Boris Derangement Syndrome

Boris is the new Trump  As if we needed one. Boris seems to be getting the same media ridicule as Trump. Easy target I suppose. Like Trump, he is a cunt. And full of shit. But he seems to infuriate the lefty, liberal right-on cunts who also hate Trump and were up Rory Stewart’s arse. All of which puts him up in my estimation. And given that the alternative is ‘great negotiating skills’ Hunt, who fucked up the doctor’s negotiations and imposed an unworkable system on the NHS, perhaps Boris is the man. Who knows, he might sort things out?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble


Emergency cunting for Boris Johnsons neighbour.  Boris and his girlfriend had a row at their place like couples do. Turns out one of his neighbours called the police on him, recorded what they could through the wall, and took the ‘evidence’ to the guardian. Now call me cynical but what are the odds of this neighbour cunt being a labour-supporting remoaner? I bet this busybody sadcunt has been keeping their ear to the wall for months and years hoping to get some dirt on Boris and help revoke article 50. We’ve all had to put up with nosy no-life cunts with nothing better to do but complain but imagine living next door to some pathetic weaselly bearded libtard spy out to get you. A cunting on moaners, grasses, and interfering neighbours everywhere.

Nominated by MandroidZ

92 thoughts on “Boris Derangement Syndrome

  1. Been dying to stick the knife in havent they? Haha, keeping a journal, watching his every move in hope he fucks up! Surprised they waited this long! Hope he rents it to some gyypos, see how ‘culturally understanding’ they are when gardens full of scrap metal, kids who swear, bare knuckle fighting on patio, and tarmac lorry outside front door.

  2. I don’t care how many fellow cunters I offend but here goes.Boris the Turk is a privileged fat wanker who without the old boy network would struggle to find work as a part time shit shoveller. As well as being a Turk from his fathers side hes also up to his neck with Jew connections on his mammys side,her Granddad was of the Hebrew persuasion and she has family ties to the Zionist Sieff family of Marks and Sparks fame.His first missus was Jewish and his second a Parking Stanley.
    So do us a favour fellow cunters, open your eyes,Boris the Turk is up to his fat waistline in the New World Order swamp but hes managed to fool many by playing the proud Englishman card.Make no mistake hes a Nuclear Grade Cunt,not the Saviour of proud Albion.

    Fuck em all,Fuck em all to hell.

      • Since when does having Jewish blood disqualify you from public life? Anti- Semitic twaddle. So what? I would much rather a Jewish PM than a Peaceful one.

        • The new world order of “Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,Israel for the Jews,Europe for Everyone and his Grandma” has been promoted most vociferously and assiduously by the Chosen ones(Read the classic trilogy on the subject by Professor Kevin MacDonald).If stating that simple fact renders me Anti-Semitic then I guess wed better stop criticising the Conquistadors for wiping out half of indigenous South America and Hitler for gassing the Jews coz it might offend Spain and Germany.

          • Garbage. McDonald is a well known anti-Semite and a writer of pseudoscience. Hardly a “ classic”.

          • I dont have a dog in this fight – I despise all non English equally. I did watch a you tube clip last night of Sir Oswald Moseley when he was in his 70’s. To attempt to beguile anyone away from the fact he was a fascist – he was so eloquent about his politics and did not swerve one question about his past and gave (surprisingly) honest answers. I saw a later one of the start of ALBBC’s extreme cuntish behaviour with David Frost interviewing Moseley. Not the fascist cunt I had him down for when he explains his “movement” himself – and very passionately too. The hostile crowd were raucous stoked by Frost but yet again – his diction, voice and reasoning were quite clear – it is hard not to admire him for his views.

          • Tories are no longer my party – not that I have ever been a paid up member.
            But really they must have a death-wish.
            I can think of candidates who bloody well should have been in the leadership list, but were not, some that were, and were booted out quite early on, and…
            we were left with the overgrown toddler, the Cunt, the Gove puppet, the brown mekon, and the Wallace & Gromit/Emmerdale chef.

            My well-known ardour for Penny Mordaunt has cooled somewhat, as she seems to be backing the Cunt. Wtf is going on there ??
            The whole thing’s like Derek & Clive’s “Racing from Newmarket”…

    • Boris the Turk is a privileged fat wanker who without the old boy network would struggle to find work as a part time shit shoveller.

      Sadly CRU I totally agree. Looking at all of the options available to lead this great country I don’t think there are any who are up to the job. Don’t trust any of the useless traitorous fuckers.

      Prepared to let Nigel have a go, after all he is logical, talks common sense and can’t do much worse than the current government or the Labour muppets.

      What a fucking mess, Boris is a clown and simply not up to the job. A useless idiot.

      • Trouble is Mr Stroker that if the Elite believed Farage had a genuine chance of leading old blighty hed quickly go the way of Princess Diana,David Kelly,Gareth Williams etc

    • I don’t hate jews and I dont think theyr’e all a part of some shadowy cabal to bring us all down. Stormfronts over there, dick.

      • Strange that I also stated that Boris has Turk blood,that he supports Turkish Membership of the EUSSR and that he was married to a Parking Stanley but the only thing my fellow cunters slag me off for is my references to his Jewish connections.I feel vindicated.

    • I see where you are coming from.
      but take this scenario.
      you are waking your dog in the park and your dog drops one.
      you have no bag and the dog warden is watching.
      fortunately your dog has shat amongst 3 turds.
      you have.
      Mr green stinky slimey.
      Mr frape mochiato.
      Mr chalky white old school.

      now it’s up to you which one will you pick up with your bare hands?

      • Its not my dog mate! Found it in park…….hey mate, youve just stepped in dog shit.

  3. Have to say that I’m with Mandroid all the way on this. Johnson and his bird get into a noisy row. It happens. Probably nothing more would ever have been heard about it if the meddling ratbag neighbour hadn’t dobbed them in to the rozzers then gone to arsewipe comic The Groaniad. Sounds like a real self-righteous cunt.

    • How the fuck did the police turn up? The police don’t turn up these days for burglaries, car theft incidents etc. Can we take it that the Met are overstaffed? I smell a giant rat here!

      • ps. I get the sense that Boris’s silence is not driven by guilt or embarrassment but that there is an impending prosecution due, to be brought against a certain newspaper or part of the establishment.

        • Is it against the law to record someone.and use it without their consent ?

        • I bet there isn’t. No way that Johnson would risk alienating the Press. I suspect he can hardly close the cupboard door for skeletons.

          The man is an utter Cunt.

      • Good Morning BSC

        You are absolutely right they don’t turn up for very much these days. I have a friend who recently retired from the Flying Squad based in that part of the world and you couldn’t meet a more left wing chap. I think the police were politicised by the Blair government hence some absolute cunts such as Ian Blair and Cressida No-Dick as commissioners of the Met. Somewhat different people from Sir Robert McNee and other commissioners.

    • The bloke looks like a Poundland version of Jack Whitehall. The tart looks like a frustrated old bag. Obviously there is something wrong in the bedroom department if all they do late at night is record their neighbours rows and think to tell that fucking awful newspaper.

      I wonder if they heard Steptoe and the Abbopotomous having an equally rowdy disagreement if they would do the same to them?

      • Of course not Mr Boggs, they’re Corbynista Remoaners. They’d cream their undercrackers instead.

  4. Boris’s girlfriends neighboursare the Libtard Guardianista neighbours from hell.

    They said they were concerned about the safety of Bojo’s girlfriend. Bollocks. They were only concerned with framing Boris. They were so concerned they took time to set up a recording of the contratemps which they promptly sent to the Grauniad, that defender of the rights of privacy that did so much to send News of the World down the pan for phone tapping, the hypocritical, lefty cunts.

    Of these neighbours, the man is your typical beardy smelly libtard and the woman a fat yank cow who describes herself as a “ playwright”, although even the Grauniad reviewed her latest production as utter shite.

    Boris/ Trump/ Brexit derangement syndrome – the latest manifestation of the Libtard meltdown panic.

    Fuck the lot of them. CUNTS.

    • Hearing your neighbours have a row and being concerned could be considered genuine, recording your neighbours row has a Jimmy Saville level of creepiness about it. These cunts should be ashamed of themselves for doing that and deserve to be outed as proper creepy cunts.

  5. Jeremy Hunt is a stiff in a suit. He reminds me of one of those mannequins they have in the ‘Burton’s’ shop window. He very predictably was unable to get a grip on the copious ‘issues’ (putting in mildly) in the NHS (but then no bastard will ever do that) but not only couldn’t he get a grip, but he made a sequence of glaring, foot-straight-in-the shit decisions in order to supposedly ‘improve’ the service.

    Naturally, it all went tits up and another one bites the dust. (Useless Health Secretary, that is)

    Boris is not a very suave and statesmanlike politician, granted, but underneath all of the buffoonery and public schoolboy faffing, he actually talks some modicum of sense, even if it is all public-pleasing bullshite. Let’s face it, they all bloody do that anyway.

    As for his neighbour, the earwigging cunt should mind his own fucking business. Isn’t that recording an invasion of privacy? If someone did that to me (not that they would as I am just a nobody and my life is about as riveting as a smear test) I would bitch slap that cunt into next week, and take the GBH charge on the chin.


    • There was a ragtag rent-a-mob bunch of ‘activists’ outside the flat over the weekend, i.e. jobless/unemployable, university dropouts and left-wing trust funders.

      “She’s not welcome here or any other working class area- and neither is he” said one cunt. A £700,000 flat on a leafy street in Camberwell is not exactly slumming it, a small glimpse into the mindset of these wankers who claim to fight for the man…sorry person in the street.

      • ‘Working class area?’ Are they having a laugh?

        If that is what they believe they are and are living in, they must be totally deluded, out of touch cunts who have no clue what truly ‘working class’ is.

        I bet I know just who these ‘activists are’. A bunch of monied , societal drop-outs with lice-ridden, pink dreads and nose rings (and that is just the blokes) living off of Mummy and Daddy.


        • One being Ian Bone, recently seen harassing Jacob Rees-Mogg outside his home (definitely not a working class area) ex Politics student, long history of activism and anti-monarchist views but the cunt is 71! I bet he has a Jezza Corbyn duvet cover too.

          • If there is a Catweazle Fan Club, he will be in that too.

            Bet ‘Old Bone’ still wishes he could have pink dreads and a nose ring, but knows he will look like a cunt at his age. If you are a cunt anyway, makes no difference if you look like one too.

            Someone should tell ‘im.

        • ‘Activist’ seems to be the new trendy word these dayson the left. Disagree with one and you’re a racist bigot or whatever, of course.

    • Those crusty class war scum that have been protesting outside his flat, harping on about how rich he is seem oblivious to the financial situation of that pair of cunts who stitched him up. A millionaires daughter (who may have been a son at one time), and her soyboy neckbeard loser are probably better off than Boris. Hypocritical cunts.
      Radio cunting four have just spent the last 45 minutes going through all the ways Boris can be kicked out of office if he is crowned prime minister. No agenda whatsoever…..

      • I wonder that pansy Evan Davies doesn’t interview himself. Given the *wrong* interviewee he jumps in with a question then as the guy starts answering, he answers it himself. All in that slimy voice. A one *man* show, fun for all the left-wing family.

        He probably has a fairy ring where he, Mangedbum, Gaylord Adonis, the Brighton/Hove coven (Kyle and Russell-Moyle), Streeting, Bradshaw and naughty vicar Bryant have a circle jerk over the EU flag

  6. Boris is entertaining, he isn’t however a deep thinker who can be trusted to lead a country.

    However Hunt is a cunt of the highest order so Boris will get my vote by default. Come the next GE and given the choice between Boris and the insane clown posse know as Labour, Boris gets my vote again.

    We live in a world where Boris is the best choice……….what are the chances?

    • ‘Boris is entertaining, he isn’t however a deep thinker who can be trusted to lead a country.’

      Either have a look at books on Roman history or, TL;DR , watch a copy of I Claudius..

      They like playing at being devious Roman buggers, these classicists…I don’t think Boris is in the same league as Claudius, but I do think he thinks he is…

      • Boris in full classical flow

        I’ve just realised which politician BoJo most reminds me of- his namesake Boris Yeltsin.Once he’s PM I can see the Turk break dancing in front of Trump,doing the Cossack dance with Putin and meeting Fuhrer Merkel wearing his sexiest Lederhosen. God help us when he visits his buddy Erdogan-belly dance maybe?Fucking Buffoon.

  7. Stabbings an everyday occurrence, Yemen obliterated, Germany economy in meltdown, global Trade War happening, and Iran and ‘Murica have a pissing contest …..but the papers only want to know about a ding-dong quarrel abut spilt vino. Is it silly season already?

    They’re both cunts yet one will have a go at Brexit and the other campaigned for Remain, voted for Zelda Hunchback’s surrender Treaty, and doesn’t want to leave.

  8. Is Johnson fit to govern blah blah photos of his paramour blah blah pages 1-8. Zzzzz….

    Page 9: Travellers refuse to leave land and demand £££s from premiership Rugby club as ‘Rugger’ is held to ransom.
    Yuck. What a bunch of dirty, scrounging, fighting slobs with no morals, no bodily hygiene, and afraid of real labour.

    And the pîkeys are almost as bad.

    • “What a bunch of dirty, scrounging,slobs with no morals, no bodily hygiene, and afraid of real labour.”

      Whoa,steady on there boy,that description is far too close for comfort in my current situation

      • I bet your ablutions are more regular, CrU. Those ‘rugger’ flutes only shower in male company. Swing Low, sweet soapy butt….

  9. All I want to know is did these two leftie scumbags who gave the tape to the paper get paid? How many of us have had a fall out with girlfriends Mrs, family members? It happens this all kicked off Friday night it’s now Monday get on with sorting the leadership out and get us out of this mess we are in I bet Corbyn is loving this it’s like a soap opera.

  10. Like the idiot in the white house, he seems to be winding the right people up, so he’ll do for me in the absence of a Churchill or Thatcher.

    *I am not likening Boris to either of them

  11. In a post tea -time, semi alcohol induced daydream, I have just launched a successful bouncing bomb raid on the Thames Barrier, piloting a Lancaster Bomber. Me and my crew,wizard types to a man, cheered joyously as the waters of Old Father Thames surged through the breach.
    Tape that you Cunts.
    Onward to Victory !!
    Get To Fuck.

      • There’s been talk of a Dambusters remake around the film industry for years but it’s never come to anything.
        Probably just as well given the shite that generally passes for movie making nowadays…

        • They had 9 full size Lancasters made, which are in storage at the moment. Peter Jackson was involved, but he back burnered it to make more of the fairy stories. Ham fisted cunt would probably ruin it anyway…

          • The colourised film he did with the voices was pretty good last November but he’s far too Anglo-Saxon and far too male to be given the gig.

            It’ll be scripted by Steven Moffat and directed by a one-legged, letterbox rug-muncher with Idris Elbe and Miranda Hart as the pilots and English crackers as the Germans, excuse me….Nazis.

            Raus, raus, English shvine.

    • Oh yes,and Neptune was roaring to get in. We saw Sadiq Khan clinging to a hoarding in the swirling waters, which read ‘ London, Open to All ‘
      We strafed him.
      What larks !

      • I’ve lost the plot Jack! Still, if my plan last night of lightning strikes didn’t achieve it, perhaps your air strikes will!

  12. Those staged photos of Boris and and his girlfriend holding hands in a field aren’t fooling anyone.

    What sort of fuck running to be leader of a major political party and prime minister allows himself to be dropped in this sort of mess in the first place? If I had Corbynista Remoaner neighbours who I knew hated my guts, I would not be gifting them stand up rows with my girlfriend for them to tape and hand to the Grauniad. Speaks volumes about his pitiful self discipline and lack of judgement.

    And once the row was in the public domain he should have taken Sir Nigel’s advice and faced the media head on by making a statement à la:

    “It was late at night, I was tired, we had a bit of an argument, it got a bit noisy, nothing untoward happened, the police were called by neighbours who were looking to cause trouble, the police arrived, they saw there wasn’t a problem and they left. End fucking of.”

    And then refuse to comment further.

    Instead, when asked, he evades the question by blustering on about London riots, the rear doors of Routemaster buses and delivering the 2012 Olympics for 5 wasted minutes.

    Boris is a fucking disaster, he’ll be destroyed at PMQs, Corbyn will be in Downing Street by Christmas, or “The Holiday Season” as the Commie useful idiot cunt no doubt refers to it.

    Not surprised he’s running scared of debates and media scrutiny either. Clearly he has no policies different from May’s – he even voted for Barnier’s Slave State (Boris’s words) Treaty. He’s frit (Mrs Thatcher’s word) of being exposed for the vision free useless cunt he is.

    Pray to Dog I’m wrong. Sorry cunters, I’ll get my coat.

      • Pray to Dog? At last I’m getting the respect I deserve. I would reward you with 72 virgins but finding 72 virgins of an appropriate age would be a miracle.

        Peas be upon you, may you have pizzle in your shizzle

    • Jesus yeah! Hes ducking the simplest of questions at moment( advised by his team) but the cunt will get destroyed at PMQT! He cant be straight on anything, totally out of his depth. Cant see him delivering brexit that would please the ISAC lot.

  13. I think Boris is a cunt. I think Hunt is a bigger cunt. We shall see. However, as with the Donald, I automatically side against the totalitarian, liberal left. I don’t think either Boris or Jeremy are up to scratch but that seems to be the way the system works.
    Disappointing to see anti-Semitic conspiracy garbage appearing in this thread.

  14. Working class area? That road, is a short cut for me, a way of avoiding the nightmare of Camberwell High Road, so I am very familiar with it.
    It’s a big wide road with massive Victorian houses, where multi millionaires lived in the days before diversity and cultural enrichment arrived. It was a place of employment for many working class people………gardeners, chauffers, domestic staff, visiting prozzies etc. All British of course, no booshka booshkas in those days.
    Those big houses have long since been coverted into flats, occupied by the trendy young middle class before they move on to their idyllic, house in the country so beloved of many daytime tv shows. A lot of poofs as well, naturally.
    This pair of libtard Guardianista cunts seem fairly typical of the population. If you ever wondered where the libtard, save the planet, vegan wanker supporters of Dulwich Hamlet FC come from it’s from streets like this in Camberwell and Dulwich. As Jon Snow would be unlikely to say, you won’t see many black faces down those streets, or on the terraces of Dulwich Hamlet.

  15. God, I’ve been moderated so many times today, I’ve lost the will to live. I never used to believe in conspiracy theories but some cunt is out to get me! And no my name is not Boris Johnson.

    • Yeah me too. It’s always the fucking long ones.
      Fucking pissing me off.

      • Dead right Freddie, mine was a long one. It might have been a pile of crap to someone but it was my baby.

        • Mine was a long one too.

          Still in moderation… perhaps Boris’s team is on the WordPress board of directors…

          are we fuck I was walking the dog and off shift

          • Evening RTC. My post was Boris neutral. In fact, it was a bit of a nom buster.

          • Good evening RTC. You’re getting close with your multiple John Prescott Dead Pool nom.
            Send him a get well hamper, filled with delicious pork pies.
            Oh yeah.

          • Evening Bsc. You won’t be surprised to hear my post was Boris negative. Doubt many here will care for it when it emerges.

  16. Looks to me as if the ‘workers’ of the Peoples’ Leafy Republic of Camberwell have indulged in enough threatening and abusive behaviour to merit a visit from Plod themselves.
    ‘Hello!’ (who knew that was still alive?) gives the shouty cunts full coverage of their intemperate sloganeering stupidity. Read and weep.

    Anarchists? Comprehensive cunting overdue to those posturing work-shy cunts, too.

    • Wordfence doesn’t like that link for some reason. Add https colon double backslash to make it work.

  17. Why will Trump probably win when the election comes? Because middle America are feeling better off.

    Hopefully Johnson can do the same for the UK.

    If not…he is a cunt.

  18. Being fair to this couple of horrors,if Johnson lived near me, I’d have probably been arrested for chucking shite at the Cunt,never mind just recording him having an argument with his latest tart.

    Fuck him.

  19. If it was an English lefty did that to a US politician, I think she’d be out of the USA in a thrice. Why are there so many fucking septics in London? We’ve got two renting next to us. Mind you, there’s no-one English in London. Every time they interview a person in the street on TV it’s a cunting foreigner.

    • Trump refugees. Yank lefties fleeing Tango mans policies. Dunno how you chirpy cockney types hack it. Say this for Donald hes got a lovely ‘outdoorsman tan, and even at his age thick mop of blonde hair! Like a statesman version of Robert Redford isnt he?

      • In one generation, I have seen London go from a place full of mostly white Brits, to a fucking cess-pit of cunts, run by a cunt of a goat fucker. It’s full up of the world’ shit.

        • ‘In one generation, I have seen London go from a place full of mostly white Brits, to a fucking cess-pit of cunts..’

          Took less than a generation, I noticed a major change in less than 9 years..the sad thing is that we had a couple of French colleagues who visited us in London once and who remarked that it was great to be in a place where most of the faces were white, and even if they weren’t, everyone spoke English.

          One of them was from a small town where, he said, it was rare to hear French being spoken on the streets (sound familiar?) and that there were now something approaching 120 languages being spoken in a place where he only ever heard either French or, occasionally, Breton being spoken 10 years previously.

          Wonder what they’d think of London now?

  20. Talking about septics who are taking the piss, why the fuck is the UK tax payer having to pay nearly 3 million for that Markel woman’s house repairs? What a fuckin’ scandal.

    • If the weirdy beardy insisted on marrying that tart they should have just been given a motor home – after all they are both trailer trash.

  21. The neighbour”s wife is a Jewish playwright. She has likend UK border controls to Auswitch.

    Sick fucking bitch.

    Die of Ebola,cunt.

      • …And plays the victim like a pro.

        She claimed the tories ‘are only pretending to honour the holocaust’. Yeah because we did as much as any country to stop the nazis, under a conservative government, in our Finest Hour. So naturally the tories want to brush the whole thing under the carpet to be forgotton you stupid cunt.

  22. I hope this cunt gets knifed by a minority of her choice.

    And as for taxpayers money funding the shit that cunt rags like this shit onto the stage, well that boils my piss as much as foreign fucking aid!

  23. Simple answer: yes
    GDPR and Data Protection acts are your two primary friends, by any definition, a recording is data, this recording contained ‘personal data’ so the subsequent disposition of said data is most definitely covered by these acts.

    As neither the place the incident occurred, nor the place the recording of the incident was made from were public spaces, this recording is also a clear breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, which states;

    Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life his home and his correspondence.’ ,

    it doesn’t say

    ‘Everyone but Boris…’

    Despite the fact that this incident had bugger all to do with anything other than his private life, I’ll bet they’d try playing the ‘public interest’ card if it goes to court.

    My understanding of it is that if the recording had been given to the police and then used as evidence in a subsequent court case, then it would be for the courts to decide if further dissemination of the material is in ‘the public interest’.

    Of course, this momser has already given it to the media…

    It goes without saying, this being the Internet, I am not a lawyer, I neither possess the required weaselly twisty mind nor the moral compass of a great white….

    • My comment above might have been misplaced in the scheme of things here, it was in response to this comment but seems to have been tagged on to the end..I’m assuming its down to weird incompatibilites between this antique iPad and the sites code…

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