Maxine Peake

Maxine Peake is a cunt.
Can often be heard on the radio pushing the governments agenda of fitting smart meters to our homes.I don’t want my energy usage to be spied on so that the companies can profile our usage and then bung up the price when we use it the most.
Stick to your day job of acting and stop taking the 30 pieces of silver for doing the governments dirty work.


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  1. That photo is not Maxine Peake! Its Twiggy. I think the mods are heading for a defamation claim!

        • Maxine peake is a full on corbyn loving, leftie luvvie darling of a cunt, of the emma Thompson school of lefty luvvie, likes to play working class hero at islington dinner parties. Hate this cunt so much i despise myself. Twiggy is ok though!

  2. Is this the slag that played Myra Hindley ‘sympathetically’?…
    She also did a film recently about being a female comedian in the ‘Big Bad 1970s’.. Basically a load of misandrist working men are oafs PC drivel… Peake is a cunt and she can fuck right off…

    And she looks like a very piss poor Twiggy in that photo…

  3. Thought that was Twiggy for a moment.

    Maxine Peake could definitely fucking benefit from a short, sharp open-palmer with this whole fucking shilling for smart meters.

    And just remember: if the government think something is a good idea for consumers, you can safely assume that it is not in your interests; smart meters and electric cars are two examples.

    Fuck of Maxine before someone shoves a smart meter up your cunt, Cunt.

  4. Maxine, bless, is also a supporter of Uncle Worzel. And she also gets herself paid through one of those shiny tax minimisation companies. So not just a cunt but a dim cunt and a hypocritical cunt too.

    Smart meters are merely a device to allow a) the slashing of billing costs and b) differential pricing. DP is coming to a life like yours any day now.

  5. This Corbyn ringpiece licking shitcunt is the irritating voice behind a Big Business media campaign to get us to install Smart Meters, thereby adding an estimated £50million a year to our already astronomic energy bills… not to mention the privacy /Big Brother implications.

  6. Living in a flat, I don’t have access to the electric meters due to some “elf in safety” grounds that I might electrocute myself.
    (Although there is nothing to stop me sticking a heater in a bath full of water or sticking a sharp conductor instrument into the electric sockets. But anyway).

    I do want a smart meter, not because I really want to, but just to stop these rip off energy companies from plucking a figure out the sky and estimating your usage.

    The figures are always wrong and they always make them up in their favour when they hike prices midway through readings.

    I managed to catch one of the big six in trying to diddle me out of £40 on a bill using this trick.
    If they applied that wheeze to all their customers it would have worked out at £136 million quid in pure greedy profit.

    Its the only time I agree with the cat weasel that electricity should be renationalized.

    All privatisation has done is muddled up an industry that used to be simple but made complicated by the greedy fat cats at the big 6 energy companies.


  7. Thank God for celebrities, is there anything they are not an authority on? Scrap elected members of Parliament and stick in this years Bafta nominees.

  8. I had no idea who this cunt was so the link supplied by RTCp was very useful.

    I have no intention of having one of these useless pieces of crap even if they paid me to have one, my experience of electricity/gas companies isnt good, they are all fucking useless.
    I moved into a new house and the energy provider had the wrong meter serial number so I called them to rectify the mistake, after giving them the correct number, I was asked if I was sure it was my meter, and if i was looking at the right number.
    My piss boiled over and I said just send out one of your readers to check it if you dont believe me. This didnt happen so in the end I sent a photo of my house, my door number, the street name plate, my meter box, and the meter itself.

    A news item today on labour plans to nationalise the electricity, the National Grid aren’t in favour……
    A disaster in the making Labour running the show and smart meters!

  9. Did anyone have Bob Hawke, the ex Aussie PM in their Deadpool, not to be confused with Tony Hawks, the fridge carrying comedian?

  10. Both Maxine Peake AND Twiggy have done some bloody advertising campaign thingy to promote smart meters. What is it with celebrities and their ‘show me the money’ involvement in any old piece of shite? Where is their damned pride? I mean surely Twiggy is not hard up these days. She has her own clothing line with M&S and her mug is always promoting it, so why the fuck does she feel the need for this cuntery?

    We have a smart meter, but only because it was here when we moved in a couple of years ago. As soon as we set foot in the place, my Mum swiftly unplugged the meter part stating, and I quote:

    ‘ I don’t want to see how much fuckin’ money we’re eating up, thanks very much.’

    Hence, it has been gathering dust in a cupboard ever since.

    Apparently, there are a whole heap of celebricunts who have got involved in this shite.


  11. Received a letter from Eon late last week telling me it is a legal requirement for my meter to be changed. Probably about the tenth so far.

    Nowhere on the letter does it say it will be replaced by a smart meter, however my very wise next door neighbour reliably informs me that only smart meters are being installed these days. An important and blatant omission me thinks.

    Anyway, as I do not want a smart meter will “file” this with all the other meter letters.

    • It’s a legal requirement for them to ask – if they don’t get enough smart meters fitted by 2020, they get a hefty fine, too. It is not a legal requirement for you to accept, and you can tell them to fuck off because:

      The regulator, Ofgem, is in charge of creating the guidelines for energy providers around what they can say to customers so we also approached it for a comment.

      A spokesperson replied: ‘It is not compulsory to have a smart meter installed – consumers have a right to decline them and suppliers must not mislead consumers.

      I already pay a penalty for not allowing the rapacious cunts direct access to my bank account, and I expect to take a further hit for not allowing their spyware into my house. But I will.

      • “Suppliers must not mislead consumers”.

        The letter I received would seem to contradict that, or at the very least is extremely ambiguous.

    • My last leccy supplier changed the wording of the contract to say “We reserve the right to fit a new meter of our choice”.

      So I chose to fuck em and switched supplier. Cunts.

    • However Willie, there could be money in this for you! I agreed with Eon to have a smart meter installed. £100 compensation is not bad for a company that never turned up twice to fit it. Each time they break an appointment, your are entitled to claim £50. Especially as they’re so crap, I’m about to kick them in to touch.

    • Mr. S you can insist on an old type meter. My fellow cunters, if you are in line for a new meter the manufacturers are only making heritage meters until the end of this year.

  12. Add to all the other complaints the fact that despite charging the British public £11bn for these fucking dumb-meters that don’t even stop estimated bills, the spy-boxes can’t be switched from one supplier to another but are the property of the company that installed it – despite the fact WE all pay for it whether you have one installed or not! CUNTS!

  13. Apologies cunters for the wrong picture, I have rectified my mistake now and resolve to do better in the future!

  14. I don’t really know her politics aside from supporting corbyn or what the fuck a smart meter is suppose to be but I remember her from a black mirror episode I saw on netflix a month ago.

    Where she was chased by a unstoppable robotic killer dog i think some of you cunters might get a kick from her being chased lol definitely one of the better black mirror episodes that I’ve seen

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