The Lancet Psychiatry

The Lancet Psychiatry

What the fuck?
No I Hadn’t heard of it either but see below:

‘One in 13 young people in England and Wales experiences post-traumatic stress disorder by the age of 18, the first research of its kind suggests.

A study of more than 2,000 18-year-olds found nearly a third had experienced trauma in childhood.

And a quarter of these then developed PTSD, which can cause insomnia, flashbacks and feelings of isolation.

Researchers say, with many young people not receiving the support they need, the study should be a “wake-up call”.’

Does anyone smell horseshit? Self-interest? Jobs for the shrinks?
This profession is fucking useless at the best of times – psychos routinely con them, but the claim that 18 year olds have PTSD levels similar to military personnel who have actually been in harm’s way is plainly ludicrous.
An example given was a girl who had surgery as a 4 MONTH old and developed the disorder. Fuck me, who’d a thunk it?
The only surprise is that Brexit isn’t included in the causes.
I will leave the cunters to suggest what life scarring stresses these pampered children experience.

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47 thoughts on “The Lancet Psychiatry

  1. They might be referring to the kids who appeared on Jim’ll fix it, and came away feeling a bit “sore”

  2. It’s like grade inflation with A Levels. PTSD now needs to be graded. Perhaps snowflake cunts suffer from PTSD lite whilst squaddies suffer from PTSD plus.

    This is another outcome of social meedyah. In La La land, everybody’s happy – on holiday, good looking and being liked. Real life is different and there are ups and downs. The downs make you sad but you get over it. It is not a disorder.

  3. Well i’m definitely going apeshit mental. There’s a slag round my way, overweight, multi coloured brats, a right Vicky Pollard. I’ve lost count of the times i’ve seen her pissed, in the street , telling people to fuck off and offering to fight anybody who fancied it.
    Anyway, the other night I went into the Tesco Express and guess who is in there, working as a security guard? Oh yes. I almost didn’t recognise her as she had washed her hair and removed all the orange from the surface of her skin. I was careful to avoid eye contact as the last time she spoke to me she had called me a “fucking posh cunt, “ the only time in my life i’ve been called “posh”. I doubt if she remembers that though.
    I was reminded of that scene in Clockwork Orange where Alex comes out of prison and bumps into his old “droogs” who are now coppers. So they drive him into the countryside and beat the shit out of him.
    Fuck me, life imitating art. How can Vicky Pollard be a security guard? In a supermarket? Her and her mates are the biggest shoplifters going.
    The world has gone fucking mad (or I have).

    • Maybe a sneaky, anonymous letter to the personnel dept, Freddie?
      Stating that you saw her letting her friends shoplift (that’s probably happened anyway).
      Somewhat cunty, but hey, why the fuck not?!

  4. That’s what I’ve always liked about trick cyclists – accuracy and specifics. ” A study of more than 2000 18 year olds” ……. how many more? ….” nearly a third” … near? …” many young people” ….how many is many? What age range constitutes young?

    All bullshit of course..Everyone knows that psychiatry is the arse end of the medical profession, chosen by those who couldn’t diagnose and distinguish between a benefits scrounger and a corpse. Seems to be the avenue of choice for many “ethnic” cunts. What’s your diagnosis doctor Mgrabme-Balls? Iz debil debil spirit is gotten in im, innit. Im all stiff an eyes iz lookin at debil see. Thank you Doctor. You’ve passed the fellowship exam . Jenkins, have the porters return the body to the morgue please.

    Now, just relax and tell me your problems Miss Jones.
    Well, doctor I feel that people keep ignoring me all the time.
    Next patient please!

  5. Steam powered family – wtf.

    The biggest trauma for our kids today is having to deal with the peacefuls and other non-native species who have other values that are not compatible with ours. Cunts.

  6. The Groan ran a story on “trauma” in the young (16 – 24yr olds) and noted PTSD like symptoms for pressing issues such as:

    – Having nowhere to charge their smart device.

    – Being “unfriended” on (anti)social meejah.

    – Seeing images of better looking boys/girls.

    – Wealth envy (due to the neo-liberal brainwashing on equality of outcome, i.e., you’re worked hard, I’ve done fuck all, I want the same shit as you).

    – Education elitism, i.e., if you have an A-Level foundation certificate in Beyonce studies and another person has a doctorate in applied mathematics, they should be considered equal when applying for jobs, etc.

    Basically a list of non-issues. And was the Groan chastising these weak-minded imbeciles and their first world issues? Of course not. They saw it as being “… probably the most substantial threat to young persons’ mental well-being since WW2!”

    Because being on the wrong end of a Luger and receiving a nasty tweet are entirely the same thing aren’t they!?!


    • Sadly i know of a snowflake who doesnt qualify as a young person (he’s around 30), yet cried when a mutual friend ‘unfriended’ him because they never actually spoke.

      He’d taken theatre studies at a college on the south coast so perhaps he was preparing for a role as a wanker… or not.

      A great reason for getting off flakebook is not your friends, but the overwhelming majority of their friends being fucked up, entitled, narcissistic cry-bully cunts.

      Fuck ’em.

    • Diid the Groan not include ‘fear of Nandos closing down due to Brexit’? That seems to have made a few of these whimpering cunts a little distressed.

  7. Until a few years ago I imagined I was relatively normal. Little did I realise I was autistic, not until the shrinks said “everyone is on the autistic spectrum somewhere.”

    Now they’re pulling the same stunt with PTSD, drumming up more trade. Grenfell gravy train running out of steam?

    Meanwhile in the schools they’re busy cultivating future generations of damaged individuals, grooming primary school children into questioning their sex… that’ll be a nice little earner in the years to come.

    • “everyone is on the autistic spectrum somewhere.”……….

      I’m not,and I’ll fucking well have a spazz-out if any Cunt tries to tell me different.

      Morning, RTC and all

  8. I like to think that I’ve traumatised one or two brats by deliberately barging into the Cunts when I see them walking along the street engrossed in their mobile phones. A quick drop of the shoulder and swipe with the forearm normally sees the phone clatter to the ground. A follow-up of “Watch where yer going,you benefit-sponging arsehole” usually leaves them looking suitably gob-smacked. No doubt I’m the subject of many an outraged post on Facebook later detailing how they were bullied by a future-stealing,gammon fascist……Good.
    Luckily,we haven’t yet been over-run by Dark- Eys or I’d have probably been stabbed by now.

    Fuck them.

    PS… I managed to maintain my perfect record of giving Fuck-All to any charity apart from Poppy Day and a couple of small animal charities even though I’m sure Red Nose Day was simply hilarious…and such a worthwhile cause,of course.

      • To quote the late great Bernard Manning ” fucking red nose day, it’s just Lenny Henry & Dawn French showing the starving Africans, how to survive on 3 square meals a day ” a pile of cunt !
        Just a caveat to it, my sons school told the kids not to buy red noses, as it increased plastic waste. So the teachers will save the planet, but not starving sooties.
        Which ever way it saved me a pound.

    • Morning Mr F…you’d have had some “comic relief” yesterday if you’d seen what happened to my poor phone.
      I “Brian Harvey”ed it at work. I was leaning out of the fork lift whilst reversing on a half left lock, my phone slipped out of my pocket, fell to the floor and I ran the fucker over.
      Fucking bastard.
      It was probably Lenny Henry’s fault, it being red nose day, and all.
      Morning RTC…

    • Has it been on???

      Fuck me, totally missed it. That’s what happens when you avoid lamestream TV and their lies and virtue-signalling – most cuntitude just passes you by (thank god).

      Pity cos I was going to text “CUNT!” to Lenny Henry. Worth a fiver for that privilege!

  9. To donald tusk you are a poof cunt who’s own mother is shamed to have such a arsekissing retard as a son, hope our countries are never friends and brussels goes up in flames Drew this picture of immigrants and muzzos barebacking your hole and cumming on your ugly face hope you rot in hell sophie age 6

  10. I had an interesting relationship with PTSD, walking next to buildings not standing in the open and shitting myself at the first loud bang were (are) pretty much common place.
    To truly understand PTSD you have to understand that it is the sane part of your brain screaming, in certain situations your brain naturally suggests that the whole situation is madness and that it might be a good idea to say fuck it, get up and walk off home! the Logical side of your brain then has to override this explaing to the terrified part of your brain that if you stand up now you will die, or if you stay there you will die (or worse) .
    After a while the little voice of rationality gets locked away, (its not your friend) and you become a little distant from the world and “humanity”.
    Then one day it all stops and you come back to this, a degree of empathy and calmness is required, its at this point in your life the little voice comes back and with it the feelings you suppressed, the fear, the panic sometimes the revulsion.
    It took me a fuck load of diazipan and later Beta blockers to calm down and sort of reintegrate myself into this world.
    I really think that these people who have never been out of the classroom should desist from there educated bollocks.
    car crash autobahn 1
    shot at aged 16 1
    blown up next to tank 4
    in bus hit with mortar 6
    stuck in hole being machine gunned 8
    Hit with MLRS 10
    Cunt trying to kill me with mortar 10 (much to amusement of colleagues)
    shot at by AA gun 7

    that’s my out of ten scores , the rest is just life

    • So not having any fat-free soy milk for you skinny half-cafe latte doesn’t rank highly for you then Lord Benny?

      The Twitterati of Londinistab would be most offended, you unfeeling cunt!

      • I tried explaining to a co worker here that making me jump was not a fun thing to do, no matter how amusing it may seem.
        After a while I decided that reasoning has not worked so its probably better to give him PTSD so he would understand.
        I rigged his desk with an airbag I salvaged from the scrap yard, I assumed it would be harmless safe fun, I was wrong.
        When I detonated the fucker it ripped his draws apart and blew the 18mm chipboard privacy screen off the front of his desk.
        I think the only reason I kept my job is the manager was scared to fire me in case I did something to him.

        • A mate of mine joined the army, a week before Iraq invaded Kuwait, so he went from basic training to gulf war one. Two weeks leave after tha finished, then over to Yugoslavia for that nightmare. The photos he brought back of atrocities were incomprehensible. Later, at a festival, some cunts were letting off fireworks, and he didn’t say anything, but you could see he was distressed. Some people made fun of it, but I knew he wasn’t faking it.

        • Please tell me you work for either Legal & General or Norwich Union…

          Wish I’d had knowledge of airbags when I was there, thou I doubt Fat Tracey would even have been scratched. She, oddly, was a windbag, or possibly a gasbag.


  11. I’m going through a divorce at the moment, and I can honestly say, it’s the worst time of my life. It’s not the messiest divorce by far, and, thank fuck there are no children involved. However, this last year has been mental torture, and I regularly see no point in carrying on, and ending it all. I know it’s stupid, life will get better, but I’m finding it hard to get over that hump. Early fifties is no time to start again, but it’s better than early sixties, so I can see the positives.
    That said, I don’t consider my ordeal as serious as needing treatment of some kind, or that I’m in need of help or too much sympathy. Some people have it far worse than me, and carry on with dignity and humour, and that I find inspiring.
    A good friend of mine died of cancer just before Christmas, and his final months were painful and heartbreaking, but he always thought more of others than himself, right to the end. It was a lesson in humility which I will never forget.
    This nonsense about various degrees of PTSD takes the seriousness of the condition away from those who genuinely suffer from it, by trying to associate all of life’s ups and downs to a sliding scale. I jokingly said a couple of years ago that mollycoddled millenials would get it from only having two bars on the WiFi signal, but now it seems realistic.

    • Gutstick – I feel your pain. Been down that road twice. It’s not pleasant, it’s very unfair, it’s upsetting, stressful, you name it. What I can tell you with a high degree of certainty is your life and sense of well being will improve tremendously once the process completes. You need to hang in there long enough to experience what life tastes like after the fact. I wish you all the best and hope the posts here on ISAC give you a chuckle and help you make it through another day. Cheers – IY.

        • It does get better, honestly. My papers came through in Nov 2012, about two years later I was on the point of going through the emergency exit, was going to go and buy a nitrogen canister &c. the next day.
          For some reason – overconsumption of Austrian wine in a Viennese Heurige – I decided that things probably weren’t that bad after all.
          Then I moved to Cardiff, and all our Rt. Hons. started kicking off. Once or twice I almost reconsidered, but I am a cunt, and I live to see headlines about B Liar et al. dying violent deaths.
          Even started work yesterday on a building site, general labouring. Despite howling wind and near-horizontal rain, I rather enjoyed it, and it seems as if I’ll be needed for a few months, anyway.

          Good luck, GJ – my divorce after 26 of marriage was similar. No kids, mercifully, and in my case, no 3rd party entanglements. But it’s still bloody painful, and I wish you all the very best. We still spend Christmas together, and remain good friends. Bizarre, perhaps, but a relief in many ways. Neither of us are looking to get back together, but we both believe in recycling, if either of us finds someone else, it’s thankfully not going to be a big issue.

    • Just keep paddling as best you can GS, within a 2 year span lost my Mum to cancer heartbreaking thing to go through, then missus told me she didn’t love me anymore, now divorced.
      Unfortunately there was a child involved , but as Sgt Maj says earlier in this cunting, ups and downs just try to carry on. But it’s not easy life can be a real cunt.

      • Thanks lads, it does mean a lot, as life is fleeting, and filled with cunts, and this site, and it’s patrons has been a comfort. A bit sloshed now after an afternoon on the pop with my mates, so cheer# to all at ISAC, and thanks for the giggles and sanity, in equal measures.

  12. Are we talking PTSD caused by some form of physical or mental abuse? Or are we talking the Kira Knightley PTSD, which is caused by becoming rich and famous at a young age, and is, according to her, worse than the PTSD suffered by soldiers? I very much doubt the figures for youth PTSD are as high as the Lancet claims. Some young people, who’ve been sexually, or otherwise physically abused, could suffer from it. But I’m willing to bet that most of them have simply got a cob on because mummy and daddy wouldn’t buy them the latest iPhone.

    • Keira’s stress was caused by asparagus making her piss stink!

      I offered to take a look but she turned sideways and disappeared…

  13. I managed to cure my own brexit PTSD simply by refusing to listen to any more brexit bollocks. Try it,i it may work for you.

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