Stephanie Hayden


Stephanie Hayden

To quote Gandalf “You shall not pass”

Claims to be a transgender activist lawyer. In reality is an attention seeking clown who sues anyone who responds to ‘her’ on twitter. Tried to launch a hate campaign against Graham “I wrote Father Ted then did fuck all else” Linehan and took legal action against the cunt central website mumsnet. Which normally would be grounds for a commendation, but let’s face it anyone who acts like John of Arc on twitter should really just fuck off forever.

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42 thoughts on “Stephanie Hayden

  1. Fuck reality, someone got hurt feelings. Got someone arrested for calling her a man online? Wow, not an activist but a piss poor human being who really thinks “It’s all about me”

    Trans rights are bullshit, none of us get through life with our self image intact, if your going to impose yourself image on the world the world will tell you the reality. Suck it up you cunt.

    • Remember when trannies were just harmless eccentrics? Some hairy arse scaffolder called Bernard in a frock, stubble and lipstick on? Never minded them, just a colourful oddball england has plenty of. These new activist trannies are fuckin loonies! Always trying to start trouble, sue someone or damage someone career,do themselves a favour by calming down, shutting the fuck up, and practising bit of common sense…..the cunts

  2. She /It looks like that doolally Rebecca Long-Bailey dipshit who, coincidentally, is also a lawyer and probably a tranny.

    Might they perhaps be related?

    • Wonder how so much shit comes out of such a small gob, and how would anybody stick their todger in it to shut her up, you’d have to have a tiny one.

  3. Give it a couple of years and all this trans bollocks will become yesterday’s news; she/he/it will get bored and “become” something else that will be newsworthy and attention-grabbing for a day or two


    • I hope (and believe) you are right NCFOM – it is today’s Fidget Spinner – a fad here tofday, gone tomorrow, but the vacuous cunts who indulge in it ought to be put in a padded cell till the nonsense is out of their systems. Fucking sick of trannies, poofters, lezzies and feminists – in other words all of the fucking Labour party.

  4. It’s really very simple, folks. If you agree that transgender is a thing and publish your opinion of it, that’s just great. If you think transgender isn’t a thing, and publish your opinion of it, that’s a hate crime. Can’t quite remember when we slipped into an alternate, illogical universe – anyone know?

    • When a load of cunts voted that utter cunt Blair into office.
      I reckon his missus is a bloke as well.
      A fucking ugly one at that.

    • Yes I think when Blairs push of having more women MPs in parliament for no other reason than they’re women, the descent started. It said to everybody that in the most important job in the country all that matters is what your minority identity is rather than the substance of your character and the validity of your argument. At this point the race to the bottom of victim status started.

  5. If this cunt is offended because “it” was called a man/woman/whatever, and is now deemed hate crime, does it work the other way?

    If “it” called a man a cunt or a woman an old bitch, would that give grounds for offence and also classed as a hate crime?

    There will come a point where we won’t be able to say or do anything without causing offence in the broadest possible terms!

  6. This is the type of shit that happens when you choose to come off the meds. You either end up in a secure unit for a couple of months or 99.9% of the worlds adult population think you are the biggest cunt in the observable universe. Hell you want to be a women fine, I really could not give a flying fuck; you could be a Black crested singing grebe for all I care just fuck off and be it/what it is you want to be;
    Without involving the rest of the World you smug twat. Feel free to sue if offended.

  7. I did wonder for a while about IsAC’s “business model”. In view of this recent QBD ruling, and other related obiter dicta, it’s an inspired deal.

    In view of the current Zeitgeist, such jurisprudential developments were wholly and easily predictable. The archives of IsaC will be a veritable treasure trove for such budding litigants and their rétinue of barristers. The law in this area is currently in a state of flux, and something of a movable feast; in other words, it’s a field day for the legal profession.

    I’ll be more than happy to “step up to the plate” and attempt the best defence I can muster of fellow cunters on here should the need arise.

  8. The most sinister aspect to the tranny activism is how top-down it all is, rather than the civil rights or gay rights movements, and how the state and media have taken the side of flat-out lunatics.

  9. Why are some of you calling this cunt “she”. I wouldn’t dignify him with his chosen title. “He”, “Thing” or “It” is acceptable.

    He’s a sick cunt of a man who feels the need to wear a dress and makeup and then bother the rest of us with his demented victimhood.

    If he wants to be gay or dress like a woman than that’s fine. But he should keep his stupid cuntish opinions to himself. CUNT.

    • That said he is also an outspoken opponent of the transgender bollocks – hence the fuss.

      And he co-wrote Father Ted, which rescues him from the deeper depths of cuntitude IMO.

  10. This will make any site vulnerable to litigation now that a precedent has been set.

    I would have thought the likes of Facebook will have covered themselves with a shitload of disclaimers regarding hate crime, racism etc. been posted on their site; but that still won’t stop the “it” people from trying it on anyway now that Mumsnet has been shafted.

    And in all seriousness, I do wonder about the future of this site given the nature of its content? The T&Cs here already cover racial & religious hate crime, but this may need to be broadened in scope to include the latest fuckaboutary of “isms”

    • If this site were to be collared, then seriously I think we would have to go ‘underground’. The site could be made members only. I’m sure most cunters, like myself would have no objection to paying a subscription fee. Cunters could be given a “cunters reference sheet” containing coded equivalents of contentious words. In its simplest form, numbers could be used for the top ten cunts i.e
      1 = Andrew Marr
      2= Jeremy Corbin and so on.
      Everyone would soon memorise the top ten.
      It would take someone the genius of Alan Turing to break the code. Seriously though, I wonder if Admin do have any contingency plans in hand?

  11. Surely any Judge of the land would simply state that this self-obsessed muppet is the Cunt, the whole Cunt, and nothing but the Cunt.
    And then our Learned friend should sentence the cunt to a large dose of common sense, coupled with a right good kicking

  12. Hmmm, it surely can’t be too long before one of these freaks fucks with the wrong – enter description of chosen oppressor – and gets a surprise.

    Said oppressor turning up on their doorstep with pliers and a blowtorch for example.

    Likely be one of you cunts (or me)

    • More likely to be a fucking peaceful. Now THAT would be interesting.
      Whose offence would take preference? It’s the sort of case where Mrs Blair , and her ilk, could help themselves to a shitload of taxpayers money.
      We’re living in a fucking madhouse.

      • Or even… a clown world. Honk honk.

        Great mongs of Twitter would now have me down as a shitlord, a troll, a murderer (via my words) officially worse than Hitler and would be hastagliterallyshakingrightnow justcanteven and the rest of their pathetic histrionic cunt-speak.

  13. Good luck with that one, she can summon me to court and we can argue whether or not she is a cunt. In my opinion she is a gold plated cunt, maybe we can have a referendum on whether or not she is a cunt.

    Is she a man? I’ve not felt compelled to express my opinion on that matter, she sure ain’t qualified for bedroom sports with me though.

  14. Simple point that you prob have all thought of
    If the he/she /whatever the fuck were to find out that the person involved in “ “mis gendering” ( I had to look that up)
    Was called Mohammad and was at fri prayers !!!!!
    Do we think she would sue for this ?
    Fuckin right it wouldn’t – unless it’s barking like a Jack Russell at a rabbits burrow
    Also as an observation it’s prob got a back fanny like a cathedral nave !!!!!

  15. I’ve read this whole thread including the nomination and I’m STILL unsure whether this is a bloke or not.

    Stop the World please, I wish to leave.

  16. Apparently, the term ‘lawyer’ is not a protected term. Anyone can refer to themselves as this, unlike solicitor and barrister where any unqualified person would be breaking the law. I would like to offer my free services to all fellow cunters in my capacity as a ‘brain technician’ particularly all those cunters who have been seriously affected by this nom. Electro-shock treatment will only be offered in severe cases.

    • Add to that poet. Every pretentious artsy-wannabe talentless cunt refers to themselves as a ‘poet’, while most probably never having made a fucking penny from the craft.

      • Yeah, you’ve no right to call yourself anything unless you make money out of it.

    • Whatever your thoughts on this matter, how on earth can it be considered a good thing to educate these children separately?You’re reinforcing the idea that they are ‘different.’ Doesn’t really fit in with this ‘inclusive’ society, does it?

  17. This cunt should be lined up with the rest of the twisted fucks and shot,

    As I don’t make any money from being a cunt, should I Change my name from bluecunt to just blue, dosnt have the same ring to it somehow,
    I wonder if DF makes any cash for playing with his dick,

    Please enlighten me

  18. I only read a few bits and thought they were mental. The more you read the more it depresses you about how much time they’ve wasted our police and courts.

  19. BBC 1 tonight 9pm

    Nadiya: Anxiety and Me

    Nadiya Hussain 🧕🏽 sets out to find the cause of her anxiety, exploring the most effective, available treatments, while also having therapy herself, in the hope of managing her anxiety.

    Made a point of not watching it.

    Bad enough she won GBBO. Then BBC gave her her own cookery programme. Now this.

    Already decided not to renew our TV licence at the end of the year.


    • That completes the SJW hat-trick, woman (strong and independent of course), minority and now ‘mental health issues’, its like the new state religion for fucks sake.

      • You can’t turn on the TV or read a ‘news’paper without some cunt bravely confiding their mental health struggles.

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