A Question Of Sport

This tired and unwatchable piece of shit that won’t flush is still limping along well into its 6th decade; still features that loud Uber-cunt showoff Matt Fuckson. Every year the guests are either thick as shit ex-pros already on the extensive BBC Sport payroll or are sportspersons ‘known only to their own bathroom mirror’. These typically represent some obscure wimminz one-armed shove h’appeny type ‘sport’ that AlBeebistan deems it necessary to shove down our throats (see also Women’s Football watched by nobody).

I wonder what that Lucinda posh tits Showjumper does these days.

Nominated by Isaac Hunt

16 thoughts on “A Question Of Sport

  1. Fuck me, is this shit still going? The last time I watched it I think the team captains were Bill Beaumont and Emlyn Hughes.
    The kiss of death came with that sniggering, ugly fucking Cliff fucker Sue fucking Barker. Is that old bitch still on it?
    Just a load of stupid cunts giggling and laughing for no apparent reason.
    Classic worn out BBC shite.

    • Exactly the same for me Freddie.

      Remember David Vine and David Coleman as hosts, Emlyn Hughes, Gareth Edwards and Billy Beaumont as team captains.

      From memory think I gave up when that little tit Willie Carson started- couldn’t bear him and his dreadful cackle. Dates it (according to Wiki) at about 1982.

      Saw Sue Barker once, in M&S Guildford. Don’t dislike her, but much preferred Vine and Coleman as hosts.

      What amazes me about BBC is that they find a formula that was relatively successful in the 1970’s and 1980’s and just keep it going, on and on, and on, and on. Times change, however forty years later when it is tired well past its sell by date it is amazingly still on. Like Eastenders, or Have I Got News For You, or on the radio I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, or Just a Minute. BORING

      All programmes only until the end of the year here, my family have unanimously decided to not bother with live TV after 2019. Fed up with the bias news coverage and fucking shit programmes broadcast for brainless morons.

      Will miss the golf though, however happy the BBC will not receive another penny from me. Would stop now but no refund on TV licence if cancelled early. CUNTS.

      • WS there are some very good IPTV packs that are reasonable on cost that play all paid and sports channels , easy available these days. At a very small cost. As well as all Sky Beeb if u ever wanted it, BT, plenty of Movies, and some really filthy porn as well. I have a couple, a lot cheaper than the thieving cunt providers, does not buff if you have a good connection and no cunt gets the payments. All playable on PC Laptop or Phone can can stream to TV. Happy to provide more info should you need. Some also have catch up.

      • You’ll miss golf!!!? You sad cunt! Play it if you must, but it’s bastards like you who watch it that makes the fuckers broadcast it in the first place… displacing much better programmes like… erm… erm… Ok, watch the fucking golf… you cunt.

  2. I loathe and detest all fucking sport in general, and sportspeople in particular, so am more than happy to endorse this cunting

  3. Munchausen by proxy sports people, gleefully attempting to emulate one another with archocic comedy. Cheered on by Jeremy Kyle buffoons. I’d rather watch a bunch of five year old pinning the tail on the donkey.

      • Archocic! Could have invented a new word there LS! Describing chocolate bars that have gone out of production such as Dime bar, Tiffin, Time out bar, Fuse and the soon to be brought back Cadbury’s Snowflake due to the recent popularity of the term. It takes me back to my childhood. I would have given my last one to Melanie Roberts behind the bike shed.

        • Dime bars have become Daim, not sure if that is EU related (Opal Fruits changing to starburst to avoid confusion with Opel).

  4. I used to enjoy it when Bill Beaumont and Ian Botham were on. It went downhill when they got that little shit Frankie Dettori as a captain. No idea who they’ve got now,but if it’s still hosted by that weathered old hag Sue Barker, I certainly wont be watching.
    I’ve said before that old women shouldn’t be allowed on telly. Nobody wants to look at some wrinkly old crow…once they’ve turned 35,they should Fuck Off.

  5. I too can’t believe that shit is still on TV. Since when has being good at sport made you funny? Never!!

  6. I laughed more when I was diagnosed with penile cancer than any episode of this counting drivel.
    The other thing that aggravates my chronic depression is the concept of “Sports Personality of the Year”
    What the hell makes the cunts that commission this crap think that anyone in sport has a “ personality”?
    Wasn’t it that one eyed wonky-jawed Gorgon Browneye who gave Ferguson a knighthood because he thought that by doing so he would appease the football obsessed common man?

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