Dal Babu

Cheif Superintendent Dal Babu

Dal Babu needs a good, thorough cunting. The former senior police wanker is all over the press just now defending IS bride Harvey Pric- I mean Shamima Begum. Well, the cunt has plenty of time on his hands for such frivolity, having quit the police force. This Ross-from-Friends twat picked up his football and stormed off home in a huff because he didn’t get a promotion. The deluded cunt thinks he should be handed promotion on a gold platter because he is “diverse”. Not enough diversity in the top brass, you see? So, it’s discrimination if someone doesn’t get a job because of their ethnicity? A hate crime? A violation of human rights? But it’s ok to GIVE someone a job because of their racial profile? Fuck me! Maybe you just weren’t good enough, you prick. I thought the police were there to protect people and to deal with criminality, instead of banging the drum for effniks. BAME-y cunts are not interested in joining the police anyway, they’re more interested in architecture. I digress – Dal Baboon only seems to rear his greasy head to bleat about poor wee peaceful victims like Bagel. Islam first. Always. The cunt.

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    • Yeah, doublethink CMC. Like Ipswich fans thinking they could play pretty football and win games at the same time. Exit Mick McCarthy and look where they are now.
      Sorry…..couldn’t resist……i’m a cunt you see.

  1. When are we going to wake up to cunts like this who use their colour as an advantage, things not going to plan, out comes the race card faster than jako’s knob at a cresh. It’s frightening how many of these have wormed their way into powerful positions. Islam has a plan and guess what U.K it’s working.!

  2. This is what happens with the growing “equality of outcome” fervour that is pervading western society.

    Quotas for inclusivity’s sake drags everyone down to the lowest common denominator where the best person for the job seldom gets it.

    “And I am vanting the head of the met job please isn’t it?”

    “Well Dal me old fruit, ordinarily you’d be a shoe-in. Useless or not you tick the effnick box. Unfortunately Cresida is a wimmenz which – ordinarily – you’d trump, BUT, as she’s also a bean-flicker, she trumps you 2:1. The only way you could win is by being an effnick wimmenz – which gets you an equalling two ticks – and if you had the full house off wimmenz, effnick AND ‘peaceful’ you’d win hands down!”

    Never mind, I’m sure the £100k a year annuity will sooth some of his pain…


    Equality of outcome is a hateful thing.

    Equality of opportunity is a noble thing, and one that the UK provides to ALL citizens.

    What you choose to do with those opportunities is down to the individual.

    If our society is “so unfair” then please explain the following’s positions in society:

    – Cresida Dick
    – David Lammy
    – Diane Abbott

    Not to mention most of society’s elites – most of whom have breezed through their privileged lives on the easiest difficulty setting – while telling us that we’re all bad people for driving polluting cars (they take private jets o’course), worrying about immigration and are idiots for fearing for our lives (something that the elites never fear in their security controlled, gated residences)!

    E.G. What do you do if there’s a stabbing epidemic in your capital city?

    Do you increase things that work such as stopping hooky looking hoodie cunts and yardie boys?

    Why of course not. That would be waycist. So, even better, let’s go into “heavily enriched” schools across the capital giving seminars on how to give emergency first aid (compression and tourniquet techniques) to stab victims. There problem solved!

    No, this really is a thing in Londonistab currently!?!

    A bit like when “peacefuls” blow the fuck out of stuff and murder innocent bystanders. Don’t go after root cause of that problem, no, instead tell folk to simply RUN, HIDE and TELL!

    There you go, problem solved again!

    Complete and utter madness!

    • The police are going the same way as the BBC and the Labour party with “hilarious” consequences. This curry-bugger reminds me of one of Scotland Yard’s best (or worse) Ali Dasai – a man who was not only a wife beater, but fitted up a man for a crime. He was suspended, but lodged an appeal which he won. Then he did another daft fucking thing and had to go again (but got lots of lovely compensation). The greedy bastard still thinks he was discriminated again, innit.

    • ‘And I am vanting the head of the met job please isn’t it’

      First time ive sneezed coffee in a while reading that.

  3. Apparently Ali Baba here thinks that Police Officers should reflect the ethnicity of the local community. Great idea. Muslim Officers could be representative of their community by turning a blind eye to grooming gangs,benefit fraud,incest,benefit-fiddling and smelling like a vegan’s shitter.
    Dar Key Officers could do their bit by turning a blind eye to drug-dealing,gang-crime,benefit-fraud,idleness and interfering with da white wimmin.
    Tiddly Wink Officers could fit right in down in Chinatown by ignoring the employment of illegals, health and hygiene offences, cheating in casinos and attempting to poison me with with a takeaway.
    East European Officers could weigh in by ignoring prostitution,benefit-fraud, people-smuggling,theft and begging.
    Somalian Officers could allow absolutely anything that their revolting country-men get up to including murder,se xual abuse,benefit-fraud, drug-dealing and tax-dodging…yes Sir. Fucking Mo Farah..I’m looking at you,you utter Cunt.
    Brighton could have Police-Officers who parade around in frilly-dresses,high-heels and make-up screeching “Oh! Ready for your strip-search.Sir?…no,that’s my truncheon,you naughty boy” while ignoring the Laws of Nature.

    I’d ban the fucking lot of them.

    • Chavvy areas could be policed by obese harridans with their snotty-nosed brat/benefit ticket brats hanging off their tree-trunk legs or their druggie, rat-faced, sickly “men”.

      Ban Child benefit.It only encourages them.

      • And the white enclaves of monied oligarchs, Saudi Royalty and British celebrity luvvies will be policed by highly trained private security.

          • Morning Mr Fiddler. Bring the village stocks out of retirement, except when you are awoken at dawn outside the pub surrounded by angry villagers with pitchforks and flaming torches following some minor indiscretion of course.
            “Do as I say, not as I do” seems to work for any type of authority with public accountability.

          • Yes, what we need is sharia police those grooming gangs got too harsh of a punishment , those british girls who were trafficked, raped physically and mentally abused were cleary asking for it because they took alcohol and drugs.

            Alot of so called british judges came to these same brain dead conclusions. “Oh they forced dope and booze on you,well i guess you are mostly to blame then you degenerate slag junkie slut” the british judicial system ladies and gentleman truly progressive and not racist

  4. Can not say too much but I used to work with this cunt. One minute he was a Hindu, the next a Muslim. He criticised the met TSG (riot squad) for drawing their batons when they came under attack outside a mosque in Euston
    Failed to explain that it was a group of Somlai scum on the rampage after prayers…

    I could tell you a lot about this particular cunt, indeed I would draw his attention to his marriage vows….

  5. This cunt Babu is one of Allah’s disciples, so any view on the subject of Begum will be in the best interest of the fellow stone-age dweller, not that of the remaining population who would like their old culture back, Please.

    This bitter cunt Baboon played the race card when he was passed by for promotion in 2013. If it is all so unfair in the UK, you could fuck off back to your old shit pit in India and see just how well you do there in comparison.

    Ungrateful, bitter, shit-stirring, card-playing baboon cunt.

  6. Not exactly a shock horror cunting. I see a brown face and my instant reaction is corrupt cunt. Thankfully I don’t have to put up with these sav ages any more.

    The irony is that Indians are the most racist discriminatory cunts on the planet. And they call America polarised….

    • Fucking right Sarge, you can’t get much more discriminatory than the caste system. Fuck a duck!
      Race, in this country, has become a convenient tool used by politicians and their arselicking acolytes, like this fucker, to get what they want.
      They don’t give a fuck about any cunt….black, white, Muzzie, Jew….just as long as they can fill their pockets with our money.

    • Spot on Sgt, the Indian caste system is one of the most socially divisive and discriminatory practices out there.

  7. I was once in an organisation that practiced “positive discrimination” to an intelligent degree, A certain group was promoted above the Majority as a PR exercise.
    However although promotion meant pay rise, so did education and courses, to this quite a few of the Majority were level pegging or better on pay than the ones selected to lead through the discrimination scheme.
    To whit it was decided that it would not be a good idea to educate this “Minority” in skills that they may abuse in later life, I don’t recall any of them complaining about not being selected for these courses because the courses were potentially dangerous and the qualification put you in harms way.

    • Give a Nigerian a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a Nigerian to phish and he’ll become a prince and start e-mailing people.

          • No its the GRA (government Residential area, a place where coloured folk live behind high walls and guards, bars on their windows and the army/police make a token attempt at securing the area, but you don’t go out after dark,) its outside Lagos.

    • Done. Also letter to ‘my’ MP:

      Dear Mr. (wet Tory),

      I have added my name to the current petition on the UK government website:

      The Prime Minister should advise Her Majesty the Queen to prorogue Parliament.

      Members of both major parties stood at the last election with the undertaking to implement our departure from the EU in their manifestos.

      The current squabbling in Westminster is unacceptable: prolonging a decision it beyond the 29th is a transparent attempt to kick the issue down the road (indefinitely), and in reality, the decision is not up to Parliament. Parliament invited the people to decide two years ago. Leaving on WTO rules – and meaning it – could have been our strongest card in our negotiations with the EU. It hasn’t been played competently, and I am well aware this may be intentional. Your options, and those of your colleagues, are:

      1. Continue to obfuscate, delay, obscure and stall in the hope the problem will go away. It won’t.

      2. Play hardball. We are a sovereign nation, and we have voted to get out. Accept that we will get out, if necessary without agreement. You may find that the EU will soften its demands, or not, but the WTO option MUST continue.

      3. Find a politically expedient way of shutting the process down, endure the enormous prejudice the EU will henceforth deploy against UK interests, and very rapidly hire more policemen. You may well need them to keep civil order, and God help you.

      Yours in utter disgust,

      It will, of course, be ignored, but at least I tried.

  8. There is so much emphasis on diversity as a result of multiculturalism, the liberal classes who are promoting this are conveniently forgetting the majority in this country are are WASP.
    Our political system is based on Majority, if a political party gains a majority it can dictate policy for as long as it is in power.
    The white majority must have the whip hand, there are laws and practices that have been developed over the last 70 years to ensure the minorities in the country are not unfairly treated.
    To introduce positive discrimination is a slap in the teeth for the white majority, as long as negative discrimination isnt used then there should not be any complaints.
    Trying to match authority to the community should not be forced through to pander to criminals.
    If education and encouragement isnt producing results then the only answer is to enforce the law to the maximum.
    It is for the minorities to fit in not for the majority to compromise.

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