Nick Boles

I know Nasty Nick Boles would love a good analling but what he really needs is a damned good cunting. It’s a big surprise that he hasn’t been cunted yet.

This remoaning, EU-loving soy boy is determined to stop Brexit despite a clear majority of the country and 61% of his constituency voting to Leave. His Norway-style, Common Market 2.0 version of Brexit is a total pile of shit that would force the UK to stay in the Customs Union and Single Market, contrary to the Conservatives’ manifesto for the 2017 General Election.

This cunt, with the facial features of a rancid rat, has a PPE from Oxford, that degree taken by wet, left-wing bastards who wish to spend their lives freeloading off the taxpayer and forcing liberal-left policies, which we never voted for, down our throats. And on the subject of freeloading, this eunuch used Parliamentary expenses to claim the cost of Hebrew lessons so that he can speak to his Israeli boyfriend when he doesn’t have a gob full of cock.

Nick ‘no’ Boles is a Blairite social democrat who doesn’t belong in the Conservative Party. The only party he should be in is one of Michael Barrymore’s pool parties.

Nick Boles – fucking CUNT.

Nominated by Hard Brexit Cunt

54 thoughts on “Nick Boles

  1. I’d love Boles and Grieve to be locked up in a tough prison and get treated as the prison bitches. The cunts wouldn’t be able to walk after a couple of days. I am sure they would love it though.

      • I am a cunt (but Boles is still a bigger one) He wasn’t at Davos in 2012, but Bilderberg. As were Mark Carney, Kenneth Clark, Peter Mandelson, Henry Kissinger and the head of Deutsche Bank AG….probably went for the beer since obviously uninterested in influence or reputation.

        Apologies for the error.

    • He’s like the C3PO of Remainiac politics.
      “Master Jüncker, Master Jüncker, it’s time to change my seminal fluid….”

  2. Another smug Brexit Blocker who does not respect the Referendum result Next General Election vote him out of office same as the rest of the Blockers

  3. Great cunting.
    Just the picture alone makes me want to call him a cunt. He looks like a slimy little soy sucking lefty twat.
    Cunt thinks he’s better than everyone else just coz his farts don’t make a noise….
    I hope the voters drain the swamp next time round. I have a funny feeling that cunts like sourbitch and boles are going to get taught a lesson.

  4. There is a severe avalanche warning on Ben Nevis.
    Two cunts decide to ignore said warning.
    Two cunts die in avalanche.
    Surgeon calls it a tragedy.
    I call it the funniest thing in red nose week.

    • Sounds harsh, but they were guaranteed to die. I watched the howling wind from my office in the Cairngorms. Anybody climbing on Ben Nevis today deserves a cunting. Thankfully, natural selection has wiped these cunts out but put the lives of rescue team members at risk. Good riddance.

      • Couldn’t agree more!
        Why do these stupid fucking cunts think they know better and that their skills are such that they couldn’t POSSIBLY get into trouble? Deserved all they got, and no sympathy what so ever. Cretins.

        • This is driven by social media yet gain, Ron. I’m a climber, living in the Cairngorms, and I know that the winter conditions for climbing has been largely shit or dangerous this winter. Better to stay in the pub. But, no, what I have come to know as Outdoor Knobbers need to get their stupid bearded faces on social meedyah. I see post on climbing porn sites boasting of so called “ascents” when I know conditions were rubbish or unsafe. The cunts who were killed on Ben Nevis today were the equivalent of getting behind the wheel after 10 pints. And there’ll be all the shite about “experienced mountaineers”. No, they were cunts. Harsh but true.

      • Wouldn’t be too worried about the MR guys. They’re strongly motivated volunteers, and trained to the teeth, especially Ben Nevis and Glencoe. Yes, daft cunts with no clue/kit requiring callouts are arseholes….but there’s be no point to the teams if the cunts didn’t fuck up sometimes.

  5. Taken from his Wikipedia page.

    “Boles is gay,[25] and in May 2011, he entered a civil partnership, as noted in his contribution to the parliamentary debate on the Middle East on 16 May 2011.[26] Boles claimed £679 in Parliamentary expenses for Hebrew lessons so that he could talk to his partner, Israeli Shay Meshulam.[27][28] Following public criticism he donated money equivalent to the amount spent on the lessons, to three local charities in his constituency.[29]

    He is the brother-in-law of former Conservative MP Dudley Fishburn.[citation needed]”

    The cunt claimed expenses so he could talk to his partner…What a cunt.

  6. The day of reckoning is closer now, and Mr & Mrs Flush will be ridding us of those turds that remain in the bowl. Simpletons just like this, honestly believe that they will retain their seats. If they do, then Mr ^& Mrs Flush need to visit their constituency, and perform the customary exercise of exorcism. Boles in particular needs to take care, he will certainly get rimmed quite soon, but noit in the manner to which he has become accustomed. Cunt !

  7. Instead of going backwards and forwards, why doesn’t the PM establish exactly what is needed to get the vote through the house, then go and tell the cunts what we want? Or is my logic at fault?

  8. Anyone else think he looks like Owen Jones’ older brother?

    They’re definitely cut from the same cloth……

  9. Quelle suprise the hunchbacks deal gets KO!
    Watching her reaction to the news on sky live was interesting as she looked surprised? Surly Not that she lost the vote but probably it was closer than she thought it would be! Her pathetic brino fucked up surrender deal only got beat by 149 votes 😂
    After tomorrow’s predictable voting on taking no deal off the table and article 50 extension she really should do the honourable thing and resign…
    She was a second rate Home Secretary and unfortunately for the UK a third rate PM …..
    fuck her

    • Evening Sir Q

      I wonder who the 70 or 80 cowardly Eunuchs were who changed their mind. Bought and bribed with the usual titles, positions, or just plain brown envelopes.

      Carry On Parliament. What a shower of shite.

      • Evening captain
        Sir Q ? 😂
        Every cunt both labour and conservative stood on a general election manifesto to deliver Brexit!!
        Bunch of weasel worded cunts……
        I seriously hope the remain cunts who aren’t carrying out their leave constituents wishes all get deselected and end up in the political wilderness.

    • She won’t resign.

      It’ll need liquid cosh and a straight-jacket to get her out.

      Honestly, I think she now actually believes the crap she’s peddling. One morning, she will get out of bed, and proclaim to all and sundry that she is, in fact, Danny Dire.

  10. When I voted to leave the EU I definitely voted to be poorer.

    Absolutely without question my main motivation was to leave the Customs Union so we would be fucking desolate.

    I am a Turkey and I voted for Xmas and Thanks Giving all at once.

    Ever since visiting Beachy Head as a child I’ve had a desire to drive a car right over the edge, crashing in to the rocks below and now it looks like my wish will come true!

    I voted to deny my children a future, I voted to erode ‘workers rights’ and I voted for Britain to go back to the 1950’s.

    Fuck me, I didn’t realise what a cunt I am.

      • Too right RTC.

        I’m particularly looking forward to not being able to afford German Cars due to a No Deal Brexit that will see them finally priced out of reach and which will allow us to rejuvenate our once proud Auto Industy so we can go back to producing Austin Alegro’s and Marina’s.

        Oh how I hanker for those Saturday mornings going to the ‘scraper’ to buy a salvaged set of HT Leads and Points.

        Hopefully food will get so expensive I’ll be able to shed a few pounds too.

        Apparently we won’t be able to buy garlic either so that will put an end to exotic dishes so we’ll have to go back to Tripe and Sheep’s brain.

        • It’s a lose-lose situation – bring it on!

          I’m also hoping to see the return of real money, £SD, pounds shillings and pence. Fuck this bontinental decimal shit!

          When I was a boy you could get 4 black jacks for 1d, everyone was racist and loo rolls were made out of tracing paper.

          Be seeing you.

          • Ethnically diverse jacks, I think you’ll find. And in the era before visual aids, remember the chalk and BAMEboard?

    • Fuck the bastards who voted in 1975 for the UK to stay in the Common Market. They didn’t think about the future of children like me, snuffing it and condemning us to 45 years of subsidising inefficient frog farmers.

  11. Jean Claude Juncker (yesterday)
    Our agreement provides meaningful clarifications & legal guarantees to the Withdrawal Agreement & #backstop. LIAR. “The choice is clear: it is this deal, or #Brexit may not happen at all. Let’s bring the UK’s withdrawal to an orderly end. We owe it to history”. BOLLOCKS.

    Guy Verhofstadt
    Brexit was about taking back control, instead the UK spiralled out of control. Only cross-party cooperation putting Country first, can end this mess. If this happens we will fully engage. MORE BOLLOCKS- WE WANT TO LEAVE YOU GOOFY DAFT TWAT.

    Michel Barnier
    The EU has done everything it can to help get the Withdrawal Agreement over the line.The impasse can only be solved in the #UK. Our “no-deal” preparations are now more important than ever before. MORE BOLLOCKS.

    If you believe these deluded cunts Twitter tweets they really want to be our friends, have done everything in their power to help in the process and are willing to forgive and forget just as long as we do exactly what they want.

    Fuck off.

    • Willie, if that collection of snakes are talking up May’s (now) deceased deal, you KNOW it must’ve been a trap.

    • They want to be our fwends…
      Like Michael Jackson just lurved little boys. Really, nothing about anyone getting fucked up the gary…

  12. A BBC radio journalist standing outside parliament tonight said something along the lines of “the problem with Brexit is that there is little or no common ground between the Leave MP’s and the Remaine MP’s”.

    Talk about stating the bleeding obvious. Only had about two and a half years to come up with these words of wisdom.


    • Let’s arm them all with cricket bats, lock the doors of the commons and say that we won’t let them out until there’s only one left standing. That last one gets to decide.
      Wasn’t David Davis in the SAS?
      He gets my bet, though I recon the abbopotomous could consume a few of her enemies before succumbing to exhaustion from being chiggun-deprived….

    • ‘Common ground’ should not even be a fucking issue here, IMO.

      They are ALL supposed to be working for their constituencies, the vast majority of which voted LEAVE. They are supposed to represent us, not themselves and their personal agendas. Political differences should not even enter the equation either. They are meant to be working together to deliver what is the will of the PEOPLE via a fair and democratic vote, but instead they are making it a dick measuring contest, being deliberately obstinate and doing nothing but point scoring.

      It is an utter disgrace.

  13. With one exception they all feel the fucking same in Cuntminster!

    This cunt merely has the audacity to voice his treacherous and undemocratic opinion.

    I hate them all! This is Britain for fuck’s sake! I know that privilege doesn’t carry much water with the elite bastards but it still means something to the rest of us. And there’s far more of us than there is of them!

    We pay for their privilege (through taxation – both direct and indirect) to shit on us at every turn in deference to some “Johnny come Lately” wet-back who’d like nothing more than to see us fucking wiped off the face of the planet…

    Oh but don’t complain, cos that’s chalky for you my taxpaying friend!


  14. Brilliant cunting HBC !! I have been away for a few days working ( in Europe) with no time to look at this site and it felt great to read these posts. Loved the mouth full of cock comment!

  15. Add to the list for prison that vacuous arsehole Andrew Adonis.

    That vacuous shitstain on the underpants of New Labour who has been mouthing off again making snide remarks about the Brexit vote, and retweeting pathetic tributes to himself on his Twatter page:

    Hysterical quotes from failed would-be “comedians” (David Schneider) who repeats the lies about drug shortages (or at least the ones that keep you alive not snorted up the capacious noses of Z lister *celebrities*). Vainglorious quotes from audiences who are apparently so brain dead they pay to see him doing his act – a chance to see one of the great pseudo-intellectuals of our time, in line for the Melvyn Bragg Up-Your-Own-Arse gold cup.

    How appropriate that this joke of a politician – the man who truly proves that it is who you know not what you know that gets you up the slippery slope. Friend of Blair, friend Mandy, friend of Dorothy, friend of every snide champagne socialist., every New Labour mincer who ever existed.

    This motherfucker has never been elected, he got where he is through patronage. He is a nothing, but an ageing ponce, bald dim looking cunt who spouts shit out of his mouth rather than through his rectum. He is a talentless jerk, he ought to be on morning TV mincing about with the Schofield cunt. He is nothing writ large. Fuck him (if you have the stomach)

  16. NICK BOLES M.P. (Temporary Position?)

    Join me in the fairy grotto please for an oooh-get-the-madam cunting for Nick Boles, a Remainer cunt till this morning in the Conservative Party but now mincing off into the lavender sunset as yet another “Independent”. Of course, queen Nick won’t do the decent thing and resign, as his constituents want him to do, and very charmingly says he will remain a Conservative (terms and conditions apply).:

    Poor little Nick feels neglected, apparently. He doesn’t think his constituency party “understands him”. Well, they are probably as confused by the little wanker as most of us are. I think most of understand him to be the self-important drama queen he really is.

    Never mind, Nick dear, I am sure your boyfriend understands you, and I have little doubt Peter Mangeldum would offer you a hankie or shoulder (or something) to cry on.

    Don’t brood, Nick dear, you’ll get lines.

    I really think though these very *artistic* types should keep away from Westminster.

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