Yeah bullshit.
    Business is business, money is money.

  15. I think the BBC just spin a wheel every day that has subjects around the edge, fuel, food, medicine, housing, tomatoes, Björk CDs…….and whichever it lands on they already have a word document pre titled ‘No deal brexit will cause a shortage of……..’

    The best one I saw recently was that schools would have to scrap legal school meal nutritional standards. Why? Does the only healthy food we eat come from the EU? And why wouldn’t we be able to still buy it after we leave? Are those EU farmers going to stop selling it to us? Are they fuck.

    Of course they always have a get out clause reporting ‘news’ in this way, because they always include the word ‘could’, it could cause these ridiculous outcomes we’re making up. We could also become prosperous and our economy could be one of the biggest performers on the international stage, funny how they don’t report that every day though.

  16. What I find totally exasperating about this whole sordid fucking affair is that nobody gives a flying fuck about what 17.4 million people think. In the minds of the politicians and media we are all thick as fuck old, white and racists and just ignore the perfectly democratic vote. We don’t have a single voice and nobody to air our grievances and all I can say is thank fuck for this website. Sir Nigel of Farage tries but he is immediately demonised and ridiculed. There shouldn’t be ANY talk of a deal, the vote was quite simple we either leave the EU or stay, full stop. The abuse and smart arsed remarks aimed at totally innocent and ordinary folk who dared to vote for exit has been disgusting and has been allowed to continue unabated for over three years. Some of it borders on hate speech and although I don’t condone violence (except for that dribbling pathetic little spastic Owen Jones – amongst others!) anyone who spouts off shouldn’t be at all surprised at the consequences and if they themselves get abused. There, rant over, I’m glad I got that off my chest!

  17. Project Fear, re the Irish border, has been boiling over on my radio wall to fucking wall for the last two days. I’m led to believe Brexit is impossible! Mainly due to the fact that it would mean a resumption of ‘The Troubles’.

    Anyone would think Sinn Fein /IRA were governing this country, not the democratically elected government.

    Sir Nigel is on the radio right now. He reckons Boris is about to sell out and present a reheated version of the “worst deal in history” for Parliament to ratify, which they’ll probably go for, driven by the hysteria over No Deal.

    • Nigel might be right.
      Thought this country didnt give in to the demands of terrorists?
      And if steptoe got in power it’d be worse! Loves the continuity IRA and sinn Fein, in the same book club or something. Cunts!

      Evening Rtc👍

      • What worries me (speaking as a paid up member) is that The Brexit Party will turn out to be the new UKIP. If TBP cannot genuinely mobilise the Leave vote into a really effective force, I don’t know where that’ll leave us. Up shit creek, probably.

        • It’ll likely leave us with a Corbyn Remainer Government. The Leave vote would be split between the BP and the Tories, unless the BP agree to only target Tory Remoaner seats.

          Evening Ron… evening MNC.

          • If Boris sells us out, BP should target any seat regardless of which party is sitting on it.
            The Tories deserve to burn and die if anything like that “deal” gets voted through. And if it means a labour government fuck it, the country is finished either way.

    • Evenning RTC

      Mavis who had no belief in Brexit anyway ( for her it was an act of self harm to be managed —- like she would manage a stationary cuboard which is evidently more her strong suit ) fell for or rather was happy to buy into the weaponisation of the NI Border by the EU who just want us trapped into their little scam. It’s a fucking discrace what our Government has done over these past three years what to speak of Parliament the utter turd heads. The false ‘need’ for the backstop itself actually drives a coach and horses through the Good Friday agreement FFS!!!
      I would love to believe in Boris having the true conviction of a Brexiteer but alas someone who voted for the May Bot deal with backstop to boot – cannot claim to be a true Brexiteer end of in my opinion. Sure Boris might have the nuts to take us out no deal ( 50/50 on that one) but it will be more luck than judgement. Boris thinks he is a Churchill ………. I doubt it personally. Boris has been talking a good game for a while but the gloss is now seemingly coming off ….. remind you of anyone?

      • Morning CW, only just clocked your post.

        Agree 100%, but Boris is our last hope. As you say, it will probably be more luck than judgement if he gets us out on terms beneficial to the UK. That said, you won’t find anyone more critical of Boris Johnson than I…. except perhaps that de Pfeffel Fiddler chap…

  18. I see that piece of shit Letwin has announced he will retire at the next election. Tha’s right, the damage is done now run away before your constituents kick your traitorous arse down the road. Fucking coward.
    Watch this cunt pop up with a nice cushy job in the EU.

    • They’re welcome to the cunt if we’re out of it. I’d prefer him to fuck off to some wildly unsafe part of Afghanistan but that’s too much to hope for.

    • Didnt you know mate?
      Jobs for life, when you go to the schools these cunts do, the same old boys clubs, youll always float to the top!
      Unless you cross them or do something outstandingly stupid,
      Youll always be taken care of.
      Theyre all the same, pigs at a trough.

  19. Nurse county mentioned a fictional great aunt Doris.

    I had a great aunt Doris her and her sister, who was Nana to me and died 24 years ago both survived the blitz in London.

    They would be turning in their graves listening to this utter crap.
    No smashed avacdao? Fuck off.

    No skinny dry foam extra hot soy latte? I do not fucking care.

    I voted to remain. The country voted to leave.

    Fuck off.

  20. What would Winston Churchill have said?

    Something along the lines of: Fuck off Donald Tusk. Fuck off Leo the teashop fairy and fuck off Angela you frigid house Frau. We are leaving.

    • I just dont trust him, or any albino for that matter, but then ive a lot of prejudices.

    • If he can get May minus the backstop, he’ll claim he’s won. And that may be enough to engineer a sort of departure. Simply allowing the time limit to run out will inevitably trigger an election, which a Blairite/LimpDumb/Jock Cong/Tory Kim Philby Tendency will win with or without Corbyn’s assistance, and then there’ll be another three years of promising the EU anything to let us back in.

      • Boris Johnson shaking hands with the German fuhrer makes me feel queasier than when Treason May kissed her arse. Two fat,useless cunts with daft Mum-cut-my-hair flops.

  21. If Merkel was anything like Danish PM Mette Frederiksen, who refuses to sell Mineral rich Greenland to the Trumpmeister, if she propsed a deal, I certainly would give her one, so to speak.

    • There’s a few round here who’d probably be quite happy to enter into a union there, CT

    • Apparently now his offer to buy Greenland has been rejected, Trump is turning his attention to London. There are massive reserves of shale gas under Brick Lane so he’s planning to raze the area to the ground. No need to pay for it Donald, you can have it for nowt and we’ll throw in Scotland for free.

      • I see figures out today show that Scotland ‘ s budget deficit is seven times higher than the UK as a whole.
        The rest of the UK supports every Scot to the tune of almost £2,000.
        It blows the case for independence out of the water, but the SNP are having none of it.
        The SNP are totally and utterly useless, if they get voted in again, then we should all get a vote on them fucking off into the wide blue yonder.
        Good evening.

  22. Don’t forget that Boris voted for May’s deal, as did Rees Mogg.
    I wouldn’t trust any Cunt Politician and will only believe that Brexit will happen after the event.
    If it does happen, it will be despite politicians, not because of them.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go out on this wild and windy night, to rob a country house, along with my hound and a half starved urchin.
    Got to pick a pocket or twooooooo boys,
    You’ve got to pick a pocket or two.
    Get To Fuck.

  23. I don’t believe Wee Jimmy really wants independence, moaning about it is just a career for her. The Jocks would be fucked without outside help………maybe The Donald might buy them! Then he could sack the bitch the next day.
    Still waiting for Fatboy Salmond to show up in court. Do they think we’ve forgotten?

    • He should turn Holyrood into a Trump branded superstore selling MAGA hats and other naff shite.

  24. If the Backstop stays then let the eu troops man it.
    Another occupation will really piss the Mick’s off .Brussels will soon realise the mistake they made when soldiers start to go back to euro land in boxes.

  25. Food shortage is a self fulfilling prophecy. It won’t be caused by Brexit but by stupid people stockpiling because they are taking in the propaganda.

    Some cunt the other day was stockpiling baked beans because “we can always eat beans so we don’t starve”
    Beans come from the USA and are processed and canned in the UK.

    Dozy cunts…

  26. Splendid cunting thank you.
    I thought there is an obesity epidemic so surely food shortages will be good?
    Not heard much about that particular aspect of the unexpected benefits of telling the Eurofascists to fuck off.
    I’m not surprised as everyone involved is a cunt.

    • The UK was never healthier than when there was rationing during and after WW2. We weren’t importing a whole lot of food, or anything else, from Europe, and a lot of what we got from the US remains under the Atlantic today. Now can we please get on with the much easier problem of getting out of the EU? We get avocados from central America, and no-one’s shooting at them, so relax, millenials.

  27. Ive given up giving a fuck. Fed up with the constant lies about Brexit from our insanely biased media class.

    I can only repeat my remark for every time i hear a story about Brexit.
    ‘Get on with it, you useless faggots’.

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