Dame Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

May I offer forth a cunting for Dame Phlegma Thompson, she of the highest luvvie echelons and ex-wife of that other prize cunt, Kenneth Bran-aggghhh.

If there are two things that really get on my increasingly irritated wick, they are:

A. Showboating celebrities and
B. Hypocrites.

Put the two together and you get one giant cunt of all cunts, to slay all other cunts known to man.

It appears that this sanctimonious twat sees fit to lecture the great unwashed about how they should be cutting down on their air travel in order to save the planet, but meanwhile back at the ranch, she is flying First Class, several times a year back and forth to the States, stuffing champagne and methane-spewing, dead cow in her piehole.


According to this woman, we should all be doing our utmost to reduce our carbon footprint and if that means staying in Blighty with the pissing weather of a Summer, rather than caving in to the call of a Pina Colada in scorching Benidorm, then that is what we must do to preserve Mother Earth.

The fact that the average UK pleb doubtless takes no more than one or two return flights a year (if they are lucky) when they get time off from slogging their guts out year ’round, whilst she is jetting backwards and forwards from the US copious times a year, fucking around with her self-serving, self-promoting bullshit and gassing Mother Earth to within an inch of her life, seems to have escaped her somehow.

‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is what you mean, eh Dame Phlegma? Typical leftie, liberal, preaching hag who likes to think she is a ‘woman of the people’, but is so far removed from real life it is laughable.

Oh, just fuck off.

Tell you what dear, you can cut your air travel instantly by remaining in the US permanently, doing us all a damned favour.


Nominated by Nurse Cunty

66 thoughts on “Dame Emma Thompson

  1. Is this not the cunt that decided it was a good idea to jump on a plane from LA to London so she could read poetry to the environment protesting fucktards who manages to do more damage to the environment with all the stationary traffic idling for hours/days while these prick banged their drums, oh the fucking hypocrisy is fucking amazing, and whats more Emma Thompson is the most boring, crap actress ive seen in years, what a treble cunt she is….Fuck of E,T and she has a neck like a lizards ball sack….

  2. This withered crone should put herself out to pasture. A few years back she called British men “emotionally retarded” despite being married to one. I’d be a bit emotionally coy waking up to this lipstick’d witch with her bleached hair, bleached teeth, and Theresa May body. And that’s without listening to her painful hypocrisy.

    If she loves aeroplanes so much, I suggest she take a 1st class one directly to the Netherlands for a spot of Euthanasia treatment – us British men will gladly have a whip-round for her one-way ticket.

    • Her 5400 mile flight from LA emitted about 1.6 tonnes of CO2, about what a typical car will do in four months or about a Flabbotts worth after a vindaloo and beer late-night Parliamentary session.

  3. W-H-A-T T-H-E F-U-C-K !!??

    Do I deduce this is a first ever cunting for this loathsome, talent-free one trick pony?!!

    The latest brush with infamy is just one of many many crimes of stupefying bad taste this idiot has inflicted on us. Often seen on chat shows inevitably making tiresome and unfunny fart-jokes. That’s an Oxbridge education for you.

    I think there’s a TV series with her in it starting soon. It may even be very good. But I won’t be watching as I can’t bear the sight of her. She’s even uglier in real life than when dressed up as Nanny McCunt

    • I’m the same with Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais, won’t watch anything with either of those bastards in it.

  4. Hypocrisy, thy name is Hemmah. But she is a Dame, you know…
    Great call Nurse, a top notch bit of cunting.

    • I thought so too, a heartfelt, gruff and genuinely indignant cunting. Nice work NC!

    • Thank you, my esteemed fellow cunters!

      I read that article and blew my stack in a way that my stack has never been blown before (apart from over Brexit, needless to say) so the call of a cunting was off the scale.

  5. Hurry up and die you hypocritical old cunt.

    I was going to suggest having your fetid corpse cremated, but your climate chums wouldn’t want that as it would fuck up planet Earth.

    So how about dumping your fetid corpse in a landfill site – but not before we piss on you first.


    • Dont you like her ? But the picture above is adorable! Dungarees, bleached hair, big bifocal goggles, smug sense of superiority, jetlag from thousands of miles flying luxury away from the plebs(although a committed socialist). But ok, ill join you lets bounce a few bricks off her nut!:)

      • I identify thing in the image as a “Sir”…

        And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t wish to see any medical evidence.

  6. She seems to be sticking her oar into every good cause at the moment.

    Must be the menopausal period – these woman realise the kids have flown the nest (and who wouldn’t with her whinging on and on), lost their looks and don’t have anything better to do, other than help dark people in Africa hop onto a plane for a life of benefits in the UK. Then fuck off on a jumbo back to America. Cunt.

  7. Fucking top nomination, chap.

    This specimen is about as appealing as a week-old congealed fermenting stinking chalice of rapist’s piss. A whopper of a fucking cunt from the same fucking stable as bastards like Fry, Laurie and Hugh Grant.

    Not only is this bovine-featured luvvie cunt sanctimonious but hypocritcal with it. The British version of shitcunts like Meryl Streep – if any film features Emma Thompson, then the TV is at serious fucking risk of a terminal fisting.

  8. I never listen to celebrities on anything related to politics or science. I wont cut my food into small chunks to save electricity while cooking while these cunts fly to New York to suck each others’ dicks at the Met Gala (to meet Gaga) and pretend half the cunts they know aren’t paedophiles.

    They all expell 20 times the CO2 and shit-gas than the average twat, so it’s time they get off their high horse before Tommy Robinson becomes PM.

  9. She’s a Dame and yet chooses to live in the fucking States! That’s loyalty for you.


  10. I loved the way this champagne quaffing revolutionary socialist donned a pair of designer dungarees, aping the traditional dress of the American working man. Fucking old whore has never done a days work in her life.
    Rich bitch actress crying over the poor and saving the world is an old act that has been done before……. Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave spring immediately to mind.
    You have to be a seriously thick cunt to buy the act of these weeping , humanitarian, virtue signalling champagne socialist charlatans.

    • As Marty Feldman once sang:

      Vanessa Redgrave is two small men in a large tweed costume.

  11. This woman is a total fucking cunt. Remember how she described the U.K. as a rain sozzled cake obsessed dump. This is because we voted for Brexit. Strip her of her dame hood and British citizenship and consign her to the outer darkness. Fucking cunt.

  12. As for Branagh, I quite like Branagh and he had the decency to divorce this hopeless hag faced bitch.

  13. The auld trout isn’t anti-flying,she’s just anti-Plebs- flying. Only the important…politicians, Royalty,singers and,of course…Actors should be allowed to fly. They are Important,common people are not. What right do Ordinary people have to take their one flight a year to go on holiday? Celebrities need those carbon air-miles to fly to the opening of a new film or,better still,to fly trans-Atlantic in order to harangue the Little People on the threat posed to the Planet by air-travel.

    The sheer hypocrisy and bare-faced cheek of these people is mind-boggling. They must have absolutely no idea of just how sick most people are of being lectured by a bunch of condescending Bores. There’s no subject on which they don’t have a more enlightened view than the silly Little People…Pollution,famine,migration etc.,they, The self-appointed Elite are only too willing to educate the less aware while exempting themselves from any action which might actually impact on their own lives. Oh no, they’re doing their bit by actually deigning to teach the uneducated that sacrifices are only for the Ordinary People.

    I detest this old bitch and her type. I genuinely would be delighted if the Old Bag met a sticky end….particularly if there was film of it so that I could view it time and time again while laughing.

    Fuck her.

    • Afternoon Mr Fiddler, I read that Robert Mugabe is selling off a few Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks. A great chance to use up that cellar full of Zimbabwean Dollars under Fiddler Towers, even psychopathic despots get cash flow problems it seems.

      • It’s still Rhodesia on my globe-map,LL and will remain that way. I’d never buy a vehicle off a Dark Key. They,along with one or two other shortcomings,can’t drive…apart from Lewis Hamilton and that’s just the white part that allows it.

        I thought that I was watching the Formula One racing the other day when I saw a B+W Cunt in a fast car roaring around corners on two wheels desperately trying to stay in front of a pursuing pack of white men in slightly slower cars…then I realised that it was actually just Crime Watch.

        • The opposite is true Mr Fiddler. And I have proof-you can see it from the car-camera when he takes a hair-pin to the right with his LEFT BLACK SIDE his steering control is is much surer than when he takes one to the left with his RIGHT WHITE SIDE. It’s true. His is right white side is weaker for him.

    • Perfectly articulated, could not have said it better.

      Evening Fiddler.

    • No thanks, some of us have standards (even if very low- (snake’s arse level and beneath)

  14. She doesn’t mind disrupting the lives of ordinary people trying to make a living through her protests; but I wonder how she would feel if an important flight was cancelled due to some other protest; or that she couldn’t travel from Beverley Hills to some fuck’s home due to a protest – I bet she would soon jump on social media and give it the old “don’t you know who I am?” and “How dare you protest so close to my home. Clear off you oiks”

    Cunt of cunts

  15. Fecking rotten right on politically correct tree hugger, probably rolls her own tampons, typical of the breed, finger wagging oh so clever know all, isolated from the general riff raff by money and ego only mixes with those of a similar view point thus isolating itself further. A cunt of the first water, smug down to every hair on it’s body which given her environmental predilections means she probably got a minge like a briar patch. Actors, cunts to a man.

  16. As the ‘developing’ world breeds us into extinction, this batty old quim is more concerned with lecturing the U.K. on how WE are killing the planet, dressed in what can only be described as an eco warrior costume. Pity we couldn’t get her on a Malaysian airways flight with fellow eco hypocrites Bono and DiCaprio, and lose the fucking lot.

    • I hope she becomes the voice of an American aero manufacturers.

      Boeing, Boeing, Gone.

  17. This woman is a top cunt, all these extinction cunts say its fine for her to jet over because her support is more important.
    No it fucking isnt, bad enough these cunts disrupt the lives of ordinary people but this fucking bitch is telling people its not ok to fly.
    She is in a privileged position, she can offset her carbon footprint by planting trees, well how about this Emma you cunt, plant the fucking trees and dont fly!!!!
    Instead of spending thousands on a first class private seat, give the money to the poor cunts who may have lost money being late for work of drivers missing deliveries because your fucking retard mates were blocking bridges, roads and trains.
    Stay in the USA you utter utter CUNT!

    • She could have done a video conference instead, but that wouldn’t be sexy enough for the media.

      30 years ago she was a fucking nobody, and then she does a couple of films, accepts a Damehood, and then fucks off to the States loaded. And now she’s telling us how to live our grim lives.

      Hope she gets gang-raped and murdered by some diesel-driving camel shaggers!


      • The publicity hungry shitbag wanted to be here in person because “I absolutely wanted to be arrested on my 60th birthday but I didn’t quite manage that…”

        Pathetic first-class traveller hag.

  18. I’m 5 years older than this cunting hag and look at least 15 years younger despite leading a debauched lifestyle.
    What’s her excuse for looking so fucking hideous.
    Her spouse must need extremely high doses of Viagra and a blindfold!

  19. Quote…. ‘”I am an instinctive actress. I don’t have any technique because I never learnt any. I do the cerebral bit before I Start. Then I just let it be. I allow whatever rises, to rise naturally. You are tricking your subconscious. I work from the inside out.””….End of Quote.
    Yep, you sure do, by opening your mouth because you’re unable to connect with your brain. Your various portrayals of enigmatic women has led you to believe you are one. You float in & out on your posturing, platform, seeking even more accolades as the NIMBY narcissistic do gooder bit of candy floss you are.

    • Quote…. ‘”I am an instinctive actress. I don’t have any technique because I never learnt any. I do the cerebral bit before I Start. Then I just let it be. I allow whatever rises, to rise naturally. You are tricking your subconscious. I work from the inside out.””….End of Quote.

      What a load of pretentious nonsense. These fucking actor types who think that dressing up and reciting someone else’s words is an “Art” are delusional. So many of them take themselves far too seriously. Most children grow out of playing “Let’s Pretend”, fucking self-obsessed actors apparently don’t and also seem to retain a childish sense of their own importance.

      Bunch of weirdos and perverts,in the main.

      Good Evening, Lost Sheep.

      • God, she’s not fit to wipe the arse of Olivier, Gielgud, Guiness, Rutherford or even Sylvia Mills – she’s a shit actress, who couldn’t act her way out of a fucking telephone box!

  20. Back in the 80s if Kenneth Branagh went for a shit, she would insist on being in it.
    Clear the skies and the roads, so only IMPORTANT people can travel.
    Utter cunt….

  21. The bitch didn’t fly all the way from LA to save the world but to be the centre of attention. There’s nothing these narcissistic whores love more than an adoring crowd. Especially if they are a crowd of self righteous, vegan, virtue signalling, middle class, happy clappy fucking pricks. There’s nothing like preaching to the converted.

  22. It would be extremely difficult, if not downright silly to attempt to take issue with your cunting, Nurse C. Dame Emma certainly is both a showboating celebrity and a hypocrite, but also a largely talentless actress and at best a now tired one-trick pony and, ipso facto a narcissistic bellend/luvvie of the worst stripe.

    In no wise any kind of defence of this platitudinous, derivative, corny old cow, but for a wider perspective I draw attention to the relative efficiency of modern aviation. A full Boeing 747-400 is so efficient, it burns an Avgas equivalent if ~110mpg (Imperial)/pax. [Much interesting further information on this subject here]

    Obviously, Ms Thompson would ideally be fitted with water skis, and lashed up to the Emma Maersk¹ (how fitting!) for her next transatlantic foray. She would have perhaps 2-3 hours to ponder her fate, and during her voyage into the next world she could bask in the warm glow of that vessel’s remarkably “low carbon footprint”

    ¹The Emma Maersk is so amazingly efficient, it consumes just 1kg of Diesel to transport a full-sized, fully-loaded container 45km. [See the wiki article for more detail.]

  23. As soon as these luvvie darlink cunts *believe* they have reached the top of their tree, they transform overnight to philanthropist or campaigner and tend to overact/overstate the preaching (to us plebs).

    Look Thompson, just take your gurning fucking turnip head back to the States and fuck off. She hates this country anyway, the snotty old cunt. Carry out your protests in the USA instead and we’ll see how long it is before they kick you out on your scrawny arse.

  24. It’s as if the Film Actors Guild (FAG) as portrayed in Team America has sprung to life. It was funny back in 2004, especially as American Troops took to singing the theme tune as they unloaded their weapons in Iraq, but it’s almost prophetic now.
    As for wanting to get arrested and failing, well she must be a complete retard then. It’s not difficult to get arrested. And you don’t have to go as far as a super soaker full of petrol in a crowded shopping mall – just stand up with that microphone and breathe the words “d*e m*sl*ms and n*gg*rs”.
    There you go, incarcerated immediately. Happy Birthday you twat.

    • Personally, I haven’t been on a plane for over 10 years…
      It has nothing to do with the environment, but more to do with the fact that (1) I can’t afford a foreign holiday & (2) my desire for holidays took a nose dive after my partner died… but
      If I wanted to fly I would, & this hypocritical luvie bitch can FUCK OFF! & mind her own fucking business, the CUNT !

  25. It’s all very lovely, isn’t, dancing around in London willing the world to end on a load of lies. At the same time these useless, jobless and mindless cunts shut down roads in the name of nothing. A march was taking place-at the same time these fuckers were doing yoga on London bridge- to protest about the lives lost due to knife crime in the capital. Oh how the other half live. One protest, asking the government to put more police on the street to stop the knife crime epidemic, and the other protest(the one we all heard about) had a jolly camping trip in central London and danced around with the police. The gap has never been wider. Fucking dumb fucks.Where are the punks? Where are the free thinkers? They make me sick

    • To illustrate your point I was totally unaware of that knife crime protest. However I know far more than I need to know about Emma la dih dah Thompson and Greta Thunderbirds , the skiving child who bunks off school and encourages other skiving little know it all brats to do the same.

      • That is exactly who was at the protest Freddie. A load of twatty man/woman kids chaperoned by their toothy nannies. Maybe we have it all wrong and it was, after all just a Nanny McCunt convention?

        • Well I suppose private schools aren’t that bothered about kids bunking off. Once they’ve cashed Daddy’s cheque they don’t give a fuck.

          • Don’t all these trust funders end up as bloggers, Instagramer’s (??) or ‘activists’. We are not talking the next captains of industry here.

  26. Her father brought The Magic Roundabout to our screens. He was a friend of the animator Oliver Postgate. They both came from that left wing agrarian little england anti industrial William morris ‘arts and crafts’ socialism that I am drawn to. That where Emma’s environmentalism comes from. The anti industrial thing from her father. Nanny Mcphee harks back to children’s stories- the influence of her father again. I can’t stand her. She’s such….well what’s been said…luvvie. Her mother and sister look much nicer people. I bet they can’t stand her either.

    • Indeed. Even without the environmentalism/feminist schtick, Emma Thompson would still be a cunt for the ages.

  27. I’d give her an oscar to watch her having her pissflaps pincered off by her beloved moose limb friends.


  28. I’m out. No matter how many times we call people cunts, it will never change cunts being cunts. I love the rants, but it doesn’t change anything. It only makes me fucking angry. And I’m getting very fucking angry about this fucking awful government. You just radicalised me into spoiling my ballot paper. Or spray and pray fucking pork fearing peaceful.

    • I completely empathise with you. Although I do find it somewhat reassuring coming on here and realising that I’m not alone and others feel the same way about these cunts as I do. The world hasn’t completely gone to shit, yet.

    • I work on the hope that if even one of the Cunts happens to stumble across the site,accesses their own name,and reads what has been written about them,it’ll all be worth it.

      Jamie Oliver,David Cameron or FatFuck Corden….please,please.

    • As the yoof of today ridiculously say, Mr Anchor: I FEEL YOU.

      No, ranting and cunting doesn’t change anything, but it sure does allow us to vent and stave off lunacy, with all of the utter shite that is happening in this country and globally.

      I had made up my mind not to vote in the EU election shit heap, but I am also seriously tempted to go in order to just spoil my ballot paper. I think I WILL veto it though, as for one thing, I cannot abide all of the grumpy, snotty, ancient wombles inside the polling station handing out the ballot papers, thinking what they are doing is a wonderful public service when in actuality, THEY and US should not even fucking be there.

      FUCK THAT.

  29. Champagne Emma is my name.

    Champagne socialism is my game!


    I wish these cunts would just fuck off with their whiny-preachy bullshit on how baaaaaad we (the masses) are for wanting a fortnight’s escape to warmer climes – after busting a nut the 48 other weeks in the year – instead of being good little pigeons and staying at home.

    The difference Emma, my luvvy friend, is that staying at home is a singular choice for the majority of ordinary people, not a multiple-choice cavalcade of London, the Cotswolds, LA or Bermuda.

    Hell I’d happily stay at home in Bermuda. No skin off my nose there!

    Stoke, Luton, Rotherham or Telford on the other hand, fuck you! I’m off to the Algarve you out of touch CUNT!

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