Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerberg.

Quite possible the biggest cunt on the planet and a woefully under-represented cunt on this website. Let me try and reddress that balance.

It takes a special kind of cunt to go from universally loved to universally loathed by the internet tech fraternity at large; but synthetic-faced scumcunt Mark Zuckerberg has managed it, and then some.

Everyday activities for this cunt include spying on people, exercising blatant left-wing bias towards political users, ‘shadowprofiling’ non-users (i.e. building up a profile of non-FB people based on the frequency their phone numbers appear on accessed contacts list of actual FB users), giving a free pass to Islamic terrorists and behading videos, wanking over users’ photos (probably) and losing his company billions in stock value. You know, the usual tech-giant overlord fare.

Such is the cuntitude of both Zuckerberg and FaceBook that even its very own co-founder, Chris Hughes, has gone on record this week saying that FaceBook (and ergo Zuckerberg) are disproportionately powerful in the modern age and need to be broken up. The co-founder said that. Holy fucking dogshit.

Only this week we were reminded of Zuckerberg’s dream for FaceBook to launch a new online currency, to rival Bitcoin and the like. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a website which spies on its users, assigns them a virtual credit score based on their online activity and shuts down legitimate contrary opinions holding your online savings?

So lets get up close and personal to this fucking autistic gobshite – the man resembles a synthetic lifeform from some Brian Yuzna late-eighties body-schlock horror. Every time I look at Zuckerberg, I’m reminded of the scene in Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’, where the android, Ash, is just about to go fucking mental and the panning camera reveals that momentary rolled-eyes, vacant, mad expression. So too does Zuckerberg perenially look like he is about to malfunction; as he sips water during congressional hearings with all the grace and elan of an unspeakably abused shop-soiled mannequin.

A behemoth of a cunt responsible for much of the world’s ills related to smartphones, vanity, mental insecurity and the reduction of our youth to superficial gibbering simpletons. This cunt should ideally be stripped of his fortune and banished back to the semen-encrusted college dorm from whence he came.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

47 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerburg

  1. This man is so reviled that you could say anything about him without causing offence to anyone else. Besides, it’s not as if he’s rich enough to take out a court action

    • I remember a ‘friend’ in late 2008 telling me that “everyone is on Facebook, you should get yourself on it”.

      Like a fucking vegetable, I went ahead and created an account. I lasted precisely 4 months, watching friends or acquiantainces who I knew in real life promote a completely false representation of themselves in their profiles, walls and photos.

      The weak literally became heroes and you would be forgiven for thinking that Peter, the balding timid manlet, was actually a wild party nutter who had sex with at least 4 a day.

      Between that and the endless flood of ‘inspirational’ quotes flooding my page from toothless simpletons, I couldn’t deactive the account quick enough. Aside from a handful of shitposts, I thankfully never uploaded a photo aside from a grainy profile pic. More than 10 years not using FaceBook and my only regret is that I ever signed up for the cunt in the fucking first place.

      • Always a feeling of being ‘had’ when I was doing it. At the back my mind. A feeling of being drawn into something and revealing things about myself that could be ‘used’. A feeling of being ‘tricked’.

        • Exactly, that’s just how I felt. I remember being a bit take aback at how much fucking information the site was asking you to submit.

          I am however forever thankful that back in 2009, it didn’t compel you to fill in all these blanks to register. Name and email were all I gave up to fucking Zuckerbeg.

          No doubt however that thanks to their database, shared tracking info and sinister algorithms, they still know exactly what I fucking had for breakfast and the weight, to within 5 grams, of my last stool.

      • I’ve got a good inspirational quote:-

        🍃 Don’t be a Cunt. 🍃

        • Come on everybody let’s all be friends. Let’s bring the world together. Cut to the teenager at the keyboard about to reveal a secret.

      • I went on Facebook many years ago, and after creating an account lasted about a week.

        Started to receive unwanted links to annoying cunts I knew and had purposely avoided.

        Other than ISAC not on any social media.

        Always staggered by those morons who say they are being bullied on social media.

        Simple answer: DONT FUCKING GO ON IT THEN!!!

  2. Sorry to go off subject, but I’ve just had flyers through the door for both Brexit and Labour parties. What a contrast! Nige’s leaflet very professional. Labour’s is so amateurish, featuring large photo of Corbyn on the front which must be worth minus half a million votes. Just given this to my 2 year old granddaughter and took great delight in telling her she can tear it up! I usually tell her to respect the written word but even she is clever enough to know there are exceptions.

  3. Actually I think earth is the biggest planet on the cunt.

    Until we can send said cunt to Jupiter

  4. One of the über-cunts walking the planet who has thrown a net over one of people’s greatest weaknesses, namely Vanity, whilst harvesting every iota of information from them. Secretly he thinks he’s a sort of saviour, the Mother Theresa of the internet (though that might be rather apt).

    Damn his eyes, the privacy råpist.

    • I’m still naive enough to hope that history will look back on this utterly contemptible tech spiv as one of the most nefarious and unscrupulous cunts of our age.

      • Some of them will, Empire but by then his half-Chinese family won’t care as they’ll have moved to politics and will have become Presidents and Prime Ministers preaching their Soros-inspired vomit.

  5. In one respect he’s a lucky cunt for coming along and ripping off existing social media sites back in the early 00s and coming out with Facebook, and somehow getting millions of mugs to sign up for something as simple as a glorified database with an easy gui for the dumb cunts to use.

    And within a couple of years he’s a billionaire – just like that! What a lucky cunt.

    But of course garnering so much personal data will interest all sorts of corporate and government cunts, willing to pay shedloads to get your data; and him being a greedy egotistical cunt duly obliged.

    What i can never understand with millionaires, or indeed billionaires, is that they’re never fucking satisfied with their lot! Instead they want to make more money, and don’t give two fucks how they do it.

    So fuck him on so many levels- but of course when he croaks it his missus will be laughing her saggy tits off!


  6. I opened a Facebook account because I needed it to access other sites. I opened it under a false name, gave no true personal information, and the only picture I loaded was the Arsenal badge. Total anonymity.

    So how the fuck comes I’m getting friend recommendations from people I know? How can that possibly be? I’m genuinely confused.

    • Because Zuckerberg downloaded your contact book.
      And accesses your phone camera when you’re wanking over porn on t’internet.
      And wanks over it.

    • ‘Shadow Profiling’, friend.

      Say you have never even registered on Facebook, but 40 people you know have and they have your email and phone number on their FaceBook-accessible contacts. From that information, FaceBook can see the ‘shadow’ of someone from the recurring access of the same details, and build a profile of them including the likelihood of interests, locations and other things those 40 friends have in common.

      Such people have eventually registered and had an unnerving level of known contacts, locations and associations thrown at them, just by providing their email address.

      If humanity could just give its collective head a shake for a few moments, then it would realise that cunts like Zuckerberg, the Twitter cunt Jack Dorsey and others leading the Silicon Valley social media cults all deserve to be burned at the fucking stake.

  7. He actually looks like he’s not quite human.
    To quote Vic Reeves, his Father was Parker out of Thunderbirds, and his Mother was Glaxo Industries.

    • Spot on Magnus,this acne infested cunt is basically a front man for the CIA,as is Google and a host of other Yankee high tech companies,especially the ones founded after the early nineties,when the CIA set up its……er…..investment fund.

  8. I wonder if he’s got a secret BDSM dungeon in one of his mansions.

    No, belay that. I think he’s got a padded and soundproof room somewhere and he goes and laughs his arse off for an hour each day at the millions of gullible arseholes who use his spyware.

    I do have a grudging respect.

    • Christ, I’ve got more variety in my wardrobe and I’ve not bought anything since C&A closed down in 2000! For any youngsters, this was the equivalent of Matalan.

  9. He just looks like a beady-eyed cunt who you can’t trust. As for his website, or social media in general, I prefer to call it anti-social media. People are on there behind the safety of their screens and keyboards typing things that they’d never say to someone’s face. Every time I went on Fakebook I could feel my blood pressure and anxiety levels going up. I finally reached boiling point when someone called me a thick cunt on there. I then typed out my full address followed by “now come here and say that to my face, dickhead. I DARE YOU.” That was when I realised I’d had enough and deleted my account. I immediately felt a sense of weight lifted off my shoulders. The air suddenly smelled cleaner and the sky looked brighter.
    It’s become the Mecca of confrontational soundbites and a virtual public gallery where you get judged, sentenced and hanged, on the spot, for daring to have your own opinion. As for the cunt who insulted me, I’m still waiting to bump into him in the real world…..

  10. Zückerberg and his facistbook love liberalism and free speech so much he closed down Paul Joseph Watson’s pages last month. He allows Hezbollox and other murderous cunts on but not PJW who supports Trump and Brexit.
    Tailored to opinion. Fucking frightening.

  11. If you have either Facebook app or msg app installed on ur phone, not only are you giving him access to you contacts but also your messages via SMS, whatsapp, and where you’ve been. Nothing is out of his prying eye.

    Then all this shit about a company harvesting that data. The words no shit sherlock spring to mind. How else do they make money other than through advertising?

    It wouldn’t surprise though that ISAC is really a Facebook for cunts and the data is mined by that dome near Cheltenham and some federal agency in Washington. Shit. The games up.

    • I bought a ‘phone a while back with Twatter and FecesBook pre-installed. The best I could do was disable them because you could not uninstall them. WTF is that about? That’s just plain wrong.

  12. I’m sure this cunt has worked long and hard to grow the company he created into what it is today. So on one level, kudos for being successful.

    The issues I have with his company and the way it behaves, boil down to a few simple questions. Is what he created a good thing? Is it open and available to everyone who abides by the law governing their particular geographic region? Given its prevalence, is it now fundamentally necessary?

    My answers are no, no and no.

    No, it’s not a good thing because it has provided an anonymous platform for trolling, hatred and vitriol. It caters for and encourages lowest common denominator standards of intelligence, behaviour and communication. It has turned an entire generation or more into screen staring, illiterate, socially awkward, entitled, opinionated and narcissistic cunts. I think that’s a bigger negative than the positive of allowing friends and family to keep in touch.

    No, it’s not open to everyone. FB very obviously has a political agenda, a political bias and engages in blatant censorship of anything or anyone it deems contrary to its position and beliefs. Given its prevalence in today’s world, that strongly suggests it has too much power and influence.

    No, it’s not necessary. The snowflakes might not get that there was once a world without smartphones, Twatter and FecesBook, but everything ticked along quite nicely without those things for many, many years. If FB disappeared tomorrow, would it actually matter? The Snows would cry and wail for sure, but in truth it wouldn’t matter because fundamentally, it’s unnecessary.

    FB has grown to a size where having its will and worldview imposed upon it’s 2+ billion users should be a cause for concern for governments. Not sure when this will happen, but I think legislation will eventually come in to curtail organisations like FB. The sooner the better.

  13. In fairness, Faecalbook does tell you that by accepting cookies when you log in, you are allowing FB to collect information about you “ON and OFF Facebook” meaning you’re being followed around t’internet.

    I also read that Zuckerberk covers the webcam on his own laptop and also sticks a mini-jack plug (with the wires cut off) into the mic socket to stop any cunt recording him remotely. Evidently the worryingly-weedy little shit treats others with the same trust I afford him…

    • To be honest, I’ve never been a facetube fan. The only social media site I will ever subscribe to is IsAC. Like someone else who’s mentioned this, they Googled whether anybody they despised was a cunt and were pleasantly surprised there was a whole site devoted to it.

  14. It would have better for us all if this maggots dad had preference the arse hole to the minge.!

    • Agreed. And far too many similarly situated people in the world, I’m afraid.

  15. Facebook, the place where total strangers you’ve never met add you as a ‘friend’, cunts you never even spoke to at school add you as a ‘friend’ (I couldn’t stand you at school, so why would I give a toss what you are doing 20 years later). Cunts from work adding you as a ‘friend’ (bad enough having to work with these fucking idiots, let alone see what you get up to in your boring lives outside work).

    I used to spend hours, sometimes a whole day thumbing through faecesbook, then one day about 18 months ago I had an epiphany…. the sun was shining and I realised how much of my life I was wasting on this mindless shit!! I saved a few photos from my account and deleted my profile without even a second thought. My life has been a better place without that fucking garbage.

  16. Long overdue cunting- thank you. And Cuckerburg is THE ideal of example of why corporate liberals are full of shit. His policy is an incoherent wreck of contradictory bullshit and I hate him and everything he has to do with.

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