John Bercow (6)

John Bercow.

This smug, biased, inflated windbag has just (14/3, 1350) declined to include an amendment, ruling out a second referendum, to tonight’s motion on extending Article 50 (if the EU will kindly allow us to do that at all)

Mark Francois, vice-chair of the European Research Group of Tory Brexiteers, said: “It had far more signatures than any other amendment on the order paper, and had three different parties supporting it.”

Senior Tory backbencher Sir Bernard Jenkin questioned if Mr Bercow’s personal views on Brexit had coloured his decision.

You bet it bloody did. He allowed a motion calling for a second referendum at the same time, the shameless partisan cunt. Who has never disguised his Remain partisanship, and is undoubtedly counting the days until a lucrative EU sinecure drops into his obese lap.

Another one for Traitor’s Gate, and I am sharpening a pike for his fat unethical head. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation, as our northern neighbours remarked when their own kingdom was sold by similar cunts.

I will detain you no longer. Bercow is a platinum, VIP-lounge cunt.

Nominated by Komodo

35 thoughts on “John Bercow (6)

  1. The excellent Times lobby Correspondent, Quentin Letts, described him just last week as a “limaceous little squirt”.


  2. Give him a break. There will only be panto work for him when he finally steps down.

  3. John – the man who put the berk in Bercow. When they circumcised him they threw the wrong end away.

    • Mr Boggs, your comment has made me laugh very hard.

      Sheer brilliance… very correct of course.

  4. This cunt should be slung in the Tower of London, and the key hurled into the Thames. He really is a little shit.
    Great bit of cunting, Komodo.

  5. He is an annoying little twat, ORDER, order.

    Off topic, last nights This Week, the “team” did a little dance at the end of the show, Liz Kendall moves very well, sexy little fucker…… wouldn’t mind giving her the once over

    • I must admit i did get a twitch in the genital area when watching Liz dance last night. Snowflake politics but nice arse.

  6. Agree he’s a poisonous little cunt, although I do have some sympathy; his missus is a cheap slag who has done all that she can to embarrass him, posing in the nude, shacking up with his cousin and engaging in her own spot of ‘cultural diversification’, with a couple of celebrity chappies.

    If I might draw upon the works of the enlightened genius that is Jilted John:

    Oh she’s a slag and he’s a creep
    She’s a tart, he’s very cheap
    She is a slut, he thinks he’s tough
    She is a bitch, he is a puff
    Yeah yeah, it’s not fair
    Yeah yeah, it’s not fair

  7. He is one of those typical small men. He compensates for his squat stature by being an over-inflated, smug, lording-it-up, mouthy cunt.

    Clearly he is no different to all of those other treacherous, self-serving fuckers in that house, opting for what THEY want, rather than for their constituents which is what they are meant to be bloody doing.

    Frankly, I prefer his wife. At least what you see is what you get. An entertainment-value dumbass.

    Sadly, she is married to a cunt.

  8. Can the week get any worse? Brexit in tatters, mass slayings in the mosque, annoying red nose cunts pestering me for money, and now …………………. KFC are going to run out of chicken again because DHL are ending the contract.

    Weekus horribilis, or what?

  9. Nasty little remoaner cocksucker. What happened to those accusations of him bullying his staff and swearing at them? They quietly went away didn’t they? That’s what happens when you run with the remoaner traitors.
    By the way, his slut of a wife doesn’t just fuck other blokes she gets them open for pikeys. Fuck me, what a pathetic excuse for a man.

  10. Televised Parliament is a wonderful thing. It’s like a barnyard, loads a sheep, some old cows, a few pigs with an overwhelming amount of bullshit!

    • The Times ad on tv is quite realistic…

      Sheep, hyenas, jackels, serpents

      A possible variation on the Specsavers one with the coughhing Persian cat:

      “We’ve got a bat here with no pulse.”

      + Treesa May 16. III. 2019 with any luck.

  11. He’s a jolly good fellow…

    Which no one can deny.

    Fuck right off, Mr Bercow: the stuff of unpleasant dreams Mr K.

    A very worthy nomination indeed, and early-morning urine into all his orifices, and regularly till his (sooncome I hear¹) dying day.

    ¹fingers off in next dead pool you utter cunts

  12. Filthy, Cunty, Snotty, Wanky, Pissy, and Shitty.

    No, not adjectives describing this hateful berk but his six friends when onstage with him in Panto season.


  13. The half pint cunt probably needs a booster seat on his Speaker of the House chair. It wont happen but id like to see The Donald address the House of Commons and face down this little turd, likewise Suckdick and see how brave they are outside of the Twitter echo chamber?.

  14. I wonder where he keeps his pot of EU, Soros funded gold?

    Little leprechaun cunt!

  15. They have the ammunition to sack him but they do not, he is there because they want him there

  16. I believe that his attitude is due to his lack of physical staure and being cuckolded by his easily splayed Mrs.

  17. If Sally the Slapper wasn’t fucking John Berkshire Hunt-ow’s cousin, she could do us all a favour by sitting on his face and suffocating him. Would it be the lack of air or the stench that kills him?

  18. John Bercow is a cunt for all seasons. Have you seen him being interviewed on the way to the House of Commons? What a cuntflap…..he loves the limelight. This cunt loves being centre of attention.
    Honestly I’m not saying someone SHOULD punch him in the street or attack his home address ….. but I wouldn’t shed a tear if they did.

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