Daisy Goodwin (2)

Daisy Goodwin needs an immediate cunting.

Goodwin is a TV scriptwriter and producer responsible for the TV series Victoria. She’s also a Libtard Fundamentalist determined to destroy your television entertainment by suggesting that Dad’s Army should be banned on the basis that it encourages eurosceptic views and the heretical notion that the little old doddering UK can go it alone. Her notion is that Corporal Jones ranting on about sticking it up fuzzy wuzzies every Saturday evening caused leavers to vote leave that way in the Referendum.

If you really want to nail the BBC for influencing public opinion, warned this idiotic woman, “You may want to look at how often Dad’s Army is shown on BBC2”.

This cunt has previous form in saying that she would never read a poem or book recommended by a man, only by a woman.

She’ll probably be Director General of the BBC before long.

Fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

89 thoughts on “Daisy Goodwin (2)

  1. Perhaps we should extend an invitation to her, welcoming her to ISAC with open arms.
    It will give her a sense of perspective, one that she obviously needs.

  2. Yes thats why i voted to leave the EU,as a working class white man i struggle to form political opinions of my own and was brainwashed by clive Dunn and Arthur Lowe?
    Patronizing fat London middle class spastic.

      • Ah see where youve gone wrong cuntflap!
        Youve bought that Warburton new non drip loaf!
        The thick toastie is still ok.
        Mornin mate!

        • Morning!
          Gosh, I see what you mean. If I can’t even safely select foodstuffs I’d better trust people like Daisy to vote for me.
          I wouldn’t want to even handle the pen and paper myself, just in case I form the impression it’s a sunday dinner or a fried breakfast.
          Fucking tricky navigating these higher functioning tasks I can tell you.

          • Im the same! Never realised i was a borderline downs till Daisy kindly pointed it out!
            Ill be sending Daisy 4 bins of shite to recycle as i dont trust myself to get it right, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

  3. Fuck off, you sanctimonious, patronising misandrist. If your fucking house catches fire are you going to turn the fire crew away until they can get an all female crew? If you get a little boo-boo on your finger and call an ambulance – (sadly this was a real call from a ‘powerfull woman’) – will you turn me away ‘cos I’m a man? Will you fuck. Fucking dangerous bitch.

    • Her £2.5m house in Kensington did burn down in 2015, she was very thankful for the fire service who attended. Imagine most if not all were male.

      Men are useful for something then Daisy?

  4. I would assume this woman is yet another repressed lesbian – a man hater rather than a woman lover. Christ knows what they were teaching silly cunts like her when she was at school – assuming she ever went to school.

  5. Time to make the BBC pay it’s way and stop subsidising C4. Let’s see how right-on the fuckers will be when we are not forced to pay for them.

    • I don’t watch live TV & I don’t use any of the fucking BBC’s services & I won’t be blackmailed into paying for their cunting licence. I don’t subsidise paedophiles.

  6. “She would never read a poem or book recommended by a man, only by a woman.” Well, Miles is fucked then.

  7. Well said and cunted.
    Captain Mainwaring and his army should be running the country.
    Everyone else can get fucked.

    • Mite do her some good if she had it up her !reds traditional street walkers attire any way
      Facking slag

  8. Daisy……..top posh name……fits this remoaner bitch perfectly. Being a bit of a history buff I watched the first two episodes of “Victoria” before I had to give it up. What a load of soap opera tosh. The idea that the young Victoria could have the hots for Lord Melbourne, a fat cunt in his sixties at the time, is beyond laughable. But this is the sort of mindless drivel our superiors think is good enough for trash like us.
    In their minds I can see why this bitch thinks we voted Brexit because of Corporal Jones saying “they don’t like it up ‘em!”
    After all we lap up the bullshit Daisy and her mates churn out so we know fuck all about fuck all. Lucky we’ve got Daisy to tell us how to think and how to vote.
    Fuck off Daisy, and suck my cock while you’re doing it bitch.

    • She named one of her daughters Otterlie! At school she’s known as Butterly!

          • The woman is an obvious snob – probably meant to suggest/imply Lady Ottelline Morrell (?) who was a 1920s/1930s hostess and patron of the Bloomsbury set. I can just see little Daiy in her cloche hat and gumboots setting off to Rodwell

    • Despite it all, you still fancy the fat sow do you Freddie?

      Personally I favour the Jagger approach:

      “I’ll stick my knife right down your throat baby, and it hurts!”

  9. Yes youve made that perfectly clear across the spectrum to all of us white /working/middle class types old enough to appreciate dads army enough in first said interest.may i offer an alternative suggestion ?fuck right off!preferebaly from a tremendous height so theyd have no real way of discerning your bloodied mess of a body from that fucking stupid dress for a start.by the same logic why not ban all tv in the first place .We are all capable of rational thought except the cunts who come along an tell us we arent.fuckwits.


  10. Perhaps she should check her history and remember that it was Germany kicking off with all of its racist homophobic bigotry back in the 20s and 30s, which soon became the Nazi party and its subsequent genocide of millions!

    is she suggesting that the likes of the Home Guard should have consisted of just virtue signalling women and let the Nazis simply invade Britain for fear of causing offence?

    But then again the way this country is going perhaps we would have better off had Germany won the 2nd WW, as fascism seems to be de rigueur now!

  11. I’ve never heard of her so I looked her up. Sounds like a cunt. However she seems to be a comfy ride, I would. Just saying.

  12. This woman was once sacked by the BBC for allegedly being “too cocky and clever.” This says it all. You must really be right up your own arsehole if the BBC sack you for something that most other BBC fuckers get promoted for.

  13. That’s really bad, but getting to be par for the course. And R4 Today extended some valuable airtime to another drivelling wimminz cunt who is on the trail of gender-stereotypical advertising. Needless to say, the Gaaarghniad has the same story, front and centre:


    There’s a link to the ridiculous ASA rules there, too. Which didn’t get much publicity at the time, I recall.

    Some woke cunts appear to think that anyone not educationally subnormal takes adverts literally. Multiple repeats of Dad’s Army are clearly required. Even Private Pike would be a positive role model for the cunts.

    • PS, may have misheard, but one of the banned adverts had attracted just THREE complaints, according to Today.

      • Yes 3 in one case and I think 127 in the other. It honestly makes you wonder why people have the time to complain or the authorities take it seriously. If they want to take fuckwit ads seriously they ought to look into DFS 365 day a year sale, which “must end on Sunday”. Or Tuesday. Every fucking week

      • Correct, I have just nominated the ASA for a cunting.

        “Its not the number of complaints but the potential to cause harm”

        Silly PC Cunts.

        • Your nomination heartily endorsed without further ado. This sort of sneaky shit needs exposure.

  14. What gives cunts like her the right to stick their beak into the airing of a show that has worked perfectly well for more than 50 years?

    Her arrogance is astounding.

    The BBC is libtard and politically biased enough to make this kind of cunt decision on its own, without the likes of this privileged, patronising, stuck up old snatch sticking her oar in.

    The BBC, and the cunts they employ like this menopausal heifer, are more and more resembling ‘Big Brother’ (not the pile of cunt reality show mind, the Orwellian character, but I digress) operating under the illusion AND delusion that they are there to steer and control public mindset and opinion and brainwash us all into having the same libtard viewpoints as them.

    Far as I am concerned, the BBC and this cunt can go and get fucked.

    • She has her own production company. I think you’ll find that her resentment towards one of the best comedies on tv was due to the fact she was sacked by the BBC earlier in her ‘career.’

      • …..but then they reemployed her, BBU. She wasn’t so resentful about her contract not being renewed that she couldn’t work for them again.

        She may not work for them now, but she is a classic example of the type of cunt that the BBC employ or have employed in the past.

        Fuck her and fuck them.

        • Apparently Nurse Cunty, she has a sign on her office door saying “Head Girl.”
          I better you that you didn’t have one saying “Head Nurse?”
          It makes you sound like a headlice specialist!

    • Even my missus, who generally accepts every BBC utterance to be the word of God, has been having her doubts recently….

  15. What would be the point of banning Dads Army, the only people who watch it are nostalgic old cunts like the ISACs
    I guess she doesnt understand comedy.

    What a CUNT!

      • I have never been the same since I saw a BBC Weather forecast from last years ‘Beast From the East’, it just made me want to go and punch the first Romanian I saw.

  16. Germany’s economy shrinks, fuelling fears of a recession.

    Growth across the euro area halved in the last quarter, from 0.4% to 0.2% in Q1, as Germany’s contraction held the region back.

    The predictable hardball stance taken by Merkel and EU leaders on Brexit negotiations and not listening to business leaders has inevitably helped create this situation.

    Would love at the eleventh hour for the EU leaders to come crawling back to the negotiating table looking for a deal, and with that for the UK to tell the disrespectful Merkel, Macron, Barnier, Juncker and Verhofstadt once and for all to fuck off.

    But we all know this won’t happen.

    Firstly, the EU leaders are quite prepared to cut off their nose to spite their face in order to protect their failing project even if this is to the detriment of EU businesses and their citizens.

    Secondly, even with the EU reeling and the UK holding all the cards Boris and our cowardly, traitorous, soft as shit MP’s with the help of Bercow and our pro EU legal system will make sure we still give in to their demands.


    • When Germany sneezes, the EU catches numonia newmonya neumoania Fuck it – a cold.

  17. Its never going to end.
    The news this morning, it appears that Greater Manchester Police are institutionally racist because they havent fully investigated the death of a somali refugee who drowned in a river near Bury.

    The Police said they could see any evidence to suggest it wasnt a tragic accident, not happy with this the ‘family’ complained that if they were white the investigation would have been more thorough.

      • There was some Somali cunt on BBC website today complaining that the police were racist as her lard arse lumpen daughter couldn’t swim and drowned in the Irwell. Funny, people used to be taught to swim in order to avoid things like this. Her attitude is why Africa in general, and Somalia in particular, is a stinking cess-pit of thick cunts. They hate the white man, but have to rely on him to live.

    • With our PC, virtue signalling obsessed Police ‘Service’ nowadays I would suspect it would be the other way round.

      The cunts should think themselves lucky to get any investigation at all, what with all the online hate-crimes that require prioritisation.

    • Perhaps we should throw the rest of the family and this bitch into the river and monitor which investigation is more thorough.

      • Well, when one lot drowned and the other didn’t we’d have to conclude that water itself was racist.
        There’s a great task for the police – “officer, arrest that lake!”
        And to think that we’ve been blaming white men all this time!

        • I suppose, on that basis, airlines are racist too since it appears to only be black cunts that fall out of the undercarriage.

        • You know what, everyone is so fucking stupid nowadays, I can just see that happening. They would then debate it in the House of Cunts and then change the law so water can be arrested for hate crimes. Like they changed a hundreds of years old law (designed to protect the innocent) for the Lawrence cunts.

  18. What is the score with these wimmin who are seemingly given a free pass to be blatantly sexist, if someone like Boris said the equivalent but about women, he would be castigated and immediately asked to step down as PM. Fucking Caroline Lucas, Jo Swinson and now this tart seemingly think they’re immune. She is right about one thing though, the BBC are a set of cunts, and she’s right dad’s army does give me a sense of national pride. It’s the personification of how we didn’t bend over to the axis powers of Europe and told them to fuck off. Which is exactly what we are trying to do now.

    • Loved dads army because my grandad did, now i love it because it was well structured comedy and endearing characters.
      Pass Arthur Lowes old house all time,
      Got a blue plaque outside, until someone like Daisy says remove it, the daft twat.

      • “Got a blue plaque outside, until someone like Daisy says remove it, the daft twat.”

        Hopefully Sgt Wilson would say “Do you think that wise?”

      • I haven’t watched the repeats of Dad’s Army on BBC2 recently, but I bet a lot of them have been edited and bowdlerised, like most great BBC comedies of yesteryears.

        Naturally we have the boxed set.

  19. Dad’s Army is not about the war…..it is a sitcom set during the war using many characters outlining the British condition and Characteristic.

    It would be good to either get rid of the licence fee or if that is not possible, put the hierarchy up for a vote each year in the same way that a building society is required to do.

    On the other hand, this person is a cunt.

    • When reminded of the bbc, I always find myself smiling at the thought of them all being thrown into a river of hungry crocodiles.
      Lots of splashing with the death rolls and tortured screams that cut to your marrow. Oh what fun!

  20. And the said newspaper reporting on this is the Guardian, say no more. The most leftist cunt of a newspaper continually forcing their middle class discourse down our throats. This is why people voted for Brexit. Because of leftist middle class Cunts and the establishment looking down their nose at the working person.
    I voted for Brexit of course because of all the Dads army repeats I was subjected to. I love leftist logic. I wish they would all fuck off.

    • Hello Jason!
      Your language is terrible since coming on here!
      You started out polite & mild, now your like one of the sex pistols.
      Keep up the good work 10/10

        • Now Jason, he could of lead the cornish uprising of 2019, not like mr Blunt and his poetry,
          Jason would of been clenching a pitchfork and swearing like a trooper!
          Blunty would of opened a book and started to read a stanza ‘ode to a geranium’….

      • Tut-tut, Mnc. It’s no matter for congratulation if Jason ends up as yet another foul-mouthed cunt like the rest of us!

        • Sorry oswald, know i shouldnt really, from a nice young man to a foul mouthed kneejerk opiniated cunter.
          But youve got to admit hes blossomed?!

      • What has become of me
        Being around you lovelies is really rubbing off on me lol
        So many cunts so little time

  21. What a fuckwit. It just shows how many of these dangerous intolerant libcunts there are in the arts and media.

    I seriously think we should forget the peacefuls for the moment, as they have nothing on our homegrown freaks pushing an authoritarian regime of cultural marxism on us, and they arent in the same positions of power. The Gramscians run the whole establishment.

    • Dammit, you can’t have Gramsci and Marx in the same frame. Gramsci was very critical of Marx’s economic theories. For “cultural marxism”. please read “cultural hegemony”. Wot dat?

      Cultural hegemony refers to domination or rule maintained through ideological or cultural means. It is usually achieved through social institutions, which allow those in power to strongly influence the values, norms, ideas, expectations, worldview, and behavior of the rest of society.

      Cultural hegemony functions by framing the worldview of the ruling class, and the social and economic structures that embody it, as just, legitimate, and designed for the benefit of all, even though *these structures may only benefit the ruling class*. This kind of power is distinct from rule by force, as in a military dictatorship, because it allows the ruling class to exercise authority using the “peaceful” means of ideology and culture.

      Maybe that looks just a little bit familiar? From experience, obviously. You may not have read Gramsci…


      No, no. Don’t thank me.

  22. What a fucking vomit-inducing wanker this ugly fat shitbag is.
    The only way I’d “ride” her is if she was flapping around the tracks of the tank I’d just rolled over her with.
    Nauseating left-wing shitrag.

  23. #Whistle while you work
    Daisy is a twerp
    She’s ‘alf barmy, so’s her army
    whistle while you work#

  24. She needs kicked in the cunt. Then told that if she were a bloke,it would have been 200,000 times more painful. So fuck off.

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