Philip Hammond (13)

This poor excuse for a man has to be the cunt of the week, if not the year. The purse-lipped, floppy haired piss and shit stained failure orchestrated yesterday’s parliamentary stitch-up not allowing a no deal Brexit, yet didn’t have the guts to vote himself. The foul little Judas literally made the bullets for others to fire:

He is a coward of the first water, a snivelling little Establishment turd and like every turd ought to be flushed into the sewer. What a cunt.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

45 thoughts on “Philip Hammond (13)

  1. Blimey, another cunting nom so soon after the last one (barely a week ago wasn’t it?)

    Truly justified of course, and at this rate he’ll be on nom number 15 by the end of the year. The bloke really is the epitome of treacherous cowardly undemocratic villainy at its most basic level.

    I suspect when he was born he was squirted out of his mother’s gaping arsehole and has always felt bitter ever since. And I can see this cunt worming his way into the EU Commission or Parliament when Brexit has finally gone tits up and the Remainers have had their way. No doubt Maybot will be there to welcome the sniveling little shit aboard the Good Ship EU (Gravy Boat, more like)

    But you never know, we may get lucky with a Peaceful doing us a favour!

    • They don’t seem to be aware of the levels of appreciation they could attract if they were just a little more selective about targets.

  2. NOTE: This should be Philip /Phillip Hammond(12)

    But who’s counting?

    (Posted on behalf of the Justice For Spreadshite Phil campaign)

    • I make it the same, as we’ve said before. I’ve written at least two nominations for this Scooby Doo villain, knock-kneed, cowardly Custer cunt.

    • It’s becoming tiresome, listing the endless self smug treachery of these rich eliteist bastards.

      None of this will be solved till these treasonous Cunts are hanging from the lamposts in the town centres.

      Hate speech ? Too right it is. I hate all these self serving, robbing bastards.

      Don’t tell me that 90% of the police & armed forces wouldn’t be on our side, come the revolution. They must be as sick as we are of these trecherous cunts.

      “Kill ’em… Kill ’em all” – Thomas.J ‘Stonewall’ Jackson’ 1862.

    • I don’t know. My counting of sturgeon pie cuntings by my calculation was no.17 or 18, but they seemed to have gone backwards at one point. I thought that was just being generous to the Scots. Or the Scottish admin. (That’s another nomination of mine to the ignore bin)

  3. Just one more to get him pasted on the wall. Hurry up because he’ll be out of a job next week…

    • I wouldn’t be so sure Dio.

      He’s already reached (12), one more will make it (13)!!

      Where is Pedantic Cunt when we need her?

      • You’re not wrong. It’s 13 if you count a collective one. Just been through and counted and renumbered them.
        I shall rustle up the appropriate picture at once

        • A partial Mea culpa because I misspelled his name (with one ‘l’) on my cuntings.

          For punishment I should write out ten nominations for Custard Hammond.

          • Hurrah!

            “Just rejoice at that news and congratulate Admin, our forces and the marines.”

            (Margaret Thatcher, Mrs, deceased.)

          • The mong deserves an extra cunting for spelling his name in a cuntish way.
            Devious cuhnt.

          • Gott in Himmel Captain! You misspelled his name with TWO l’s, not one!

            Is there no end to this sorry saga?

  4. It’s just unbelievable that these treasonous cunt remoaners are STILL trying to stop brexit. It just shows how mad EU delusion syndrome is when someone is willing to permantly destroy their party and allow a commie, Muslim appeasing terrorist to take over as pm…. just so that they can delay leaving their beloved Reich.
    Don’t these turds have anything better to do?!
    ….they should all be dragged through the streets and flogged.

    • They would see it as important as they’re looking after their interests. Hammond is like John Major’s nephew who inherited the family muscles and weak Eurobile. That’s a crackin photo by Admin. “Honourable” has become our greatest misnomer.

      Morning Sausage.

  5. Hammond. Grieve. Sourberries. Kunt Clarke. Grunt Clarke. Gauke. Mavis. Bercunt. Cooper. The list of treasonous non- entities in Parliament is endless.

    A curse on them all. May their dangling bits wither and drop off.

  6. If these cunts had any real conviction, they would join the Lib Dems, and settle for being in a dead end party which occasionally gets fleeting popularity when a few voters get miffed and have a little protest vote. These anti democracy cunts should be deselected and thrown out of the party for this kind of shit.

  7. Kenneth Clarke
    Dominic Grieve
    Philip Hammond
    They should all be booted out of the Conservative Party Hammond should be sacked and replaced soon as Boris gets into office

  8. Why the flying fuck does he always look so smug? Can’t believe he has never had a slap from someone that is proper British and not an EU arse sniffing jelly livered wankstain.
    Andrea Leadsom perhaps. I’m sure his knock knees would buckle if he had to go 3 rounds with her.

    • I’d happily go three rounds with Leadsom, Helmit. The wife says I’m a pervert.

  9. There’s a rumour going around that May’s formed a supergroup to give herself and some other cunts employment after the next general election.
    The lineup of ‘Theresa and the Traitors’ has been announced as;

    Lead vocals; Theresa ‘Terry’ May
    Lead guitar; Dom ‘Cry Baby’ Grieve
    Rhythm guitar; Kenny Clarke
    Bass guitar; Anna Sourface
    Drums; Phil ‘Skins’ Hammond
    Bongos; David ‘Call Me Dave’ Lammy
    Backing vocals; Diane ‘Tater Mouth’ Abbott, Hilary ‘Big Girl’s Blouse’ Benn

    The first album, ‘Traitor’s Gate’, is out next month, and the single ‘Brexit Means Brexshit’ is the week’s biggest seller.

  10. He claimed that he wanted to stop Boris from suspending parliament to force through a no deal Brexit was, “in the best interests of the country”. No it isn’t, you lying little shit. Leaving the EU with no deal, since they clearly don’t want to play nice, is in the best interests of the country. The fact is, Hammond, you and all the other Europhiles are doing this because you’re traitors. You have no love for the UK, and would much rather have our laws, finances and even our military controlled by a group of corrupt, unelected, unaccountable foreigners. Perhaps you’re doing it in the hope that they may throw you a crumb from their table by giving you a minor role in their cabal. Whatever the reason, you and your ilk are traitors. Pure and simple. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you want to live under the Jackboot of the EU, move to an EU country. The majority of Brits want the UK to be a free, sovereign nation once more. And we will not allow Quislings like you to stand between us and freedom a moment longer. Move, or be trampled.

    • How can he possibly do it? He will have a majority of one soon. No Deal is off the table. Suspending Parliament is off the table. The Parliament itself is predominantly Remain. The EU have said they won’t renegotiate. How can he possibly deliver Brexit in such circumstances?

      • Couldn’t agree more Miles. I have given up on the farce of leaving the EU.

        • Parliament can’t stop it. No Deal is still the default position by law if we don’t leave with a deal on October the 31st.

          Johnson himself could stop it by pushing through Barnier’s deal or applying for an extension.

          But if he stands firm (which in my opinion he probably won’t cos he’s a bottler) we WILL leave on No Deal.

          • Afternoon RTC.
            Yes, the default position to leave is looking more like a possibility.
            Isn’t it pitiful that Brexit might just take place by accident but when it comes to grasping at straws, I’ll gladly take it!

          • Afternoon Bsc.

            A lot depends on whether Boris and his new Leave Cabinet have the balls to see it through.

            If the EU believe he’s serious, it will be in the remaining 27 countries’ overwhelming interests to reopen the ‘Agreement’. But if they don’t believe we’re prepared to simply walk away all they have to do is sit on their hands and wait for the Remoaner Tories to bring down their own government or for Boris to apply for yet another extension.

            When Parliament voted to trigger Article 50 they didn’t know what they were voting for. 🤣

          • We should never have asked for that fucking extension. Tesco have made the point rightly that oct 31 is just about the worst possible moment to leave regarding food imports because it’s the busiest time and the UK’s summer harvest has past it’s peak. There’s the very real likelihood of empty shelves and panic buying.

            I would revoke article 50 and either leave in the spring on no deal, or maybe just stay and act as a spanner in the works of every eu initiative until the cunts do the decent thing and let us negotiate a managed exit with the various sovereign states so we don’t face the cliff edge.

  11. Phil “the festering turd” Hammond on Twitter

    “The Conservative Party has always, at its core, had a fundamental belief in the importance of strong institutions – and in a representative democracy there can be no more vital institution than it’s Parliament”.

    Like all Remoaners the cunt uses the word democracy but clearly has no understanding of the meaning of the word.

    • They all have their own definition, it’s when people vote the way these cunts want them to, regardless of who wins.

  12. Suckdick Kahn on Two tree today

    “New analysis confirms the strong link between serious youth violence and young Londoners affected by poverty and poor mental health.

    We’ve adopted the ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’ approach before, with success. It’s time to do it again.

    Firstly, serious youth violence affected by poverty and mental health. Blimey, shock horror news, who’d have thought it!

    Secondly, tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. Time to do it again. Why the fuck did you and your chums ever stop you incompetent pathetic wanker?

  13. Hammond doesn’t,to be fair to the disgusting wanker, have the glittering power mad eyes of the Jeremy Khunt.
    However he is a coward and a traitor.
    Fuck off

  14. Nice to see Hammy Hamster on The Wall at long last.

    If only The Wall of Cunts could be transformed into some kind of animated computer game – a bit like hitting the coconut shy at a fair ground, although instead of a rubber ball you could select your choice of weapon from something as relatively harmless as an egg, dog turd or Flabbot’s soiled undergarments; to something as far reaching as a blow torch, wrecking ball or an Uzi 9mm!

  15. This vain cunt has said he’ll resign to Treason May on wednesday before the new leader is announced. He lies that it’s because he’s taking a stand against Boris Johnson to get us out of the EU on haloween, but truthfully it’s because the cunt knows he’ll be sacked anyway and wants to puff up his own ego and self-importance.

    Theresa May has given us the most inept government in memory, weak and stupid. She should refuse the cunts resignation. I know it’s only a day or two but leaving the country without a chancellor is irresponsible and selfish. Let him get sacked the cunt.

  16. Philip Hammond. Again.

    I’m sorry, this is getting tedious, but…Isn’t he a whiny, pathetic toad of an individual ?

    His latest offering: “It’s my party, and I won’t have it taken away from me, I’ll scweam and scweam until I’m thick.”

    Well, as his local association have deselected him, he’s about fucked.
    The only thing left to do is to load a percussion bullet…

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