…..or “Yeh-Yeh-Yeh” on a really bad day.I hate this modern affectation. It’s invariably uttered by some gibbering, nervous wreck anxious to agree with me. Inevitably by the young, brains no doubt frazzled by mobile phones and desperate to fill any silence with unnecessarily repeated words. It’s catching like a modern disease and I even find myself uttering it sometimes so I’m a cunt too.

A simple “Yes” will suffice.

Followed by silence….

…..and then pause……..to wait for the recipient of this word to speak next (if they want to)

Nominated by Isaac Hunt

13 thoughts on ““Yeh-Yeh”

  1. Glad it’s not just me that finds the multiple yeh thing annoying. Where the fuck does it come from? I didn’t hear it on tv or in the media, so where the Fuck did this affliction start? Find patient zero, and give them a good kick in the crotch. Every time I hear it I cringe, so I do a lot of cringing, between that and cunts starting an answer with ‘so’. Cunts.

    • I only noticed it around 2015 when I switched jobs and all the cunts around me were doing it. At first I was like, “Well FUCK YOU, then, if you can’t be bothered to hear me finish my statement. Cunt.” Actually, I’m still like that. I just scowl and then walk off when anyone does that.

    • I don’t know whether it’s particularly my area of the country, but the one farewell greeting that pisses me off is “see you later” when people actually mean goodbye. This is often the refrain of delivery men, friends and relatives when they leave you. WTF, you won’t see me later. In fact, I don’t fuckin’ want to see you again. Or is this just a Northern thing?

  2. Great cunting.
    This behaviour is extremely rude as it simply demonstrates that they want to say something themselves and just want you to either hurry up and finish what you are saying or simply shut it so that they can begin uttering their own shit that has nothing to do with what you were saying to begin with.
    Total and utter cum gargling circle jerking cunts.

    • I get hacked off whenever I hear someone the expression “oh, wow”.

      Usually (but not always) a thick cunt describing something particularly unimpressive. Most recently a chavvy family viewing a fairly basic property to rent in Australia. Gave up counting after about a dozen “oh, wows”, from mother, father, daughter and cretinous teenage son.

      Also used the cliches “ticks all the right boxes” and “wow factor”.


      • Now, I don’t know whether this is peculiar to my area of the cuntry ( no, you twattish predictive text, I don’t mean “country”) but the farewell greeting that fuckin’ gets my goat is “see you later”. When these bastards say this to you, they really mean goodbye. Everyone from delivery men to friends and relatives say this when leaving you. WTF – you’re not going to see me later. In fact, I don’t fuckin’ want to set eyes on you again. Or is this just a northern thing?

  3. There’s a lot of “yeah yeah yeah” stuff evident in the House of Commons.

    Some cunt MP stands up and states the bleedin’ fucking obvious or some other dumb shit and the Party lickspittles bray “yeah yeah yeah”.


  4. ” It’s invariably uttered by some gibbering, nervous wreck anxious to agree with me.” …….

    What on Earth are you doing to them,and where do you do it?

    🙂 .

  5. I can not stand poor spoken English.

    Americanism’s, slang and common parlance is wholly unacceptable.


    Good afternoon.

    There are two right raving old mincers sat opposite to me in an airport lounge. It is wholly unnecessary to put your arm round another man in public. This is pure grandstanding.

    Floppy haired rent boy with his sugar daddy. Indeed, they are flying on Easyjet.

    Utter cockwombling scumcunts.

    • “I can not stand poor spoken English.”… Any thoughts on poorly written English?

      Are you away on a flight too, Krav? Are you working as a Steward on Easyjet these days?

      🙂 .

  6. The only time “yeah yeah” is acceptable , is in the fabulous song ,Industrial estate, by the Fall.
    RIP Mark Smith.

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