The Body Politic

The Body Politic or Blighty’s Rotting Corpse

Never in a very long life has Yours Truly seen such an exhibition as has just taken place in full view orf the World in the Hoise Orf Commons. Headless chickens orn heat don’t come near to describe it. ”Never wash your dirty linen in public and certainly not in front orf the natives”. Sage words that kept the Empire secure during many a time orf National Peril. Small wonder that arch arse-jockies Verhofstadt and Veradhka are puffed up with bile and venom and snapping their fangs at poor old Blighty’s privates. We are a laughing stock having lorst all honour. Poor Sir Winston that your shade must endure such a spectacle in your beloved Hoise Orf Commons. Within the hour YT was driven to me whiskey.

Now I find within me such rage, such contempt for our elected representatives and their conniving deceits that I must go to the grave with hate in me heart.
Forgive but never Forget?
How often those words were spoken during the late Commemorations and Remembrances for the Fallen of two World Wars. Leaves before the wind now,beyond pain and blood, their lives lost in defence of distant foreign lands, their sacrifice now repaid with cold contempt for their homeland.
So what now. More declamatory rhetoric? Just a simple statement of fact. Like many others on here I am proud to be an Englishman. We may not be aroinde for long, there may not be many orf us left. Yes the memory will go on and let it be like this.
Let us never Forget and never Forgive.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

62 thoughts on “The Body Politic

  1. A cunting of biblical proportion please for every cunt who sits in parliament. Fuck, fuck and thrice fuck, today they shafted The UK with a razor tipped whale cock.

    The public spoke several years ago, the politicians shit themselves, so behind the scenes have come up with this shit storm of bollocks, bollocks and more fucking bollocks.

    No one voted to leave the eu with a fucking deal. We voted to leave the eu because they are a bunch of un elected self serving cock wombles, who live off their own egos and bully anyone with an opinion.

    It sticks in my throat to say, but at least old Mave voted for a no deal. Yes she has the negotiating skills of a paraplegic tortoise running a marathon with four amputated legs, but she has been true to her word, even though her actions and lack of ability fucked it all up.

    To the UK celebrated it’s IndepenCUNT Day

  2. Politicians – possibly the most despicable waste of oxygen on this Earth.

    Liars to the last one.

    Goodbye for now.

  3. Right or left, all these politicians are lying backstabbings cunts with basically the same political agenda as the next
    Good cunting Sir Stoke enjoy your whiskey btw what brand are you drinking

  4. Breaking news from the southern hemisphere. Wait for the tsunami of hypocrisy.

      • Probably just rely on Suckdick Khan to provide a few soundbites on “London standing shoulder to shoulder with NZ” etc etc and Owen Jones handwringing over ‘the rise of the far-right”.

        • If he wishes to stand shoulder to shoulder he better get the yellow pages out first.

      • Not for long. A handy distraction so everybody can bleat on about poor old Muslims, the Ali BBC are loving this.

        Bury the deeply undemocratic news event of the last 24hrs under a perfect (shit)storm.


    • One witness says he prayed for the gunman to run out of bullets.
      49 deaths later Allah responded.

  5. For reasons I won’t bore you with I was reminded of the late John Profumo the other day (i’m sure Sir Limply remembers him and very likely a personal friend) He was caught dangling his rod in dangerous waters and lying about it in the House.
    Of course he resigned and devoted the rest of his life to charitable works and nobody ever heard of him again.
    Can you imagine any of these filthy lying cunts doing that in the same circumstances? They would never resign, no matter what and any passing glance they gave to “good works” would have to be all over the media or they wouldn’t bother.
    By today’s standards John Profumo was a fucking saint. Sad but true.

  6. Leaning against an open door there Sir Limply.

    They’re all self-serving, useless cunts!

    The biggest tragedy, however, are the dumb cunts who will still vote for them next time around.

    Anyone who votes for any major party cunt – who have been proved to be duplicitous, evil, anti-democratic, sanctimonious cunts – in the next general election (whenever that may be), and who still moans about the current state of politics in the UK, is a cunt of the highest order!

    We need better!

    We deserve better!

    • They say you get the government you deserve but, for the life of me, I simply can’t fathom what we’ve done to deserve this shower of utter shite.

  7. Fuck me, who knew the peacefuls had got as far as New Zealand? Expect a wave of Libtard crying, handholding and virtue signalling. There’s nothing that stirs the snowflake blood more than a pile of corpses.

  8. Just watch the grovelling apologies to the Peacefuls in NZ . They will probably invite every Peaceful in now without any checks whatsoever just to show how tolerant they are.
    Sly News are already blaming the far right. No doubt Tommy Robinson will have to share the blame.

  9. G’day cobbers.
    Let’s crack open a couple of xxxx and throw an other moose limb on the barbie.

  10. Let the handringing commence! Come on Gary,Lilley,Sadiq,etc I really want to hear your best bandwagon jumping antics. What song can be the charity single? What colour wristbands will be used? Any ideal hashtags?

    Can anyone tell me how I can watch the footage, I have some popcorn at the ready…

    Tragic people died but not unexpected.

    Oh, and someone from the Ramadan foundation has already gone on LBC shouting far right and Tommy Robinson…

    Fuck off you cunt. When Jews are murdered in Brussels you said what, exactlly? Oh yes I remember: fuck all.

    • Tommy Robinson is a hero and anyone who thinks he’s remotely far right is stupid, misinformed or an agenda pusher. I know he’s thinking of standing as an MP or MEP in the future – I hope to fuck he succeeds.

  11. Sly and BBC will go full on with this one.
    The Manchester bombing will look like a mere pub brawl in comparison. Fucking Cunts

  12. It’s been an odd week in Parliament:

    The good: Ummuna & Soubry’s humiliation yesterday in only getting 85 votes for their pathetic second referendum (I think they should concentrate on making videos for Pornhub: Easter release “Second Cumming”)

    The bad: Losing the no deal vote by a measly fucking four votes thanks to Amber Rudd and her wankstain friends.

    The ugly: take your pick – Dominic “funny vicar” Grieve, John Bercow, David Lammy (Lammy, Lammy, I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles), Yvette Sugartits Cooper.

    But what a load of self-important fuckwits. Especially the bunch of cross-party Poofters For Europe

  13. My 2p worth …………….
    Actions have consequences— we are not what we once were. This may sound bonkers but I am 53 and I can say that I first noticed that what I had always been brought up to understand was ‘lying’ ( not telling the truth beyond say a white lie – your bum does not look too big in that tent like dress honey etc) seemed to ‘shift’ in the early 90’s. It seemed that people generally started to believe and act on the idea that some things were not really lying — more ‘playing the game’. I have always worked in insurance ( a good measure) — it was no longer really bad or lying if your car had been broken into to say add a few extra CD’ s to the list of what was nicked. It was sort of standard a new ‘white lie’ – socially acceptable. My point is that this bunch of MPs do not have the same moral compass — they are not really betraying democracy in their own eyes.
    Anyway I will bore off now!

    Mutter Futters the lot of them ( well 80% at least).

  14. First Act of Hypocrisy: the social meedyah providers act immediately to remove the video. Leaving behind a whole wealth of jihadist videos…

      • Very good point Sgt Maj, they’re selfish bastards, it’s the sort of thing i want to watch while i’m relaxing at the end of the working week. With a glass of Bourbon.
        Selfish hypocritical cunts,

  15. Ps Krav you are spot on re the shootings. My previous post was on the body politic thing which seems a bit trivial against the shootings.

  16. The far left that dominate politics and media will be all over this to introduce more laws to prosecute anybody with a right of centre opinion.
    As for the politicians, spineless traitors, with no intent to carry out the will of the British public. Problem is come the general election, the public will just vote for who they have ever voted for,rather than marching on parliament and impaling the traitors heads on spikes.

  17. I hope the latest kick off in New Zealand isn’t one of us hated breeds!

    Another cunt resetting the clock on the atrocities of Islam if it is. Dumb cunt!

  18. As Nigel Farage quite rightly pointed out on twitter yesterday, we are leaving the EU on 29th March.

    Unless Parliament amends or repeals the EU Withdrawal Act 2018 to the effect of extending Article 50 or revoking it, they are acting illegally.

  19. I also despair at this bunch of hypocrites. This morning on R4 Today they had Gina Miller talking about democracy and another referendum without any real challenge from the presenters.

  20. Before people comment on what happened in NZ think about it. It does no one any good, it cements the view no criticism of Islam should be allowed. Killling innocent people is never acceptable.

    The IRA will be at it again soon by the looks of it.

    You can also bet your house on the fact snowflake remainder will link it to the leave mindset.

    Our task is to defend democracy from all threats. It’s not Muslims that are our problem it’s the globalism that the majority of our MPs are indoctrinated in.

    Our Parliament must be forced to put the nation and its people first. A big part of that is getting them to control immigration but that won’t happen until we elect people who’s first loyalty is to us not the UN or the EU.

    • There is a natural difference, when Islamists attack it is random, they dont give a shit who the kill, it is the whole of western society, these so called far right (not sure this is an accurate description) always have specific targets.
      I am not saying this is an excuse but it is a fact.

  21. Remainers who have been conspiring with the EU to keep us in are getting all hot under the collar because Nigel Farage is conspiring with other EU allies to keep us out. He has confirmed that he is thinking about “reaching out” to allies across the EU to ensure a potential request to extend the Brexit negotiations is rejected next week.
    As far as Remainers are concerned it’s ok for unelected people like Tony Blair to plot with unelected EU officials to keep the UK in the EU, but completely wrong for an elected MEP to talk with other elected European politicians to help bring about the result of a democratic referendum.

    • Sorry it slipped my mind but Blair isn’t just an unelected person, but an unelected has-been.

  22. Once leave won we should have started making preparations to leave without a deal immediately. It was for the EU to negotiate with US a trade deal, not the other way round.

    What about the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland? We would never agree to a border so it is the EU who should come up with a technology solution for the transport of goods, after all it is their union they are trying to protect.

    All the votes in Parliament recently were outnumbered by the 500 remain supporting politicians. My solution would have been that only 52 leave supporting and 48 remain supporting members of the house should have been allowed to vote. They could have drawn straws across the house to choose them.

    That would have been fair democracy. But no, they had to turn it into a clusterfuck and Dog only knows how much taxpayers money has been wasted.

    Goodbye for now.

  23. Parliament today is just a second rate, self serving, overblown local authority, the result of 46 years deferring responsibility to the unaccountable, democracy-deficient European Union.

    • As far as I’m concerned, if they fuck this up and we remain in the EU I want to see parliament scrapped, both houses, as they would be utterly irrelevant. Germany would be making the rules and we have a scarily EU-biased bureaucracy that is more than capable of implementing edicts from them. We would be nothing more than an dumping ground for the scum of the world, much like we are now, whilst paying vast sums of money to keep the German and French industries running nicely. Most of our country appears to be foreign owned already so this isn’t really a stretch. I’d love to be alive to see the faces of the treasonous scum when they’re told they are superfluous and can fuck off. The same applies to all these remainer twats who think that the EU really cares about them.

        • Thank you. It’s not often I post more than a few, often facetious, words, but I genuinely believe that these wankers don’t even realise just how important this whole business is. I’d have far more respect for the fuckers if they just told us they were going to ignore us voters and do what they want, but they present it in some sort of patriotic wrapping which, unfortunately for them, is not only see-through but actively advertising to the world at large that they are self-serving cunts.

      • As we are an Island, perfect dumping ground for all the peacefuls and undesirables in Europe.

  24. After watching the coverage of the shootings in NZ, the thing i found truly shocking was that on the tree lined road, in a built up area where they were filming from, the speed limit is 50mph surely that can’t be right ?

    • I agree sir! I find that draconian and a compromise of human right to speed. But did you notice the road surface was pot hole free ? I think whatever council is responsible in NZ , it has a better priority in social funding than we do.

  25. New Zealand PM on TV talking about ‘ common values’, has she read the Quran? No one deserves to die for their ‘beliefs’ but that Does not make those beliefs any more acceptable. Islam is bollocks and will remain bollocks , no matter what the death toll ends up at.

    • There are no common values in diversity. Diversity is differences between groups. The BS machine wants us all to “be one” but at the same time , wants us to be “diverse” and “multi-cultural” ,both contradictory terms in the context of “common values, purpose etc. ”
      As for the bitch 1/c in NZ, she is a May Breed ! ( cunt )

      • She is a bit of a cunt in her own right. Time she had something hard to do in her job instead of prancing around with her baby on the Im the Woman in Power role. Roll your sleeves up princess, you were targeted because your easy. The Donald would teflon this off saying they were not right in the head and ask the next question. Not make a sobbing meal of it. Sadly people have had enough – its a shame that shamima cunt was not taking the first hit.

        • Not alot of news outlets are reporting this but he specially targeted this mosque because he was sickened by the mosque standing up for the convicted killers of the nice attack which killed 84 people and roughly 400 injured. I remember the pathetic virtue signalling at the time. I read part of Brendon Trontons manifesto its called the great replacement if you want to google and read it

          • That was definitely kept quiet! Pity the poor cunt got nicked before he finished then.

  26. I know there’s another nom on the way more relevant but this is related and need to get done whilst have access to fast wifi.
    Democracy in the UK has always been illusionary. Sovereignty rests with Parliament and not the People. Parliament can, and does, act against the wishes and best interests of the People with impunity. The People are not represented in Parliament. They have no legal or constitutional means of challenging a deceitful, rotten, treacherous government. I agree with Gandhi that the People have an inalienable right to oppose a government that betray’s them in a great cause (Brexit). He advocated peaceful mass protest, as do I, but with the caveat that if the government uses force the People have the right to reciprocate. We elect these cunts and pay their salaries. They are our servants not our masters.
    The monarchy is an anachronism and should be abolished to be replaced with an elected president as head of state. The President would have the power to dissolve Parliament and withhold assent for legislation at the request of the People. The technology exists to make this practicable. The Queen cannot dissolve Parliament. She can, theoretically, withhold assent for legislation bit if she did the cunts in Parliament would immediately legislate to prevent a repeat.
    The House of Lords serves no useful purpose and should be abolished.
    Devolution (Blair?) was a huge mistake.The government should be of, for and by the people of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies Should be abolished. Advocating, threatening or conspiring to undermine the unity of the UK should be a capital offence – no appeal against conviction. The Houses of Parliament are not fit for purpose, should be demolished and replaced on the same site by a new building, keeping Big Ben for the tourists.
    The electoral system is a joke. 1 million sweaty socks should not have more seats than 4 million UKIP voters.The electoral boundaries need changing. Joint constituencies like Cheltenham with Tower Hamlet’s should address the issue of clusters of peacefuls and mbongos and keep out the race card arseholes like Flabott and Lammy. Voting restricted to British citizes aged 21 and over .
    The government and individual MPs should be held accountable to the people. The technology is already there. How about an annual performance review. If they are devious treacherous cunts they can be removed by majority vote of the people. And no gold-plated pensions after 5? years. They get the same deal as us ordinary cunts.
    That’ my abbreviated view of things. Hopefully a new political party (People’s Representative Party (PRP))? will appear and start to stop the rot by reviewing current legislation and allocation of resources to prevent the further erosion of our wealth, culture, customs and values.

    • Another great tour de force Fimbriations.

      In 2015, UKIP got 4 million votes, whereas the SNP & LibDumbs COMBINED got 3.8 million votes. Yet UKIP ended up with only 1 seat, whilst the SNP & LibDumb’s received 64!

      Meanwhile the Monster Raving Loony Party, with 400,000 votes, were awarded precisely 0 seats. The SNP got 15 seats for the same number of votes!

      How is that fucking democratic?

      Look forward to reading your unabbreviated view of things…

  27. Good cunting, however I was proud to be English, past tense.

    This country is an embarrassment in what used to be a proud democratic country that other countries in the world used to admire and copy.

    Now we’ve become a spineless, liberal country letting any fucker in to claim benefits, steal jobs, and an established elite who will do anything in their power to keep this status quo and deny the democratic right of the people who voted against their view.


  28. I have said before. I admire the willingness of the French people to riot and to revolt. Until we learn from the French people, we will always suffer the indignities of a faux democratic Parliament populated by self serving scumbags, who are unfit to populate the planet. ! The shit will never hit the fan in this country, we are too divided ( intentionally ) and have suffered the curse of enrichment. Fuck all politicians, long live Tommy ! Long Live the NZ fuckers for the recent “offings”

  29. NZ …lemme see. IS psychopath slaughters unarmed civilians…fucking terrible, all Muslims the same…immigrants…invasion…etc.

    White (immigrant to NZ) psychopath slaughters unarmed civilians…chuck another moose leg on the barbie…lefties bleating…we need a bit more of this…etc.

    The words ‘double’ and ‘standards’ appear to fit.

    I don’t give a fuck about the alleged righteousness of his shabby cause. If you want to preserve Western values against a tide of barbarism, the way to do it is not to adopt the barbarians’ values. And there is no difference I can logically sustain between the Tarrant cunt and the deluded jihadi cunt, for instance, who did the Manchester Arena number.

    • Hit, nail, head Komodo.👍

      My personal experience and evaluation of NZ.
      Maori hate Whitey (Pakeha).
      Whitey hate Maori.
      Maori and Whitey hate all immigrants.
      Maori, Whitey and Whitey immigrants hate non-Whitey immigrants. (Locally called the “browning” of NZ)
      Maori, Whitey and immigrants of all shades loathe peacefuls.

      Don’t be fooled by the ( very effective) NZ govt. propaganda. NZ is a hate-filled overtly racist shit hole. Now let’s have a Hakka – cunts.

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