Alastair Coomer

I am a cultural philistine. I don’t like art, museums, theatre, dogs, literature, black and white movies, opera, classical crap, musicals, Beatles, Queen, Shakespeare, Green Bay, dance of any kind, wine, ice skating, and history pre 1900. So its with this last point in mind, I decided to watch Mary Queen of Scots in the hope I might learn something.
Well, within the first five minutes I learned something astonishing, that in 1540 Englands ambassador to the court of Scotland, Lord Randolph, was black!! Yep, a black man held one of the highest political positions in the country in the mid 1500s.
Except he fucking wasn’t. All the portraits show Randolph as white. They are now rewriting history to be PC.
So Alastair Coomer, casting director, you are a massive cunt.

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  1. Queen Bess would have had this snivelling cunt’s head off…

    Someone should tell this PC clown and effem man mong that Mary Stuart was French and she had a French accent… Mary also never personally met Queen Elizabeth I… Also, there was nothing ‘oppressed’ about Old Liz… She was as hard as fuck and took no shite whatsoever off any fucker (especially blokes)… Oh, and there were no coloured types in the royal court or anywhere else if Olde England for that matter… Understandy, Coomer? Yer cunt!

  2. Does he work for the BBC? If not he needs to go, they’re all up for Photoshopping British history. Make haste my fine chinless little friend!

  3. Al-Beebera have quite a bit of form for this sort of thing. Their adaptation of Robin Hood a few years back probably left viewers thinking you couldn’t move for black pickneys and snackbars in 12th century Nottingham.

    It’s an insidious and pretty disgusting form of indoctrination, really. It’s ok for us, but a kid or an idiot watching that takes it as accepted fact is wrong.

    • *cockneys, not pickneys.

      …although both work quite well in this context.

      • The idea of a Saracen in Robin Hood’s gang was nicked from the excellent HTV series Robin Of Sherwood (the Saracen assassin, Nasir)… It was then stolen by Kevin Cuntstner and also the BBC… What made the BBC’s Hood laughable was a black Friar Tuck…. Black monks in medieval England? Yeah right…

        Thankfully ‘Sherwood’ still exists: as the original cast now do it as an audio drama… Nickolas Grace’s Sheriff of Nottingham was also ripped off wholesale by Alan Rickman in Cuntsner’s Robin Hood – Prince Of Cunts and also by known supercunt and mongspawner, Keith Allen in the BBC series…

        • Was that the one that was on when I was a kid, with Ray Winston playing Will Scarlet?

        • I’ve been worse thanks M-R… hopefully now emerging from an protracted bout of melancholia…

          How’s tings with you?

          • Melancholia is probably nature’s way of telling you not to watch/listen to/have anything to do with the news. Been having it myself lately – bad attack of the paths of glory lead but to the grave.
            Can effectively be countered by having a massive clearout of the premises, including of the TV and very often the wife.

      • “Cheddar Man” indeed! The next minute, this bitch will be telling us he gorged on Biryani!

  4. I never understood why apartheid was so bad. There were blacks in all three chambers during “the struggle”. Who else do you think did the cleaning! Amandla!

  5. This cunt probably justifies it with “an actor playing a part” skin colour not relevant.

    I dont think he or any of his fellow cunts would do it the other way round. Easy to fuck white poeple over but not effniks!

  6. This Chris Hughton bollocks is getting my dander up.
    Sacked by Brighton and straight away the BAME crew, Talk Sport and John Barnes (obviously) are jumping all over it because it’s all about colour.
    Not because they finished one above relegation and the Brighton hierarchy can see a repeat next year, or worse, and need a fresh face, whatever the colour….

    • Expect that fat judas cunt, Big Time Charlie Ince to put his oar into this ‘debate’ any time soon…

      • “Cheddar Man” indeed! The next minute, this bitch will be telling us he gorged on Biryani!

        • Sorry Norman, this appeared in the wrong place. However, you’ve still not forgiven Ince moving to Liverpool. You do have the consolation, however, of knowing that he single handedly destroyed his son’s career!

  7. Linford Christie yesterday on BBC2.Brian Connelly was discussing TV shows he grew up to. Showed him a clip of live thy neighbour. Went on and on about how racist it was.Linford said it was funny and his parents would still find it funny today…

  8. Coomer looks like a ginge to me. My old ma, when she was alive, used to regard anyone with ginger hair as the spawn of the devil. Bless her! Although she’s long since ‘passed away.’

    • The Devil has been depicted in many guises down the years, but not once as a carrot top, as far as I know.

      That said, wee Jimmy Krankie is a ginger, so your mother was probably right.

      • Interesting. My poor brother- in – law is a carrot top and she gave him hell before she ‘passed away’. Mind you, he is a bit of a – – – –
        I find myself having to be very careful that I’m not too personal on this site as unbeknownst to oneself, a close family member could be an ISaC contributor!

        Afternoon RTC

        • Afternoon Bsc.

          I’m pretty sure none of my close relatives are ISAC contributors. They’re all fucking snowflakes and unreconstructed libtards.

          Have long had my suspicions about our next door neighbour though…

    • He also looks a right soy-boy AB type (and I don’t mean the blood group…).

    • I just look on them as disabled/retarded.
      My kids like to throw stones at them.

  9. The more recent Robin Hood series was laughable. Every week a new midfle eastern character would turn up. Robin himself had a lovely mop of conditioned hair and the ‘gang’ leaping and air-punching was something only one of the lib-mong BBC writer/producers would include. A vast pile of shit.

  10. Queen Boudicca ….. Schwartza
    Lord nelson …. black as newgates knocker
    Churchill… mixed race

    It’s fucking common knowledge….. 😂

  11. Mary queen of khuns!

    Can’t wait for the sequel. How about some crack hoes in waiting to Elizabeth I. Maybe she could also have a court motherfucker.

    “Verily my lord, thy ride, finely pimped. Where guest thou for such fine pimping?”

    “Sir, Sally forth to sir rastus of stab vest of Brixton on the dole. Feast thee while waiting. Fulsome chicken, fried. Water melon. Let the diversity of the madrigals delight thine ear. How sir rastus enriches our realm!”

    Go to IMDB and look at the comments. We are not alone cunters.

  12. Dropped a bollock there Cunts n Roses.

    You spelled the cunts name with M rather than N.

  13. Crimewatch getting dropped must have been a sad day for Dar Key actors.

  14. Bobby Charlton and Roger Bannister are/were both black. Not a lot of people know that. Afua Hirsch is a mega cunt with £1.60 worth of chips on both shoulders.

  15. Alexandre Dumas and Alexander Pushkin had some African ancestry and the politically correct brigade – who have never actually read any of their books I bet – have claimed they were “black” writers. No doubt some wimminz group is currently devoting hours of discussion to how Dumas´s grandmother was raped by a white overseer.

  16. There is such a fuss when some shite comic is made into a film, and they change a character from yellow to white. Cultural appropriation they scream, as some fictional twat is turned into a slightly different fictional twat. Of course, make a comment about the other way around, which is way more often, and obligatory in most cases, and it’s racist. History seems to be a guideline rather than an absolute, and with the low standard of education/liberal brainwashing western kids get, there will be nobody left to challenge the bullshit. I wish I was born twenty years earlier, I could now be sitting in my own piss, laughing at our civilisation self destruct.

  17. Not forgetting RD Blackmore, although he thought it was too much of a stigma having ‘Blac- as part of his name so he just became known as ‘Moore’

    • I think you mean R D Blackamore. Author of Lorna Khun.

      Of course Churchill was black you cunts. He was called Winston after all.

      • It’s rumoured that Coomer’s next project is a Beatles biopic. He’s looking for a young black guy to play the part of drummer Bongo.

        • No doubt Coomer will say that the band owes its success to Yoko Fucking Ono….

        • Honor Blackman… I remember those tits when she was in the Avengers… Lovely stuff…

      • R Blackmore? Wasn’t he the guitarist from Deep Purple?….
        I remember Clayton Blackmore… Old Sunbed….

  18. Try casting a white man as Othello or as any black or ethnic dramatic character. Imagine the outrage then about insensitive cultural misappropriation.

    Fucking hypocritical cunts.

    • The libfuck cunts won’t be satisfied until every character is black… Henry V is now black on the stage… Same goes for Hamlet…. Rumour is those BBC cunts are bringing back Terry Wogan/Les Dawson’s old game show…. Only this time it’s going to be called Blackety Black….

  19. We can have Ross Kemp as Othello.

    Or white actors cast in the roles of the token ethic characters it’s obligatory to have on Eastenders or Coronation Street.

    How about a remake of that 90’ s sitcom, Desmonds, with white actors with their faces blacked out?

    The pc brigade would go crazy.

    Whilst we’re at it, let’s bring back the Black and White Minstrels and the Gollywog on marmalade jars. These were great things all banned for fear of upsetting a few ethnics who didn’t give a toss anyway.

    This stuff makes my blood boil.

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