Pre-emptive strikes

Pre-emptive strikes – or to be more precise, pre-emptive resignations.

Yesterday, following hot on the heels of recently honoured cunt Spreadsheet Phil, Sir Alan Duncan went a stage further than threatening and actually resigned from the government that hasn’t been formed yet because he can’t serve under the leader who hasn’t actually been elected yet.

His reason? So he can table a motion of no confidence in his own party presumably because they might actually elect a leader by an overwhelming majority who doesn’t agree with him.

Ignoring the fact that only the Leader of the Opposition can table a no confidence motion, how can anybody be so totally stupid as to want a no confidence motion in a government that hasn’t been formed yet?

Surely he should now resign from the Conservative Party as he refuses to respect the majority wishes of the membership. No? Well, what would you expect from a remainer?

Siralan, you are a cunt

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Alan Duncan is deserving of a cunting. I’m sure he’s been nominated before, but he definitely deserves another one.

Today, (Monday 22 July) Duncan has resigned as Foreign Minister, because he can’t bear the thought of being a member of a Boris Johnson government. What a drama queen. Apparently, he’s also sulking because that other monumental cunt, Bercow, turned down his request to make a statement in parliament. I think we can safely assume that his statement would have been nothing more than an anti-Boris rant. So for once, Bercow has actually done us a favour.

This guy is so full of his own importance he’s almost a caricature of himself. Why would he even assume that Boris would want him as a Minister in his government? I wouldn’t even give him a job as tea boy. If the thought of Boris is so repulsive to him, why not just quit as an MP? Oh yes, the overly generous salary, plus expenses, that’s why. This jumped up little cockwomble really needs taking down a peg or ten. He really isn’t that big a loss anyway.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

24 thoughts on “Pre-emptive strikes

  1. I suppose he’ll end up with the Lib Dumbs – the dumping ground for failed and embittered politicians who lack any notion of loyalty or dedication.

    Seems that snowflakes come in all shapes, ages and sizes these days – the only common goal is that they’re complete and utter cunts too!

    • What ? Has everyone forgotton about the ChuckUp UK Party already ?
      I’ve resigned (unemployed, without portfolio) before they try to press-gang me in to being the very bestest PM that Britain never had…

      • Oh i love a pre -emptive strike i do!
        Who is it? Iran?
        Russia? Naw not got the stones,
        Who then?..
        Oh these cunts! The ‘im off an taking my ball ‘ types, no loyalty, no dedication to their post or country,
        Just hired rats fleeing the fire.
        Get on jobseekers yer fannies…

    • What massive CUNT nominated this self important ‘player of the pink oboe’ to be knighted in the first place ?

      His favourite person = himself
      People who know who he is ? = his boyfriend, his taylor, his bank manager, his stock analyst, his housekeeper & many restaurant maitre dis I suspect.

      I would knight him….very clumsily with a Claymore…Chop !

  2. Didn’t Shakespeare have it where Shortarse Duncan is concerned? “Hell hath no fury like a f@ggot scorned”. He took his lead from Nick Boles. I am sure Nick is right behind him…..

  3. Having already betrayed your constituency voters and your country stitching up your own party leader before he’s even taken office is fuck all for this narcissistic little bum boy. He has always hated Boris with a passion so ‘Chase me’ Duncan’s love of the EU is just a side issue.
    The sooner he fucks off to the Lib Dumbs with all the other weirdos and turncoats, the happier this little shirtlifter will be.

  4. Back in the day when bent Dennis and I were backpacking around Australia, we used to take a shit in the Duncan.

    • I think you are confusing that with the Admiral Duncan, Mincey.
      Imagine if that happened today. The perpetrator, instead of being a fucking loon would be a “far right extremist.”
      And a leave voter and white supremacist obviously.

    • Well, they’ll miss the spotlight and power but 80 grand and expenses is just pocket money to these cunts. They’ve all got all sorts of scams on the go.
      You won’t be seeing the likes of Chase me, Grieve and Hammond in the queue at the food bank.
      Total cunts.

    • The entitled cunt will be kicked upstairs to The House of Cunts (aka Lords) for loyal service to the 4th Reich.

  5. I couldn’t remember who is was, so thanks for the picture – I know who the little cunt is now. Can’t wait for all these traitorous fuckers to be de-selected. Cunts.

  6. File under “Pram, Toys for the throwing out of”
    Infantile, like the society he pretends to represent.
    Couldn’t possibly work under Johnson? Poignant, considering you weren’t likely to be asked to. Whatever happened to pistols at dawn in the Commons car park, you wuss?

    Gesture politics.

  7. Even in Parliament and the Cuntservative Party, Sir Alan Duncunt is regarded as an over- inflated dirigible of egotistical self- regard. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing from these doom- mungering cunts who know better than anyone else. Another fuck- wit to join the ranks of Major, Blair, Grieve, Gauk, Sourberries, etc, etc. I wish they would all die.

    Fuck off.

  8. Boris’s new nickname is the enema – guaranteed to get rid of all shit instantly.

  9. Only 24 hours to go until the petulant, whining trio of horror film extras – Hammond, Stewart and Gauke take an early bath. Yipee!

    Good riddance and fuck off. All three of these cunts will end up behind ol’ Deliverance Teeth Swinson in the LibDump loser’s party.

    Cunts to a man.

  10. His political career is over, no doubt. But who in the job vacancy providers outside of politics is going to offer this cunt a job eh? Duncan who? – ‘oh yes, I remember, place his CV carefully in the waste bin please, Ms Jones’.

  11. Alan Duncan offered to join Leave UK but only on the proviso he was made Chairman. they told him to fuck off. so he decided to become a staunch Remoaner. A man of very high principles obviously.

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