David Lammy MP (3)


Platinum cunt, David Lammy MP, and Independent journalist, Habiba Katsha, deserve a joint cunting for deriding good, hardworking British people who donate to aid charities in Africa.

Lammy says, ‘The world doesn’t need any more white saviours.’
Really, Lammy? Well thank the fucking heavens, I thought the UK would have to keep paying billions in foreign aid forever to corrupt and useless African regimes. Please let me know as soon as our rebate comes in. Cunt.

Katsha’s article in the Independent supports Lammy’s views in which she says she’s ‘an African from the Democratic Republic of Congo,’ even though she admits she’s never been there (what the fuck is that about?). Like Lammy she also adopts a sarcastic tone about the help Africa receives

Let me put both the cunts straight:
1) White people who give to aid charities do it out of genuine sympathy for the victims.
2) That’s on top of hundreds of millions donated by their own government.
3) Donors give quickly knowing that urgent action is needed to save lives. They don’t head-scratch looking to score white v black points.
4) TV reports by white reporters or ‘celebrities’ which follow up on the work of aid-agencies aim to show the donors positive stories produced by their donations…so they will keep on giving. To save more lives. Black lives, mostly. Geddit, Lammy?

That’s it. Nothing to do with colonialism. Nothing to do with identity politics. It’s about humanity, something bigots like Lammy and Katsha clearly don’t understand. Maybe they might have some praise for those who want to help? Well, no, that’s far beyond them.

So for me at least, the next time I see an African clinging on for dear life in a flood or one of those fucking terrible walking skeletons Africa is so good at producing, I’ll remember what they’ve said, I’ll get out my credit card and I’ll give…but I’ll give to my local hospice instead. Fuck Africa.

Maybe the cunts have helped me see the obvious; charity begins at home.

Nominated by Zippy

52 thoughts on “David Lammy MP (3)

  1. It’s a great pity this cunt does not piss off and stay in Africa another load mouth Darkie with attitude

  2. Well that’s fantastic then let’s stop all the donations as the man said they dont need us whities as saviour s anymore.

    Sure we can find something actually useful to do with it , nhs, police or maybe housing? . So glad David has set the record straight on this issue.

  3. Great cunting, Africa will get worse, the population there is growing faster than anywhere else and is a fuckng disaster in the making.

    Fuck giving money to Africa and good to see that Lammy has helped to fuck them over.

    • Disaster in the making Mr Sick? Africa’s been a disaster for as long as I can remember (60 years).

      The amount of money I’ve pissed down the shitter trying to sort them out must run into pounds!

      • Send me the money RTCP…I have my eye on a gram of Colombia’s finest after the LFC win. I’ll tell you what send me 200 quid and I’ll get you a gram as well and get Abdul to drop it off in da Uber.
        If the police intercept it though I know naffink abaaaaaht it, your on your own and no refund.

        • Thanks B&WC for another extremely tempting offer! Sadly though I’m still detoxing.

          • Still detoxing? You must have been on a 20 year bender. Very high standards you have set indeed RTCP.

      • I agree RTCp, but now they are free range and expanding at an undesirable rate, the invasion we have seen over the last decade will be swamped by the next wave of mass migration from Africa.

  4. Aid and charities are businesses. Look at the salaries of the directors who lunch around London. They depend on Africa.
    Africa is a shithole, because of Africans. Not slavery, colonisation, whitey. Africans who are savage, corrupt and above all do not give a fuck for fellow Africans.
    Celebrities depend on virtue signalling their bleeding hearts. They need Africa.
    The reason Umbongo has to walk miles for water is that once whitey left the infrastructure fell apart.
    Western aid and medicine is making things worse, prolonging the begging bowl mindset and increasing the population.
    Lammy is of African descent. He couldn’t give a fuck about Africans but due to his low intellect and the chip on his shoulder he uses identity politics bullshit to score his sad and pathetic points.

    • I think it was 1985 when the Military took over, any way Lagos Nigeria, the military took over and threatened the civil servants with death if they didn’t do their job, any way 2 days curfew/lock down and the expat community finally left their compounds and promptly got lost.
      The reason for this was simple, navigating the streets was not done by signage but piles of shit and derelict vehicles, the army made them clean it all up, I discovered that a massive pile of shit on a round about was actually a large fountain and that all the kerbs had been painted sometime in the past.

  5. Great post Zippy.

    The world has given trillions of aid and much help to Africa, and still the hand is outstretched for more. Always wanting more.

    The only way the lazy cunts will sort out their own problems is to stop breeding and to get off their sorry fucking arses.

    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

    David Lammy is a fucking disgrace, just like most MP’s.

    • Foreign aid is akin to blackmail – you never stop paying a blackmailer (as I am sure Mangledbum, “Charles Lynton” and co know only too well)

  6. To be fair, much as it pains me, Lammy was talking about Comic Relief, which is a stratospheric cunt in its own right.

    But he has somehow failed to notice that if the West stops buying the compliance of African dictators in order to get a piece of the commercial action, China will rub its hands and double its presence there. Which is already far-reaching. There are very good reasons why we punt aid into the arms of middlemen (like the Institute for Global Blair, eg) for redistribution, less commission, to President Umbongo’s Liechtenstein account, and they are purely commercial.

    Lammy may object, but it is noticeable that he hasn’t moved to Rwanda, but is happy to stay here and benefit from our exploitation of African corruption and access to African resources. Or perhaps he thinks China exists on a higher moral plane than the West…it doesn’t.

    Re the woman “from” DRC – no wonder she hasn’t been there One of the world’s richest countries in resources, it is one of the poorest per capita, and in a more or less perpetual state of war, with laughable human rights. Everyone wants its cobalt, though. It exports 50% of its mineral production to China, incidentally.

    Lammy’s pro-globalisation. That’s globalisation, mate. Enjoy.

  7. Chimp with attitude. Hissy fits ever since Fyffes Bananas were withdrawn from Tesco’s, the rabid lickle cunt Lammy has continued to boom out from every crack in the shit pan at every opportunity. What a complete and utter waste of fucking space. If you don’t like whitey, then fuck off to the dry dusty bin of shit your parents called home and suck on an elephants testicle you dolt !

  8. Funny how Fatboy Lammy doesn’t turn up his nose at the white saviours money when it comes to the Grenfell compo. (He had a friend who died there you know) No, there’s not enough money in the world for those cunts. Could that have something to do with Fatboy trying to hoover up the votes of North Londonstabistan’s vast immo population?
    The fact is Fatchops doesn’t give a fuck about Africa, Africans, black cunts, white cunts, black and white cunts or any fucking cunts. Just another careerist, Blairite lawyer MP cunt on the fucking make.
    It’s only the fact that he is black that makes him stand out from all the other thieves, liars and chancers in Westminster.
    And doesn’t he fucking know it.

  9. Lammy is a bloodclaaat cunt…He knows it and plays up to it to get his name the papers. Must have his eye on Corbyns throne, the cunt that is Lammy is not worth responding to.
    Too much Lammy will make you doo-lally and in need of a Lobotalammy.

    • Archie Harrison for ginger pubes and his Mrs new sprog B&WC, will this command respect in ‘da hood’? It doesn’t sound very ghetto.

      • No respec wid dat name LL, he’ll have to be Arch ‘Bad man’ Harrisan to get some love in da hood.

        • And should he murder all the other heirs, he’ll be King Archie the Bald*. Which will remove the last shredded tatter of credibility from this sceptred isle.

          *Charitably assuming that he inherits the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha early baldness gene, though there is no reason to assume he will.

          • Harry and Smeg missed a trick there. They should have called Him Duane Dwight Junior Hewitt-Windsor to get down with the kids.

  10. Admin, this should be about Lammy (6) as he’s sneaked in under other guises. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sticking up for the cretinous Hottentot, I merely wish to see justice,.

    And to see him on the Wall, naturally.

    • Fucking well superglued to it by his bollocks, hopefully. How ya doin’ Cap’n?

      • Afternoon Sirrah. I’m well, after watching one of the greatest games of football last night. Astonishing.

        Are the Villa going up?

        • Pool were brilliant last night. I think they’ll win it.
          Hope the Villa are going up, but one thing I’ve learned as a long suffering follower over the years, and that’s never underestimate their capacity to disappoint. In other words, I’ll bleedin’ well believe it when I see it!

          • It seems mad that Villa aren’t in the top tier when smaller teams are.

            Good luck although I haven’t forgiven Villa since we were gulled into buying Bentekke. What a pile of overpriced shite.


  11. Is it true that Lammy went ballistic when he heard about some Scottish animals doing Blackface; until somebody told him that they were sheep.

  12. How the fuck are there so many kids in Africa? In the ‘gimme’ adverts the only one time you see any men at all they’re holding AK47’s and don’t have time to fuck.

  13. Old man river. Listen here Lardy Lammy: Go drink some um bongo at get back to the plantation.That cotton will not pick itself….

  14. Beautiful, Zippy, beautiful.
    Africa can indeed go fuck itself, hopefully before it sinks Europe with migrants.
    As for Lammy, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s actually any reason to cunt this arsewipe in future. He’s so completely and obviously a total cunt in every respect that further comment is superfluous. The cunt.

  15. I wouldn’t give Africa AIDS. Probably because some cunt beat me to it.

    ‘”Democratic” republic of un bongo? How dare these jungle pikeys culturally appropriate from honkey.

    Oh wait, have you seen the debased shitehole. The concept is obviously beyond them.

  16. Simple solution to starving Africans, put all obese yanks on jumbo jet fly to Africa unload fill plane with 3 times the amount of famine victims fly to USA unload and let em loose on the food that produced the fattys, once they are fat return to Africa and load up with emaciated yanks, repeat cycle as and when necessary, no money to steal or food to put on black market.

  17. Nearly all lefties are thick and hypocrites. Lammy and Flabbott are so thick they dont realise they are hypocrites. People like Emma Thompson are so arrogantly hypocritcal they think we’re too thick to realise it.
    All cunts mind you.

  18. His problem with white people doesn’t extend to women does it?


  19. When is a hate crime not a hate crime? When Lammy calls JR-M and the ERG Nazis & White Supremacists.

    Ok, so when is a hate crime a hate crime? When some cunt calls Anna Sourcunt a Nazi, that’s when.


    Black racists like Lammy, Flabbott and Monroe Bergdorf are a protected species and clearly above the law.

  20. Can I run Lammy over while he’s on a zebra crossing and say “sorry chum, didn’t think you needed anything white to help you (crossing stripes).

    What an bum boy loving fucking cunt he is CUNT!

  21. His and Flabbott’s corpulence are testament to the existence of ‘Black Privilege’. I’m sure the average starving African appreciates their railing against ‘whitey helping dark key’.

  22. God hates africans, or africans are incapable of running a successfull 10-man business let alone country.

    One of those is true.

  23. Isn’t Lammy the cunt that does voiceovers for holiday lets in Wales ??…

    “Come home to a roaring fire.”

  24. The only thing I would happily donate to in Africa is the conservation of the national parks. It is a fucking travesty that trillions have been squandered on the fucking hapless, listless, humans and there is nothing to show for it, when the amazing creatures that live in Central African nations are literally being hunted to extinction and dying as a result of habitat destruction.
    What’s the fucking point in donating to the people? A continent rammed with God-fearing, God-serving, baby producing, slum-dwelling, rape-hungry savages. And the cunts keep having more babies, despite being riddled with disease and not having a pot to piss in.
    Do yourself a favour, go onto Bestgore, or any other alternative news / gore website (’cause you ain’t seeing the reality on BBC) and search “Africa lynching” – he really thinks we should donating to the likes of them?
    Get fucked.

  25. As Africans don’t want Whitey to patronise them I have started a new organization which allows them to retain their dignity; Spade Aid. We all donate our old garden equipment so that they can dig wells and little blambo doesn’t have to walk 5 miles to drink out a shitty puddle. With clean water on their doorstep they will be able to use the time to plant and irrigate crops, removing their dependence on aid. Just surprised that it hasn’t been tried before, instead of sitting around getting pissed and scratching their bollocks a few days hard work would massively improve their lot. Surely an entire continent can’t all be useless lazy cunts?

  26. I attended school in the early 60’s when we were first mad aware of humanitarian tragedy’s in Africa (mainly) and other places. The only kid on the block then was Oxfam. Since 60 fucking years has now passed and the global donations must be in the TRILLIONS of pounds, tell me, have you noticed ANY difference from then until now? The answer is NO – just good money being thrown after bad. Fuck em all!

  27. Fuckin Africa, forever holding its paw out for our money, more corrupt than U.E.F.A and full of huge bucks wearing Man Utd shirts with nothing more on their feeble minds than making their way to the U.K to start dealing drugs and tubbing blonde women, glory be, oh happy day.!

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