The bastardisation of our English language!

Right, I’ve had enough of this! If English is your native tongue, then fucking speak properly! A holiday is not ‘holibobs!’ If you are going to America, then say that. Not ‘Im going America’. ‘Love you, much!’ What the actual fuck is that meant to mean! Ask, seems to have become ‘ax’! If you ever speak to me in this teenage millennial dribble, I’m going to stare at you, silently, until you realize that you are an utter, utter cunting, cunt farm!!

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58 thoughts on “The bastardisation of our English language!

  1. Texting and social media is to blame for the degradation of the language of Shakespeare.

      • He’s regarded as a cunt by cunts that promote identity politics and regard him as a dead white male, inferior to some black female cunt of a Poet from upper Benin that no one has ever heard of. Otherwise, Shakespeare was no cunt.

          • Lewis Carroll was a fucking creep, no danger RTC… The Woody Allen of his day…’But, but…. He was a genius’… So was Albert Speer, but he was still a cunt…

            Social media will do more damage to this world in the long term than both world wars and nuclear weapons… Western civilised society is burning slowly and social media is the fuel…. Zuckercunt should be charged with crimes against humanity…

          • Most intensely creative and talented people have a dark side. I know I do. Ironically it’s the price we pay for some of the highest human achievements.

          • Indeed. Ezra Pound was a fascist sympathiser who was committed to an institution after the war. And James Joyce was an obsessive wanker, literally. Geniuses and all outstanding cunts.

          • Joyce makes a joke about Shakespeare being hen-pecked (of which there is evidence) in Ulysses. Something like William would say one thing but Anne Hath her way. Also, at the heart of the book Stephen’s theory that the character of Hamlet is a resurrecting of Shakespeare’s dead son Hamnet. That the Artist is a god like creator bollocks really. But intensely interesting.

  2. This is what happens when you get UK born lefty hipster millennials who over indulge in Yank television 24/7.
    They try and emulate the Yankee doddle dandy drivel they are exposed to daily encouraged by conversing with friends who also watch and live the same shite.
    The result is a bastardised version of our lingo helped by the likes of the fat,talentless, tired little fart, cunt Cordon due to his ponsing about with our colonial cousins over the pond.

  3. People today spend 50 days a year on the internet, but read fuck all books featuring complete sentences. Fahrenheit 451 is coming to pass.

  4. Yo, bredrin. You ain’t my FAM,blood. You Bonner get well shanked up. Swear down. This is taking bear long. Is you a fed?

    • Spot on krav! Really makes my shit itch when you see these fuckin pat Boones banging on about the ghetto ( you mean a council estate)! Strange how the majority of white kids don’t refer to it as that! The feds ( police to you and I). This bullshit language with every sentence finished with innit, or ya get me bruv? Just fuck off you retarded pathetic wannabe black cunt plastic gangster sniveling little snot gobbling fuckin prickbag pussy bastards!

  5. Last week (or maybe the week before) I was going through old paperwork and had the TV on to ease the burden.
    Daytime TV, BBC, something called Doctors, nothing interesting but just enough to relive the boredom of sorting the crap accumulated over a number of years.

    My attention was suddenly caught…… one of the charcters said My Bad, for fuck sake, social media cunts and the trendy set use this fucking stupid phrase but I dont expect to hear it on a fucking BBC soap.

    I dont get it, what is wrong with ‘my mistake’ why use something that has no meaning when it is just as easy to use the correct english.

    Fucking BBC cunts!

    • Any one who uses the phrase “My bad” is a self-evident cunt and should be taken out and hanged. Cunts!

  6. Some fecker told me to “have a good one” the other day, I said ” a good what” twat didn’t know where to look , fucking trying to be all Detroit on my ass, doesn’t work in Berkshire. Constantly have to bollock my 2 girls for using Americanisms, what else pisses me off is people sticking up their middle finger some twat did it to me and I told him if ur going to insult me do it in English with the Vs up. Cunty wannabe yanks.
    Fannies to a man, cunts of the first water.

    • I’ve done exactly the same as you!!!!! My little girl is 8 and fluent in French because her mum is a frog but still talks in a stupid yank accent some times until I tell her to speak with a cockney accent or Ill send her to donegal to live with her paddy nan….. And as for swearing properly I have just started training the little fuckers to do this

      • I was told by a French girl that most English teachers in France are Americans. Can’t think why that should be. Where’s it all going to end, I aks myself.

  7. Even more irritating for my money are those cunts who talk in a rising tone even when they’re making statements of fact.

    Boil them alive in Kardashian shit. That’ll teach ’em.

    • Don’t forget the creaky californian reality tv voice that naturally has been adopted by stuck up british cunts imported from their stuck up yankee cousins. Seriously it sounds like these cunts have a collapsed lung, speak like you mean to be heard you internet-raised millennial sluts.

    • Until your savings run out anyway, or that suspicious ‘heart attack’ when suddenly your much younger girlfriends family have upgraded their bamboo shack and are driving a new Mercedes.

  8. The BBC are cunts

    Just testing, my posts are being taken down, has ISAC been infiltrated by the Beeb.

  9. In German (the heaviest influence of English) they have, I believe High German and Low German. This seems to me to be a good idea. It sorts the plebs from the classy. Poor language and poor spelling (especially that childish, American spelling), like the poor themselves, will always be with us.

  10. all of the sudden


    you should “of” stopped it/done it / whatever

    spoke proper england you cunts

    • *Calling out* Nursery school speak surely?

      *BehaviourS” when they mean *behaviouR*

      Ditto *HarmS* when they mean *HarM*

      *Movie* when they mean film

      and even – I heard this from a white twenty siomething in London a few weeks ago *Elevator* – the stupid cunt meant, of course ,

  11. The horrendous wigga-like term ‘Wifey’… If I called that Mrs N she would kill me and rightly so….

    But when one hears gutter slags like Rita Oral referring to another slapper like Delegvingne as her ‘Wifey’ you know values and decency in the western world are withering on the vine.. Which basically means we are fucked…

    • Agreed Norman,
      I just watched a 1 hour flick on the vintage TV channel starring Jack Warner and a host of others – called “Holiday Camp”. Marvelous flick. A weeks holiday at some made up Butlins type spot. The plot was a bit gash and the acting poor but it was made in 1947. Those places used to be full to the gunnels every week throughout Summer. It was a typical nostalgia trip. The most pleasant thing about it? Not a fucking dark key in sight. Just full of good English white folks. We will never see the like or experience the halcyon Nirvana of having our England back again. Glad I am nearer the exit than the entry door. I wonder if our kin ever imagined, for all they sacrificed, that English people would ever regard themselves as strangers in their own land and forced to accept every “culture” thrust upon them without the ability to celebrate their own?

      • If you think wifey is bad how do you feel about bae or boo African American thing that has caught on with cunts

  12. As a cunt with 50% of my degree in Linguistics & Phonetics, I really wish I’d stayed abroad. At least I wasn’t really aware of how people were fucking up the French language (not that I give a toss), or German (because I was a total beginner).

    But get back here… JC, I despise the word “Whatever.” Particularly when some fuckwit cunt says “Yeah, whatever” in reply to something you’ve just said, and they are just too pigshit thick to come up with ANY other sensible reply.

  13. “Bigging yourself up.”
    Every cunt uses this ridiculous pidgin English expression including the media, politicians (well Gove anyway) and even on here i’m afraid to say.
    In fact i’m the only cunt I know who doesn’t use it.
    That’s because i’m not a Los Angeles gang member, i’ve never been in a “drive by” and i’ve never pimped any “ho’s” or “bitches.” I’m not even an aspiring architect or talented rapper.
    People need to stop making cunts of themselves really. But then who would we have to laugh at?

  14. The latest I heard on a train the other day was “uplift”.

    Please make sure you ‘uplift’ your tickets and personal possessions with you.

    What a fucking cunt.

    • Just uplift them? I always ‘take’ my possessions with me, not just lift the fuckers up.

      • And how did the items get on the seat in the first place? I presume they were down-lifted rather than put.

  15. I recall my dear old Dad turning to me and asking if the person to whom he was was speaking was talking fuckwit or jafaican. Oh how I laughed.

  16. Nevermind Americanisms or the bastardisation of the British language, its more the bastardization of the British peoples and culture stop crying over the pettiness of the one issue without looking at the whole thing and the root cause of it

    • The big picture is what matters. I fully concur with your comment we have to convince the man in the street to wake up to what is going on.

      • It’s not the “British language”, it’s English. Britain is three countries. You don’t say “The Scandinavian language” do you?

        Note to Yanks: There is no “British accent” you heathens.

    • Use the obnoxious cunt as Shark bait: tow the talentless cunt behind a boat. See how his showbiz persona and special human status goes down with a bunch of Oceanic Whitetips, Tiger sharks or a fucking enormous Great White. One could use Gary Glitter as chum to get the feeding frenzy started.

  17. Wish I was hatched between the 2 great wars when it was a good thing to be a patriot and we were still capable of fighting well above our weight, I am an ill spoken council house cunt but I do love proper talk, my favourite exponent was the old queen Brian Sewell could listen to him for hours, every word crystal clear, beautiful.( not him obviously) cos that would make me a sausage and mash merchant.

    • Brian Sewell made Her Maj sound like some old slag down Brixton Market.

  18. Tory leadership contest: Javid says ‘No, no, no’ to second referendum,

    That’s just the no’s then Javid.

    A long way to go to get close to Theresa May all time lying record which currently stands a well over 100 times she said (“and let me be clear”) we would be leaving the European Union on 29th March.

    Don’t trust any of the dodgy fuckers to do as they say they will.

  19. Dear MB, For good or bad English is no longer “our” language but has become global, with versions such as Spanglish and Chinglish. Information Technology uses English as a convenient distribution channel rather than as a language with grammatical rules and spelling that should be respected. Translation softwares have taken things further and institutionalized mistakes that are now accepted as “proper” English.

    I have lived in non-English speaking countries and seen this change at first hand over recent decades. The traditional English I learned and studied at school is separate from this globally accepted version.

    • Sadly all too true true.

      When I lived abroad (2005 – 2105) I was often asked why I didn’t teach English.

      Quite simpl, because I would only teach what I recognise to be realistic English. I doubt if any “innernashnul” language skools would’ve employed me. The current language makes me feel like a foreigner in GB (I live in Cardiff, therefore not England, though am not Welsh); would sooner go abroad and massacre some other language… You actually get people falling all over you if you make an effort with some languages, although the French cons just laugh. Bastards. I’d still give Marine Le Pen a good once-over.

  20. I relish watching post match/round/bout victors being interviewed because they always “did good” didn’t they…

    All I can say is that’ll learn them!

  21. how come no-body has mentioned the word ‘ass’?
    an ass is a fuckin donkey, JC road on one!. its ARSE, i say again, its arse!
    same as its, tights, not effin pantie hose, Now i dont mind any Yanks on here
    using these words ‘cos they are theirs, not OURS,I recently saw, for the first time, Mom, written by and Anglo. God preserve us!

  22. I was on the early evening train home the other day when a young lady boarded at East Croydon. I endured the next 20 minutes listening to her, a real life Vicky Pollard, on her mobile phone. When she finally alighted I was amused to see her still jabbering along the platform.

  23. Coffee shops
    Me – black coffee please
    Retard “ barista “ ( server) – Americano?
    Me – a black coffee
    Mongo – an Americano ?
    Me – look we can do this all day , can you make me a strong black coffee ……………… but it’s a

  24. I genuinely had meeting a couple of weeks ago with a millennial and upon discussing making contact with a potential new account he responded ‘yes I’ve reached out to Mr Cunt last month so maybe it’s time I reached out again’

    Only one tiny bit of that is made up, I’ll leave you to decide which but, suffice to say McCuntface needed a piss.

  25. There was a daft and horrible bitch I used to work with… She used to call people she wanted to suck up to ‘Boo’… This slag also used to say ‘Truthiness’ (she was a Stephen Colbert fan… Say no more) and she referred to the All England Tennis Championship as ‘Wimby’… Needless to say I still view her as one of the biggest cunts of all time…

  26. The thing that I find most irksome is misuse of the present participle particularly by tv presenters like that cunt Packham , and by 99% of left wing politically correct so-called comedians that are loved by the BBC.
    The worst example is “I was SAT down”
    Yet the very same cunt wouldn’t say ,”I was shat”,they would quite correctly say ,I was “shitting”. Why is this shit tolerated?
    Well I don’t know, I were stood on’t platform ant train went passed.
    Fook off ya coont!

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