Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona is a cunt. This moron is in the papers saying the public are more forgiving to Ant McFarting than her and she wants the public to make a petition so she can get her Iceland contract back [sacked due to her cocaine addiction] and making a very regular cunt of herself.
The truth is Ant is also a cunt but nowhere near as much as Kerry the attention seeking slapper who is an uber cunt and as far as signing a petition to get her old job back …no fucking way and I’m sure Iceland don’t need any more negatives than they already get, the best thing they ever did was sack Kerry the cunt…..


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  1. Haven’t heard of this orange talent free scally for years, three marriages producing five brats tells its own story.

    • I hear her box is like a wizards sleeve. May have to pick the scabs off to get it moist but hey ho

  2. Fucking old scrubber.
    How did she get to be a sleb by the way? Reality show or opening her legs for some other sleb?

    • 90’s teeny bopper group Atomic Kitten, but now more mangy feral ally cat.

      • Vaguely heard of them. I remember a band called Atomic Rooster, even saw them once I’m sure. Long time ago.
        So many of these slags about.
        What ever happened to that tart who Sven was knobbing? Famous for 5 minutes.

          • Haha love it. The thought of Vince having that David Lee Roth lookalike as a daughter is very amusing.

            Death Walks Behind You (although in Kerry Cuntona’s world it’ll be another BBC up her well-used No2)

  3. Katona is emblematic of so many of the younger generation in Britain today. Stupid,lazy and feckless. She pops out endless brats while incapable of giving them a decent upbringing,spends her time desperately chasing “fame” as an alternative to work, is obsessed with updating us with every aspect of her wasteful life through Social Media and seems incapable of accepting that actions have consequences.

    Having said all that,she had a lovely set of tits on her when she was younger…not now,obviously.

    Fuck her.

    • Odd, though, that’s she’s NOT young. She’s a harbinger or something…harminger sounds right.

  4. Just read CMC’s latest piece over at mikesplaceweb. Excellent….and even if you don’t agree with him,at least he’s put a decent song up to go with it.

    • Going Underground is a good tune from the jam some of Wellers best song writing next to the best stuff since from In the city

  5. Can’t remember how she got famous but I know she was a regular in various porn magazines, most of which were stashed under my bed at the time. She hit the ‘big time’ and disappeared from Fiesta readers wives. She wasn’t a patch on Margaret from Didsbury.

    • Did she appear in ‘New Cunts’? If so I don’t remember seeing her.

      • No RTC is wasn’t as classy as that. I remember now she was in a group called Atomic Kitten. I remember because she was on the front cover with the caption Atomic Kit Off. The pages of her had been removed by the newsagent which was done on a national level. She became famous just before the magazine was published and it slipped through the net. I remember buying it when I realized I’d run out of toilet roll.

        • Thanks for that YCD… running out of toilet paper with a copy of Colour Climax propped up against the bog door was a bitch.

          PS: I wonder if DF has a copy of that ‘Atomic Kit Off’ Fiesta in his extensive collection… ? Goes without saying Mr Cunt Engine does.

          • Good morning, Mr C!
            Your mention of Colour Climax [sic]¹ educes fond and clear memories of my elder brother’s sometime collection.
            His bed, missing a leg, was chocked up with a few dozen choice titles he had acquired during his globetrotting days in the RN.
            Exciting, Blue Climax, Teenage Sex, Rodox all featured large, peppered with exotica such as Dog Satisfaction, as I recall. It made quite an impression on a fourteen year old!
            Happier, simpler times….

          • Morning CS.

            Indeed – I had a suitcase choc-a-bloc with all the titles you mentioned and more, apart from Dog Satisfaction, that one escaped my rabid attention…

            Swedish Erotica was another regular.

          • To belabour, perhaps, but I would emphasize that these arresting and vibrant niche publications were not mine, RTC. Interestingly, they were all available for later perusal in the University Library (as a copyright library) some years later.
            A further aside, and appropriately here, “choc-a-bloc” is from the Turkish, “çok kalabalık”, originally meaning “much/full of fish”
            Don’t remember Swedish Erotica.

          • I thought choc-a-bloc had summat to do with blacks all living in one room… You’re a veritable mine of information CS!

  6. Kerry teamed up with Danniella Westbrook, the perfect chavstorm. Throw in Katie Price and you got everything that’s bad about modern sleb culture.

    No race for the bottom when you start there and make yourself comfortable.

  7. I just wasted 5 mins of my life looking this person up. I am more of a cunt than she is because I was mildly interested in who she may be.

    • You’re a wiser cunt than most to recognize and acknowledge that. She has us all beat in the psychotic whore department, though, no question of that.

  8. Apologies for going off topic,but I see that Shamina Beum has had to flee her refugee camp after her life was threatened by her ex Brothers-in Arms. Can’t be long now until she miraculously reappears in a nice semi in Luton.


      • …. I’ve got just the place for her and her whelp. There’s an old septic tank that I’ve been meaning to backfill for a while. I’ll get her and her brat nicely set up in there before I start pushing earth.

    • Via the English Channel on a raft? No. It’ll be a private jet. Hopefully supplied by Cardiff City FC.

    • Isis Waste Management Services want to prosecute and fine her, for putting severed heads in the wrong coloured wheelie bin….

    • Fiddler she is now nicely situated next to the Turkish border. They must think we are all daft. She will be popping up there next week.

      • I read that the move from the previous camp (al-Hol, al-Hawl, or al-Hole, appropriately [Arabic: الهول]) was toward the Iraqi, not the Turkish border, Cuntancurou s.
        Which is nice.

        • Interesting indeed. I’ve done a Google map search, and Roj camp is indeed close to the TURKISH border, NOT the Iraqi border as reported in the press.
          The significance of this should be obvious.
          Sounds like Mr Akunjee may be singing sweetly for his supper, and feeding the press cobblers’ awls. Clever move, deceiving that Roj camp is closer to Iraq.
          Clever guy

    • I love news articles that publish “Hiding places” of suspects.

      Realistically though if I was to say nasty things about my old colleagues on the news I am sure that they would offer to off me too, so its not really news is it? its more “Obvious outcome of your actions” lets hope the fuckers can read.

    • That, or she has already had a bullet put in the back of her head and the seeds for a different pretext are being planted, ready for when her body is “found”


  9. She looks like a disheveled britney spears Is this what britney spears will end up looking like in the near future?! one can only hope she will be as punishment after shovelling her banal pop muzak shite like atomic kitten did. I don’t know Kerry but I remember her brit pop girl group which was like a 3rd rate spice girls, not very good imo

    • I don’t remember kerry not know, to be fair the remix of atomic kittens someone like me wasn’t bad so perhaps saying they were a 3rd rate spice girls wasn’t wholly accurate as spice girls is complete shite then again i’m a sucker for a thumping techno house beat

    • She’s pretty much our equivalent to Spears. Finding pop fame in the late nineties/ early noughties, followed by a meltdown and birthing brats fathered by scrotes.

      Similar to Katie Price in that she had young men beating it out over her cleavage, only to become orang, raddled and the butt of jokes for Frankie Boyle.

      Didnt know she’d been sacked by Iceland for drug abuse. Still, cocaine must be healthier than their toffee-flavoured ‘king prawn spoons’.
      Foul muck for destitute cunts who eat out of tin foil and polystyrene trays.

      • They did that cover of the bangles eternal flame i already hated that song then they did a even worse version of it.

        She was smoking hot in that someone like me video tho (i tried linking it before but wordpress gave me a dumb spam error) looks have riled her through her coke years it seems not sure if Spears was a coke head but she apparently was a wreck of a drunk as evidenced by her shaved head freak out and her other drug fueled stunts

        • Spears was an everythinghead, but specialized in amphetamines benzos, and (yes) alcohol. And she had/has the Disney-induced personality disorder, which sort of puts her in a separate league of crazy. This cunt is pretty basic in comparison.

  10. “The previous night, Alysa had shared a Chinese with her son” fucking typewriter monkeys at bbc shared a chinese with her son lol haha shared chinese cuisine with her son you daft twats

  11. Quiz question: in what year did it become acceptable to become a celebrity with your only talent being a thick tart/chav wiv mental helf issues rather than being rather good at something the public can admire?

    • I’d offer 1998.
      The year after 1997*

      *See Minister, Prime. Tony B Liar. Cool Britannia. Luvvies, 10 Downing Street. Brit Pop et etc etc.

  12. Of the personal opinion Katona and McFarting both useless fucking cunts and who should not be given airtime.

  13. Katona is quite possibly one of the UK’s least talented individuals………
    She was an original member of shite pop cunts ATOMIC DOG ( kitten) who were a truly dreadful addition to the late 80,s British pop scene, even in that set up talentless gobshite katona was kept well away from mugging the microphone…..

    Katona is a AAA rated shitter…

  14. Not in my wildest dreams, nor in my present state of Alzheimer’s , could I envisage a romp with this retarded piece of shit !

  15. Fuck me, Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham charged with two counts of attempted rape.

    Who’d of thought?

  16. Her and that twat from Ant & Dec need to be both deep frozen and sent to Iceland Fucking pair of overpaid no mark druggies and drink drivers total waste of space the pair off them.

  17. A coke addict huh? Her next public appearance could be as ‘celebrity junkie’ on the Kyle Show.

  18. Looking at her she wants to give Iceland a miss and try for Holland and Barrett!

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