School Exclusions

School Exclusions.

These are now being linked to knife crime. The mayor of London and police chiefs seem keen to make this link. Fortuitous you could say.
But what about the reasons for the exclusions? Could it be the lack of parenting, the babyfather culture, violent immigrant culture, drug culture, political correctness over stop and search and the kneejerk response of politicians who dare not tell it as it is? A culture that regards education as unimportant. A culture that aspires no higher than rap (music?) Best not to ask.
Could exclusion be a symptom of a feral society? Again, best not to ask.
Perhaps it is due to a police service led by political appointees? Dear me no.
Nothing to do with us. It’s those cunts in the schools failing to deal with the feral animals in their charge. The cunts.

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23 thoughts on “School Exclusions

  1. I went to one of the worst comprehensives sarf east Lahndon has to offer the world. Even when I left, in 1990, to get excluded from school, or, ‘expelled’, as it then was, you really had to be a gold medal nasty little shitcunt.

    I will state with some certainty that anyone in 2019 that has been excluded from from school is unlikely to be a stranger to the carrying or using of knives.

    • Yes, but I’ll bet you back then the answer to any argument wasn’t to plunge a knife in to someone. What a fuckin convenient excuse to blame knife crime on school exclusions. Do these fuckin feral bastards even go to school in the first place? Unlikely. Keeping these scumbags out of school is likely to keep those inside safe and help save lives. As usual the focus is on the perpetrators and not the victims.

  2. In Suckdick’s world nobody is responsible for anything , except white working class males and Tories. Everybody else is a victim who needs to be “understood”.
    That’s on the surface anyway. Underneath he is just another power hungry, money grabbing, I know best political cunt. Fuck him and his ilk to hell.
    Anyone see that “24 Hours in Useless Cunt Custody” the other night, about stabbings in Lutonistan? Worth catching if you can. Some horrific CCTV footage.

  3. Parents of Little Shits should have their benefits reduced where said Little Shits’ behavour effects other Little Darlings.
    My 10 year old got coaksed to the park this week by 2 of his so called mates who then set about him, so personally I prefer the True Parent Method of giving it to the little shits and their parents on their front door step, explaining that I aint having it and it will stop or their lives will turn into a shitfest. Having said that, a lot of poor little darlings are unfortunate enough to have Peaceful parents and we need to look after them, as it’s not their fault their parents are fannies.
    Child benefit directly linked to child behavour. No parenting, then no fag or spice money Cunts!

    • That sucks Blimpo, hope your kid is alright.

      Whatever happened to being 10 and just going to the park to try smoking cigarettes stolen from a father, or viewing a porn mag stolen from a father, or building random shit and then potentially setting it on fire?

      • Cheers, yes he’s fine thanks, he’s just gutted that it’s 2 lads he considered to be his closest mates. Hopefully, it’ll probably really help him to realise that some folks are Cunts (and not the decent kind, like us cunts)

        • Yeah it’s a life lesson. Cunt friends though! That shit is for teenagers and contesting rights over muff, not for primary school kids.

          I’m sure he’ll make fine contributions to ISAC in the future

  4. I saw that programme Freddie, horrific and scary. What a polluted vile country we live in.
    Talking of stabbings and yesterday there were 6 stabbings within 6 hours in our lovely friendly capital. I must have missed the news when they reported this.

    • They need to fear something!
      The coppers aren’t allowed to be hard anymore, so all they fear are other shitheads like themselves and if they carry a knife or a gun, then it evens our any advantages.
      We need the SPG back

  5. Personally I have much sympathy for the schools. Believe they are having a very hard time of things.

    Not only do they have disruptive badly behaved students who do not want to be there and cause as much trouble as they can, they are also being forced to accept many Eastern Europeans, many of whom do not speak or write English well enough to understand what is being taught to them.

    In addition the schools and teachers receive little support from the authorities when attempting to discipline students, and at the same time their funding is being cut.

    Bad behaviour is usually the result of poor parenting and the schools in my opinion should not be castigated for the failings of the parents. Lazy, clueless uncaring parents primarily to blame.

    Eastern European infestation problem down to the EU and Tony Blair. Cunts. In UK 6% increase in Eastern European immigration since EU Referendum. In East Anglia this figure is 48%. 60% of people in East Anglia voted to Leave the EU. 100% of the 7 elected MP!s in East Anglia voted to Remain. Cunts.

    School funding being cut is the sole responsibility of the cuntish austerity inflicting Tory government. Enough money for fucking HS2 but not enough for schools and the futures of British children.

    School performance tables, huge pressure to maintain excellent Ofsted rankings. How can struggling schools achieve this with all of the problems they currently have, mostly not of their own making.

    Don’t blame the schools for the current situation, blame those responsible.

    • Yep, sod being a Teacher and more blame on the shit parents.
      I’m almost certain their exclusion rates are considered in their performance figures too, so it’s an absolute last resort for a school to expel a little shit.

  6. When my parents worked abroad I chose to go to a Military boarding school.
    The prospectus was quite glossy, council education with private boarding, marching round like a cunt on sundays and gun play on wednesdays.
    What it didn’t mention was that it was also used as a halfway house for wayward kids, the ones that didn’t quite qualify for borstal.
    Some of them were horrible cunts who never returned for the next term others prospered and did well for themselves.
    Most of us became cannon fodder.
    I was expelled/ asked to leave, academically I was shit to say the least but well sorted for my future career.

  7. Unfortunately society is fucked. For most normal families it is the norm for both parents to have to work. This makes having time to do the right thing by the kids hard. There are exceptions to this. There is also a lot of parents who don’t work at all, this is also detrimental to the kids upbringing because they see their lay about parents on the sofa all day. Both of these things have caused huge problems in the way kids view the world. Basically the lazy little cunts need a good beating. Bring back national service I say.

  8. My wife is 62 years old and definitely street wise having run a pub in Nottingham, a pizza place in Ilford, and worked for Nacro in London but she did a day’s placement for an agency who specialise in teaching assistant jobs. It was at a school for excluded kids in Portsmouth, her greeting from the first obnoxious little suit was ” what you doing here you fucking cunt”. Half the kids just acted the cunt the rest were drugged up bouncing of the walls. No respect for men, women or themselves.
    She said one lad was trying to learn but was just wasting his time really as the others kept interrupting the class.
    No discipline at home a society of feckless wasters and entitled benefits cunts does this to a country. We are truly fucked.

  9. In Manchester, an area frequented by the Gay community is around Canal Street, where the two initial letters are often painted out.
    There are numerous bars opening out on to the Canal, which, by all accounts, now benefits from railings to improve Health & Safety statistics of punters falling into the water.
    And it is this area and this railing that could provide the very deterrent to any errant kid choosing to carry a knife.
    So the first offence, would be to simply watch events unfold. But further offences would require full particpation
    So at around 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night, if these kids are bent over the railing and then their right wrist handcuffed to their right ankle, and their left wrist handcuffed to their left ankle, and then their trousers are undone – Well, I’m sure you get the picture…
    Someone could then run into a few of the gay-bars and announce that its Happy Hour outside.
    I’m sure that a few aspiring architects would then prefer to keep on with their studies, rather than challenge some of their peers to a knife duel…

  10. Apparently the ne’er-do-wells get ‘off-rolled’ by some schools and sent on days out so their atrocious GCSE results arent part of the school’s official data.

  11. Of course Sad Dick Khunt is looking for somewhere for place to blame. Precisely because a sizeable contingent of the assailants belong to his immutable cult of the Koran and Mohammed. Which by decree can never, ever be criticised. Muslim males can do whatever they want with immunity, irrespective of how morally hypocritical, because they own the Earth, and all other types of human being are value-less filth. Except of course if you engage in male-on-male action, or don’t go and prostrate yourself arse up on a Friday to be spiritually and figuratively buggered by Allah. Oh no, because Islam is ‘different’ from other religions you see. It is the literal, perfect word of ‘God’ that cannot be revised or even questioned in any way. Therefore, follower of the perfect word Khan cannot and will not do anything about what the followers of his flock are running amok doing.

  12. I really hope their comes a tipping point when someone seizes power and we all revert back to a time when their were consequences for your actions. None of this cultural Marxist bollocks promoted by the BBC.
    But alas I think it’s to late . We’re over populated by scum from within and what’s coming in.
    Sorry for being a doom munger but I really don’t see what’s happening in Blighty ending well. Sooner rather than later.

    • All you need to do Fistula, is recognise, acknowledge and publically admit that Islam is the single number one most dangerous force in the world today. It is not merely a ‘religion’. It is a ‘complete’ ie TOTALITARIAN way of life. It wants nothing other than THE ENTIRE POPULATION to be muslims. There must be zero tolerance from hereonin. This is to accept even right wing poofs like me might become the ‘White Male Patriachry’s useful idiots yet.

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