Lioness indifference

Fans who aren’t getting behind the England Lionesses are Cunts,aren’t they ?

The England Ladies football team are currently bringing back some pride to English footy. I’ve just watched them put the Argies to the sword through a mixture of skill and following a game-plan devised by the Master- Tactition himself,Big Phil (Scolari) Neville. Such a pleasure to see a game free from the histrionics so common in the men’s game.

I can’t understand why we aren’t getting more coverage of our national game being played at the highest level. It’s just what this Country needs to bring us all together in these troubled times. Sadly. I expect that a lot of so called “footy-fans” will wait until The Lionesses get to the final before decking out their council-houses and white Transit vans with flags….for shame.

I’m also afraid that I can detect a distinct waft of misogyny when I hear some of the comments made about this World Cup. It’s a pity that these football “fans” have proven the stereotype of the cave-man,knuckle-dragging yob to be accurate. I,for one,will be proudly wearing my ” Horton” footy-shirt to the pub tomorrow. I expect there’ll be plenty more enlightened fans there with whom I discuss the Big Game. I’m already preparing my patter…..” I’d play a false number 9 and let the sweeper take up the slack” or ” that number five has no left foot”… I really can’t wait to be part of the footy-crowd.

Fuck Off.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

80 thoughts on “Lioness indifference

  1. Fiddler you scoundrel, I started reading the nom and thought ‘Who the fuck is this? Some ‘drive by’ cunter I’ll bet”. If they win this bloody thing al-Beeb will be wanking themselves stupid and comparing them with the lads of ’66,.

  2. Tits Coming Home…
    Except the ‘Lionesses’ don’t got none…
    They’ve got a cunt for a manager though…

  3. Fucking awful against the Dagos, but we can’t a scrappy win.

    What is desperately needed is short pleated skirts, white cotton knickers and no bras – that might make things remotely interesting, along with some groin/tit rubbing when England score a goal and the wiimminz go for a celebratory hug!

    Other than that it ain’t worth a wank!

  4. Oh, and I just wonder how many of these fans who wave the “England” flag etc. are actually cunts that voted “remain” in the referendum?

    Seems they want to support England and yet want to be suckled by the enormous tit that is the EU

  5. A showbiz XI featuring Hayley Atwell, Christina Hendricks, Keeley Hawes, Gemma Arterton, Susannah Reid, Gilian Anderson, Rachel Riley would certainly get me tuning in…

    Until that happens the BBC and the ‘Lionesses’ can fuck right off…

  6. Conditions didn’t appear too warm or humid during the game but Neville was apparently very keen to get some fluid into a couple of the girls after the match….

  7. Women have smaller balls. Smaller footballs. Would it make it marginally more interesting if they played on smaller pitches? When I see a player ‘spreading it our wide’ it takes the other player ages to get to the ball. And they’re so knackered (poor things) when the game is finished. Smaller pitches is the answer.

  8. It’s just obsessional and absurd… The BBC putting some Brazilian bint on the same footing as Pele and the fat Ronaldo… Then some Dutch tart does (according to the Ali Baba Beeb) a bit of ‘outrageous skill’ and she’s compared to Cruyff… I’ve no doubt these PC fanatics will be comparing these ‘Lionesses’ to Bobbys Moore and Charlton, Sir Geoff, Nobby and Gordon Banks before this crappy joke of a tournament is over… The BBC is run by left wing lunatics and complete cunts…

  9. Watched this shit for 10 minutes just so I was qualified to pass comment. It didn’t disappoint. Even the top knots can’t rival the men’s. This is the only competition that I’ve turned down a free £5 bet from the bookies. I just thought “what the fuck is the point?”

    • And for anyone who doesn’t like football, you’ve nothing to fear. It doesn’t resemble it in the least. Tune in – you might enjoy it but football it certainly isn’t. It used to be who’s the Wally with the umbrella now it’s “who’s the Wally in the waistcoat? Phil Neville of course.

  10. I think it can be agreed that Raheem Sterling is a bigger cunt than all the ‘Lionesses’ put together… I wonder what Diego Maradona thinks of wimmins football… I dare say the little chap is far from complimentary about the subject…

  11. PC point. Probably made before but the word ‘actress’ became taboo years ago. Both male and female became ‘actors’ only. But now we can have ‘The Lionesses’.

    Do Man Utd have a women’s team? ‘The Red She-Devils’ I suppose.

    Fuck me if the fuckers win it. An open top bus down the Mall. The PM…66 all over again…oh let me sleep…

    • Every game is described as ‘thrilling’.

      When I watch a player ‘go passed’ an opponent I think ‘well she’s shit anyway and cannot tackle’ then I think ‘and the player with the ball is shit because she’s just gone passed her and made it look hard work’.

  12. Balls. Wimmin aren’t meant to play with them. It’s a man’s job.
    They’re taking over the world, men beware.

  13. Cant be any worse than the posturing cunts playing the ‘men’s’ game.

  14. I just watched the dutch women play some umbongo team, one of the umbongo women tried to take an opponents head off with a flying kick….
    Should have been a red card but only a yellow, the dutch girls team mates didnt even give the umbongo a well deserved slap or target her with a few cruching tackes …… fucking hopeless.

    Being a patriot I will watch England even if it is torture at times, after the game last night Phil Neville praised the Argentine goalkeeper, who to be fair did actually play well and looked like a real goalkeeper (‘she’ must have a cock and balls in her shorts)

    Wimminz football…… they really do try very hard, bless them.

  15. A really good and timely post by Dick. I liked the team very much, and generally, women’s football is much better than the men’s game. The Americans the other night were awesome,. Perhaps they could coach the men, Might improve things a bit .

  16. Did you see the game with the Chinese team?
    The crowd were really up for it chanting : –

    Hoo are wee?
    Hoo are wee?
    Hoo are way?

  17. Shame on you Fiddler, leading cunters down the slippery road of women’s sports, next it will be period poverty.

    Old Mr Fiddler the pied piper of ISAC

  18. There’s no power. No pace. No strength. No ball skills. No tackling. No shots outside the box. Lots of sideways passing.
    The one thing it is is unbearable.

  19. I’m sorry but anyone who uses the word “lionesses” is a total cunt, should be made to wear an apron, high heels and a Phil Neville mask. You fucking poofs.

    Then I found out that the Aussie bitches are known as “The Matildas”. Oh for fucks sake!!!!!
    Just fuck off and die BBC you fucking arseholes.

    • Did you know Freddie, that the French team are known as the “Frogs” – a blatant case of cultural misappropriation if I ever saw it.

    • I want a Phil Neville mask. Complete with lipstick and eye shadow obviously.

  20. Enough of this football shite….anyone got any thoughts about Corbyn refusing to admit that the Iranians are blowing up oil-tankers?…. I wonder who else he thinks that it could be?

    🙂 .

    • Evening Mr Fiddler, knowing Compo it was a CIA/Israeli financed operation to push up oil prices and destabilize the Iranian regime.

      • You could be on to something there,LL. After their success with 9/11, I wouldn’t be surprised…..greedy buggers trying to drive up the price of my diesel indeed.

        • you’ve Got a bloody cheek Fiddler, hijacking your own nom! Is this some sort of piss take? You’ve gone down in my estimations!

        • You can be sure the wicked Tories were in on it too… The International Axis of Evil: UK, US, Israel.

    • Good God Fiddler, you must be the first ISaC to hijack their own nom! Get a grip man, you’re causing havoc!

    • Seriously, though, we had cast-iron proof that the Iraqis had WMD’s, didn’t we? And how convenient that someone was filmed in flagrante removing a – to all intents and purposes live – mine from a tanker. Convenient, and extremely brave, but just a little dodgy. Removing it? Why? Would Iran have used a mine which could have been identified as theirs, in the first place? Surely not.

      Corbyn’s right to doubt anything along these lines. Particularly when Bolton’s involved. The PNAC crew have demonstrable form on this, and they can outmanoeuvre Trump blindfold.

      Not saying it’s not Iran. But no independent reason to believe it is.

  21. I remember when my licence fee paid for real sport, instead of these Mickey Mouse space-fillers like archery and the box ticking shite that is the Munter’s World Cup…

  22. More BBC dogshit…. the top scorer -of any gender – in the world?… I am sure the likes of Greaves, Law, Muller, Dalglish, Charlton, Kempes, Van Basten etc won’t let it trouble them too much… There is a difference between scoring at the very highest level against the world’s greatest players and scoring in meaningless wimmins football against crap opposition…

    And the frightening this is that is technically a woman…. Absolutely terrifying…

    • Jesus, that article is fucking unbelievable! Do the BBC really expect us to take this shit seriously? So the top 9 international goalscorers are all splitarses?
      Wow! Well that’s it. I’ll never watch that two bob men’s football ever again.

      • I’ll never see King Denis in the same light again after such wonderful insight from the BBC…

        • Well I scored a few on the rec across the way when I was a kid. There were a few 24-0 games. I think I’ll put myself forward for the greatest goal scorer of all time.

          • Oh yeah…….well I think if you add up all the goals I scored in the playground at break and lunch I am the worlds top goal scorer.
            I’m just working out my assist stats right now.

  23. Couldn’t agree more Mr Fiddler.The general lack of media interest in this magnificent tournament is a disgrace.Why is it only the Beeb that’s showing live games?ITV should also be broadcasting every game at the same time as the BBC,and preferably Sky as well.Why aren’t Football legends such as Sir Bobby Charlton,Sir Geoff Hurst,Franz Beckenbauer and Pele being used as pundits ? Instead some useless ex goal hanger cunt called Dion Dublin has been pontificating on literally every single match.It’s simply unacceptable.
    . It really is time that the Women’s game be accorded the respect it deserves.I hope that in the next few years several top women teams will be admitted to the English Men’s League system and given the opportunity to work their way up through the divisions until one of them gains promotion to the Premiership,with the ultimate goal being that every team both at club and international level will be composed of the best players from both sexes

    • It’s either start the Ladies out at amateur level in the English league, or put them straight into the Scottish Premier League…pretty much the same standard.

      • My five year old kept beating me at snap and I started looking around for something I could succeed at.
        So I signed for Celtic and won the treble!

      • You’re a mischief maker Mr F. Methinks you know more about football than you make out! I’m looking forward to your views about womens’ rugby!

        • Women’s rugby BSC? There’s no place at a proper rugby club for ugly Munters.

          # ARealMansGame.

    • “Why aren’t Football legends such as Sir Bobby Charlton,Sir Geoff Hurst,Franz Beckenbauer and Pele being used as pundits ?”

      Easy. Because they are symptomatic of the patriarchal hegemony that has denied wimminz their rightful place in what ought to be a diverse and inclusive community of high-earning entitled cunts (except white males). They don’t have squeaky voices, lisps and a propensity to natter with the girls in the commentary box, on-air, and over a bottle of prosecco, about clothes and makeup.

  24. As a woman, I can categorically state that I couldn’t give two shits or a flying fuck about the Women’s World Cup.

    I suspect by the looks of them that most of them are lezzers anyway, so it is basically like watching a bunch of very feminine blokes pissing around with a ball, and seeing that I barely give a fuck about men’s football, I give less about ‘Fanny Football.’

    The only football I ever watch is the World Cup, but only because I get swept along and hooked in to all of the ‘It’s coming home’, patriotic bullshite (which it never is of course……’coming home’ that is) After that is done and dusted, it is back to not giving a fuck.

    Good luck to them and all that, but I honestly don’t give a toss.

  25. Never fear; it will be the transgender World Cup next; followed by the Gender-Neutral-No-Tits-or-Balls World Cup later on ….. eventually we’ll go through the whole fucking tick-boxing “inclusion” list to the point where every man/woman/thing will be represented…. and not just at football either!

    What an utter shitfest to look forward too

  26. Bet these old birds wish they could piss standing up, why do they want to do everything blokes do, I predict the future will be rife with companies trying to come up with the first stickadictoome operation.

  27. Well if you like women’s football hold on to your hats because its Soccer Aid tomorrow. Yes sit back and admire the skills of ex Love Island ‘celebrities’ killing time before they kill themselves. Usain Bolt trying to convince the world he’s good at other things other than running. Ex premier league players one burger away from a stroke. And yes, its mixed genders this year. If a female scores the BBC will certainly wank itself to death.

  28. Believe it or not there is a “Homeless World Cup”. It is in Cardiff beginning on July 27th.
    I do hope the BBC are not going to pass up this opportunity for virtue signalling and filling up their schedule with cheap trash.

    • Do the fuckers knock on people’s doors afterwards for a bed for the night?

      • Whoever wins ‘The Homeless World Cup’ can’t really sing, with any conviction- ‘It’s coming home, it’s coming home’. They have no home to put it in.

        • I suppose the captain of the winning team would have in pride of place though; next to his sleeping bag, in the Santander doorway.

          His little Jack Russell standing guard over it

    • The last Homeless World Cup didn’t go too well. The subs fell asleep on the bench and when they woke up at half time they started shouting …………

      “Give us yers change you fecking coonts, yer tight fecking baaarstards!”

      • What about the celebratory shower after a win. They won’t know what to.

        They’re coming from all over the world! Which begs the question if they are homeless his can they afford to get here?

        I bet when thy the Pakistani ‘Homeless’ team get here they will be greeted by the authorities with the offer of semi detached for each if them.

        • The managers must have a terrible time when comes to organising practice; searching doorways, parks…

          • In the domestic lower league I wonder what the nicknames of these teams are? ‘The Smackheads’ against the ‘The Park Alkies’? That would be an exciting fixture. Falling about all over the place.

  29. Two blokes are fishing at a river on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of nowhere, miles from any TV, radio or wi-fi.

    Suddenly one bloke jumps up and shouts, “Fucking bollocks, fucking Spurs have just got beat again.”

    His mate asks “How do you know that?”

    He says “It’s ten to five….

    • Those were the days. All games for the week started at 2 pm saturday and all over by 4:50. Leage ladder posted and could get on with the rest of the weekend. Now it’s Thursday to Monday nights one end of the country to another

  30. No doubt, coming to a TV near you very soon, there will be the ‘Non-binary World Cup’…..

    ……they won’t even make it onto the pitch as they will spend 90 minutes debating if shorts and football boots are REALLY gender neutral or not.

    Do forgive me for jesting……no, actually, fuck that. This will happen in the near future, trust me.


  31. Sorry Dick, I do not often disagree with you, but on this occasion you are talking from your arse. Women’s football is even less entertaining than the men’s game, and THAT is so dire I often feel like committing suicide after only watching 10 minutes. There are a whole lot of other, lesser, sports that are way better than a nil-nil draw after 90 minutes earning the accolade of ‘a very good game’. Bollocks! Now playing it – ok. But seriously, watching this heap of shit is ridiculous.

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