Ageing Rockers

Ageing rockers deserve an axeman of a cunting. And by ‘axeman’ I’m thinking less guitar and more ‘Axeman of New Orleans’.

The age at which rock bands should stop could be argued through the night – some might think 30, some may argue 40 – but to see cunts carrying on beyond middle-age until they always, without exception, become macabre parodies of their former glories, is just fucking shit all round. Shit for the legacy of these greedy fuckers, and shit for the fans who are either too stupid or too blinded by the nostalgia for what the band once were to realise they are being ripped off.

How many fucking re-hashed compilation albums can the skeletal scumcunts otherwise known as Mick ‘n’ Keef possibly release before the heroin holding their bones together finally perishes? Does Gene Simmons realise that he looks like some badly made-up drag queen painted and armored up in his 60s? Does anyone ever say “I think Endless Wire is easily the best Who album”? Who in the name of fuck wants to read about Noel Gallagher moving house to get his sub-human son into a posh school? And how the fuck has Ian Brown been able to sing the lyrics ‘The past was yours but the future’s mine’ post 1994?

And talking of the Stone Roses, I will remain forever fucking bitter that like a cunt, I was caught up in the wave of hysteria for their 2012 reunion. Managing to pay a fucking fortune for Sunday tickets at their Heaton Park shows, I have never been so utterly fucking disappointed by live music in my entire life. At the best of times, Ian Brown has always sounded like a man shouting into a KFC bucket but his turn on Fool’s Gold was so bad that I’ve barely been able to listen to the original since.

Until the day when Jimmy Page strangles Robbie Williams to death with his large intestine over their endless mansion refurbishments feud, ageing rockers can firmly seal themselves into the ISAC Cunt Hall of Fame.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

102 thoughts on “Ageing Rockers

  1. That annoying cunt in the cartoon strip “Celeb” in the pro-leave rag Private Eye sums up these cunts to a tee.
    Load of balding drug-addled bastards!
    Fuck off!

    • Private Eye Pro-Leave, you and I must have been reading a different magazine. I liked the Celeb column though.

      • The one on the left in that photo looks like Gaylord Nancy Adonis before he puts his make-up on. The one on the right looks like Mangledbum following a failed attempt at embalming.

    • I stopped reading it a couple of years ago because I thought it had become a ‘remain’ mag.

      • It has a new editor and I think it has shifted more to the centre or even left of centre.

        I think the owners bottled it and followed the Remain crowd in the business world. So all of a sudden the DM has become a little more respectable by those same hypocritical cunts that panned it before it took the 30 pieces of silver.

        • Ian Hislop has been editor for decades. Still is. He’s also an ultra Remoaner.

          • Just reread my last post on thus sub-thread, and for some reason I had the Daily Mail in my head when I wrote that!

            What a doddering old cunt I am!

      • I love 60s early 70s stones! Cool as fuck! And think they look much better as zombies nowadays, only way to stop these greedy cunts is drive a stake through them and burn em, scatter the ashes to the winds…

        • The last decent song they did was “Start Me Up” back in 1981/2.

          Great band to see live in concert (back in the day of course!)

          • I like that video they did in which Noomi Rapace takes her top off.

    • The only bit of Private Eye that is remotely even handed over the EU is the EUphemisms strip. The rest crowbars what thick cunts leavers are wherever possible.

  2. Surely they should just think “I’ve got millions in the bank, fuck it, time to retire.”
    What happens when the drug-addled rockers retire though? We’re left with the collagen/silicone addled bints & the vaseline/cum smelling soyboys that are falsely called “artists” these days. Let’s not forget the “Come see my laptop live” wanksplats too. Would be hilarious watching them get old if it weren’t for the fact that any modern “artist” fades into obscurity after about a decade.

    The funniest thing about aging rockers is watching them desperately try to keep their trademark hairstyles/look.

  3. At least the Beatles split up before they became a self parody of themselves and John Lennon had the sense to get himself shot before old age. Paul McCartny, however, looks like a wrinkled old prune these days and should stop performing.

    • How dare you…. Wrinkled old ORGANIC prune…He’d be most upset at not being described as such. Mullokin Tyres, 195-60VR perfect for my old Volvo.

  4. I’ve got mixed views on this. If the likes of Mick & Keef; or Daltry & Townsend still want to do the tour circuit then that’s up to them; but more fool the cunts for paying a small fortune for the privilege of standing fucking miles from the stage at some huge open air venue, to listen to the same old songs they’ve heard a thousand times before – even at previous concerts!

    It also makes me laugh how some long-standing bands declare that this will be their final tour ever! And then 3 or 4 years later they reform and do the whole shit over again probably because they’re skint or bored or skint and bored. But the record companies and concert promoters will love it as they can spin it in such a way that those same stupid fucking fans will pay up, and watch the same old cunts do exactly the same routines as they’ve always done!

    A cunt and his money are soon parted!

    • That cultural Marxist arsehole ‘Sting’ ia a champagne socialt cunt, up there with the Jug-eared, Millionaire Socialist, Lineker, on the BBC.

      • Another millionaire cunt who doesn’t even live in this country has been gobbing off today, Elton ‘the turd burglar’ John. All these fucking ex-pat, has-been cunts make me puke. What the fuck do they know about real people?

  5. But despite all of their Jurassic cuntritude, they’re in the main STILL better than the vast majority of cut-&-pasted atonal wank stitched together using samples of someone else’s cut-&-pasted atonal wank, stitched together using samples of someone else’s cut-&-pasted atonal wank and autotuned in someones bedroom that is today passed off as music, even more laughably as “talent”.

    And don’t get me started on de Jaaafehhhhkan blaaaaaack sound fat ahhhlweeehzz sounds de same, especially RAP, the only word in any language with a silent “C” at the beginning.

    So yes, the old dinosaurs performing long after their vocal use-by-date can be a fucking disappointment compare to their prime but any one of them puts to shame the steaming cesspool of diarrhoearoidal dysenteric squititude that the airwaves are currently being polluted with. First step to a cure, Simon Cowell string up by his gonads to a lamppost.

  6. Lets face it, if I could get away with it I would. Cunts undoubtedly, but hell why not?

  7. Yet we old cunts are STILL listening to the great music that those old cunts produced, any number of classic rock and other stations, loads of them, while no-one will rem mber, or dose remember the majority of the predigested current vomitus

    • Poor old Steve Marriott of The Small Faces thought he was *an old geezer* when he was 40. 3 of the 4 are now dead and early death is probably the best answer for rock groups.

      Imagine being that dried up old queen Cliff Richard, having to mince about at nearly 80 and looking like something out of a Hammer horror film – in slap or out of it.

      • Remember Gilbert O:Sullivan in an interview talking about the ‘new stuff’ he had wtitten. But he admitted he wasn’t ‘hot’ at the moment. Hot! Hot!. I mean ‘Alone Again Naturally’, ‘Clare’ were forty years ago. Nay fifty. Went off him after that.

      • Steve Marriott, I saw him and his band Official Receiver at the Half Moon in Putney. That’s so long ago, I must have been a young man. He kept rubbing his nose like he’d been on the coke. Most of the set was R&B stuff. Enjoyed it.

        • My Auntie went out with Steve Marriott— she was a bit of a groupie apparently but NME did an article on her.

          Don’t know why I said this. — I am a bit bored and I have had two pints of wallop and half a bottle of Vino.

          .. Bollox to the Lib in Dems. Screw the Tory twats and Arse juice to the Labour scum.

      • Harry Webb is still at it. He is appearing in a smallish venue in deepest darkest Lancashire – just a gang of old cunts who remembered him before he turned out bent as a four speed walking stick. He is calling it “Cliffs Diamond Tour”. When auntie Beeb had the cunt and Harry got a payout he looked and sounded like a needle park junkie.

        • Scott Walker (RIP) always refused to do the greatest hits and cash in bollocks… He made music still (sometimes) but he was a grumpy old cunt who refused to compromise or play the rock star or showbiz clown… Instead of churning out ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ and ‘Joanna’ he’d do mad disturbing shit like The Electrician and Rosary… He didn’t give a fuck and fair play to him for that…

  8. It’s like the doddery old cunts that keep on driving into their nineties – many of whom don’t realise how dangerous they are until they press the wrong pedal and send their silly little Kia hatchback through the front door of the shopping arcade.

    Ageing rockstars – in fact all ageing ‘entertainers’ – should be forced to take an annual test to make sure they still have the goods.

    Some – Tom Jones for instance, who has still got a magnificent set of pipes on him – should be allowed to continue, the rest should be parked gently in the corner.

    That would prevent me ever wasting another penny to see/hear Daltrey or Rod Stewart straining and murdering some of the most important songs from my youth.

    Croaky old cunts.

    • Rod Stewart? He’s one of those ‘singers’ whose appeal I never understood. IMO he has an awful voice. All scratchy and dirty sounding. Like he has a throat infection or something. Quite dreadful to my ears. He’s not alone in that department, but I’d welcome an explanation of Rod’s vocal appeal. Ta.

      • Roger Daltrey is, however, a fervent Brexiteer unlike the majority of musical types so long may he continue…

  9. Got to disagree with this cunting. Are the Stones diminished? Probabaly. But they put on a better show than any fucking mellennial band so more power to them. Other acts mentioned like Paul Mcartney were always shit. I actually respect the Stones for continuiing to give the audience what they want and with gusto, unlike Lou Reed who will play crap new songs. Stones tickets are expensive but you’re practically guaranteed a good night.

    • Should’ve had the Stones for Eurovision, would STILL have blown the rest of that steaming pile of second rare jetsam out of the water.

        • I’m pretty sure Lou Reed is a bit too dead to come up with any new material, apart from a bit of mould perhaps…

          • Even as a flaky worm-infested corpse, he could still probably sing/write something far more memorable than the shite that gets pumped out today!

  10. Bands like the Stones probably don’t need the cash to top up their pensions: they’re quite minted anyway.

    I think because they’ve in the industry since the 60s (50 years now FFS), they just can’t let it go; and would probably be bored shitless if they retired.

    Mick knows he has become a caricature or parody of his former self – but I seriously doubt he gives two fucks; and neither do the fans (myself included). They won’t be around much longer – whether they like or not; so just go out and do what you do best, and fuck those that think otherwise.

    Let’s face it: what will you be doing when you’re in your 70s?

  11. Ace Frehley seems to be getting better in his sixties. Check out his cover of White Room and see what you think.

    And before you scream @$KISS#%? a generation like me were raised in the industrial east of Melbourne and didn’t know any better

    And yes, I burnt my face trying to breathe fire using lawnmower petrol

  12. Yeah, we’ve all paid good money for something that turns out to be shit. Caveat Empor or whatever the fuck it is.
    I saw Blondie a few years ago when Debbie was, I think, about 67 years old. You’d have to be very old indeed, or Julian Clary, not to want to get her down on the floor and fuck the arse off her that night.

    • Pattie Smith was as sensational as Debbie Harry although not as good looking but has turned into a shrivelled wild-haired old bag lady. She will shortly be performing only about a mile from where I live but I wouldn´t dream of going to see her nowadays.

    • I saw Blondie for the first time about 2 years ago when Garbage toured with them. Garbage were excellent. Blondie were just sad. Debbie Harry looked quite haggard which is not surprising considering her age. Poor dear. They had some fetus on bass and keyboards who weren’t in Blondie when Blondie were Blondie, but they did have the original drummer. I’ve never been so annoyed at a drummer before. Really over the top, hitting anything within reach constantly just because it was there. Maybe his kit was over-miked or something, but he was being very cunty. We lasted 4 maybe 5 songs then left because it was poor and for me, a bit depressing. I saw Blondie 20 years too late.

        • Morning RTC. (just gone 9AM here).

          You’re probably not wrong there. Parallel Lines was either the first or second album I ever bought (on cassette!), so it’s been close to my heart for a long time. I didn’t dare check out their recent live performances on YT and hoped for the best. It was horrible.

          You’d appreciate this….I watched a programme on telly earlier this week called, Pink Floyd – The Making of Wish You Were Here. I have that album, but haven’t listened to it for a loooooong time. I was blown away by the stories behind it…what had happened to Syd Barrett, the arguments, Roy Harper getting involved, the pressure to follow up Dark Side with something even better, etc.. Listened to it again yesterday and loved it even more.
          Cheers – IY.

          • Quite so – saw that documentary, awhile back now – Wish You Were Here is indeed an excellent album. As is Animals, much underrated. I have several great live recordings from the 1977 tour where they played extended versions from both albums in their entirety.

          • RTC – Question for you:

            I have Dark Side, Division Bell, Momentary Lapse, Wish You Were Here and Endless River. There’s a box set on Amazon of all 14 studio albums (sans Endless River) called Discovery for $200. Reviews say the remasters (by James Guthrie – co-prod of The Wall) are excellent etc. etc. I already have 4 of those albums which makes the albums I don’t have come out to be about $20 an album. In your opinion is the super early stuff worth the investment or are they so ‘out there’ compared to say, Division Bell, that I probably wouldn’t like it? If it helps, almost everything from the 60s makes me want to puke and cut my ears off. Cheers – IY.

          • From what you say IY, I doubt you’d have much time for anything that predates ‘Meddle’ and ‘Obscured By Clouds’ and possibly not even those two.

            Ironically the early albums tend to be my favourites, they were a lot more experimental and “out there” as you put it. I had my first meaningful sexual experience to the strains of Ummagumma (live portion)…

            I think most of the early Floyd stuff can be heard on Youtube. An example:


          • Thanks RTC. Appreciate your guidance.

            A bit slow on the uptake perhaps, but I’ve just realised the Pink Floyd reference in the lyrics to Time Flies By (When You’re The Driver of a Train) by Half Man Half Biscuit. Their lyric is, “Careful with the spliff, Eugene” being an obvious reference to the Floyd song Careful With That Axe Eugene. Ha! Who knew?

            By the way, how far did you get? 😉

          • Ha ha, not far… it was at a party in Romford, we were both about 14 and pretty innocent, lying on the floor up close and personal, but the mammaries have stayed with me like it was only yesterday.

  13. Saw various bands in the 1970’s including Genesis, The Who, Alice Cooper, Elton John. Always paying less than a fiver to do so. When they were at their best, they were relatively young and their music was new.

    Realise that the money for them is now fantastic but sad they feel they need to keep going just because of that.

    Sorry but would never dream of going to see them now. Overpriced and past it. Forty years ago they were of their time. Not now.

    • I’m like you Willie, I think I’ve moved on from most of the old groups. I know most of today’s music is dross, but I like listening to new stuff. If you look hard enough, there’s still some groups good enough to remind you of your youth.

      • Care to make any suggestions, Blunt? My collection could always use some new blood.

        • I’m biased in favour of folk rock IY, I’m afraid. I like the Decemberists, the National, Beirut, Bear’s Den and Breathe Owl Breathe.
          Are you ready for the big game? Where will you watch it? I hope it’s a good game and the best team win.

          • I will give those a listen on YT. Ta. I don’t mind a bit of folk myself. Not sure if they qualify as folk rock, but one of my favourite bands is Over The Rhine.

            The big game? I won’t watch it live. I’ll record it. If Spurs win I’ll watch it later. If they don’t, I’ll hit the delete button and never see it. If Spurs do prevail, I won’t be giving it large to the Scouser fans on here because I’m really not that bothered if I’m truly honest. I think Spurs have been very fortunate to make the final given some dodgy performances, long list of injuries and not having bought any new players for two consecutive windows. If they win – woohoo and all that. If they don’t I can carry on my loathing of Pinocchio for being a serial loser which will hopefully move him and Levy/ENIC closer to the exit door. Spurs are run to make money for the owners. The owner being one Joe Lewis who’s a billionaire, but is quite happy to see the club shackled with massive debt for a new stadium. Spurs are only where they are right now because the wheels have come off at Manure, Chelski continue to wobble and Arse are also in transition following years of locked in top 4 finishes under Wenger. If those 3 got their acts together added to your lot and Shity, Spurs would be on the outside looking in. So I think Spurs are in a false position, massively overachieving and on some levels it would be annoying if they won the CL because it would look like justification for how the club is run. Doesn’t sound very fan like I know, but I enjoyed being a fan more when the team were mostly average hard workers, but with that one exciting flair player who got you out of your seat every time they touched the ball. Players like Gascoigne, Ginola, Klinsmann, Berbatov, Hoddle, Bale, Ardiles, etc. Closest we’ve got now is Son, but he’s nowhere near the class of those players I mentioned. Cheers – IY.

    • Agreed!

      I mean there’s Miss World showing off plenty of nubile young wenches; but would anyone queue up and watch Miss Old Hag, with women in their 70s and 80s wearing nothing but bikinis and a smile?

      Not many I reckon

    • It’s a sad state of affairs Willie (what isn’t? – Ed.).

      Most of these old cunts were irrelevant by the ’80s. Rock n’ Roll is a young man’s game. A collective plane crash or drug overdose 40 years ago would have been kinder to their legacies.

      Their recorded back catalogues however – from their prime – remain unsurpassed. They can never be thanked enough for that.

    • Elton John…. were you drunk or on some mind altering substance

      Old mick can still shake a leg or two even after heart surgery.

      The late 60’s early 70’s were great …… Affordable
      Deep Purple, Zeplin, ELP, Tull….. all at the Free Trade Hall Manchester.

      • Talking of John, I see he’s moaning again: this time he wants to be a European rather than a bigoted old English cunt. (apparently he is ashamed!)

        Yeah well now that’s made his fortune mostly from the UK he can do what most rich remainer cunts do and turn their backs on the hands that fed them.

        A monumental fucker – now piss off to Europe and don’t bother coming back

        • There’s no end of name calling from the remoaners. We’ve be labelled everything from nazi’s to homophobes for wanting to bring power back to westminster. Well fuck ’em it’s all water off a ducks back by this point.

        • Reg is a dirty bent cunt and a fucking traitor.
          I’m glad now that Watford got a humiliating spanking in the cup final. I’ve just added them to the long list of teams I hate.

        • Probably hoping to represent Palestine in the next Eurovision…………………………do it Elton, just fucking do it.

        • Not an english idiot but still an arse bandit
          Not an english idiot but still a cunt

          I have never been more proud to be a racist English bigot!

          • Professional sword swallower and nocturnal sausage jockey, Elton John came to the end of the road over 20 years ago. His voice simply disappeared.

            He can no longer hold any note; he doesn’t so much sing, but bark the words. I think he has indulged in far too much Gayness. The years of gobbling John Reid, David Furnish and, allegedly, assorted rent boy pole has clearly damaged his vocal chords.

            He should stick to advertising Snickers as he no longer holds any talent for singing. He could also slide a melted Snicker bar up his undoubtedly wide sphincter as a bonus.

      • Was about 15 years old, thought he was a brilliant songwriter and fantastic showman.

        Little did I realise the spoilt horrid little faggot he would morph into.

        • Unfortunately, accepting his sexuality, the cost was his creativity. Followed by his grip on reality. His singing is fucking terrible, and has been for 25 years. If you can’t hit the notes anymore, stop. That applies to all the oldies still going. I’d rather see a good tribute band that faithfully reproduced the old stuff, than watch, say Led Zeppelin murder their back catalogue.

          • Fat Reg can go and fuck himself. I sat through the second Kingsman film hoping and praying they would kill the little cunt off, even if it was only special effects it would have been a cheering sight.
            Curse you, Matthew Vaugn…

  14. As well as Old rockers who wont go away, another cunt who has returned to the front page
    The Begum cunt is back….. well her lawyer now saying its our fault she was groomed
    What a CUNT!

    • Ah nice to see working brits taxes put to good use, while 4 out of 5 muslims sit on their arse and complain about us.

    • It’s always our fault, whatever the problem blame white middle aged men.


      • Of course it wasn’t the family ramming her head full of fucking fairy stories in the first place. Didn’t her father take her on a few flag burning marches? He can get fucked and stay where he is.

  15. Off topic,but..
    The embassy of the State if Israel has agents inside the labour party!
    Well, according to one of it’s NEC members.

    • Yeah they were caught apparently so it’s all official no BS like totally true…

    • If it’s true it’s wonderful that Israel also has time to follow more peaceful pastimes, working with those poor cunts in Labour with serious mental issues cannot be easy,

  16. Bunch of greedy cunts..
    When will they learn they should just “knock it on the fucking head “..
    It’s embarrassing watching them hobble about the stage..
    Step aside, make room for the next generation.. I admit most of the music being churned out these days is utter garbage.. But there are the odd decent band or two… Catfish & the Bottlemen stand out for me.. Good band, good songs.. Young lads..
    Now fuck and sit down you silly old cunts…

    • There is no next generation, they’re the among the last of the proper rock n rollers.

  17. Yeah, I saw that cunt. We failed to protect her and owe her an apology.
    Of course, you know there will be libtard snowflakes walking about repeating that bollocks.

  18. Its all about the money. Most of these established bands have big entourages now that have become personal friends, so they have to tour every 3-4 years to get their cut.

    The “band” is just a convenient vehicle to roll the money in, while making little effort on the set just churning out the same “favourite” songs the fans “love”.

    So much of the songs are now sung by the audience the lead singer doesn’t usually have to do anything, except strut about like a peacock on heat.

    Like everything commercialism has sucked the life out of everything, so it just becomes a “brand” playing out in a vacuous soulless arena.


  19. As regards ancient rockers still prancing about like cunts on stage, a Dr Johnson quote from 250 years is most apposite:

    “Its like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

  20. Rod Stewart is a cunt, I was going to say I wish he would retire, but actually I hope he dies.
    What’s more hopefully someone will have him in deadpool, then we can all have some fun and games with his demise.

  21. That photo of Prick Jagger has put me right off my Weetabix brunch. The little that I have actually managed to swallow will doubtless be returning post haste, now I’ve seen his rubbery, uninflated dinghy face, fucking rancid old bastard.

    I cannot abide ‘The Stones’ be they young or old, so as far as I am concerned they can keep on churning it out until they are coming on stage in mobility scooters, which by the looks of them won’t be that far off. Frankly, I am amazed that Keith Richards is still breathing, given the fact he appears to have smoked his way through several factories worth of fags in his lifetime.

    The Stones, just like many of these old (and young) uber successful bands are nothing but tax dodging cunts. I have no time for the gits.

    I have no issue with bands/artists who carry on into their dotage, providing that they ARE STILL GOOD, and that is the crunch. Paul McCartney is a classic example. His voice has fucked off years ago, yet he still keeps churning them out and doing live shows, knocking out the old Beatles classics and his own stuff whilst sounding like he has a bad case of laryngitis. It is just sad and embarrassing to witness. He has had a stellar career and an amazing life and should just knock it on the head now.

    Fatty John is another one. I cannot stand that old fruit either. Banging it out on the piano and shouting out ‘I’m still standing’ (don’t we fucking know it) like he is going to hurl out a lung at any given moment. He also resembles a fat OAP who has raided his late mother’s size 10 wardrobe, making a point of putting on all of her glitzy ‘ocassion wear’. AWFUL.

    There are numerous others of their like, but what gets me is not that they carry on until they have one foot in the grave, but the sheer GREED of doing so. When is there enough money for them, especially musicians of their longevity and success? Do the do it for the love of it or the money? If it is the love, why charge ticket prices that you need a second mortgage to obtain?


  22. Tomorrow I’m off to North West calling in the Ritz, Manchester.
    It’s an all day punk gig .
    I love it, old bands , old men and women jumping around making pricks of themselves.
    But you no what, it’s a great day out.
    I’d rather spend my time watching them than any of this new shit they call music. Oi. Oi. Oi

    • Just checked out the line-up. Amazed to see UK Subs on the bill. I could have sworn Charlie and the boys retired a few years back. I liked them back in the day. Quite proud to own a coloured vinyl 7″ of Warhead. Cracking tune. Still love it. The lyrics as true today as when it was released in 1980:

  23. Because of my pathological hatred of celebrities and people enjoying their selves I cannot for the life of me see why anybody would elevate these cunts to the levels of hero worship that they do, “they have helped shape my life” etc. Grow the fuck up for gods sake they only make a fucking din and suck the fans dry for every shilling they can, fans are gullible to a fault, cunts to a man. Adoration of other humans especially musicians, luvvies and sports people fecking pathetic.

  24. The Stone Roses… They were great back in the day, but they’ve pissed on their reputation by doing the greatest hits stadium tours while producing fuck all of note (All For One was dog dirt)… Five years after the Heaton Park gigs (which I attended) and they were still doing the same fucking set with no new material… They have also not given a fuck to bother to announce that they have again disbanded…. Wembley Stadium guitar noodling? That isn’t what they used to be about… They should have changed the words to ‘I Wanna Be Adored’…

    I don’t have to sell my soul… I’ve already sold it…

  25. Last band I saw live was Motorhead, when Lemmy was about 60, and they were still fucking brilliant.
    Not much chance of them touring now though, because they are all dead and gone.

    Elton John is still alive.

    There is no god…

  26. Speaking of old cunt rockers, I saw Madonna at Wembley Stadium in 1987 during her so-called ‘heyday’. My cousins and I queued for fucking hours and the tickets were of course extortionate.

    The cunt lip-synched the entire show, I shit you not.To say we were unimpressed is an understatement.

    If she was like that in her youth, I can only imagine what the botoxed-up old snatch is like on stage these days. She’s another one who needs to embrace ageing and calm the fuck down. She looks bloody ludicrous in all of her mutton dressed as lamb garb these days.


      • I still hope the Israelis or Big Don settle that score with the eternally disgusting Madogga…

    • Her ‘English Gentry’ phase with mockney bell-end Guy Ritchie was just embarrassing. All that garb of tweed and riding boots, our own aristocratic cunts look ridiculous never mind a brash cock chasing old slapper.

      • Yep, that was hilarious LL, when she went through her ‘English’ phase. She went from a Michigan drawl to a Mayfair plum-in-the-gob in the space of a hot minute.

        ‘Don’t call me Madge, Old Bean’ and ‘One just loves a cup of Earl Grey’ bollockry.

        Pretentious cunt.

  27. Ed Sheeran and co are not really rockers and so these old fuckers need to stick around.

    Music is now limp soy-folk, caterwauling by pretend Whitney/Maria clones or bleep-blop teeny bop shit from Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj.

    There are also genres where illiterates lispth over aggressive drum and bass/dubstep crap with what are called ‘drops’. Dropping a turd, as it is the music of the fucking toilet.

  28. I remember seeing Peter Green playing in a pub about 12 years ago and how i wish i never went. He was no longer the young good looking blues guitarist with a great voice but something out of a macabre Zombie movie , he was fat bald ugly and couldn’t remember what he was supposed to be doing. Highly embarrassing for everyone . Same goes for David Gilmour, he now looks like a dried up piece of white crumbly dog shit. I think Johnny Mar once said, Rock music is a young mans game.

    • It was John Squire who said that about a young man’s game in 2009… Then he went and re-formed The Stone Roses…

      Best gig I ever went to is probably still Joy Division… Ian Curtis was the man and I’ve never seen anyone drum as fast as Stephen Morriss… Easily as good as Topper from The Clash (and he was great)…

      Saw the Stones in 1990 on their Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle tour… Better than I thought they’d be and they did pull out some rare classics like 2000 Light Years and Factory Girl… But that’s what makes me piss about Jagger and Co… They slag Brian Jones at every opportunity, yet they’re happy to still use the stuff he did on songs like 2000 Light Years, Paint It Black and No Expectations…

  29. Green was brilliant when he was with Mayall – but then he made even me sound good when I played briefly in the Bluesbreakers.

    Saw Splinter Group at the Hexagon in Reading about 15 years back. Saf to say I couldn’t figure out which guitarist was him when they came on and I knew him well way back when. Shadow of his former self.

    Never too old to rock though. I went back to writing and recording when I hit sixty. I actually think I’m better than I was 50 years ago.

    Trouble is all the contemporaries I had seem to have run out of steam and abandoned the stuff they used to do for something totally different. Clapton is a prime example.

    We used to call it selling out. I never did which is probably why I never got rich from music.

    Form your own opinion :

  30. My dad saw Zeppelin live a few times and also bands like Free, Focus, Gabriel’s Genesis, Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Deep Purple… And the old man always insisted that Richie Blackmore and Paul Kossoff pissed all over Page as a guitarist…

    He also maintained that Carl Palmer was the greatest drummer he ever saw live with ELP…

    • I saw most of those bands Norman . All excellent performances.
      The best drummer i ever saw was Billy Cobham with Mahavishnu Orchestra. Probably the best band i ever seen. Fantastic musicians and very loud.

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