Anti pollution tax

Air Pollution Tax (or, the Ultra Low Emissions Zone Charge) is a CUNT !

New emissions zone to hit drivers with £12.50 a day ‘pollution tax’

“City Hall” estimates that up to 60,000 road users a day will be hit by the Ulez fee in its first stage, and that number will rise to 138,000 when the zone is extended to the North and South Circular ring roads. All diesel cars built before 2015 are subject to the charge, along with pre-2005 petrol cars.

I have several reasons to CUNT this….

1. There was a tv programme on air pollution last year.
A trial was carried out on a german city. Air pollution measuring equipment was installed at set points. Half the city banned diesel vehicles from driving through. The other half carried on as normal.
Difference in pollution levels ? Less than 1%. Conclusion : Environmental bollocks.

2. diesel cars pre 2015 / petrol cars pre-2005 affected :-
These are roughly, 31.6 million cars on uk roads. 12.5 M diesel, 18.7 M petrol, 400k electric/alternative fuels (only 15,400 new electric cars were sold in the uk in 2018, and that is a new ‘high’ of 6% ; in 2013, electric car sales were less than 1%). Lets be generous & assume only 40% of petrol cars are pre 2005. Based on new diesel car sales since 2015, approx 95% of diesel cars are pre 2015. The UK government recommended people buy diesel cars as they produce less CO than petrol engines. CUNTS
If this sort of ‘pollution’ tax was rolled out to all UK cities, approx 20 Million motorists would be affected.

3. “We want to encourage people to update their cars to modern less polluting ones” :-
Typical ‘Joe Public’ used car – 2009 Vauxhall Astra diesel hatchback ; cost to buy today = £1,100
Air polution ‘tax exempt’ car – 2018 VW Golf ‘electric’ hatchback £24,495
Cost to upgrade your car = £23,395

For someone driving into the zone twice a month; 24 x £12.50 = £300/year ; you’ll keep your old ‘polluting’ car.
For people doing the drive daily, it will completely price them out of the area, resulting in more lost jobs & income. (If you could afford that kind of money for a newer car – you’d already have upgraded.This clean air tax is another excuse to pick peoples pockets. Working people reliant on driving into London for their jobs will be priced out.

CUNTS who introduce these taxes, are driven around in new cars; tax, mot, insurance, fuel, driver, etc, all funded by the taxpayers.

I’m all for limiting air pollution, but in a long term planned way. The UK government never plans long term – they lurch from one issue to another. They are always ‘shocked’ at reports/studies highlighting problems, despite the fact that they comissioned most of them, and have ignored the reports published previously, hoping that ‘the next’ government will tackle that, or hoping that the issues will just ‘go away’.
When problems are highlighted (newspapers, mainstream news or ‘action’ groups), they either throw money at it (which ‘magically’ appears), or more often than not, introduce a tax (to force change for the better) as is the case here.
It won’t force change. ‘Joe Public’ doesn’t have a spare £20grand down the side of the sofa.
The taxes will increase. The poorest will pay. The ‘Cunt Elite’ will be unaffected.

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

76 thoughts on “Anti pollution tax

  1. Yes all forms of the green con are a cunt. The air has never been so clean. It’s not really that much of an issue in my eyes. What is a problem is the rampant consumerism. Forcing people to buy new cars is only causing more pollution. My everyday car is 24 years old and runs on gas. That means I have far less of an impact on the environment than any of these cunts making these rules yet I will still have to pay to enter these zones because I insist on driving a banger. Fuck them all with an umbrella.

    • Its bullshit. Drive a 3.5ton diesel vehicle for a living, would pass any charges onto my customers, but the 50mph restrictions on M6, delays, sat in fucking traffic cause fair amount of pollution! Reason i refuse work in londonistan. That and hate the shitehole!

  2. Two words…..Suckdick Khunt. Fucking megalomaniac fucking cunt of cunts. He cares no more about air pollution than flying in the air. The cunt just wants to keep cunts like us off the road and leave them clear for his rich pals.
    Real Londoners hate his guts but we are very much in the minority now. Coming to a city near you very soon.

    • No it isn’t. They’re running a fundraiser to pay for all the peacefuls & other shit that they’ve flooded our cities with. They don’t give a fuck about clean air the duplicitous cunts.

    • ‘Real Londoners’ * mirthless cackle *
      There are no ‘real’ Londoners left in London, that’s why that short arsed big nosed son of a bus driver cunt is now top boy. Because effnik always votes effnik. You’ll never see a white mayor again in Londonistan.

      London is a 3rd world toilet now. Be better off building a wall around it, turning all the utilities off and letting them get on with it until they’ve all killed each other and the humans can move back.

      • Just been listening to a programme on Radio 4 in which a simian yoof has been commissioned to talk about knife crime in da hood. He interviews the mayor, police commander and a minister. He blames everybody and everything else, particularly poverty, on the state of the society in which he lives. Nothing to do with the fact that he and his barely intelligible clan are simply unemployable wastes of London’s precious oxygen.

      • Effnik and self-flagellating bourgeoise whites. Plenty of them in the New Dubai.

  3. It’s all just bullshit, designed to screw even more money out of us. And I read last week that a scientist has criticised the great God of Climate Change, Attenborough’s documentary on Netflix for not being entirely truthful. Apparently, there was a piece about walruses climbing 250ft up cliffs in Russia to escape the rising sea water due to…anyone care to take a guess? Yep, climate change, only to then fall to their deaths. However, a scientist who is familiar with the area has taken a big piss all over that claim, by saying that it’s more likely that, rather than climbing the cliffs and falling to their deaths trying to escape rising sea water, they were in fact falling to their deaths from the TOP of the cliffs, whilst trying to escape from polar bears that are trying to eat them to death. The reason he says this, is because it’s happened before. Most recently in 2017.

    • These bastards create the problems in the first place then charge the poor to pretend they want to fix them.

  4. Very good cunting, especially the bit about long term planning. I think they would be unable to plan long term access to a toilet let alone have the vision and ability to create a coherent plan to reduce air pollution in cities. Fuck them all

  5. All whilst David Keith (Harvard) and the Geo-Engineering cunts are spraying us like cockroaches.

  6. Pre 2005??? It’s only gonna hit the poor, and those cunts cant afford £12.50 per day. That’s £4000 before tax you have to earn just to cross the line. Cuntery in the extreme.
    Brainchild of that idiot.

  7. Total extortion of the public and classist as fuck. If they were to maybe seriously update public transport as well as provide it free (or at least, significantly discounted) to anyone earning less than the national average, I might think otherwise, but there’s no way that would happen. Besides, the vast majority of emissions have nothing to do with individual motorists and they fucking know it.

  8. I see another soldier is being hung out to dry for a shooting nearly 50 fucking years ago.
    I wonder if he’ll get legal aid like that ISIS bitch?

    • Just saw that on the news Freddie, Soldier B, fucked if I would take up arms to protect this country.

      What a fucked up country we now live in.

      • Add in those involved with ‘I am soldier X’.

        Perhaps Corbyn will get his wish, as no cunt will want to fight for cultural marxists.

  9. So I replace my 5 year old car with a new eco warrior mobile, that has been produced using new minerals, that have dredged up all manor of pollutants and filled the atmosphere with the offerings of carcinogens and poisons.

    How fucking green is that?

    Alternatively, I can use my current vehicle which doesn’t need any newly mined pollutant other than the oil and fuel that it consumes.

    These ecocunts must be in the back pockets of the mining companies.

  10. fuck the ‘climate change’ protesters. whether or not climate change is man made or not ( i have my doubts ) these cunts have no right to disrupt the lives of others. protest in some other way if you must you smug morons.

    • These freaks have had a good day out in London today……smashing up Shell HQ, blocking bridges and throwing shit all over the place. Bunch of libtard cunts. Fucking coppers did fuck all. Should have given the cunts a good kicking.

    • One self-righteous bitch by the name of Tiana Jacout 🙄 was on LBC yesterday, rubbing her hands with glee as she described her group’s cunting plan to bring London to a standstill today and block Waterloo Bridge with tons of innocent trees etc.

      Of course she had to begin her every smug utterance with the word “So” and upspeak every 5 seconds… the prig should have been arrested there and then for that alone.

      • I heard that one, RTC. According to the air quality data smog levels were down today, however smug levels were through the roof.

        If we get much more smug we’ll trigger global laming.

  11. ULEZ? You sure that doesn’t mean something else ? It’s hard to tell in London.

  12. All this Save The Planet nonsense is a waste of time until Governments,and people,face the fact that overpopulation is a far more pressing problem. The planet can’t sustain the current growth in population.
    Until they start lopping the goolies off the Dark Keys,Chinks,Curry Munchers and French, it’s pointless worrying about a bit of smog in London.

    Fuck Off.

    • I assume the French are on the list just for being cunts!

      Africa is going to be a major problem the are reproducing like rabbits with no fucking plan on how to sustain the extra 10’s of millions that are popping out!

      Gun boats in the channel required.

      Kill off all the Frogs and turn france into giant forrest!

        • Africunts have been “reproducing like rabbits with no fucking plan” for as long as I can remember (60 years approx). Fortunately Oxfam have the answer:

          “Start a £3 monthly donation with Oxfam and together we can help the cunts get out of poverty for good…”

          (According to OECD DAC statistics, since aid began in the 1960s donors have given a grand total of $502 billion to sub-Saharan Africa, which is worth about $866 billion in today’s prices)

          • Fuck OXFAM & all similar cunts. They’re PART of the problem. They should stop feeding the irresponsible bastards & let them all starve to death. In five years there would be no population explosion.

  13. Once this insidious bullcrappery extends its greedy tentacles to the north and south circular roads, all drivers will head to these and jam both in an attempt to avoid the charge. Then it will extend again up to the M25.

    The only one laughing is that sonofabusdriver dwarf cunt who will be coining it in from these charges. But precisely what is he proposing to put the money towards to reduce pollution?

    Answers on a big fat cheque. I see great personal fortunes ahead for the Parking Stanley Sonofabusdriver.

      • It seems to have something to do with the ‘Sex Dwârf’ video by Soft Cell. I twice tried to post it and on both occasions it failed to find its way out of moderation.

        Wonder if this will get through…

        • Serves you right for trying to post filth. I only post tasteful videos and so have no problems.

          You’re a degenerate.

          • 🎶
            Sex Dwârf
            Isn’t it nice
            Luring disco dollies
            To a life of vice 🎶

  14. This charge is unjustified on a 24 hours basis, it should be applied on the same basis as the congestion charge.
    I also needs to be on a sliding scale, it cannot be right that a diesel car bought less than 5 years ago can be penalised
    The whole thing stinks,

    Fucking Suck Dick stealth tax, if he wanted to tackle pollution a fucking fast round up and deportation of all the fucking illegals in London would be a good start!!!!


  15. Population growth and consumerism. Until some politician starts to talk about sustainability instead of growth, there is little point in any of this. I’m not one of those bellends like the twats bringing London to a standstill today, because they can’t see that overpopulation as the reason for anything. Have they mentioned China or India? Far more polluting than us, but no, we fucked the planet up.
    As for climate change? Fuck knows, but I’m suspicious of any policy that costs more for less, as in renewable energy.

  16. Stealing from the poor to give to the rich.
    These are the same cunts that pretend to care about “inequality” in society….
    Fucking lying theiving cunts.

  17. Just seen pictures of those smug protesters glued to each other. I’d love love to eat a kilo of asparagus, and piss on them all.

    • Tear gas and rubber bullets would have sorted the cunts out

      Obstructing the Queens highway!

    • Apparently the disruption is set to continue over the next 2 weeks. Some sanctimonious cunt on the News was saying how teachers, nurses and cunts from all informed walks of life were selflessly taking time off work to join the “peaceful” demonstrations….

      Feckless fucking cunts.

      • Apparently they’ve gone to London from all over the U.K., I wonder what the carbon footprint of all those journeys is? Stupid cunts.

        • How is it I didn’t join these protests? Oh yeah, I have a job. Oxygen thieving cunts.

          • Between twenty to thirty thousand motorcyclists rode through London on Saturday, in support of the soldier being charged with the Bloody Sunday shooting, didn’t make the news. Compare that with the blanket coverage of these smelly fucking vegans. Makes me sick.


      Mete out that kilo, consuming one spear before bed, and collecting the early-morning urine as you go, Gutstick.

      You’ll find it equally tangy¹, and will thereby accrue a larger quantity for the purpose.

      ¹You need only ingest very little asparagus(ic acid), the liver doing the legwork to produce the metcaptan responsible for the foetid odour. I find even a Cup-a-Soup® suffices.

      • Erratum

        “the mercaptan responsible…”

        More specifically, the sulphur-containing cyclic chemical present in asparagus, asparagusic acid (Sunday Best=IUPAC: 1,2-dithiolane-4-carboxylic acid) is excreted as methyl mercaptan (IUPAC: methanethiol), courtesy of the hard-working liver. Probably.

  18. The dirty fucking scruffy cunts, i wonder what they will make of the pollution from notre dame as it burns down.
    Fuck them but it’s made my day, i just hope it’s rammed to the rafters with europeans with no way out. Burn you bastards, burn.

    • Fucking hell – some gullible cunt has just reported that “a piece of the true cross” that was stored in the building has gone up in smoke!

      Not to worry, plenty more where that came from.

      Suckdick Khunt: “Londonistab stands in sorrow with Paris today”

      The world awaits with baited breath an insincere platitude from Treason May.

      • Do you reckon Lammy will have known .. ‘The Hunchback’ … that is of Notre Dame, not Downing St. …personally …?

        • Macron dunnit, to momentarily deflect from the fact that he’s an oxygen thieving waste of space cheese eating surrender monkey cunt.

          • He’s all those things and worse RTC, but unfortunately we’ve got an even worse PM, so macron now pulls the strings of our Brexit.

  19. Lots of pollution right now as Notre Dame goes up in flames. Steady increase in France of damage to many non Muslim places of worship. Many are either un reported in the press, or small articles downplayed, compared to attacks on other places of worship. I guess the Notre Dame is just a tad bit too big too bury.

    • Yeh, lots of churches in France seem to burst into flames these days, funny that…..

      • We might, but the wider public won’t. They will be mostly stupified by al-beeb promoting the offenders, the government protecting them. I was reading about the Bosnian war recently. That all kicked off when the ROPers were 44% of the population. We’ll be at that point in about 10 years.

        • Yes Mecha, and the patriots fought back over there. But who will fight for Queen and country now when we see the likes of soldier B, offered up to appease terrorists. As was staed in earlier post.

          • Personally, I am waiting for Ariana Grande Cunt to say the blaze has given her ‘PTSD’… Self serving ‘ickle slag…

            And the look at me cunts who are ‘offended’ by Quasi jokes on anti-social media should be done to a fucking crisp…

          • Yes i agree Norman, just like we roasted joan of arc, when she got ideas above her station.
            Fucking dirty french slag, should have stopped in the kitchen and kept her trap shut.

      • Never fear, am sure the British media will twist it in such a way that Brexit will be blamed for the fire!

        Just a hunch!

  20. I think esteemed cunters here are off track on this one. This is in fact a very neat little con by our esteemed Mayor to eventually get us all to buy ( and use ) camels in the city.And guess who has the biggest herd of Camels for Rent in the city ? You guessed. Its Suckdick !

  21. Good point….
    How could I have been so blind!
    Though I suspect that all of sadiq’s camels walk funny as he “rents them out” for more than one thing.

    • “Jump into this sheet, Quasi”!

      “What do you think this is on my back, a fucking parachute”?

  22. Fucking pricks in charge of the roads with their traffic calming, traffic lights, road narrowing, speed bumps like the side of the fucking Eiger – THAT’S the biggest cause of pollution. Over twenty-five fucking years I’ve been driving on blue-lights and it’s never been so difficult thanks to these cunts. As for the protesters, send an Apache gunship up to make the cunts move.

  23. You see, if you’re an ordinary pleb driving to work, or hauling assorted loads of shopping or family members around, then you’re a planet killer.
    Whereas if you’re an actor, celeb or rock band’s shortarsed front man in a private jet, then it’s fine.
    Climate activist logic. Stupid brainwashed cunts…

  24. My missus has got the right hump because I didn’t open the car door for her mum.
    I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
    I just panicked and swam to the surface….

  25. Late seeing this one. Cunstable Cuntbubble had it spot on – taxation dressed up in horseshit. Has the Khunt ever experienced wind? No, not the sort induced by a surfeit of vindaloo and Elephant beer. But wind, the stuff that blows around the world. Often from China, India, Indonesia and other countries where smog has replaced air in the atmosphere. The Khunt can pretend his new tax is to lessen air pollution but raising a tax in Londonistan will have fuck all effect on the particulate matter blowing in from the East. And polluting the air. No effect whatsoever. Scamming bastard Khunt.

  26. Newsnight…….and the rise of the far right……..yawn yawn.

    Shame they don’t harp on the same about the far left, sand dwellers or the crap treatment our soldiers past and present receive and have to endure.

    Fucking BBC cunt fucks.

  27. It’s far more important to tax further the poorer members of Londonistab’s rat race (who can’t afford new low emission cars nor the eye-watering rail fares to commute) than it is to stop aspiring architects from offing each other.

    Isn’t that right Mayor Khunt?

    First rule of politics: if a story won’t go away, deflect it with another one and get the press to jump all over that instead.

    Bravo! Cunt!

  28. The ‘real’ agenda behind it all:


  29. A NEVER ending war against the poor by the rich beast.
    It’s easier for the rich beast to control poor people.

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