Roadside Science

Roadside Science

What the fuck is this I hear you ask? I’ve no fucking idea.

It’s a programme on 5live and although I’ve never listened I keep seeing the cunts photo on the webpage. Each time I see their puny cuntish faces I become even more angry that some cunt hasn’t yet pounded their weedy smug snowflake corpses into a fucking hole later to be dug up and wondered over by future generations as an example of de-evolved homosapiens become feeble by an upbringing exclusively involving watching cartoons, playing sonic and fiddling with their micro-genitals to CGI avatars. Cunts!

Nominated by MandroidZ

26 thoughts on “Roadside Science

  1. We gave Prince George a crocodile. He should make use of him, though with all the cunts that need chomping I fear he may become too fat too move.

  2. That’s the BBC for you… Where the normal is abnormal
    and the weirdo and deviant is king…

  3. Can’t see much point in them being naked if it’s on the radio. I,of course,am sat naked in an antique green leather armchair in my library while posting this….I’m watching the racing on the telly and Japanese porn on the laptop wondering who’ll come first…the horse,Miss Yamamoto or me…I could live stream it if anyone wants to watch?

    The usual suspects need not apply.

      • Thanks, Dick. For a second there I thought you were going soft without your usual “fuck off” sign off šŸ™‚

        • “going soft”?…no fear of that with the amount of viagra and whiskey that I’ve tipped down my neck.

    • I am concerned DF. ‘Real’ men cannot multi-task according to wimmin. Yet you are typing, watching and possibly w**k**g at the same time? I hope the Gayness hasnt gotten a grip on you up there and you are secretly turning into a femiman.

      • Job analysis has shown that the much vaunted multi tasking is actually each of several jobs getting short periods of full attention in succession. Which leads to none of them being done well.

  4. Do I want to watch Dick playing with his dick? No thanks.

    Did I hear Franco Zeferreli had gone to the great film set in the sky?
    Iā€™m claiming a dead pool win. šŸ’€

      • The BBC report of Zeffirelli’s passing is typically clueless millennial shite… There’s no mention whatsoever of Jesus of Nazareth… Oh, IF forgot, Old JC is banned these days, in case he ‘offends’ the BBC’s pet camelfuckers…

  5. it kind of reminds me of BBC Radio 4s “Radio Active” from way back in the late 80s, with cunts like Angus Deyton and Helen Atkinson-Wood.

    It was pretty funny/radical for its time, as I recall. Have never bothered with this modern-day PC shit though.

  6. Another cunt stabbed in Londonistan this afternoon. Must be the weather.
    Or Brexit.

    • Another potential Jay Zed (like one isn’t bad enough) or an aspiring architect?… No doubt the cozzers, brexit or ‘soci-otee lettin’ dem down’ will be to blame and Saddam Suckdick will say ‘Diversity is our strength’…
      London is dead… The Big Smoke is sadly fucked…

      • These feral Mills & Boons and Suckdick Khan will do more damage to the capital than the Blitz, the IRA, and Jack The Ripper combined…

    • …Don’t forget the evil tories, and having been given ‘permission by the right’

      Seriously a gang of black teens beat up a gay couple and it’s the fault of the right? We’re the one’s who wanted to keep them out!

    • in a multicultural fuck-up of a city with 8 million people, I really couldn’t give a fuck any more.

  7. A blue light emergency cunting for either London, the Met or the plastic mayor running the shit show, you decide.
    In the space of 24 hours, 1 day, or 1/3 of a decent drinking session 3 people have been moidered in the capital.
    We can only assume race / colour / creed from the method of killing.
    Is it not time to round up said aspiring rappers/ footbalists/ architects and ship them off to an island or Ireland and let them loose on each other ??

    • Throw em all in a ball pit full of blades. That’ll teach the cunts.

  8. That Dr Kat Arney has a fair pair of filthy pillows on her, so I say go for it, girl.

  9. there is an interesting town in Croatia where nudity is accepted. lots of naked Germans walking round.
    etiquette dictates that should you got to a bar you place a knapkin on the seat and not your bare arse.
    occasionally you get the odd tourist who strands up after their pint with a knapkin securely held between their arse cheeks.

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