Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin

Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, Youtube personality and UKIP MEP candidate, is a cunt.

This is one of those instances where I find myself nominating someone who I hold some affinity or respect for. I follow this guy on YouTube and have done for a few years.

Benjamin is currently an MEP candidate for UKIP in the SouthWest, and is making tabloid headlines right now for his ‘rape’ tweet made three years ago to major cunt Jess Phillips. In context, Benjamin at the time stated to Phillips that ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’, as an edgy joke response to Phillips’ claim she got rape threats on a frequent basis. This comment has recently been dug up by the media, both to denounce UKIP and, where applicable, to give positive traction to Labour.

That tweet itself, to me, is not particularly outrageously offensive, especially in context. Rape jokes are, or were, common with mainstream comedians. And a word must go to the conniving cunt Jess Phillips who at the time, did not express any notable concern at the comment but three years later revealed how it left her “crying in the street”.

However, Benjamin has really fucked up on the following:

  • Going for the media red-blooded by calling them names at a UKIP press conference
  • Acting fairly fucking smug and arrogant in interview
  • Unbelievably, he stated a few weeks ago that he ‘might’ rape Jess Phillips to ‘test how the media would react’
  • Causing his YouTube channel de-monetised, linked to the above no doubt, meaning he no longer gets revenue for his content which he himself has said is relied upon to support his family
  • Almost single-handedly torpedoing any possible UKIP resurgence.

The whole debacle has shown why people popular on YouTube rarely translate well in the more conventional forms of media. What works in an online format for his type of audience will only ever translate badly in interviews or press coverage. He has gone about his campaign like a flailing autist and just deliberately antagonised the media into hounding him. I’m not saying he should pander to the media at all but there’s always got to be an element of forethought, especially considering the media influence during elections.

I wanted UKIP to get back to where they were in 2015 as a viable alternative party, one with policies and more grounding than The Brexit Party and one which millions of disillusioned voters could gravitate towards over the whole Brexit issue. Sadly, UKIP seem to be the same shambles as they were when Steven Wolfe was photographed spark-out on the floor with his briefcase.

I agree with Benjamin on much – the damage from feminism, millennial stupidity, the lunacy around diversity, immigration, the EU – but it was a grave mistake for Gerard Batten to blindly believe that Benjamin’s online presence alone would bolster UKIP as an MEP candidate. The cunt should never have been allowed to appear outside of his YouTube channel.

So with heavy heart, Sargon of Akkad – you are something of a cunt, my son.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

69 thoughts on “Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin

  1. Agreed. Not the smartest of moves when there’s a lot at stake. Gotta box clever if in public eye.

    • No, you don’t, if you’re a left wing cunt you can get away with almost anything.

      • Too bloody right. Lammy, Flabbott and Vaz would have been consigned to the dustbin of history yonks ago if they weren’t libtards.

      • But the aim of the game is to get votes! Make a rape joke alienating half of population straight away isnt bright specially when you look like peter sutcliffe.

  2. And how well has the archetypal politician type worked out for us all these years leading up to today?

    If you ask, it’s about time we had some up there that we can say are like us, who are not afraid to say the same things we say here daily, and to say the things we always recommend our politicians say too.
    Who wants another disingenuous “right honourable” cunt that will just say all the same old pre-ordained spiels to consolidate their own position without actually having to do anything to prove their worth? That will preach his family man values, while he goes sucking cocks in bushes? That will tell you how trustworthy he is while he fiddles his expenses to live comfortably with 2 houses? That will declare he is for there for people, whilst doing everything in their power to defy the wishes of the majority to make sure their own personal gravy train keeps rolling? That will use every single media opportunity to put on their fake, good-everyguy mask in order to bullshit us from their position of self-bestowed primacy. Fuck the lot of them.

    Personally I like that he pisses off the establishment that was established to keep us peasants under the thumb, and under the guise of having a democratic choice.

    • I agree with the core of what you are saying, just not the conclusion. By acting like an arrogant prick he is upsetting not just the media and the establishment but also a lot of moderate fence-sitters and normies who believe everything they read in the media who might otherwise have voted UKIP.

      Nigel Farage didn’t get where he got to today by giving the dirty smear merchants ammunition on the basis that “they’ll lie about me anyway so what difference does it make?”

      Fact is that you have to be whiter than white in this dirty game and not stupe to their level and Sargon’s constant fawning over Saul Alinski’s Rules For Radicals has always sat uneasy with me.

      I’ve been subbed to him for five years, unsubbed for a while after he hijacked a live stream of Dave Cullen and Independent Man and treated them like shit, then I resubbed after a while.

      He, Dankula and PJW are the reason I renewed my UKIP membership for the first time in 3 years but now, as with my Dad and many colleagues I have spoken to I am voting Brexit Party because Nigel Farage left UKIP and took his brand and brand recognition with him.

      Carl on the other hand speaks a big game about bad optics but seems to have a blind spot for self awareness and how his belligerent behaviour towards the admittedly uncivil journalists and establishment reflects badly on him and UKIP in the eyes of many leave voters.

      Basically Carl needs to get the fuck over over himself.

      • Plus he and Dank have both admitted on their channels numerous times that “I probably won’t win” and that should get alarm bells ringing because what kind of attitude is that and why did they both decide to stand if more suitable and electable candidates could have stood in their place?

        The answer is it’s all about raising their profiles and not about the party or the fucking cause. Shameless self-promotion is what it is. Sargon has openly admitted that much although I’m afraid sure about Dankula but I would assume the same to be true.

  3. Using the word as in ‘sexing up the dodgy dossier’. Gerald Batten isn’t sexy enough. Nigel is sexier. He has more appeal electorally. Sex appeal in that sense.

    • I think ‘charismatic’ is probably the word you’re looking for Miles.

      Good afternoon, regards to Mrs Plastic. 🙂

      • I’m so superficial RT the another word that came to my mind ‘photogenic’. Terrible stuff I know but its true. He’s not photogenic enough.

        • The last two UKIP interviews I’ve watched both were terminated abruptly. Batten, Benjamin. They simply walked away. You cannot conduct a campaign walking out of interviews.

          There is more discipline with Nigel. Probably because he is the focus. He can deflect all the shit with his easy- going personality. Whereas Batten comes over as angry. Egregiously unfair but true.

          As stated above the stakes are too high to fuck up.

          Brexit is Nigel Farage. Nigel Farage is Brexit. He is a winner. It was him that won it. He can win again. If people vote for UKIP the vote will be split.

        • “superficial” is not the first word that springs to mind when I think of you Miles…

          • Oh RT you say the nicest things. I’m overcome with emotion here. Mrs Plastic says I’m obsessed with ‘Dickie’ (Mr Fiddler). But it’s you I want impress.

  4. Have to say yes I agree with him on many fronts but the way and means he has gone about this over last couple of years leaves a foul taste in the mouth .

    The loss to Richard Speancer in debate and the way again he acted during and after this was very troubling. More major demolition to his image carried on later on trying to take on MisterMetakor and being completely out trolled and out thought in that online war also .

    He has lived long enough to become that which he hates , living in a echo chamber with his sycophants and Romanian carrier pigeon carrying out gayops and searching for ppls doxies.

    The fart sniffing has gone on to long with this one and he needs to be brought back down to earth from his YouTube ivory tower.

  5. Nothing in this world would make Yours Truly create a YT Channel ….now what is this ‘Monitizing’ that media guru type cunts keep banging orn aboite? One can make some folding oite orf it. Look oite for the Sir Limply Channel coming shortly (but only if you simpleton cunts donate to me fundraiser).
    In the mean time do peruse the following as a way orf oiling your charitable streak and confirming that all is sweet and lovely in this perfect world:

    • Hell’s teeth. If it can happen in Chile, it can happen anywhere. *switches planned retirement destination from Chile to Iran*

    • ‘Monetising’

      Big YouTubers, rightly or wrongly, pull in hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of views a week. Some of them have an audience bigger than major news outlets (if you want to lower yourself to calling CNN ‘major’).

      Thus they get advertising revenue and this can amount to a lot – that vacuous cunt from our very shores who plugs shitty beauty products is currently counting her millions.

    • Fuck me, a school for trannie kids!!! I bet there’s no shortage of teachers.
      Headteacher…….Gary Glitter
      Deputy Head……Rolf Harris
      Head of PE……A.Pervert
      Pastoral Care…..M.O. Lester
      Head of RE…..The Pope

  6. According to Sir Nigel:

    “Remain campaigners have just blocked the road to stop the public from attending a Brexit Party rally in Merthyr Tydfil. This attempt to stop democracy from taking place is a total disgrace.”

  7. An interesting choice but i cant agree. It’s too late to try and cosy up to the press now. They are A) a spent force , and B) openly deranged in their pursuit. Forget his smugness; he has nothing on the bbc channel 4 and guardian journos. He is only being proven right by their attacks.
    Good for him and for Geeard Batten for sticking by him. He, Dankula, P J Watson and Milo are what UKIP need to set themselves apart from Farage’s UKIP -light. All a bit rough around the edges but i think they and TR will attract a lot of new supporters.

    • I think you seriously underestimate the power and numerous nature of the normie.

    • Thanks,

      But I really don’t understand why people can’t see that there is a vast middle ground between ‘cosying up to the press’ and calling them cunts in press conferences.

      Sargon could have stood by his refusal to apologise for the 2016 tweet, no problems.

      But then he fucking kicks the hornet’s nest by making a video joking that ‘he might rape Jess Phillips’.

      That’s not sticking one in the eye of the press. That’s being an autistic cunt of the first order without the self-awareness when and when not to keep mining for ‘top fucking kek’ with his fanbase.

      Had he not made this a mission to be as fucking obstinate as possible, and instead focussed on his excellent regional one on one regional interviews with members of the public (on his main channel), he would be in a far better position than he is now.

      Him and Dankula – sorry, not a good idea. Paul Joseph Watson on the other hand has the smarts and social intelligence.

      • Ive not seen much of the other two, Milo and PJW, regarding UKIP. I dont think Milo takes anything too seriously these days. As fpr PJW perhaps he’s just waiting to see where this is heading or is trying to direct UKIP’s engagement from behind the scenes.
        Whatever the case i hope they can make something off it.

  8. All this rape not rape stuff has been fired up by the left, it is Benjamins own fault for standing as a candidate with the all baggage he has.
    The right to free speech is tough in this day and age, the right to offend and cause offence is a fucking nightmare but shouldnt be, call a spade a fucking spade!
    However I would defend him because others like Lammy recently called RT Hons Nazi!!! He is still an MP (and a cunt)
    The time line is interesting , going back to 2016 he used the comment to have a go and offend Phillips because of her stance on Male suicide and blocking debate on the subject (as we know only women suffer… there is more on her later)
    At the time there was no or little reaction to the comment, her alleged ‘crying on the street’ was more recent when she was told (not read by herself) the comment about under pressure he would but there isnt enough beer.
    So now she is offended? or actually taking an opportunity to be the victim and raise her own profile?
    Phillips was on the VD show this morning, there were lots of people talking about Family Courts and how 4 children have been killed by estranged fathers after access allowed by the courts despite evidence that they were abusive and violent.
    Without going into the whole debate, the conservative MP said that this was unacceptable but that it was very rare and actually many more children are killed by the mother or a new partner, Phillips hit back “cant blame the mother if the new man kills a child” the conservative MP said “yes, but you cannot blame the father either”.
    She is a man hating bitch, I feel sorry for her husband, his bollocks must be under his chin (unless she has had them removed)

    • If she really did genuinely laugh at the idea that maybe men have it hard, are more prone to death and suicide then she is most definitely a cunt.

      I am 36 and of all the people I left school with in my year, 5 have died and they were all male. 2 within the first 2 years of leaving school due to road traffic incidents, 1 of a coronary due to all the crystallised heroin in his circulatory system and the 2 most recent in the last two years being suicides.

      Yeah Jess Phillips is basically a cunt.

      • Phillip Davis wanted to have a debate on mens issues on international mens day (suicide, cancer and so on) and put his pitch to the back bench committee who allocate time for stuff like this.
        The bitch can be seen putting her hands over her mouth to stop herself laughing outloud but the snigger was in full view.
        He final jibe was, “when women have parity with men in the house you can have your debate”
        She is a cunt and deserves all the shit she gets, I think the sick cow enjoys it so she can play the victim.

        • I also want to see this post so I can respond to it. That’s kind of the reason I come here.

          • the post is back…. the video of the meeting is still available…. if you search on google.

  9. The wider population do not get into the details of things.
    They might hear about them later, but first impressions last.
    Everyone that heard the comment that he might commit rape will never vote for him or anyone associated with him

    A schoolboy error.

    Personally, knowing very little about the guy, my first impression is that he’s a fat cunt.

    • Exactly the point that I and some others here have been trying to make, thanks for that by the way.

      My 68 year old Dad is a litmus test for this kind of thing. We agree on most things but we have disagreed on Tommy being affiliated with UKIP but even I eventually unsubbed from Tommy on YouTube prior to his deletion (because all of his ranty videos made me angry) and I ended up agreeing with my Dad afterwards.

      I have shown him videos of Sargon in the past and he found Sargon to be intelligent and insightful but this weekend he said that Sargon is a fucking tit who needs to learn when to shut his fucking beardy gob.

      This is from my “kind of normie, kind of not normie” Dad who has prior knowledge of Sargon and my extensive Sargon content consumption and yet I am once again finding myself agreeing with him.

      The fucking Boomer stole my future! 😂

      • If my Dad who is smart, insightful and has viewed Sargon’s more moderate, liberal content thinks that Sargon is a cunt I find it highly unlikely that the average normie in the street will find Sargon palletable.

      • Thanks TITS, I thought a summary may have been a useful addition.
        In my mind the problem here is how fast detail can catapult all concerned from what is essentially a simple question into a quagmire of irrelevance. The same poison that runs through all politics and political discussion.
        I think the world’s political problems would be vastly simplified if everyone stuck to the original question, “But are they a cunt?”

        A practical demonstration:
        Jeremy Corbyn?
        Teresa May?
        Angela Merkel?
        Remember now, stick to the question:
        Blah blah blah policy fairness blah blah waffle blah of course, the right thing waffle waffle waffle voters taxes rah rah rah

        In short?


  10. Sorry to jump on this thread, I was originally going to post this on nominations but my piss boilith over!!
    Did anybody see fat cunt Adam boulton this morning interviewing Ian dale ( lbc) and Yasmin alibhai- brown ( evening standard cunt ?)
    Ian dale was brilliant!! Fat cunt boulton should be fucking sacked for bias!!
    Alibhai-brown was exactly as you would imagine!!
    She started by comparing farage to HITLER and instantly got admonished by dale, smug fat cunt boulton just smiled!!
    AB said she was frightened that the rhetoric of farage was the same as another infamous political figure who preached hatred , and stirred up the people? Infact it was similar to 1930,s Germany? Boulton smiled?
    Emboldened AB said farage was a liar who had driven around on a bus with signs telling immigrants to go home?
    Another outrageous lie!! Boulton smiled??
    She then said farages politics were that of 1930s Germany? Another lie!! Boulton smiled??
    Then had the fucking nerve to claim brexiteers had ruined “her country “ ?
    Fuck me that’s rich!!
    That’s hate language cunt!!

    • I think AB needs to take a long hard look in the mirror in order to determine who is the inflammatory propagandist in this scenario.

      As it stands I have never heard Nigel Farage go out of his way to deliberately misrepresent an opponent purely for political expediency.

      I can think of one short, moustached, amateur painter from Austria who had a similar MO though. 🙄


    “My name is TITS and I endorse this message”.

  12. When you are a radical politician the media are out to get you. Their sole job is to trip you up and make you look like a cunt. You have to be slick, clever, be way ahead of the enemy and have no skeletons in the cupboard.
    Sir Nigel is all of these things, this Yorkshire Ripper lookalike is none of them.
    UKIP was Sir Nigel and Sir Nigel was UKIP. Now, he’s the Brexit Party.
    If I were in charge of the BBC propaganda department i’d say…..”forget about this beardy nobody, I want the Farage head on my desk ASAP you useless cunts.”

    • Oh, and i’d also sack that Marr cunt for the piss poor job he did on Sunday.
      “Schooled!!” , as our American friends say.
      ( not sure, but I think that means you tried to make somebody look like a cunt and ended up looking like a cunt yourself…….. not difficult in Marr’s case obviously)

      • Brexit: Theresa May says MPs ‘have duty’ to support bill.

        Fuck off you mental lying bitch.

        • She’s wrong, as usual. MP’s have a duty to represent their constituents. Most of them have failed in that duty. She’s already tried to get her surrender document through parliament three times, and been told to fuck off, three times. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Hopefully, this next attempt will fail again, and the Tories will finally find the balls to kick her out.

    • Farage has been playing the game for twenty years or more now, entering the lions den of various politics shows on al-Beeb and shite like HIGNFY and making the hosts look like the shit eating chumps they are. You Tubers and social media activists despite the fact I probably agree with a lot of what they say are just one tweet away from being steamrolled by the Establishment.

    • Have mentioned to my next door neighbour several times that I am amazed Nigel has not been done in yet in as without him Brexit would lose most if not all of its impetus.

        • Think the plane crash has been attributed to nothing more than an unfortunate accident.

          Less so with the car crash on France, which was blamed on loose wheel nuts on the car he was travelling in.

          I am talking about a proper contract killing. Nothing left to chance. No chance of survival.

  13. There’s a very tasty storm brewing up between the peacefuls and the educational libtards over these sex identity lessons in Primary schools. These two groups were always going to.clash over this issue. Light the blue touch paper and stand clear!

    • I thought the Peacefuls were allowed to be excluded from this ducking nonsenses, but it was compulsory for everyone else.

      • They are Willie. The Department of Brainwashing Kids have decided that Headteachers should “exercise their professional judgement “ as to implementing the law of the land.
        Translation……. if it all goes tits up you’re carrying the can mate.
        We’re politicians, nothing to do with us if some Islamophobist teacher gets it all wrong.

      • Hi Willie. Aparently not in Birmingham where the head teachers are insisting everyone is included – till they cave in of course.

  14. A huge breakfast cunting for Martin kettle at the guardian!!
    Today he’s written a piece stating that Brexit Britain is scarily similar to 1930.s Germany!!
    With the EU elections looming there is an obvious drive by the leftie liberal cunts to try and counter the Brexit party , during the last week or so every liberal twat interviewed wants to make the link between farage and hitler?
    Apparently we’re living in very dangerous times? History is repeating itself? Rise of 4th reich, sorry Brexit party! If the Russians don’t get us farages stormtroopers just might….
    This all from the very same cunts who accuse leave as liars, peddlers of hate and fear? Absolute fucking hypocrites..
    I’m praying the Brexit party wipes the fucking floor with the others……

    • Morning Q.

      The threat posed by the Jew hating hard-left Corbynites and Momentum brownshirts is far more akin to Germany in the 1930s than anything the Brexit Party could ever be accused of.

    • Good morning Quislings.

      Couldnt agree more with your assessment on the subject.

      The Guardian is a cunt.

      • Morning WS
        Trying to depict farage as extreme right is ludicrous!
        Making comparisons of Brexit to 1930s Germany is dishonest…..
        the truth is they are rattled by farage and his party and just want to discredit it but people are much wiser to this kind of bullshit ……

        • Comaprisons to 1930’s Krauts? It’s a thought I suppose…
          How about this little equation?

          Remainers + Gas

          Viva Farage!

  15. The ‘outrage’ over Benjamin’s joke about horse features Phillips…

    Yet no ‘outrage’ over that odious cunt Lammy labeling British working people as Nazis…
    Or that BBC turd Lineker calling Leave voters racists…
    And no anger at all over Ian Lad ‘Munroe’ Buggeredorf’s hate against whites…

    As Greavesie used to say, It’s a funny old fucking game…

  16. Have you cunters not read Locke? jesus christ at least read Locke before commenting please

  17. Probaly not a popular opinion but I think both Farage and Sargon of Al applebees are controlled opposition. I know some of you are probably saying titslapper you call everything controlled opposition yes true i do but this even more so with how events played out

    I think sargon intentionally destroyed Ukip to help Nigels brexit party also I don’t trust Farage after his friendly handslap to Juncker a few months back

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