Political Defectors

Political defectors are cunts.

At the moment the big reason for defection is Brexit, or more specifically, a no deal Brexit. Several MPs say they cannot and will not support a no deal Brexit and so therefore they fuck off to the Lib Dums or Change fuck all UK or even go independent.

It fucking boils my blood, because IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU OR YOUR OPINIONS! You’re MPs who represent constituencies, you fucking pricks; you don’t represent just yourselves. Your job is to not have an opinion; you’re job is to highlight the opinions of people in your constituencies.

Any more MPs who do not echo the voices of the people who voted for them should be immediately sacked. I think they have forgotten how a democratic government is supposed to work. In fact, it’s pretty clear we no longer have a democratic government. An MP should never use the terms ‘I think’, ‘I cannot support’ or ‘I do not agree’. It should always be ‘we’.

Fucking selfish, shit stains.

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      • And I note, further down that page,
        “Soubry joins up with Korbyn.”

        Phwoaaar, dream team. An excellent addition to “Educating Hackney” ‘s “What is pi, and where does it come from ?” Flabbott.

    • You’re wrong. This is not just about Brexit. This has implications which go beyond just one issue. As elboobio says, it’s fundamentally about whether we live in a democracy or not. I tire of people who say they tire of Brexit as if it’s some minor irritant that’s not going to shape the future of this country. If you feel that you must shit on someone’s nom with the very first comment, then try broadening it out by discussing the related aspects of democracy.

      • Some of the labour cunts fucked off because of antisemitism, but whatever the reason go back to your voters to be elected if they still want you in the new party or independent.

      • I strongly suspect that was a catch-all excuse sick of it. It was amazing how many Blairite MPs, peers and fanbois discovered anti-semitism the same weekend, in time for all the Sunday newspapers. It was yet another excuse to get Steptoe out, and for Umunna to do his little flounce. Steptoe is the gift that keeps on giving and I want him there till long after the next election.

      • I’m just bored of Bexit mate, no need to fucking broaden out my post, it bores me to tears, that is all.

  1. Never have I seen a worse group of MPs in the House of Turds than the current lot and yet this group of odious lizards, who have 0% respect for democracy, shuffle about mumbling and carping as if it’s an hilarious game of Musical Chairs.

    2019 has been appalling for this behaviour. Mind you, I checked my chinese New Year calendar and it’s true: It’s the Year Of The Cunt.

    • I would say that so far it’s been the Century of the Cunt, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      • Moggs, what a gameshow that’d be.

        Next on BBC 1, Nicholas Parsons with Sale of the Century of the Cunt.

      • Nicholas Parsons? Isn’t he dead Captain? If he isn’t, he should be.
        Just looked him up – he’s 95. Surely someone’s got him in the Dead Pool?

      • I had him in my Dead Pool for ages Bertie. Can’t be arsed anymore, you can have him. Then introduce him to your parrot…

      • Morning RTC. I daren’t introduce him to Percy as he takes a particular dislike to elderly folk. He’s constantly encouraging grandma to top herself. No, on second thoughts that’s not such a bad idea!

      • Nicholas Parsons supports the Lib Dems Captain, so he’s obviously one of the walking dead.

      • Just after hearing the theme tune, immediately before switching off Just A Minute last week, I noticed that someone else was presenting it. Apparently Parsons had a bad back, and is recovering, sod it, because that particular century-old pile of mouldy dogshit would probably be pulled if the vivacious luvvie cunt popped his clogs. Or would they get a wimminz to host it? Fuck.

    • Things could have been worse. At least they didn’t pass Barnier’s Slave State Treaty.

  2. If this drags on after 31/10/19 then i will be forced to lock myself in a room with a loaded revolver and a bottle of my favourite Malt.

  3. Its because of these Traitors that we find ourselves in this god awful mess. This division is playing straight into the hands of Merkel and Macron. The only time we will get any concessions will be if they can see Boris getting over the finish line.
    These cunts would be quite happy to let the EU fuck us in the arse and hand Blighty on a plate to them.

    • Because the “defectors” are really fucking traitors and should be dealt as such. There must be some emergency legislation Bojo can use to lock the fuckers up.

      • Some of them sail pretty close to the line of treason in my view – if not across it. It’s astonishing that government ministers like Hammond can collude with a foreign power in order to undermine the UK Government. And don’t get me started on Blair.

    • Have to disagree Fenton. These cunts are irrelevant. It’s because of Treasoner May and her ‘advisors’ that we find ourselves in this god awful mess today.

      • I’m not so sure it is as black and white as that RTC.

        None of us will ever know if Hammondeggs or Miranda have divulged sensitive information to the other side that could now undermine negotiations.

      • Maybe so. But Mavis would have fucked up, or sold us down the river, regardless of the circumstances. That’s why she was appointed in the first place.

  4. Any cunt is entitled to change their mind and nobody would have a problem with it if they immediately called a by election. But they never do, they just rumble on giving us the benefit of their arrogant opinion. They have, in effect, obtained a job under false pretences.
    Surely democracy is far too important for that but this current crop of shitehawks don’t understand what the word means.

  5. If I were to arrange for the Sweep to come and brush out one of my many chimneys only to find out that he had, instead, bricked up the fireplace and left me a note saying that I was an ignorant Cunt and storage-heaters were a better option for me in his opinion…..he might struggle to get paid.

    Fuck Off.

  6. To change parties once might be a misfortune, to change them twice looks like carelessness. But in the case of Ummuna and Shucker it’s all to do with ego, self-promotion and careerism. Ummuna clearly thinks the LibDems are going somewhere. Well come an election I suspect they will be going down.

    They are all mouthy cowards and I suspect the Anna Soubry Quintet will all be cleared out, and depending on what Dark Key Labour find for Streatham, Umunna will be off to join his mate James Purnell in admin at the BBC

    I strongly agree each and every one of the bastards should have been forced to take part in a “people’s vote” as soon as they resigned from their original party

  7. I saw Anna Sourberries at Victoria Tube station a few weeks ago, twitchy and muttering to herself, eyes flicking everywhere like a paranoid wingnut. If it weren’t for her blue Oxfam dress and constantly-coiffured frizz, she would look like she was on day release.

    The Year of The Cunt.

  8. With any luck these cunts will be wiped out at the next election. Allen, Woolaston, Chuckup and their ilk are narcissistic self- obsessed cunts who put themselves above every one else. Never have so many been let down by so few ( with apologies to Churchill). They can all fuck off into electoral oblivion the cunts.

      • Even she realises that no fucker would vote for her. I live about 12 miles from her constituency where she is universally loathed. She doesn’t live in Broxtowe and is not seen there on a regular basis.

  9. I know this sounds like a monty python sketch but ………… you guys are lucky
    I have to listen to a tsunami of wind and pish coming from wee Jimmy krankies kidon parliament!
    Think about this
    20 yrs Scottish Devolution and only 2 parties have been in power
    Labour and snp
    Why not give the tories a wee shot eh ?
    Because they certainly can’t do any worse
    Fuck thum

  10. Won’t be long before Gold Plated Twat Chuka Umunna will be the leader of the Liberal Democrat’s Bangs on about a Peoples Vote and how undemocratic leaving without a deal is but won’t have a Peoples Vote on Him staying in Parliament in a by-election A total hypocrite and smug bastard

  11. I think a modern, updated version of Dantes Divine Comedy needs to be published.

    There is a place in Hell for those who betray……… The Liberal Democrat Party.

  12. All this defecting comes about because many of these individuals are under the illusion that they have cornered the market in intelligence and common sense, and have been elected to decide what is best for their constituents. If they took their heads out of their own arseholes for two minutes they might realize that they have simply been elected to represent the views of their constituents, who aren’t that stupid after all and who have already decided for themselves which is the best way to go.
    Mid-term de-selection would remind some of these pricks why they were put there in the first place.

    • Deselection yes, emphatically. If a cunt feels free to change horses in mid-race, the stewards need to be brought in.

  13. Nothing new. As WSC remarked, after re-ratting – “You can rat, and you can re-rat, but you can’t re-re-rat.” Which at any rate means Umunna, having ratted and re-ratted, is out of options. We’ll see how many survive after the next election.

    Me, I just love the way centrists feel they have to prove how centrist they are in the middle of a catastrophically polarised society. Whatever they’re on, let’s have a tab. It obviously suspends reality permanently. Though it turns the user into a hopeless cunt.

  14. ‘Selfish shit stains’.
    As good a description in three words as you’re likely to get for these cunts.
    Most of them seem to think it’s all about their view rather than that of their constituents or of the party platform they stood for election on.
    I’d like to see legislation introduced making it mandatory for any cunt who changes party allegiance during the course of a parliament to stand for re-election.

  15. I think this cunting is a bit broad. I quite like the defectors and dissenters from Stalin’s Soviet regime.

  16. Personally I can’t fucking wait for a General Election. It’ll definitely be an all-nighter for me. Get the popcorn and beer in, Friday off work….

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