Jeremy Corbyn (19)


Corbyn, again. This time for expressing concern about Michael Gove’s past.
This, from someone who’s spent his entire political life supporting terrorists, extremists and enemies of freedom. Fuck off Jezbollah.

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  1. Steptoe’s got the look of someone who’s just shit himself and then remembered he forgot to order more toilet paper.

    • He seems to be developing Jimmy Savile eyes – now then, now then, how’s about that then.

    • I bet that’s the face he pulled when Flabbott first pulled down her massive tarpaulin pants and flashed her bush at him……

    • The Tories must be sending him hampers full of multi-vitamins & health foods. They must be desperate to go to any measures to ensure that he remains Labour leader.
      Corbyn is such piss poor opposition that the Tories cannot believe their luck – even a cardboard cut-out would make a more effective political opponent.

  2. You can’t expect the poster boy of the left to show actual self-awareness, it’s contrary to their whole raison d’être!

    • Cant point the finger at any one for drug use! 99% sure it was him in 89 at treworgy tree festival had a ‘bad trip’ naked, facepainted, playing bongos, i calmed him down with some some kind words and demijohn of scrumpy! Looks like the fella, dead spit! But that fella had a mate in a gorilla costume with him, could of been flabbot? Dunno i was tripping too, man.

  3. Everyone’s got a past. Gove might have had a rolled up tenner up and chunks of Charlie up his nose but atleast it’s never been near Flabbot’s greasy chute and shit pipe.

    Both Corbyn and Gove shouldn’t be in charge of a fucking children’s party, let alone a political one. Change is needed in this country and these two shit-weasels are prime example as to why.

    • Gove’s a wrong’un alright, and he looks alarmingly like Chris Evans, for which he deserves to be allutterly cunted.

      • Talking of wrong ‘uns that stinking little arsewipe Dominic Grieve has spat out his dummy again about a No Deal Brexit. He is behind Steptoe’s motion today. You can imagine Grieve enjoying other people’s motions with his shit eating smirk. As ever Wireless 4 has picked up his remarks, said in his usual old woman, pissed soaked knickers voice. What an absolute cunt that little shit is.

  4. Useful idiot. Propped up my the champagne Marxists of Momentum.
    Lover of all things anti British and American, friend of terrorists who has never grown up. Inclined towards China and Russia of course but hasn’t had the memo about Russia now being a gangster rather than communist state. Sees no wrong in Venezuela or Cuban failed socialism. His/Momentum’s labour party now represents Metropolitan trendy, mostly southern, half wits and has no connection to the usual Labour electorate. A reaction to that cunt Blair and his ilk I suppose.
    The Cunt.

    • Don’t forget the brainwashed “student” wankers and regiments of cuncil/NHS types making up the Momentum Brownshirts, nor their allied mosque-whipped Postal Vote Handshar SS Divisons, who, should Fuhrer Corbyn and Reichsmarshall McDonnell get in, will make the Momentum mob look tame, just as the Mufti’s Handshar Bosnian Mountain SS Divisions made the German SS look tame.

  5. Can’t be long now before we hear Wolfie Corbyn crying “POWER TO THE PEOPLE’S VOTE!”

    Bet his mother-in-law calls him Foxy.

        • You jumped in to that one too easily RTC! I think you’ve been weakened in recent days from your battles with Komodo!
          Good evening.

          • Evening Bsc.

            Jumped into that one too easily? I don’t get you. Maybe I’m punch drunk or summat.

          • Well, the Sheikh’s comment was a funny in itself i.e Weasely = Catweazle. Your response would require him to be 90 years old and a fuckin old cunt like myself who remembered Wolfie Smith. Power to the people I say!

          • How fucking old do you think I am Bsc? If Sheikh Anvakh is 50+ he surely would remember Wolfie Smith. Then again, maybe he’s a millennial, or was brought up in a middle eastern shithole, I don’t know.

            Got to go and cook the wife’s dinner now.

          • Citizen Smith was shown in the late 70’s so anyone who could have appreciated it at the time must be no younger than 50. Apologies, you might be right depending on how old the Sheikh is. I can’t remember the year I actually joined the Tooting Popular Front. All I know is Catweazle was my Commander at the time.

    • Or as Maggie used to say ‘they don’t really mean Power to the People, what they really mean and want is Power over the People.’

  6. I think that he should be put out to grass in the House of Decrepitude. Lord Corbyn of Cunt. The cunt.

  7. Gove doesn’t need to imbibe anything to transform him into an oddball wingnut. Corbyn is just a junkyard merchant who’d crawl through excrement and inject spice into his scrotum to gain your vote.

    Fucking whores the pair of them. They disgust me..

  8. I think we should bring back democracy to this country. And have another vote. A peoples vote. Because we did not like the result of the last one. Staggered that people can say that without a straight face. Thick cunts, unlike Leavers.

    Corbyn, a sad loony hypocritical lying left wing cunt.

    Personally I would like to Esther McVey in the PM hot seat. Because compared to the others she appears to be vaguely normal. And hot, especially with short hair. And has got nice tits. In any case would prefer to look at her than any of the other pig ugly fuckers.

  9. As well as being a total (and fortunately unelectable) cunt he’s also intensely boring. A few years ago he was the guest speaker at a conference I attended. Now I normally get quite excited about seeing people off the telly, but despite being about ten feet away from him I kept drifting off and forgetting he was there. I bet the cunt still reeks of Abbott’s filth as well.

    • There are still pockets around this country, who would vote for the Turd or the Ass that wore “The Green”. THEY are the enemy !

  10. Cunt snubbed Her Maj and didn’t turn up for her party with the Trumpmaster. I bet the commie bastard didn’t even send a polite note explaining that he had a bad back from fucking the Flabbot.
    That’s just fucking rude. Hang the cunt now!

    • He was too frit to attend… way out of his comfort zone, poor lamb. Same applies to being interviewed.

      • What made me laugh about that was that Worzel then had the gall to say that he’d asked The Don for a meeting! What an execrable cunt the man is.

        • The Donald probably thought he wouldn’t be welcome as he didn’t have an AK47 and wear a balaclava.

  11. I’d like to cunt him but he is such a massive cunt I cannot do him justice.

  12. A true Socialist but from an age that passed by nearly a century ago. And as for his political support of those who choose the gun, a morality that is questionable.
    Is Corbyn a cunt ? Yes, but just like all the others.


    Labour has tabled a cross-party motion to try and stop a no-deal Brexit by taking control of Parliamentary business later this month. The party plans to force a vote on Wednesday, which would give MPs control of the timetable on 25 June.

    Labour says if the motion passes, MPs will be able to introduce legislation to avoid a no-deal scenario at the end of October.

    Some Tory leadership hopefuls have said they would leave the EU without a deal.

    How I hate our fucking politicians. After continual fuck ups, lies, delays, smoke and mirrors we are no further forward now than we were when the result of the referendum was announced three years ago. And Gove has suggested ANOTHER extension of TWO YEARS. TWAT.

    Both Labour and Conservatives said vote for us, leaving the EU means No single market, No customs Union and both heavily backed article 50 being invoked.

    Just get us the fuck out ASAP, as you both said you would. Either with a satisfactory deal, or if the EU continue to act as cunts and refuse to budge an inch WE LEAVE WITHOUT ONE, taking OUR £39b with us.

    As Nigel Farage has said the current system is simply not fit for purpose.

    • You can just picture Dame Keir, Hilary-Nancy Benn, Hove Iron Peter Kyle and fellow iron Nick Boles on that day strutting about looking like they have just shit their trousers, with a berk called Bercow wiping their rancid arses for them.

      Time the Conservatives wrapped all this crap up with Gove and co and found a real disciplinarian leader who would frighten the little fuckers into voting the way the country wants

      • Every one if the ten candidates voted for Mays/Barliers deal at the 3rd time of asking.

  14. Well at least he’s held out under immense pressure to my mind a principled position. What he has said regardless of Thonberry and the rest is that if there was a second vote Remain would NOT BE on the ballot paper. That is his position which is a damn sight more respecting of the vote than the Greens, Lib Dems, Scots Nats, Change UK, more than half his own party, many conservative MPs.

    • What would be the choice on our ‘Man of Principle’s’ ballot paper?

      He’s ruled out No Deal WTO.
      He’s ruled out Remain (according to you), though Labour haven’t ruled it out.

      That just leaves Barnier’s Vassal State Treaty and…
      … what?

      I think we should be told.

      • I am sure the cunt dodged the question of a remain on the ballot citing it was the decision of the party members and not his alone? He does a great line in totally avoiding the question – as half the SS did – we were only following orders. The mans a 22 carat cunt but then so is every other cunt in parliament right now – its a question of cuntage scale. We should call it “the Fiddler scale” 😉

  15. Has Compo just committed a culturally racist faux pas by pulling off Flabbotts weave when noshing him off in what looks like the Houses of Parliament disabled toilet cubicle.

  16. As Peterborough showed he could accidentally get elected due to a split Brexit/Tory vote. Snowflakes and the Beeb/Sly news dancing in the streets as we become Europes Venezuela with all poverty wiped out for good.
    Utter anti British cunt.

  17. I remember as a student at the former Polytechnic of North London, in the early 80’s, the Socialist ‘Workers’ Student Society (eternal students, doing fuck all work, but still claiming an annual grant), invited the twat to give a talk. He was wearing that brown corduroy jacket and spouted the same bollocks as he does now. The only difference is that he was a dark-haired cunt instead of a grey-haired one. We enjoyed barracking him though.

    • I was there and afterwards in the Lord Nelson on Holloway Road where the ja jar was passed around for contributions for the boys back home….
      He was, is and will always forevermore be an uber cunt

  18. That would be the same look on his stupid face if labour wins the next election, and he realises that he actually has to try and make his ridiculous policies work. It’s so easy, being in opposition, all you have to do is slag off whoever is in power, and make up any old shit as it will never be put to use. Also, the cunt cares more about what goes on in Palestine, rather than Portsmouth or Pontypridd, so why the fuck should anyone in Britain vote for him?

  19. Corbyns an absolute gift!!
    Here’s a cunt who has voted against every EU resolution!! But now doesn’t know which way to go…..
    Here’s a cunt that preaches inclusion but has an anti Semitic problem in the Labour Party which he has completely failed to address ……
    Here’s a cunt who can’t control his own front bench, from fat arse thornberry to little Tom he’s been given the runaround!!
    Here’s a cunt who should be 25/30 points up on the beleaguered conservatives but isn’t!!
    Heres a cunt who just got hammered in the EU elections but still doesn’t get it?
    Corbyn is a middle aged left wing protest university student who should never have got anywhere near being
    Leader of the opposition!!!
    A bad joke! Which to be honest was never funny…..
    To all the protest voters who gave this imbecile a platform shame on you!!

  20. Give Steptoe a few tattoos. a ring through his nose and he could easily pass as a dealer at Glastonbury , the cunt.
    A more honourable profession than his current one it has to be said.

  21. In that photo has somebody just told Jezza that The Flabbot is pregnant?

    “It wasn’t me!!!!! I want a second vote!!!”

    • Then there is ‘Who Should Get to Stay in the UK?’ on BBC2 on Thursday. Well every cunt of course and if by some miracle you are deported, just try again or pretend you are 15 year old man-child.

  22. Do you think diane abbot is the type of woman to fart then quickly apologize or do you think she farts but then doesn’t say anything also which is worse? I wonder if Jeremy is into that

  23. DID he express concern about Gove’s past? Not on the R4 interview I heard. He said he really wasn’t bothered and it didn’t concern him.

    And no, he has not spent his “entire political life supporting terrorists, extremists and enemies of freedom.” Hysterical or malicious exaggeration, as usual. Not surprisingly, from a vocal supporter of Israel. Take a look at some of the shits the FCO fawns over on our behalf, and tell us that again.

    Now if you’d cunted him for being a clueless old Bennite, washed up on the barren beach of history, and briefly washed off again by a populist reaction to the sterility and unfairness of modern politics, who hasn’t a clue what to do next, who hasn’t the balls to discard the besuited and be-side – jobbed globalist Blairites who continue to float in the toilet bowl of history, whose rhetoric at public events would disgrace a Summer of Love anarcho-syndicalist at Hyde Park Corner,…all that he is as a politician…I’d endorse the cunting.

    But you didn’t. Too complicated and doesn’t fit the Authorised Version in this little echo chamber, no?

  24. I am also unbothered by Gove’s druggie adventures. My guess is that whether they admit it or not, a majority of politicians have at one time or another experimented with substance abuse, as have most of the journalists expressing outrage.

    But what does concern me about the cunt is his close connection with Murdoch. In 2016, Gove returned to working for the Times, for £150K annually, and the Times has not exactly been at the head of the queue to condemn him. He looks very much like the Murdoch candidate, indeed.


  25. A big lover of all things IRA Hates the Country. Hates our Armed Forces,Hates the Royals,Hates our Allies Hates Jews but ,Loves the terrorists “the so called freedom fighters” Loves the Chinese and their allies doesn’t snub them when they get the red carpet treatment Oh no you are a fucking disgrace to our Country

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