I would like to nominate the NHS for a solid cunting.

Now, before piss gets flash-vapoured and shit starts hanging sideways, please allow me to state some crucial clarifications:

1) I am in no way cunting overworked, decent honest healthcare professionals

2) The cunting is aimed at the NHS as a public body and how it is failing the indigenous population at large

3) I am well aware that interfering politicians have used and abused the NHS for electoral manipulation and vested interests. However, the topic is vast and there are nevertheless plenty of cunts within the NHS itself, and I am restricting the scope of this cunting accordingly


Why am I cunting the NHS. How could a patriot like me even dare to nominate such a cornerstone of British history?

Quite easily, as it turns out. The NHS, thanks to incorrect prioritising, terrible management and a refusal to embrace reform is no longer fit for purpose.

Now, the influx of NHS tourists, lobbas, goatfuckers and all faecal shades of brown between is undoubtedly straining the NHS. The rapid population increase is not something I can blame the NHS for, of course. But the fact that the NHS has such an abysmal policy of treating all comers, and an even more pitiful method of trying to recoup money from non-nationals is definitely down to their cuntliness. The procedure for collecting debt is tantamount to asking non-English speaking recipients from abroad “Can you pay for your treatment? No? OK then. We’ll carry on treating you anyway.”

The immigration health surcharges and supposed fees payable by non-British recipients is recouped in less than a third of fucking cases – I implore you to watch the BBC documentary ‘Hospital’ (yes, BBC, but even broken clocks are right twice a day) to see how conniving the foreigners are and how fucking lily-livered the NHS is in collecting these payments. I’m frankly amazed that the BBC allowed this programme to be commissioned.

Remember how many times the NHS managers told us that post-Brexit, even a slight reduction in immigrant applicants to join the NHS would cause total meltdown? On the very, very broad assumption that their claims are not exaggerations, we have to ask ourselves – why does the supposed best healthcare system model of all time need to rely so heavily on non-English speaking people imported from the Third World? Surely the problem in this instance is with the recruitment process, the conditions and in my opinion, the ridiculously low pay for nurses and assistants.

And let us not forget the sheer array of consultants to the NHS (not to be confused with medical healthcare consultants) employed at any and every opportunity – overblown IT projects, management, supplies, cleaners, maintenance and so on. As much as successive governments have fucked up, the NHS itself has been woefully impotent in dealing with rotten practices at its core.

Does the NHS need to go private? No. Does it need reform? Absolutely.

As long as the situation exists where Africans can jet into the country and give birth, without enforcement of insurance or fees, with no obvious contributions into the system and receive the same – if not better – care than you, then the NHS is a cunt. Period.

Nomination by The Empire Cunts Back

45 thoughts on “The NHS

  1. Well said TECB. like some holy grail the mere mention of criticism towards the NHS is seen by politicians as a step to far but I feel like you that the NHS and another overblown government monstrosity the “benefits system” both need serious rework and overhaul. Costs need to be controlled and spending much more targeted.
    Recouping overseas payments should be a higher priority and end health tourism unless paid up front.
    And the benefits system need to be seriously overhauled.

  2. Agree completely with your exce!lent non Empire. The biggest barrier to reform is the composition of the NHS management. Like education, social services and now, increasingly, the police it is ful of left wing libtard Labour lovers who can’t manage to tie their shoelaces but love wearing suits and taking fat salaries safe in the knowledge that they will not be removed because the are a deity called the NHS. It will require politicians to grow some balls and cull he cunts. Don’t see it happening but can see the day when the money runs out.

  3. And yet we have another long-standing British institution (tarnished as it is now become) – the BBC – has now decreed that those people over 75 will be means tested to see if they will have to pay the fucking licence fee!

    And yet the NHS seems to be an open house to any Tom, Dick or Harriet from all corners of the fucking world!

    What a fucked up country the UK is fast becoming.

    • Your country is infested with all the commie crap that crawled out from behind that wall. They have compromised every aspect of your lives, every institution and every one of your thoughts. They are introducing thought crime, censorship and intimidation at an alarming rate of knots. Lenin wrote that the west would be conquered, not militarily, but by stealth. But you keep on looking out for them there ‘nasty Nazis’ then the commies can work unhindered, rotting your souls out. Taking western civilisation down is like stealing milk from a baby with you gormless cunts defending it. The biggest lie they ever told you was that communism died when the wall came down. Do you think they all packed their fucking bags up and went home? Most of the unelected top-dogs in the E.U. have hardcore communist backgrounds. Johnny Juncker was in Germany last year celebrating the anniverasry of the birth of Karl Marx. Merkel was in the fucking STASI (communist secret police). Federica Mogherini was in the Italian Communist Federation for 13 years. She wants to introduce an E.U. army and mandatory conscription for your kids/grandchildren. They will put foreign troops in each country after destroying the soverign armed forces. The foreign troops won’t give a fuck about shooting you.

  4. What boils my piss is politicians, broadcasters and newspapers referring to it as “OUR NHS” it is “THE NHS” and I am glad my fellow cunters have not fallen into that trap.

    The NHS would be a lot better off under the old Matron system, and perhaps it is time for Matron Starmer, Matron Adonis and Matron Grieve. They would look lovely in drag.

  5. Good nomination. If I was in charge of NHS I would implement three changes.

    Recruit a shit hot CEO to run it, paying £5 million salary plus £10 million incentives.

    £5 co-pay for doctor appointments for 18 to 65, no exceptions. £10 for hospital.

    Foreign cunts pay up front or fuck off.

  6. Well said, Empire. The favoured 21st century privatisation model, which is all about the Board and shareholders enjoying the cream, has wrecked our public transport system. So, no, this isnt the answer.

    I do feel strongly that hospitals should not bear direct responsibility for ensuring Johnny Foreigner is charged for treatment. They are there to treat the sick, not to collect fees. This needs an overhaul and should be placed in the hands of border control. We should not be letting in anyone and I mean anyone without suitable and valid health insurance to cover them for any eventuality. The government could devise a special health insurance that foreigners can purchase which guarantees fees are covered in the case that treatment is required.

    No health insurance Abdul? Fuck off.

    • I don’t see why hospitals shouldn’t bear the responsibility, they have enough useless management and admin staff doing fuck all that can be given the job.

    • Excellent idea.

      Our (Mrs Pol Pot and self) first comm on arriving in Switzerland was: “Sign up to a licensed health insurer, and send us a photocopy of the evidence. Within two weeks. Or Mr. Rotweiler and his friends will pay you a visit.”
      We complied. All the Swiss are legally bound to have health insurance.
      As Abdul and his cohorts all seem to drive round in large Mercs and BMWs, cost shouldn’t be a prob.

  7. People live too long.breed too fast and are too entitled for us to continue to have a “free” health system.

    Harsh as it may sound,advances in medicine mean that people live past the point where it is practical to fund care,regardless.

    Too many children,so many with modern health issues.

    An entitled,”me,me,me” attitude from so many of the population who run along to the Doctor when unnecessary.

    I’d make everyone pay a nominal fee to see a Doctor,say a tenner for a start. Might make them think twice before running along at the drop of a hat. The tenner could be deducted from child-benefit or benefits for those who are claiming. I also wouldn’t allow anyone into the Country who didn’t have health insurance. No fucking taxpayer funded interpreters provided either.
    The morbidly obese,inbred newcomers and trannies can Fuck Off too.

    Fuck Off.

    • I’d also add that the NHS is,apparently,the fifth biggest employer in the world……absolutely ridiculous and unsustainable in a country of this size.

      • Morning Mr Fiddler, a great nom on Tommy Robinson yesterday it certainly stirred the pot but got a cunter called ‘Jack’ a bit flustered. Apparently cunting the mass media for referring to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon as his pseudonym Tommy Robinson was hypocritical as you are ‘Dick Fiddler’ on ISAC.

        Please don’t tell us you don’t ride Northumbrian countryside on a black stallion in you top hat and cape as it will shatter the illusion completely.

        • Just saw that post, LL….a weird little post from one of those odd Posters who seems to make a comment and then never be heard from again……

          • You make a good recruiting officer for this site Mr F! That’s the second one including Mr Euphemism man who’ve locked horns with you and you’ve seen off.

          • Over my time I’ve had dust ups with a few. All respect to those who argue their point. What I don’t like are the ones who, I suspect,come back under a different name.

      • They were the second biggest employer when Nurse Brand was on their books…

    • Oh! Here we go again! Fatism raises its ugly head once more. Persecute and penalise the overweight – go on, why not?. I pay my fair share of sugar tax which helped to fund my recent gastric band surgery. I resent having to pay for two seats each time I fly.
      It’s OK when you’re a stick man like you Mr F but spare a thought for us fatties ( my condition is due to a glandular problem). I suppose you’ll also blame me for abusing public funds the day the fire brigade arrive at my house and have to winch my 40 stone frame through the window? I’m sick of it!

      Yours fatfully, F. Ardbuckle.

  8. The problem with the NHS is vast, TECB, as you have stated. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians( well their are actually, and a majority of them are good). As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t pay into the system ( PAYE and NI) then you should GTF. The same with the benefits system. Totally abused by too many scumbag’s. My ex-wife and niece work for the NHS, so I know the situation. Also, the NHS doesn’t need anymore money, just get rid of the waste, it really is that simple. CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS.

  9. Brilliant post !!
    The NHS has been abused for years , I had to see a specialist regarding a throat problem, I was sitting in a waiting room that was packed to the rafters I appeared to be the only English speaker in the room, I’ve worked all my life and paid my taxes , contributions etc , looking round the room I wondered if the same could be said for the majority there? I’m guessing that scene is played out in every hospital across the UK on a daily basis …….

    • Too fucking right. Round my doctors i’m the last of the mohicans, including the doctors, the practice nurses and the birds behind the desk. Next door, in the dentist, it’s exactly the same except one white dentist who’s a fucking Kraut!
      What the fuck is going on?

    • Yes i’m at a University hospital regularly with my wife having regular cancer treatment which is all good but we’re told that roughly 15 per cent of the population is foreign.
      No way is that correct every time i’m there. Perhaps this 15 per cent just get more ill more often as it looks more 40 per cent to me.

  10. I remember, some years ago, some bloke I worked with was telling me about his vasectomy and it emerged it was done on the NHS. He was shocked that I said he was a poncing cunt.
    “Why am I paying for you to have a better shag?” I said, “pay for it yourself cunt.”
    Add to that, tit jobs, cosmetic surgery, tattoo removal, trannie ops and all sorts of other shit. These cunts should get their fingers out of their arses and pay for their own shit. Wankers.

    • Oh, but I should point out that there are millions of cunts who should have a compulsory vasectomy, from the age of about 14.
      I’m quite happy to pay for that. 😁

  11. Yesterday on the BBC Today programme on Radio 4 it was very briefly mentioned that doctors have been fraudulently claiming for non-existent patients. Apparently 3 and a half million more people are registered with NHS doctors than there are people in the country.

    • Hmmmm. Does anybody really know how many people there are in this country? Maybe it’s not the GPs who are fiddling the books but the usual suspects in the Cunthouse of Westminster.

      Lift up that carpet , i’ve got some shit I want to sweep under it. I think you know where the shit is coming from.

      • Cogent point. With 1700 patients per average GP (BBC figure, yesterday) confusion must reign in any case. Also the practice gets £150 pa ( from memory) for each patient, whether they are hypochondriacs or like me have to be dragged in kicking and screaming at long intervals.

  12. I agree that it should cost to visit the doctor. On one of my rare visits to our local GP a couple of years ago I was amazed to see an old biddy knock on the doctor’s door and say ‘Hello Chris’. She was a serial visitor who was there several times a month. I was attending with a case of the galloping shits. On day three I phoned for an appointment only to be told that they would only see me if I was still shitting after eight days. Long story short , I ended up in hospital with a secondary infection, left knee the size of a football and kidneys throwing a wobbler.
    During my stay in the hospital I encountered a collection of cunts, invariably patients and some great professionals. The smell of cannabis was a first for me as was the comatose creature in a private room with two armed coppers.
    I struck up a positive relationship with the consultant who was treating me who asked me to complete a customer satisfaction survey FFS! My sister trained as a nurse in the 60s when the consultant was god. The trouble is that the feckless cunts who attend any NHS situation are encouraged to complain and therefore the professionals who deal with them over prescribe treatments; witness that little lad from Liverpool a year or so ago who, despite having no chance of survival, had millions of pounds worth of treatment. His parents went to court several times and tried to get doctors charged with murder. Even the fucking Pope got involved.
    I am so grateful to be on the death side of 65 ……

  13. The NHS deserves a cunting for becoming the Great National Shibboleth before which all must prostrate themselves in homage and whom no one dare criticise for fear of being struck dead by holy lightening.

    Of course healthcare is a basic human right. The US system stinks. But the NHS is failing in many instances to provide basic and accessible healthcare because it can’t sustain itself and is unfit for purpose. In my area you have to wait 3 weeks to see a GP for a brief 5 minute appointment during which your health concern will be dismissed and you will be told to fuck off. Priority is given to peacefuls and illegal immigrants as they are more “vulnerable” ( they aren’t vulnerable they are just fucking crafty freeloading cunts).

    The NHS needs to change. It needs to be tougher with health tourists for a start. I personally would not object to paying a modest fee for services for better and quicker access. That’s the way they do it in China and I’ve seen it work very well over there.

    • You’re right. We can’t even mention the NHS it’s such an emotive topic. It’s been romanticised and made untouchable to a point where we defend it despite it being a money-draining monster.

      No question we should make foreigners pay but how? How do you check every single one has health insurance?

      • You don’t. You say that non-nationals are not entitled to NHS- subsidised treatment, period. Insurance, or pay direct, maybe easy terms….or die in the lobby, your choice. Could even be profitable.

  14. Monumental and excellent cunting, to which I have nothing useful to add, save that on trying to transfer my custom to another NHS dentist (I do pay) from the chain immigrant-training fang-processor I’m stuck with, I found none within a 20-mile radius* were taking NHS patients – even paying ones. I got a figure for the waiting list from one. Eight fucking hundred.

    *including the county capital

  15. The NHS is a fucking mess, to keep this short I had a six month run in with them, ended up after multiple visits with nothing has changed, may as well have not bothered.

    If you are sick, just cure yourself or fucking die because the NHS is useless.

  16. The NHS was ( at the time of my joining ) a noble organisation. But that was a long time ago. Today, it is a logo, and franchised to interested parties. This has been going on for the last 20+ years, little by little. The Franchise opportunities are very lucrative and very attractive, and have led to ( in many cases ) significant improvements, and with many failures. The most obscene lie of all time, is that told by the Labour Party, that the NHS is a “National and Cherished Institution ” that is of their creation, and that they are the Guardian Protectors. Bullshit. The most controversial impacts upon the NHS were during the Blair years, and has continued ever since at a gathering pace, as ALL political parties have jumped on the band wagon of financial and fiscal opportunity.
    Few people ( if that ) realise that GP Services are now in the hands of “Practice Development Initiatives” involving Corporate Intrusion such as Lloyds and Boots to cash in on the lucrative traffic.
    GP Surgeries are private enterprises contacting for payment ( and profit ) to the NHS Administrative Body.
    In short, it is now too late to turn back. And much energy will be wasted by people trying to do so. Good posting, and very relevant to the current political scene, and the cunts to watch here are not the Americans, but our friends in the “Union”

  17. The NHS like the BBC is put beyond serious criticism. We need to treat these organisations like the public services they are. My mother was a nurse and my daughter is currently doing her degree (a fucking degree) to become a nurse and struggling financially for the duration. That said some NHS staff are shite and they should not be able to hide behind the our NHS banner.

    Stop performing gender reassignments, stop cosmetic vanity surgery, some of us a re born ugly and we manage to live with it. The NHS can’t be expected to fix everything we feel we would like to change.

    • Why anyone should have to struggle financially doing a nursing degree when we are short of nurses (and all other functional NHS staff as opposed to managers) contradicts the law of supply and demand. We should charge quadruple cash (up front) for Gender Studies with Basketweaving degrees, and fund the useful professions from that. Good for your daughter, anyway!

      • Why would we invest in our own when we can import nurses from abroad who already speak the language of most of the patients?

        Crazy times we live in.

      • We must not discourage millennials from taking Micky Mouse degrees such as Meedya Studies as it least keeps them out of harms way.
        The thought of that air headed bimbo Alex Jones from the One Show entering the nursing profession fills me fear.

        Consultant to Nurse Jones : – – – – “No, nurse, I told you to prick his boil!”
        Patient – – – – Arghhhh!

  18. My wife and I have recently lived and worked in Brussels.
    When we arrived, armed with our EHIC cards we were told we needed to purchase health care insurance if we wanted routine medical treatment.
    This we did, it is run by insurance companies called ‘Mutuels’ which strangely are local community based companies.
    Payment is dependent on a sliding scale eg 50% , 70%, 100% cover of medical bills up to maximum limits, etc.
    If you don’t obtain full cover then obviously you have to make up the difference on any bills,
    An appt with an English speaking GP was typically about £30 which you would pay upfront and then claim back from your mutuel.
    My wife was suddenly taken ill one night and when we attended hospital the first thing they did, before treatment, was given was to obtain our Mutuel number and a run of our credit card.
    My wife received excellent medical care and I was left with a very good impression of their health services.
    However, in the following days our postbox was literally bursting with itemised bills for the health care received.
    They were followed very quickly with red bills threatening legal action if bills were not paid promptly.
    Suffice to say that our eyes were opened by the practices that are followed outside of the UK in the absence of an NHS.
    Whilst the Bill’s were worrying at the time, and I am not endorsing that we privatise the NHS, it made us realise how free and easy the NHS is with our money when treating foreign nationals.
    These people know that they will receive short shrift if they try it on in other EU countries so they all buy a ticket to NHS UK for their medical treatment.
    We need to do something fast to stop the massive drain on NHS services.
    In would suggest as a first measure, a mandatory private health care policy for foreign nationals, along the above lines.
    NHS health professionals object to being used as ‘fee collectors’ so the charging system could be outsourced to a specialist company who deal with fee/debt collection with staff at each reception point.

    • BTW, forgot to mention, every resident has to obtain an ID card from the local council in which you reside and the local plods are likely in most cases to make a home visit to check that you are who you say you are and you live at the address given.
      The card must also be produced as a matter of course to obtain any services, etc.
      Why don’t we have ID cards in the UK?
      Some liberal lefty decided it would be an infringement of our ‘uman rights innit!

  19. A much-needed cunting, sadly.
    I remember getting told i was a ‘fucking nasty piece of work’ and a ‘fascist’ for suggesting GP’s charge a tenner for each appointment.

    I think the people who called me that were low-ranking government employees and/or jobless. They seemed quite angry about everything the tories were doing.

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