The UK Border Force

**** EMERGENCY CUNTING **** required for the UK’s “Lack Of”” Border Force.

These cunts are doing the work of Soros’ NGO outfits (by fetching all and sundry here and depositing them nice and safely in immigration centres, where we know – once they’re there – they’ll never fucking get booted out, nor leave).

And now that the UK has signed up to more sovereignty robbing with regards to the Marrakech Agreement (no I wasn’t asked either), then it is our “duty” to make it much more easy for these “no right to be here” cunts to come in!

And – even better – this Soros fuelled agreement – to destroy the west and western values – now makes it a prosecutable offence to even moan about it!

Moreover you cannot ask/nor question the origin of this human flotsam, nor can you ask what benefit they will be to UK society, you just have to accept they’re here to stay and we just have to shut-up and pay!

Well – not that they’ll tell you this under the guise of some human rights bullshit – I doubt these economic leeches are from Switzerland or Australia! It’s a fair bet they’re all from the dark continent and/or “peaceful” cunts! How blessed are we!

The most galling thing however is that May’s horrific Brexit deal is still centred around the Irish back-stop. If Border FARCE can’t defend our sea-bound, difficult to cross borders from being invaded by cunts we don’t want here, then worrying about a land border is fucking pointless (and therefore we should just leave on WTO rules because the back-stop IS such a fucking political football nonsense)!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

85 thoughts on “The UK Border Force

  1. Staggered with what I read every single day as to how those in charge of this once great county are intent in allowing this sort of thing to happen. The trashing and ruination of the UK for all eternity.

    Disappointingly did not receive a response from Nigel Farage when I last contacted him about the Marrakech agreement. Something I (and suspect the majority of people in the UK) did not vote for and a decision taken by May very much against public wishes or in the public interest.

    Becoming more disillusioned and depressed by the day with what is happening.

    In my honest opinion only those who support Leave can truly say that they really care about this country’s future.

    • Yes it is depressing Willie, white European liberals seem to have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to mass immigration, sleepwalking into a cultural suicide that we may never recover from. The Chinese even coined a term for the ‘white left’ – ‘baizou’, an insult for the usual suspects cunted daily on this fine site.

    • Willie, I 100% agree with you.

      I have given up watching the news on TV and rarely read a newspaper as I get more and more demoralised and down when I see what the UK is becoming. It is the total annihilation of all our values, any sense of national identity (which is a dirty term too these days) and all that we used to hold dear, and some of us still fucking do.

      You are right. I myself solely voted leave in order to (I stupidly thought) push for us to gain back some semblance of control of this country, its borders and end the dictatorial stranglehold of Herr Merkel and her cronies.

      How foolish was I to think that things could change. It is so damned depressing.

      ‘UK Border force’?


    • I truly believe Nigel has received a “hand-on-the-shoulder” warning from the globalists, although not even he expected us to vote to leave. Gerard Batten’s UKIP is the only option now.

      • I was wondering tonight that Nigel has done amazingly well to survive as long as he has done.

        After all, many that have chosen to fight the establishment often come to an untimely end.

        Hope he keeps his word and returns to the political arena- this country needs him if we are to ever be rid of the EU.

  2. But they enrich the culture so much!
    All the robbery, gang violence, rape and murder is so culturally enriching….
    And the fact that we have no housing, the schools are bursting, the nhs is on its knees and the police are fucked is just part of living in a modern society and can’t possibly have anything to do with the number of cunts sapping those resources……

    Are these cunts going to be paid for out of the £12 billion per year foreign aid budget?
    Makes me sick.
    They can’t afford housing, police or hospital beds but they can afford to give 12 billion away and still pay out billions more for benefits to cunts that shouldn’t be here. All the while I work my arse off and struggle to make ends meet each month while my wages are raped…. CUNTS.

  3. No I won’t have it! This country is GREAT……..if you are stinking rich, a scrounger or a criminal.
    The rest of us are fucked.

  4. What happened to the promise of the home secretary to return these fuckers to the beach they left, in a boat they have purchased for several thousand euros.

    These fuckers are not refugees fleeing a war torn country, they are economic migrants who cannot get visas.

    They had no intension of claiming asylum in any other country because they know they will be told to FUCK OFF.

    Cannot really balme the border force, if they had the same powers as the Australian border force, the ‘boat people’ would be deposited in a secure off shore (hopefully) facility, and the repatriated to their home countries.
    If they refuse to give their details (lost passport haha) they sit in detention until they have a change of mind.

    • Yea the very first thing they do before they even arrive is BREAK THE FUCKING LAW.
      And we expect them to be good, upstanding, law abiding citizens when they get set loose?
      Surely we still own an island somewhere in the world (maybe Tony missed it when he was selling off everything else) that we can send them to.

    • They’re actually illegal immigrants. Are we allowed to say that any more ?
      Probably not .
      Parasitic human filth.
      Get to fuck.

  5. Let’s be clear about those mournful-looking “refugees” in the boats, shall we. Every single one has paid a people-smuggler to transport them. Every last one. How can there still be people who don’t know this in 2019! “How can you be so lacking in compassion? They only want a better life. They’ve been through such hardship!”

    From where did they obtain the £6000-£10000 fee for transportation? Couldn’t they have used that for a better life for their family than paying a boat owner to ship them to the land of milk and honeyed benefits and naive whiteys?

    Naturally when you compare a life of goat-fucking and eating chicken carcasses to a life of free money and drug-dealing, anybody would ignore the former; yet f there was a chance you’d be refused entry then returned, sans your ten grand fee, you might think twice. The deterrent must be there.

    • Let’s face it, governments in this country abandoned the concept of deterrence donkeys years ago. It’s all about “understanding “, “caring and sharing” and all that gay bollocks.
      Unless you’re a threat to the Establishment of course. Then you get fucking hammered.
      Come in Mr Robinson, your time is up.

    • They raise it through collective enterprise – if one of the fuckers get through then all of the possible relatives and relatives of relatives get a free ride to the UK via the Human Rights Act.


  6. Simple solution. Sink the cunts. Would stop the problem overnight. We could even pretend the order was “save the cunts” but the spell checker changed it to “sink”.

    • Democracy after tonight in the commons has been confirmed dead.Yes it was deceased before but tonight was the official death certificate being signed off and the funeral parlour manhandling the corpse off site.The idea of democracy has now physically left the building.Question as in when anyone dies is how to console oneself.I sat down long and hard earlier over a stiff drink and relived ever regret sadness and disappointment I have experienced in my 24 years and there have been many some extremely traumatic. Yet the depressing distressing memories I relived in full paled into insignificance when I considered what we had just lost.Gloss it over whatever you have witnessed or experienced in your life you would as I have previously fallen back on the fact we are in a democratic nation and not a dictatorship third world shithole.That consolation has been stripped away from me.Two weeks ago when on my work shift someone died in front of me and I had as the person responsible had to sort everything out legally and emotionally with the authorities and family. I thought to myself this was the night you became a man.Forget shagging that slut at lunchtime at her house whilst her father was at work opposite the school gates when I was 16.This was it.Oh but it was not it.The notion that whatever happened I still lived in a free society was irrevocably crushed when on 13th March 2019 our always dubious representatives once and for all confirmed our worst fears:That us voting without a shadow of a doubt meant jack shit.This is certainly the moment my adulthood has arrived.Will I be marching on the streets.You are damned fucking right.My eyes are now well and truly open.

      • This rant is being cunted tomorrow under the headline democracy R.I.P.I am using administration privileges to use my judgement without repercussions from you plebeians.Feels almost poetic.If you disagree just know I am your might unelected overload demanding your compliance of opinion.Peasants.

  7. We have a 20 mile wide moat,and yet can’t keep out a bunch of towel-heads on fucking lilos. Shame for Adolf that there wasn’t a few Albanian people smugglers around in 1940. They could have got his entire army across in a fleet of pedalos presumably. The fucking Frogs would,no doubt,have helped the invaders,just as they do now.
    Let the Fuckers flounder and sink. The Border Force can harpoon the corpses when they gas-up and fish them out…wouldn’t want the pollution from a bunch of unwashed parasites stinking up our beaches.

    Fuck them.

  8. I quite like watching travel programmes by Simon Reeves. He doesn’t seem political, just meets people and reports on the facts. Obviously he has to be “compassionate” as you’d get fucking crucified these days if you mug anyone off that isn’t white, but his Mediterranean show was very good and showed the final stop for the migrants … sorry “refugees”.
    They’re told that Europe is paved with gold. The perfect place to come and make something of yourself. I don’t blame them for wanting to come. I don’t hate the migrants at all. Except the violent rapey ones….
    It’s the fucking globalists that I hate. They spread these rumours, then what happens when the guy gets here?
    He’s put to work in the fields, farms and factories for less than minimum wage, with no rights, awful conditions and told “be grateful or we’ll send you back”.
    That’s the true face of globalism, who’s only aim is to enslave, exploit, and basically be a cunt to earn as much as possible from the misery and oppression of others. But of course they all virtue signal that they’re against slavery and oppression, the lying cunts.
    They only want to bring in migrants coz they know that we won’t take their shit. We demand fair wages, safe and sanitary conditions and we have rights that we can use to take these cunts to the fucking cleaners if they exploit us.
    I’m against the crime and the sapping of our resources, but the main reason that I’m against letting the migrants in is because I know the globalists’ plan and they can all GET FUCKED.

    • “…he doesn’t seem political…” DTS, I find your comment profoundly depressing. Simon Reeves is a libtard “let them all in” CUNT. A bastard of the finest water.

  9. indeed. part of the spiel these low life smugglers give to the smuggled is ‘ don’t worry if you’re picked up by the coastguard, you will be taken to a nice warm facility where you will be free to fuck off and disappear at the first available opportunity.’.It’s sooooo fuckin obvious that if they knew they would be immediately sent back then the trade would stop , why the fuck doesnt the government make that announcement?, although thinking about it, we don’t actually know how many are getting through and avoiding the coastguard altogether.

  10. “Good evening, this is the Border Patrol.

    Well be arriving in Kent in a little over ten minutes so please ensure you have all of your belongings and electronics with you. Kent used to be pretty but due to uncontrolled mass immigration, it’s mainly Eastern Europeans now. There used to be a lot of fields but now it’s a shithole.

    There are journalists outside the docking area so try to appear lugubrious and poor, not like you’ve won the lottery.

    As there are photographers, please don’t be on your very latest Mobile phones – this might be a giveaway. And please shuffle closely together to avoid them noticing your brand new trainers.

    Pleas don’t attempt to bring your family/friends over straight away – leave it at least a fortnight.

    As we dock, please speak to my colleagues on the left for free housing and money and ipads and vouchers and free education.

    All that remains for me to say Ladies and…well, just Gentlemen actually, is enjoy your stay. Remember, any difficult questions…Me no speak Eenglish.”

  11. Off topic, here we go….

    30 minutes to No to No Deal.

    Fucking gutless cunts…. I want to see a motion to revoke article 50, then we will see the true colurs of our useless fucking MP’s

    If article 50 is extended I want to see the independent group all stand in bi-elections, sad cunts need to test the public opinion before they call for a fucking “peoples vote’

    • They’ll have to have general election before a “people’s vote”, as both the main parties campaigned on a manifesto of “brexit means brexit”, not “fuck you stupid poor people, fuck you cunts, you’re all stupid and racist and your vote doesn’t mean shit you cunts”, which I presume will be the manifesto pledges next time round. Though no doubt it’ll be dressed up as “care so much” and “in the national interest”….
      I really hope the main parties get wiped out next ge.
      Maybe this’ll be a good thing. Perhaps their treachery will lead to the end of our 2 party system.
      There are many sheeple in this country but the fact we voted brexit in the first place gives me a little faith.
      Just a little.

    • And there we go, the fix is in, shockingly they voted to reject a no deal brexit irrevocably.

      Who didn’t see that coming?

        • Four fucking votes? I’m surprised it was that narrow.
          Still, a majority’s a majority…….Er…….except when it’s 52% to 48%, then it counts for fuck all.

          • It will only take one vote to kill off No, No Deal, one EU country to say No to the extension, then we would be out.

        • The anti No Deal votes aren’t legally binding – No Deal remains the default position unless the Government revoke or extend Article 50… or May gets her horrendous ‘agreement’ through on a third (!) attempt… with the ERG running up the white flag.

          Whatever happens it’s not going to be good for the man /woman /tranny /gender neutral /fluid cunt in the street.

          • Poland are a Net EU recipient, so won’t want to bite the hand that feeds it…

          • Ok. Hungary 😁.
            Only takes one.
            The eu are ragging them out to take migrants and …..
            I’m clutching at straws.
            We can’t rely on our political class, so I’m hoping someone tells them to get to fuck extending a50.

            Maybe the French. (anything to fuck us, they’d think that their fucking us whilst doing us a favour),

            Maybe ….


            It’s gonna be a long fight.

          • Hungary ditto Poland.

            It’s in ALL the remaining 27’s interest that they trap us into accepting May’s Deal so they get our £39 billion and control our ability to compete with them on the world market.

            The last thing any of them want is for us to leave with No Deal, that will fuck them up big time.

  12. Clearly the frogs or some other cunt is just dropping them off right outside of the patrol zones. This island being protected from countless invasions over the centuries, due solely to the waters surrounding it and the difficulties in navigating those waters.

    Never mind the literal thousands of shipwrecks around the coast left by master mariners that were caught out by the ferocity and unpredictability of these oceans. Some desert dwelling cunt and his ilk, who have never so much as seen a wave, can just now hop in a rubber dinghy, and it’s quite literally plain sailing?

    Like fuck.

  13. Just watched the vote on sly news, fucking disgraceful, how they can call themselves the honourable mps,
    Lost for words
    I hope this is the start of a revolt against parliament, bunch of self serving cunts

    • We need better!

      We deserve better!

      Don’t vote for any of the lamestream party cunts in the next general election.

      If you do, you deserve all you can get.

      Fuck the lot of them! I wish Mo’ and his mob would November 5th the cunts!

  14. If only the Armada had the maritime skills of a bunch of goatshaggers in a rubber boat we’d all be speaking Spanish now.
    Still time though. 🇫🇲

  15. Do crimes count in international waters?
    I’m wondering if a do-gooding vigilante would face any charges for zipping around in a private boat and sinking these cunts in international waters.

  16. Fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck……Anna Sourface on the BBC. Getting all high and mighty about the right thing to do. Well you cunting fanny fart, your constituents of Broxtowe voted to Leave….54.6%. Do you not think it right to speak up for them, and if not, then you should have resigned at the first opportunity.
    MPs, the fiendish cunts, and as far as I am concerned they are all legit targets.
    Bring on Anarchy and as far as I give a shit, watch this country burn to the fucking ground.

    • Don’t expect Soubry to act in a democratic fashion, this utter piece of shit not only represents a heavy leave area she didn’t fancy standing down and fighting a by election when she got into bed with umunnas mugs over at the (not so) independent group…
      A proper “ I know better “ cunt would be hard to find…..

  17. Goodbye borders. Goodbye Britain. Anyone else check out the map for the petition to prorogue Parliament? Looks like the cunts will have to find some magic money for policing Yorkshire and Lincolnshire…and even the West Country. Poles in Yeovil – who knew?

    I think a hard rain’s a’ gonna fall on Westminster. And I hope to be out there pissing in.

    Cunts for further orders, cunts beyond belief, horrible abraded pus-dripping syphilitic cunts.

    • Guess now’s the time to join UKIP komodo 😁.
      We’re labelled as “far right” but I just see it as common sense.
      I know you’re on the left of politics, and fair play to ya, but there are no left leaning legitimate parties left….
      Even the far left have joined the eu (not that you’re far left, I respect all your posts),
      And anarchists.
      The trade unions….
      Everyone acociated with anything to do with anything is now (apparently) calling for us to remain. Even the public.

      I’m drunk as a skunk but even j know bollocks when I see it.

      • Probably better joining farages Brexit party DPTS …..
        17.4 thwarted by a couple of hundred self important cunts!
        Amazing stuff….

        • Anarchists taking the side of bigger, less accountable goverment.
          At the risk of sounding like Richard Littlejohn, you couldn’t make it up…

      • Thanks for the thought, DTS, fairly put and the respect is mutual…it’s an ISAC thing.

        I get the increasing feeling that unless you are a complete renegade, someone will bribe you or lean on you in the interests of globalism. I think the Corbynite Left has been leant on (very heavily, but funny how the pressure came off just before the last series of Commons votes, isn’t it?). And Farage has just re-emerged onto a R4 bulletin to announce that he’d predicted all this in 2017, Given his immediate disappearance it would seem that he was unwilling to do anything about it either. A self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps.

        A plague on all their houses at the moment, then. There are plenty of angry Leavers on the Left, though. Neither they nor the Right ones will carry the day on their own. There is an obvious, though very tough conclusion to be drawn from that. I’d be willing to draw it – would you?

        That this House so earnestly wishes to be shot of the EU that it is prepared to sink its differences until that is safely accomplished. Thereafter the battle may continue as before!

        • I am a firm believer that the right need the left, and the left need the right.
          Both sides keep the other in check with constant dialogue and competition.
          Competition creates evolution.
          Evolution of ideas and processes, and I firmly believe that it’s the balance between right and left that has steered our country so well over the centuries.
          Both have the same goals to a certain extent but just see different ways of achieving them….
          I believe that to be true now more than ever.

          Thank fuck for autospell.

      • I’m going to become a UKIP member. Fuck the mainstream parties. The tories are about as conservative and pro-British as Blair.

        Labour might not win the next election, but i bet the tories will fucking lose it.

        Fuck ’em.

  18. Is any UK government agency actually purposes with safe guarding the interests of the UK people?

    I’ve got more faith in Kim Jung Illin than I have in the liars and deceivers running this country on behalf of globalist cum drinking cunts.

    That’s all

    • Kim Jong-Il died about seven years ago but yes, I agree, I’ve still got more faith in him than the House of Cunts.

  19. The treacherous cunts have dry humped the last maggots from the rotting corpse of democracy. I hope I live just long enough to see the regret and despair of the remainers, when they realise it was they that didn’t know what they were voting for. Bye bye currency, bye bye military, au revoir the fishing industry and auf wiedersehen everything else. Reap what you sow, cunts.

  20. This vote is a vote for either (1) remaining in the EU, the mechanism for this being a rigged second referendum or (2) accepting a EU arsereaming deal that effectively keeps us in the EU.

    Either way, democracy in this country is fucked and the Tories are finished.

    Greg Clark has a special place in hell waiting for him.

    • What really depressed me (his theme is one with which I agree) was the proportion of evangelical Christians in the comments. No, Jesus does not have the answer to mass immigration, weak defences, corrupt government and global oligarchy. He didn’t provide one in Roman times and he doesn’t now.

  21. Just one more look at that map. Where are the fewest votes coming from?
    The classic immigrant areas of NW, NE and S. London, two Birmingham constituencies, Manchester Withington, Leeds NE. 24 of the 26 constituencies with less than 30 votes right now (63,088 votes) are represented by Labour. One of them by Corbyn, incidentally, which explains his reluctance to get off the fence. Several are represented by BAMES.

    Well, I wouldn’t expect these turkeys to vote for Christmas. They still have relatives en route, presumably.

  22. The backstop is a lose, lose situation. Basically we have handed all control of the negotiations to Europe. Like Europe give a fuck about NI, at 1.8 million people basically no fucker even lives there. Its just a way to bend us over rag us up the wrongun, dry, until we prolapse what little national pride we have. What a bunch of cunts, we should have kept quiet and ignored them while agreeing new trade deals with other countries. Maybe we should do a deal with the Russians, we’ll invade Europe from the west they invade from the east and meet in the middle. It’ll take care of the 3rd Reich once and for all.

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