Self Harm

Generation Self-Harm/Suicide.

What is the matter with these fuckers? I see the tech companies are being urged to disclose details and blamed for suicides. But why the fuck do kids have an interest in this shit? I never heard of self-harming when I was young and can’t remember a single young suicide either.
This is a generation of half wits, me, me, me and taking no interest in a wonderful world outside of fucking social media.
Perhaps some parents should also be taking more notice of what their precious charges are obsessed with instead of blaming big bad tech Cos.
Cunts one and all.


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    • Talking of Savile, SElf harm is now a favourite for the posers at Radio 4 Group Captain Jenny Butch Murray might do a feature on Wimmins Hour, then You & Yours might do a phone in, the health shows will cover it, and when they are not busy doing the 12.00 misery memoir for 15 minutes, usually about Africans or other BAMEs, they could fill up 10 weekday lunchtimes on that. Then no doubt The Moral Maze might take it up, if Anna Soubry self harms (well, we can live in hope), then there are the special 11.30 radio documentaries. The vicar/priest. Rabbi or Immam might have essayed his/her take on it in Thought For The Day.

      Nearly all *sufferers* seem to be highly strung wimmmin of 30 who sound as if they are 12. They want to all “address the issue” and the “behaviours”, you see, and start the answer to every question with “so….”

      Fuck them all

      I think the biggest self-harming danger these days is Radio 4 itself.

  1. I saw a lot of this when I worked in the detention industry (non UK), some quite impressive some pathetic.
    Generally it was caused by frustration and boredom, we had one guy really go to town on himself with a sardine tin lid, (messy) come the weekend we then had a problem because we had issued 700 inmates sardines and security had nicked all their tin openers!
    However the majority of self harm is done in the knowledge that medical aid is available and it won’t be “That bad” .
    slightly off topic but we had one bloke melt his toothbrush to make a plastic ball that he implanted under the skin of his penus, not ideal because he ended up with a shit infection and a very sore and damaged cock.

    • Morning Lord B. Interestibg to hear!

      In my experience (mainly UK), excepting the seriously mentally ill, self-harm is generally widespread amongst Eastern Europeans inmates. To them it serves many functions, from “badge of honour” on discharge to the more pragmatic attention seeking while inside.
      A rough “pecking order” of prevalence is Romanian>Polish>Bulgarian>Slovenian>Latvian>Czech>Hungarian.

      • I would describe guard tolerance to be like a bucket being filled by drops of water, when the bucket over flowed the guards would go to town on an inmate, the Guards were not allowed to kill the inmates but they would quarantine injured prisoners under the care of the prison medic who would care for them until they were fit enough to see a doctor.
        The inmates would normally swallow spoon handles when the guards were coming for them, the idea being that it was highly probable that the shank would pierce the stomach during the kicking and the guards would get into trouble.
        Until 1980 forced labour was legal and some of the die hard cons would cut their kneecaps off to avoid it.
        We had one bloke who kept on hanging himself, it was quite funny and a long story involving in one case a window that broke off as he was hanging from it (concussion) and a fall down a flight of stairs when he hung himself on the landing and the string snapped,
        He gave up in the end because people were actively encouraging him and not trying to stop him. (cunt was from a little town in Bosnia (Bihac) that managed to fight for every side in the conflict during the war; so not particularly popular)

      • Interesting stuff, Lord B. I was in Turkey for four years, and became familiar with some properly grizzly stuff to make Midnight Express seem like the light entertainment it really was.
        Fortunately, at that time I was very much an outsider, and not “in the thick of it”, as you sound to have been.
        Some truly gruesome goings-on, and very tricky to see the light side of much of it.

      • trust me you tend to see the funny side when an attempted suicide refuses to go back into a cell because the others didn’t try to stop them.

      • Does this mean that Romanians are at the bottom of the pile (as far as we’re concerned, that is…) ?

      • Romanians are the most likely to self harm, Hungarians the least..
        This is purely anecdotal: from personal experience.

      • I know this is not a dating agency but I like the cut of your Jib.
        in okruzni zatvor Pula we had MR den hart a dutch people trafficker appear, he was caught smuggling Romanians almost in to Europe.
        well he would not tow the line so sanctions were installed against him.
        when they came in to force he did comment “sanctions? I have just done 4 years in a Romanian nick with 40 prisoners to a cell and we had to sit at the spy hole on rota to watch the other cons ( a system where each cell has a duty desk and the convict on rota has to watch the other inmates, should 40 reduce in number the guards are not happy bunny’s and have to go in)
        Mind you some of the Guards at Pula were former Guards from Goli ortok, and I have to say very mild mannered people, age takes it out of you I suppose.

        sub note to other members I am an extremely fucked up an sick puppy and this is my meds)

      • Very interesting to hear, Lord Benny. When were you in the Balkans? I had a short spell in Belgrade (immediately after Turkey – actually drove straight from Ankara to Beograd). Didn’t get into anything “operational” there. Within a week after arrival, I ascertained there had been no fraud “in the office” (hence the posting) and it effectively became a 3½-month holiday in the Hyatt. A waste of time/money, but an absolute hoot, and I did get to meet some extremely interesting people.
        One regret is not taking an opportunity to buy a villa in Bar, Montenegro (for washers). Beautiful place,and what an idiot I was!

  2. The parents are the biggest cunts.
    “Instagram is responsible”.. How did your precious little upstart gain access to this shit???.
    Typical of the modern ” It can’t be my fault” Attitude.. If the parents weren’t glued to their own 4″ Blue screens they might take more notice of what their off springs are occupying themselves with.
    Cunts.. The lot of em

  3. FFS!!
    We’re not talking about Brexit again are we? 😂

    I’m glad I was born back in 1964 when things were far less complicated…..
    Another sad indictment of modern day life…..

    • Quislings – I think ~1910 would have been a good year to have been born (into a wealthy British family, for example).
      You’d see everything that’s good in the modern world unfurling: radio, telephone, antibiotics, understanding the physics of the universe (and the bomb) …. You’d nicely avoid the 1st but have a good 2nd world war at Bletchley, not be too old to enjoy the late 50s, 60s, and early 70s. In your twilight, you’d revel in the Falklands victory, and be too old to give a toss when the rot set in in 1997.
      PS My gran died in 2012, aged 107 (though she wasn’t wealthy,or in the GC&CS!)

      • All true CS
        I know as you get older there is a tendency to look back with rose tinted speckies but I really don’t envy the youth of today , sure they’ve got some amazing things but I definitely wouldn’t swap, as you said there’s been some amazing times…….
        Growing up I was completely captivated by NASA and all that went with it , so exciting seeing those grainy old pictures on TV , my dad even named my brother after an astronaut, On his 50th birthday my brother wrote to him and told him that our family followed the space programme , so much so he had be given the same name,
        Few weeks later he received a letter and a brilliant signed photograph from the American legend , which to this day hangs proudly in his house………
        that’s some innings by your grandmother….. 👍

      • The 1969 moon landing was rubbish. Not a patch on Star Trek.

        Morning Q…… 😂

  4. I think I might self harm if Brexit is delayed or cancelled altogether, not sure I can take much more of this.
    Stocking up on sardines as we speak….

    • Think a far better idea would be for us to do something about those who have caused this rather than ourselves Hugh. After all, between them they have not carried out the instructions given by the majority of British electorate.

      Was going to say British people, however since the Peoples vote proposal realise there must be a difference and that those who voted in 2016 cannot have been people after all.

      • If one did Sourbry to death with sardine tins, I can’t imagine she’d smell any worse than she already does.

  5. Its that tinternet init.
    Evil Facebook and Instagram…….
    Drugs and shit.
    Depression and anxiety

    The next thing will be blame brexit.

  6. Cunters may be surprised to hear that I was a problem teenager (who wasn’t? – Ed.)

    But never in my wildest dreams did I consider harming myself. I mean it would hurt, wouldn’t it? Had enough of that from the headmaster’s cane.

    Closest I got to self harm was smoking tabs and wanking till I came blood.

      • Yes Q – after wanking 3 times a day for 30 years the pictures did get a bit blurry… but it’s ok cos Co-Op opticians ripped me off for a pair of reading glasses.

  7. A few years ago a weirdo new to the village came into the pub one Saturday afternoon while we were watching the racing. Never worked or washed . Anyhow, he started to stink the place out when he stood near the fire and was told to Fuck Off, tidy himself up and get a fucking job. Normally he didn’t speak to anyone,but this time he had a fine meltdown and stormed out to much jeering, only to come back in a few minutes later to call us Cunts,bastards etc. and then ran off the toilet. About 20 minutes later someone came in to say that the Cunt had locked himself in the shit-house and was saying that he’d cut his wrists….didn’t bother me, I was engrossed in the racing,but the landlord called the local Copper and an ambulance. The Copper turned up and smashed the door in. Cunt was there hacking at his wrist with a fucking safety razor!..superficial cuts.Must have waited ’til he heard the Copper before he started. Turned out that when he’d left the first time,he’d gone to the shop and bought a packet of disposable razors. Ambulance turned out and took him away to jeers. Apparently they knew him,and he was a regular caller saying that he’d swallowed pills or some such shite. Made damn sure that help was on the way before he took them,mind.
    Give the Cunt his dues,though, he had the last laugh. Topped himself with drugs a few years later when he’d been moved back down to Newcastle.

    I have genuine sympathy with people who can’t cope,but this Cunt should have been sectioned,not moved to some remote village where he would never fit in. I suppose that his regular suicide “attempts” really were a cry for help,but there must be a better way of getting help than continually crying wolf.

    Must say though, I do feel sorry for kids who resort to this self-harm. How isolated you must feel when all you can do is resort to cutting yourself.

    • Morning Fiddler, I can only say I’m glad I had my childhood when I did. It wasn’t all jumpers for goalposts and misty-eyed Famous Five with lashings of ginger beer but there was freedom and relative safety. Tinternet was non existent and a mobile phone was the size of a house brick, definitely no self harm or the other associated cancers of social media.

    • Very sage words indeed, Mr F.
      Mrs Thatcher was tarred with the “care in the community” brush, and unfairly so. Generally speaking, what we mostly lack is but a little (more) common sense within existing frameworks.

  8. Canada tried to get Jihadi Jack back to Canada but the UK government blocked it.

    He has both passports.

    Let them have him….

      • Worrygoose Lane. What an address.
        It should be changed to Worrygoat Lane,
        I hope the geese are safe; we’ve got lots on Roath Lake; potentially a lot of geese-worriers, I fear…

    • Curiously, Cuntancurou s, all the reports I’ve seen are (I think) erroneously styling him “former Labour peer” Lord Ahmed.
      As far as I can see, his 1998 life peerage is still intact, and this therefore seems rather odd. Sloppy journalism?
      The actions of the Honours Forfeiture Committee nowhere to be found, and he is still The Lord Ahmed.
      Obviously a cunt, however, and a Premiere League one at that. Relegation on the horizon this time, I feel.

  9. So…you lot just DON’T understand what the yoof go through these days yeh!
    I had a terrible disaster last week when i only got 26 likes on an instagram pic of me pouting at the camera.
    What did you old fuckers go through years ago compared to stress like that. Yeh?

    • You must be fucking ugly to only get 26, I put my arse on Facebook 10 years ago and got 50.

  10. It’s a combination of things. Jonathan Haidt’s chat with Joe Rogan is about this very phenomenon. The rate of self harm in millennials has increased a little, but it’s actually far higher with girls between 10 and 14, almost tripling since smart phones became widely available 2011-2012.
    Fascinating and disturbing stuff.

    • I kid you not, one day in the future instructions for mass suicide will be broadcast via Twatter and Faceache, and the brainwashed morons who are permanently glued to these widgets will obey…

  11. We have this loon that lives across the street from us we call her Slasher who self harms and the calls an ambulance and this can happen 3 or 4 times a week and has been going on for years, I bet if she was handed a bill every time the ambulance had to attend her house the self harming attention seeing cuntr would find another hobby quick sharp….

  12. I self medicate so I never get a chance to self harm….

    Seriously in this clown world of cunts and crazies I don’t get how some cunts go through life sober especially in todays cunty climate

  13. Over the last couple of decades I’ve had some personal experience with people who self harm and it is by and large a coping mechanism for childhood trauma which they feel guilty about having been too weak to prevent happening and use it as a form of self punishment but also as an endorphin hit (due to the endorphins released by the body shortly after the cut).

    It’s generally women who self-harm more than men for some reason but the ones I have encountered who do are often women from the “alternative scene” (goths, moshers, greebos etc).

    Often these women are promiscuous, bisexual women with personality disorders such as bipolar personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

    The common thread with all the ones I have met is that they were sexually abused, often pre-adolescently and often familially (by a father or uncle).

    The only reason that I can ascertain for why a lot of these women make themselves look as physiologically unnatural and as unattractive as possible is some kind of deep-seated, subconscious need to disguise themselves and make themselves as unrapeable as possible but I am only conjecturing on this part.

    In summary, characterising all self-harmer as cunts smacks of a total lack of empathy and general understanding of the matter.

    *but I agree that some self-harmers are just attention seeking pissiles.

    • I’d also like to point out that a big indicator of this abuse used to be excessive body modification like tattoos and piercings but as that shit is so trendy and ubiquitous now it’s nigh on impossible to identify the true fuck ups from the trendy fuck ups.

      Unless of course the current crop of excessively-tattooed/pierced latter millennials/homelanders are all recovering victims of pre adolescent sexual abuse in which case I blame the music industry and Britney Spears for the sexualisation of children which has been enabled since the early noughties.

  14. Self-harm is actually nothing new. Not to me at least.

    When I was a student nurse we had kids on the ward admitted because of mental health issues (because, surprise, surprise, there were not enough beds in adolescent mental health centres to go around, and that has not changed now) Many had a history of self harm, and we are talking in the late 1990’s here.

    They do it for a variety of reasons but the main one is to release inner pain and turmoil. These kids are usually verbally constipated when it comes to telling people that they are feeling like shite and very unhappy, so they cut themselves instead as a means of release. Yes, it is fucked up, but that is the nature of mental illness.

    The problem I have these days is that the increasing spate of this shit and teenage suicide has seen the parents whining on TV about how social media is to blame. When do they actually OWN THEIR PART in not noticing that their child has issues? Yes, the likes of fucking Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and such bollocks do not help because fucked up kids can egg each other on and fuel each others distress and messed up thoughts, but the parents should be on top of what is going on with their child and fucking address it!!! IMO, it is just a convenient way for them to blame someone else in the midst of their grief, so they don’t actually have to face their own faults and guilt.

    I might also add that most of the children I cared for with such issues came from upper middle class homes (this was in Hampstead….libtard, luvvie central) and the parents spent more time off fucking skiing in Switzerland, leaving their offspring in the care of ‘nanny’ than at home and taking an interest in their children…..

    …..speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  15. Self harm meant a whole different thing when I was a lad.

    It involved Kleenex and grainy VHS videos of unknown pedigree.

    • Whereas for a certain Mr. Rooney it hondootedly involved granny VHS videos.

      I’ll grab my rubber mac…

  16. Was it one of those VHS numbers as once described by a conversation I heard In. a pub in Todmorden…” Me and Ladd’s watched a bluey t’other naaht, it we’re fukin crap, you couldn’t tell one t”end from ‘tother….

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