Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is a horrible cuntfest, isn’t it.

During the nine-day San Fermin fiesta, six bulls are run every morning in the city’s narrow streets and then killed in afternoon bullfights. Most tourists who go to the festival in Spain seem oblivious to the fact that these animals will be dead in just a few hours.

Each morning, a rocket is launched to terrify the six already anxious bulls so that they’ll charge onto city streets lined by drunken, screaming fuckwits who frequently hit them as they pass. The panicked animals slip and slide down the narrow streets and often smash into walls, sustaining broken bones and other injuries surrounded by the constant violent atmosphere.

The entire spectacle is really a death march.

Every evening, one by one, the bulls are forced into a bullring. The first cunts to lance them are the picadors; the second cunts are the banderilleros who also make the bull run in circles until, dizzy, disoriented, exhausted, and weak from blood loss; finally, the matador cunt enters. Not at all a coward, thus “courageous hero” stands over the bleeding, exhausted, dying bull and stabs him to death before demanding applause.

This execution of an innocent animal is called culture and entertainment

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70 thoughts on “Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

  1. I told my missus I was taking her to Pamplona so she could participate in the running of the bulls.
    She said “Do I need any special equipment?”

    I said “Just a ring through your nose”…..

  2. My granny was a stubborn old cunt I remember one time she said the spanish aren’t really true europeans and they were really just sneaky mexicans in disguise. I couldn’t stop laughting, I miss the old bigoted cunt honestly

    • That reminds me of a bon mot sometimes uttered by my Gran, uttered in all seriousness around 1965….

      “ God gave dark people black skins so they could live in hot countries”

      If she was referring to the relatively few from the Windrush generation what the bloody hell would she make of the UK in 2019?!!

  3. I once ran with those bulls . Its at 8 am and everyone is ratarsed and still up from the night before.

    It finishes in the Bull ring . I had to clamber over a 12 yr old girl to get out . Felt like a right cunt but at least I didnt get poked by a bull.

  4. Apparently this festival was created to honour a saint who was killed by being dragged through the streets by a bull, and thus became a martyr. Another thing that is said to happen in Spain is the practice of throwing donkeys off church roofs, in order to honour the new building.

  5. Stupid cunts deserve it, what a bunch of fuckwits,I would imagine it’s easier ,quicker and a shit site cheaper to run up the fast lane of the m4 , or to run through some areas of Cardiff with £10 notes stapled to you if you want an addrenelin rush…..cunts

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