Birmingham City Council

A ‘special’ cunting please for Birmingham City Council.

The form filling & box ticking Cunts have decided to cut the funding for school transport for a down’s syndrome girl. Now, despite :-
1. She having ‘Downs’from birth
2. She needing a wheelchair
3. She having the mental academic equivalent age of a 6 year old
4. She is female, suggestable & vulnerable
5. Last week, aged 15 she had a need – this week apparently, a birthday has negated all the difficulties she faces.

B’ham ‘Cunt’ Council now thinks she should catch 2 buses & ‘walk’ to her special needs school. A pencil dick bureaucrat commented “travel assistance up to age 16 is statutory. It is however, ‘discretionary’ for those of sixth-form age and applicants must demonstrate exceptional reasons to be awarded this assistance”

A special needs mini-bus collected the girl, plus a host of other children en-route to school. How much cutting out the stop at her home is saving the local taxpayers is unknown, but I’ll wager it’s less than one of the city councillors claims for lunch expenses.

What a bunch of shits….

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  1. I read quite recently that there was a long-running strike action happening in the city a year or so ago involving the city’s binmen. The council wanted to make savings of a few hundred thousand quid, but the unions reacted with an all out strike and work-to-rule, that lasted weeks or even months!

    It was finally resolved at a cost to the council of just under £7m. But that wasn’t the end of it because last year the same union found out the city council was using scab labour during the strike, which resulted in another work-to-rule, costing the council another million.

    Typically the council offered no apologies to its residents who had to suffers hot summer weeks with their stinking bins unemptied, rancid black bin bags piled high, or torn to shreds by foxes; and fly-tipping with rife!

    The council never even bothered to offer any council tax relief for the inconvenience, instead increased it for the following tax year!

    They really are a bunch of incompetent cunts, all too busy pissing taxpayer’s money up the wall on vanity projects rather than benefiting the city as a whole.

    But then again isn’t that so typical of most local councils up and down the country!

    • Indeed. I bet though all the extra bins the bin liners put out as rubbish living 8 to a house, the brummie council always make sure there is enough money for all that extra work.

    • She needs to convert to the Religion of Peace. Job done. Benefits on benefits for the whole time family.

    • I agree Cuntstable.

      The country has lost sight of the needs and priorities of its own people, instead caters to the PC brigade and looks after the needs of the lazy, the feckless and millions of immigrants, many of the latter in my opinion should not or do not deserve to be here.

      • Agree with you both. In a similar vein, i have a disabled nephew in receipt of the highest rates of Disability Living Allowance. He is still at school and yet some numbnuts at the DWP has decided that turning 16 means he has to claim as an adult. Given that the law changed some time ago and requires a young person to remain in education till aged 18, or take an apprenticeship or spend 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering while in part time education, it somewhat takes the piss. His mother will still get child benefit….so what is he? A child or an adult? His mother now has to claim the adult Personal Independence Payment for him, which is a bitch of a form, and by all accounts is something of a cunt to get. I imagine the poor girl and her parents/carers in this cunting are suffering exactly the same issue. The other pisstake from the cunts that make these decisions? Well it only applies to the English. Scotland, Wales and NI still revolve round the leave at 16 rule. A United Kingdom this is not.

  2. The parents should tell the council she’s a lezza and will get attacked by “far right extremists” if she has to travel on her own. We all know there are lezza bashers at every corner.
    That should shake the pen pushing bastards up a bit.

  3. Everytime there’s an issue of not enough cash for this or that I always turn to the prime parasites in Britain – muslims. Only 1 in 5 has a job, add to that the enormous cost of policing the 3,000 most hardcore anti-whites with 24/7 surveillance, and then the additional cost of more ‘casual’ crime of raping thousands of white british children, moped robbery, petty crime, heroin importing…They make us poorer in every sense.

  4. Worked for a council once, always skint but could always find £200 quid for flowers to be placed in the meeting room when the councillors has a meeting. Public employees have no respect for the public’s money.

    If there’s one thing more wasteful than the Westminster government, it’s called local government.

    The majority of cases where Bailiffs overstep the mark collecting debts are council tax debt. Your local council hates you but loves your cash.

    • I worked for the nhs for 5 years and so much wastage. Too many managers and pencil pushers who are such jobs worth’s trying to justify their job but really it’s not needed and waste of money. I remember when I received an email that they would be conducting a audit on computer screens and brightness. I wonder how much that cost the tax payer. My manager booked to go on a training course to the other end of the country, ticket was over £150 then the course was cancelled. Did they get the money back from the cost of the ticket, no I don’t think so, it was written off.

  5. Typical of the way this country treats disabled people. I’ve mentioned several times before on here that my brother has severe autism and I can’t imagine how he’d cope if this happened to him. All the product of an extremely sick society which puts the ‘rights’ of benefits scrounging Kyle scum and people coming here to leach off the welfare state above the rights of its most vulnerable citizens.

  6. I bet they lay the red carpet out for the fucking rag-head, camel botherers, though.

    • What about that syrian refugee cry-baby, the general public gave like £100k to that whingeing little fucker all because he got into a playground scrap with evil white children…

  7. I took mrs B for a pips assessment. at enfield london from aldershot. around 60 miles.
    3 train changes to get there, quite a few stairs, but we had to attend or you loose it.
    when we got there they took away the car tax entitlement for disabled people but upped her pips by £400 a year, they then hired a mini bus to get us home and refunded our train fare…..
    total exercise probably cost £500 in administration £150 taxi £70 rail fare so £720 to confirm someone who was crippled at birth is still crippled (50 years later).
    I really do wonder about some of these ideas, mind you chap upstairs from me has never worked, has a big fuck off Tv a flat and a healthy drug habit that keeps trim makes you wonder dosent it.

  8. Too many Councils are made up of jumped-up,jobsworth types who wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the Private Sector. Pencil-pushing,paper-clip counting examples of mediocrity. They seem to forget who pays their wages…most of them are,deservedly, actually on pretty poor money,but spend their days looking forward to their,usually undeserved pension..I suspect(and hope) that a lot of the younger ones will be disappointed.As the Country becomes more and more hard up,even these “guaranteed” pensions will take a hit..Good,it’ll serve the pedantic little nobodies right.

    Fuck them.

    I will ask though,why a 16 year old with the mental age of a 6 year old should continue in education? What’s the point? Heartless as it may sound, the costs of keeping such a child in education must be steep,with very little prospect of the child gaining much.

    • What so she is supposed to be locked away in a room never to see the light of day, it also gives her parents a respite as it’s not easy to care for someone 24hours a day.

      • I never said that she should be locked away. I’d have thought that there would be facilities to take care of her that were both cheaper and possibly more suitable for someone in her condition. Why is a school the only option? Do you suggest that she should continue going to school indefinitely?

        • I agree Dick. I have worked in the care sector and you would not believe the enormous waste of money.
          One poor bugger that could not communicate , could not feed himself, was doubly incontinent and totally brain dead would have up to £5000 pound spent on his holiday with carers in tow and it was blatantly obvious that he didn’t know where the fuck he was. They kept banging on that it was his money .NO it’s public money. I might sound harsh but when I see small children on tv with there parents trying to raise enough money for there cancer treatment because the NHS or social services won’t pay it but they will find unlimited funds to pay for vegetables that have no hope of recovery . What kind of fucked up society does that ?

          • I agree,FF. Eventually there’ll have to be some very hard choices made. I do know that it sounds hard,but as medical treatments advance and costs increase,there must surely reach a point where some extremely unpalatable decisions will have to be taken in the most serious of cases.

  9. Don’t know about Brum council but Leeds City Council is awash with waste, something I’m always astonished by when I visit them as a private contractor.

    Fuck me, they even fund council staff Christmas parties out of council tax money….fucking cheeky cunts.

    • Used to have a contract with stockport council, they frittered money away, especially on asylum seekers, as far as putting them up in a hotel with a gym & swimming pool!
      Never paid my invoices on time, and got snotty when I asked for it. So told them to fuck off.

  10. These are the cunts who misnamed Christmas winterval to pander to peacefuls.

  11. Bet they can afford a fortune for a climate change executive and 6 diversity and LGBTMGBGTV8 officers.

  12. Done some more digging on those useless cunts call Birmingham City Council.

    apparently back in 2017 they fired their chief exec, Mark Rogers, who was on a £180,000 salary. He was fired because he was shit at his job, plunged the council into even more debt than when he took office; and his brilliant plan to get the city in the black was to make massive budgets across the board, and sack over 10,000 staff.

    But because he was shit at his job the council had to pay him £118,000 compo, and almost £400,000 in pension benefits. So that’s a nice £500,000 fuck off package for a cunt who was shit at his job.

    A year later the council hire a new chief exec, Dawn Baxendale. Now remember, Rogers was on £180,000 pa, for a council that was struggling with debt and making cutbacks in staff and services. But a year later they hire this cunt on a salary of £210,000!!!!

    Their excuse was the usual bullshit maxim “To hire the best you have to pay the best!”

    Anyway, 15 months later and she resigned to take up a job down under, and she too has achieved sweet fuck all other than make further cuts in services and jobs.

    That’s all these cunts ever seem to do – cuts, cuts and more fucking cuts. Not rocket science is it? And yet these fuckers get paid close on a quarter of a million, which is way over what the fucking PM of the country earns!

  13. This is exactly the kind of person the welfare state was set up to help.

    This poor young girl should be helped…..instead some workshy turd is probably getting Alan Turin £50 pink queens spunked at his face.

  14. I guess the 4 in 5 are the wives, who are pointless cos they can’t see where they are going, or what they are doing.

    Ironically, I had to RTS a letter the other day, and because I was slightly off my normal track, ended up carrying the item round most of the afternoon.
    Couldn’t find a letterbox…not a traditional red one, anyway.

  15. All councils are CUNTS.
    Council tax and the BBCistan licence fee are the work of thieves.
    Did I mention CUNTS?

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