AIDS is a cunt because it has seemingly stopped killing promiscuous/gay/junkie cunts, even better if they were famous.

Back in the day, a good dose of AIDS was enough to put the fear of god through the unworthy.

Most of the cunts were either thick junkies, I’m too rich to worry, I am too gay to worry or sex at any cost type cunt, sure a few were innocent but so are most of the victims of Muslim Terrorists.

I remember the fear of being pricked by a discarded needle or as my mates mum eloquently put it “watch out for men who will take you to the toilet and put their willy up your bum” whilst sending us to the local arcades for the day.

Now AIDS has gone, it’s seemingly curable or at least controllable and won’t affect your life expectancy! Fuck that, I can still get random cancers without acting like a cunt and die and yet I can now share cocks and needles with aids junkie scum an live?

Sort your shit out AIDS and start culling the cunts out there.

Nominated by Captain Cuntoff

47 thoughts on “AIDS

  1. There was some bloke on the radio a few months back getting all excited about a new drug which allowed gays to carry on shagging without a condom. He was almost in tears about what good news it was. Cunt.

    • Let’s face it, many heterosexuals would be all over that drug were it available. Trouble is we’d be fucked with the rising birth rate.

      • No, no RTC . That’s not me. I’m not promiscuous, I’m loyal to bent Dennis. I’m a one bum man .
        Goodnight and God bless RTC.

        • Relieved to hear that MPG.

          We’ve had a gay couple living next door since we moved here 18 years ago. Couldn’t wish for better neighbours, not remotely promiscuous.

          It’s not you, is it? Their names are Graeme and Gregory…

          Regards to Bent Dennis.

  2. When I was at school the teachers told us that the whole world would have AIDS in 20 years time and there was millions spent on those ‘Don’t Die Of Ignorance’ information ads…. Turned out though that if one doesn’t put the old boy where it isn’t supposed to go (you shit out of it, for fuck’s sake) then one is not going to get it… Alf Garnett was right… All this sympathy and benefit/tribute concerts for certain celebrities and pop stars? The cunts got it through their own choice and their own reckless sexual antics… I am surprised Fat Reg is still alive… Saturday Night’s Alright For Fudging…

    • Correct Norman, I’m quoting some high ranking military man,from back in the day “they use the main sewage pipe of the human body, as a playground “

      • General Walter Walker – along with David Stirling the real life inspiration for Geoffrey Palmer’s character in Reggie Perrin. Sort of chaps we could do with having around these days.

  3. Those BBC cunts and that Wimmins World Cup. eh?…. The ‘Beeb’ are like Daleks or some other space fascists cunts like that…. Shoving Liberal views down your throat 24/7 and you’re forced to pay for it: “resistance is useless”… “You will like women’s football whether you want to or not, because we’re now going to shove it down your throats until you comply…”


    • 6.1 million viewers supposedly. According to the BBC. But them saying that reveals something. Something like (in the editorial meeting)-‘the football…. who gives a fuck about that… we’re succeeding with this shit, we’re getting millions to watch, keep on with women’s empowerment thing, the virtue signaling of course…get some history for it…I wish we could CGI more of a crowd…’

      • I’m just looking at the pictures of the Holland game and the stadium’s 25% full at best, and these cunts want equal pay! The mens game is already subsidising this bullshit, the bimbos need a lesson in commerce and cashflow.

        • I agree that they should get equal pay. The over paid ponces should take a wage cut to bring them in line.

        • The few tickets that have been sold are priced at 9 euros – not exactly a money spinner…

          Very little information released on exactly how many tickets have been sold – funny that.

  4. I worked in S Africa where 30% of my workforce were HV pos. They would disappear and never return. It wasn’t curable then but wasn’t helped by the thick cunt President Mbeki who didn’t believe in it and his even thicker health minister Manto Shabalala (an ex nurse who it turned had been dismissed for stealing. Pretty standard ANC qualities) who said garlic and beetroot cleared it up. I am not making this up, by the way.
    Between them they accounted for more S African deaths than 400+ years of European colonialism.
    But they were free!

    • CC well done for raising the fuck up that is free South Africa. Beetroot and garlic works every time along with shagging virgins.
      Funny how the west managed to totally ignore the SA shitstorm once they had their freedom. I reckon old Mandela must have pissed his pants when he saw what a bunch of cunts he had to work with. God only knows what working class whites must be going through if any are left.

  5. I can empathise with the dissapointment, as there are many parallels with ebola which I had very high hopes for.

    • That disease is a fucking joke. Oooh 2,000 people infected in the congo WHO warns, that’s hardly going to put a dent in the expected 2,000,000,000 negroes itching to escape africa by the end of the century.

  6. I’ve always believed they had the cure for AIDS before it was introduced to the world. Simple way of reducing overpopulation – put people off having sex without a condom, or having sex altogether and blame it on a section of society (sewage canoeists) that were, at that time, frowned upon by most.

    Hasn’t worked – knob-jockery is almost mandatory nowadays, certainly in the upper echelons of government, broadcasting etc.

  7. That’s what makes me piss about the UK now… Years safeguarding against AIDS and other equatorial shite… And then Satan Blair and every fucker in charge since lets half of Africa into the place… Wonder how many times Banana Gob has had a test?

    I once read around 2005 that a certain Hollyweird celebrislag (and a much cunted bete noire of myself) says she ‘routinely’ had a HIV test every 12 months… I bet she fucking does, and this was when she was about 22 years of age… Slappertastic, pop pickers…

  8. I remember that old classic…

    What’s the lowest stage of AIDS?
    Rock Bottom (as in Hudson)….

  9. Anyone remember that film “Philadelphia” where Tom Hanks was the bummer with aids, gradually deteriorating while struggling heroically against the homophobic ( that word didn’t exist then ) prejudice? I saw that film in the cinema and remember women sobbing in the audience. I sat there thinking “serves you right you dirty bastard. Hurry up and die.”
    I knew then I was a bit of a cunt.

    • Hanks… One of Hollweird’s premier cunts…

      It’s all a twsited form of elitism and who is favoured… Poove gets the Big A and it’s sympathy and films and rock concerts… Straight ‘nobody’ gets it and no do-gooder gives a fuck… If the McCanns had been working class they’d have been crucified a long time ago… But because they were of the middle and professional class they aren’t viewed as the selfish and murky bastards that they actually are… Selective bollocks…

    • You poor bastard that film was a fucking disgrace. Trust a woman to be suckered in by that naked sentimentality and manipulation.

  10. World class cunting. Well done sir.

    Never had any real sympathy for people who knowingly put themselves in danger, whether it’s AIDS, extreme sports, planking etc. Darwinism is only half right, yes stupid and weak people are more likely to be early for their appointment with their maker, but we never considered the smart people saving lives with technology, medication and so on. The obvious consequence is the bat shit crazy world we’re trapped in today.

    Gay pride wasn’t so much of a thing back in the good old days of HIV because the attendees were lying on the mortary slab. Doe hanging from the toe and an arsehole that permanently looks like it’s having a smear test. Ok the gay cunt is dead but his idea of safe sex was holding on to the toilet chain whilst a 6ft 5, 18 stone Dark Key called Daisy slams him from behind. The silly cunt deserves what he gets, he dies as a result of doing what he loves, just like Senna and Bianchi did in the f1 or a junkie overdosing on skag in a shop door way.

    To clarify, I have no problems with the homos. You wanna have some bum fun? be my guest, I just don’t want it rammed down my throat. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone whose only identity is their sexuality. These people are victims of identity politics, not oppression.

    I caught chlamydia in 2008 but did I get a charity single or benefit gig? Did I fuck.

  11. The Gays caught it because one of them anally-invaded a Dark Key who had previously fucked a monkey which had AIDS…..don’t know where the monkey got it…god.probably.

    If AIDS has taught the promiscuous Gays anything,it should be to not sexually interfere with Bonobo bothering Blacks. They’ve only got themselves to blame,both The Gays and the Dark Keys.

    Fuck Off.

    • I wonder if you would be open to an offer from the Labour party as their spokesman and shadow cabinet minister for equalities Dick as you seem to have the obvious qualifications?

      • Fuck that….I already have nightmares about Diane Abbott reading some of my posts and exposing me….the thought of all the people who I may have unintentionally maligned marching on Fiddler Towers,led by an irate Queen Kong sends shivers down my spine.

  12. Bum action is not my thing ( unless with a Lady bum – a douched one at that) . However I don’t think being gay is a choice so I don’t see why AIDS is a good thing. I like gay people like I like all people. Some are utter cunts and some are decent / fun people.

    All passionate leftie liberals however are complete scum in my eyes.
    Just saying.

  13. AIDS, fuck me that’s old news, mainly effected Gays and mostly they don;t breed much anyway. Next they farted about with Ebola but that’s an even bigger pain in the arse to spread unless you can get it airborne.

    So what could they infest the world with?

      • I think you’ll find leftism has wiped out more ‘innocent’ people in the last century than all religious murder combined.

        • non conformity is not innocence! it is treason!
          Mi smo TITO Pioneer, smrt fasizum! smrt fasizum!
          Zivio Drug Tito, najvece sin Jugoslavia!

          sorry that gave me one of those turns.

  14. A bit of sympathy for the poor fuckers who caught HIV from blood transfusions – down almost 100% to exclusive greed by American medical companies who paid no heed to the early 80s scientists advising that as a precaution, blood should be screened as a ‘new disease which may transmit via blood’ was concerning the WHO. The greedy companies of course refused this, as it would mean they weren’t making cash. Fucking cunts.

    Gays however are a different matter.

    It may not surprise people to know that, just as they do today, liberal hedonists had a large part to play in the transmission of HIV in the 80s, before the disease was fully understood. With gay men falling ill left right and centre in San Fransicso and New York, again scientists were correctly suspecting that this new disease was possibly transmitted by sexual contact. These doctors were desperate to try and promote precaution in disgusting shitholes like gay bathhouses, but right on cue, gay lobby groups saw this as ‘muh oppression’ of the gay community.

    Fast forward to 1986, and many of these gays who refused any sexual advice from ‘the man’ were the same ones weeping at those huge memorials being televised at the height of the scare.

    Fucking cretins deserved all they got, in my opinion.

    • Yes and they got the blood from prison inmates. You would have thought with all the junkies, prostitutes etc they would have screened it regardless of AIDS.

  15. Coming soon to an arsehole near you.
    Super Aids !!
    These naughty viruses have a tendency to mutate.
    The Jones Boy
    Alan Carpet – Biter
    And many,many more.
    Celeb funerals galore !
    Increase popcorn production now !
    Get to fuck.

  16. I was at the weekly S+M club, fucking some fat bird’s arsehole, when she suddenly looked round and said, “Well aren’t you going to spank me at the same time”.

    That’s when I realised I’d forgot my bag of toys.
    There I was, up shit creek without a paddle….

  17. How the fuck did you catch aids from an iceberg. Went right over my head that campaign.

  18. Yeah the good old days,every other week some famous emaciated bum bandit would be paraded like some holy man before the cameras and some voice over cunt would say softly “Doctors say said Bum Bandit has at most 5, 6 weeks before the illness enters it’s final stage” so many famous Shit Stabbers bought it,how the fuck is Elton John still standing,he was one of the ringleaders of that entire,sordid shitfest,maybe he’s the Keith Richards of Bum Banditry,virtually indestructible despite his excesses

    • The skin he’s in may very well carry the infection, but the demon inside ia not affected by mortal ailments.

  19. Ebola seems to be the new kid on the block, another disease for the disgusting from the land of the mud hut and open sewer that gave us Aids in the first place,I don’t see that disgusting fat fuck Elton crying over this and holding a bummers ball on Oscar night to raise awareness, probably because he has no chance of contracting it in his poncy fairytale world !

  20. Oh, I forgot to mention that Tom Hanks got the Best Actor Oscar for his role as the wasted bumbandit. Possibly the beginning of the Hollywood virtue signalling cabal?

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