Anthony & Cherie Blair


A duckie fit-for-a-queen cunting please for the former Prime Mincer of New Labour and his Munster look-alike wife, seen here, as so often, dressing down in order to sniff the stinking arseholes of the rich and powerful, this time at a £12 million wedding:

You never see vision of lovlieness Cherie and Peter Mangeldum together. Could in fact Scouser Cherie be Mandy in drag – just as Lily Savage was Paul O’Grady?

I am fucking sick of this pair of freeloading motherfuckers prancing about like an ancient Posh & Becks trying to pretend they are still important. They always were a pair of shitstains on the make. It just amazes me that so many fancy nancy *Labour* supporters really thought that he was good for them. No doubt there will be lots of masturbation going on in Sedgefield, Westminster and Islington today, and the dustmen will be picking up many sticky copies of the Mail this week.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

80 thoughts on “Anthony & Cherie Blair

  1. At least he’s a straight kinda guy.
    He brought in the human rights act to help ‘the poor’ and innocent refugees which his lovely wife carried out as a human rights lawyer.
    Wonderfull honest couple.

    • Yeah, I’ve always wondered how he never has, or will be by our cocksucking press, been asked if he thought this was a conflict of interest. Of course, the slippery piece of shit would probably answer that it was the right thing to do. No Tony, the right thing for you to do would have been to top yourself. About thirty five years ago.
      Didn’t he also apologise for slavery? I didn’t know he was old enough to have been involved in it, but he is a bit of a vampire.

    • Yep but you wouldn’t buy a used car from either of them A proper pair of Cunts

    • Unintentional humour, that this cunting followed on from Rats ??!

      She looks like Michael Jackson’s liquefying corpse.

  2. A pair of horrid cunts who deserve each other.

    Blair seems to think he is still important and belongs on the world stage.

    In reality he is yesterdays man. Today, just a nasty lying has been cunt who has made his millions out of war, and who has blood on his hands.

    Reckon I have more genuine friends than he will ever have.

    Britain’s most hated man.

    • To paraphrase Lord Denning, Blair is “veneer all the way through”.

  3. Tony and cherie are good for each other.
    They go together, like chains and rubber.
    They live off the people, in their ivory tower.
    He’s pissed off, he’s lost all his power.
    She’s got a smile like a Cheshire cat.
    Fuck em all, that’s the end of that.
    This ode was performed to the tune of Mr and Mrs.
    Good night.
    Elvis has left the building.

  4. Cherie Blair looks like she polished off a rack of hot ribs last night and has now released the filthiest, hottest miasma of spicy bum gas.

    Her face tells you she is basking in the ambience.

    Tone is struggling not to choke on the stench.

    • “Fucking hell Cherie, I thought those long campaign road trips with Prescott and a vindaloo on the battle bus were bad”.

        • Tony looking up her wrecked old crusty arsehole must be like him looking in the mirror. The pair of them are living proof there is no such thing as kharma.

          • isn’t she known as the Mersey Tunnel? I wonder which hole(s) that refers to.

  5. I would like to thank the honourable, the RIGHT honourable member for his customary courtesy who is a parliamentarian of great distinction who has served in this House for many years who is a long standing member and has taken a keen interest in these matters and pursued them with great tenacity as we all know and as I know myself because we came into this House together and he will know as well as I do that the matter of an amendment must be decided by colleagues and not the chair and I can choose the one that will fuck you over you cunts.

  6. I just want to set the record straight and let everyone know that the War Criminal is married to the Repugnant Woman.

    The pair of them deserve this cunting.

  7. It’s a source of some sadness and disgust to me that I once thought that this cunt presented the hope of a new start for the country. How naïve can you be? Then again, I think we’ve all learned a lot about just what skunks politicians can be of late. I just burn with impotent rage at them, may they all fuck off and die.

    • #me too
      …and I voted LimpDumps once or twice, as a protest vote.
      Shows how low my opinion of the alternatives must’ve been.

  8. I was sceptical of him even way back in 1997. I didn’t vote in that General Election as John Major had to go and the Eurosceptic Natural Law Party didn’t put up a candidate in my constituency.

    • Very true: as they say if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. I remember in the year before that election he pissed me off with his pansy pleading voice keep repeating “It’s not fair” and “for the many not the few” not to mention the vapid “make a difference”. Add to that you knew that pompous homo Mangledum and piss-artist Alistair Campbell wrote his scripts, you just knew it was a heap of stinking shit that meant fuck all.

      • Thank god we don’t follow the American tradition of building Presidential libraries after ex POTUS, a toilet block in Wigan would be too much for this gurning arsewipe.

        • A toilet block at the local mosque would be much more suitable with those disgusting Islamic holes in the ground for the peacefuls to crap in and those unhygienic hoses to shove up their stinking arses afterwards.

    • Same here. Proud to state I saw through the cunt from the very moment I first clapped eyes on him, a feeling that grew exponentially from that Election landslide / Cool Britannia fuckwittery. He epitomises the phrase “I’ll stick with my principles until my dying day……but hey if you don’t like them then I’ve got alternatives that might be acceptable to you”.

      This vacuous cunt is single-handedly responsible for the “fuck the substance, it’s the presentation that matters” culture that rules the entire political discourse to this day.

  9. Irish cunts crying on the fucking news. They can’t even grow their own potatos.

  10. And the cunt seeps into all sorts of unlikely corners. One of the suits from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Tony Blair has just been made a director of the Standard’s web operation, following its 33% sale to a Saudi cunt…not unconnected with the Saudis’ £9M bung to the TBIfGTB last year.

    For the last four years’ worth of what the Blairs were unable to conceal from the public – and that’s certainly not the half of it – feel free to explore the record here:

    You cannot cunt these cunts enough.

    • It’s amazing how many sad losers are called Gavin and Barwell is a proper fucking Gavin. He has the mouth and teeth of a perverted rat and a head shaped like a fucking toilet brush.

      What a fucking cunt Barwell is.

  11. Government motion to agree Article 50 extension with EU…

    PASSED, majority 210.

    Quelle surprise…

    • Yep, now we know. 412 MPs do not recognise the referendum result. No surprise really.

    • We’re fucked, a bunch of cunts have stolen our democracy.
      What kind of democracy do we live in ? You expect shit like this in Africa, they say Steptoe will kill democracy if he became PM, but what are we losing ?
      Never thought I’d say it but I wish I could leave this country, clutching at straws I just hope some legal eagle forces no deal through. I hope that hunch back cunt corals tonight, while Philip is poking her

        • He pokes her? No man, not even a wuss like Phil, would poke something like that. Except with a toasting fork… maybe.

        • I don’t think they’re capable of understanding the anger building about this, I was asked like everybody else on the electoral roll, what direction our country should take. I and 17.4 million people told them and they’ve ignored us.
          I want to give my son hope and optimism for the future, but these bastards are making that impossible.

    • I am fucking livid. Traitorous CUNTS the lot of them. But I don’t see a revolt of any sense coming soon to these CUNTS.

  12. The only thing that twat Major got right during the 97 election was that Demon Eyes poster.
    Chillingly accurate, more than anyone could ever guess.
    May the filthy scumbags pictured above burn in hellfire…

    • Those demon eyes were superb, so prophetic. Mind you, I bet he loved it.

      Tony Blair: The Patron Saint of Cunts.

  13. Even the Queen despised Blair. Helen Mirren’s portrayal in the film “The Queen” is excellent. There was no bestowal of an honour or peerage for this disavowed cunt.

  14. Ah Mr Blair, the cunt by which all cunts are measured. He is the ultimate cunt because he actually does not think he is a cunt. The cunt bought a flat in Bristol for his son who was going to University fir way less than current value I also read Cherie used help from a convicted fraudster to buy some property.
    What a dangerous pair of cunts and Tony is a proper Gangster… Don’t fuck with him, if Tony is reading this I know naffink abaaaht it.

    • They actually bought two flats in Bristol, I remember, no doubt the other one was either buy to rent or somewhere for him to take his gentlemen friends back to (safer than the public conveniences of the 1970s)

  15. Wherever there’s a gathering of multi billionaires you can bet this pair of brown tongued parasites will be sniffing around.
    There’s just not enough money in the world to satisfy these criminals.
    They should post that picture up in every mosque in the world to remind our peaceful friends what their real target should be.

  16. I watchd the voting in Parliament , the bitch who perverted the course of Justice was back, Onasanya the dishonorable, what a complete cunt.

    Hard faced cow, How the fuck can this criminal (who should still be locked up) represent her constituents.

    • I signed the petition , and by now it should have passed the required number for the Parliamentary Committee to revoke her status. But I rather suspect it will be quietly dropped. After all, we don’t want to upset the woollies would we.?

  17. Fenian scum crying crocodile tears about innocent civil rights protestors…

    Fuck off.

  18. You’d think the cunt would have dumped that ugly old witch years ago but he knows that it would cost him a lot of money. Tony is the sort of cunt who lives in mortal terror at the thought of waking up one morning and finding he is 50p poorer than he was yesterday.

  19. There´s quite a good thriller by Robert Harris called “The Ghost” which features a former UK prime minister called Adam Lang. A couple of quotes confirm this is meant to be Blair.
    Here he is arriving at an American airport to be greeted by Ruth, his ruthless wife: “Hi darling,” he said and stooped to kiss his wife. His skin had a slightly orange tint. I realized he was wearing make-up.
    She stroked his arm. “How was New York?”
    “Great. They gave me the Gulfstream Four – you know, the transatlantic one with the beds and the shower.”

    At another point the narrator, who is ghostwriting Lang´s autobiography, says “He kept calling me ‘man’” and an assistant replies “Yes, he always does that when he can´t remember someone´s name.”

    It was made into a “major film” according to the blurb on my copy with Ewan MacGregor and Pierce Brosnan although I´ve never seen it.

    • Don’t know when that was written, but since ca 2012, he”s shown a decided preference for Bombardier Global Express, routinely G-CEYL, chartered from Richard Caring; and since 2015, M-ASRI , lent, and often accompanied by, its owner Naguib Sawiris. Also occasional Gulfstream 5’s and 6’s , including another Sawiris asset, M-USIK. That omits his flights here and there courtesy of his good friends Paul Kagame and, earlier, Muammar Gaddafi.

      Pro bono.

  20. Off topic ,but…

    Drove past a Somalian restaurant. in Harlesden today ( windows up/ doors locked,) Advert in window said CUNTO SOMALI.

    My thoughts entirely …

  21. She looks like a young aged boy crossed with a spitting image character. It’s hard to know who has who’s hand up who’s backside though. She is a dream for him really! I’d love to kick the cunt in the bollocks or kick the cunt in the cunt or both.

    • Indeed. At least Hitler was honest…..”do as I say or i’ll fucking kill ya” he said.
      Dr Kelly, Robin Cook, and many others we’ve never heard of, didn’t get the option.

      • John Smith’s untimely and unexpected death seemed rather serendipitous for him too.

  22. I hope a no deal goes through more than i have ever hoped for anything in my life just so i can see the look on every remaining cunts stupid faces.

    • I hope and pray with you FF, i’d not thought of that, can you imagine there abject terror.
      “Oh my god we’re no longer members what can we do” go and fucking kill yourselves, you fucking mongy cunts !!!

  23. I remember reading a letter in the Telegraph published the morning after the bastard had been elected saying how nice it was to have “a public school educated prime minister “ at last.
    The writer must have been a right cunt!

    • I remember a piece on the news the day after, it showed some of the scenes through the night at Labour HQ, the one i remember is when news of Portillo losing his seat came through. It showed a cunt on the floor on his back waving his arms and legs in the air, like a ladybird on it’s back, and i thought what a cunt, if i’d have been there i would’ve smashed a table over the cunt.

  24. That decrepit old cunt Vince Cable is standing down from leading the Limp Dumbs in May, your work here is done, helping to fuck up Brexit now do the decent thing and book that ticket to Dignitas.

    • Do the decent thing and drink the bleach-laced sherry. Come on Vince, down in one you traitorous, piss-stained vampire. Get it down your neck.

  25. Off topic.
    Watching 24 hours in police Custody. This week is about rape. Following 2 cases. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to the decription of the attackers? Clue, one is a taxi driver. The other… ‘a man new to the area’. I’ll let you know if you’re hot or cold.

  26. Yeah, I saw that shit. The second one really pissed me off. He was 15, already expelled from school for touching up girls and telling them to suck his cock. So he rapes some Iron Curtain bird (who , like him, shouldn’t be here in the first place) at knife point. Then, his brief dreams up this story about he agreed to pay her 60 quid for a fuck in the bushes and , after doing the dirty deed, he legs it and she is just trying to stitch him up for not paying.
    Sorry but prozzies don’t hand over the goods before they’ve been paid (a friend told me that)
    The fact that his ( female ) brief came up with this story shows what a load of bollocks the legal system is.
    Needless to say the dirty little immo pervert got away with it because he had “learning difficulties “ despite the fact that it had never been diagnosed until his scumbag dad invented it when he was being charged in the cop shop.
    British justice? Stick it up your bumhole.

  27. You all voted for this utter cunt in 97. Give Brit-exit a few years, and phoney Tony will look like peanuts.
    I think it’s called democracy.

    • I can proudly state hand on heart that I didn’t vote for The Evil One.
      He said, smugly…😉

      • I would in all good conscience fatally knife the cunt through the ribs, hard style, as soon as see him.

        The worst influence on British life since Cromwell. And no apologies for that majority of utterly stupid naïve and dangerously enfranchised cunts who voted him in.

        You know who you are, you fucking everlasting losers and cunts

          • Railroad gin, by crikey! That’s a new one.

            Not, as it happens, RTC, though I did enjoy a few pipefuls prior to sleep.
            Having just re-read those comments, I’d venture to say that around midnight last evening (yourself excluded, naturally) I was one of the few sobersides on this blog.

            I’m genuinely quite amused to observe just now that my comments garnered zero up-votes. It must be a bitter pill to swallow for all those cunts who voted for the utter fraud in 1997, 2001, and/or 2005, but are now more awake to reality.

            If ever there was an argument that democracy is faulty and largely a bad thing (in the UK at least), you need look no further than Miranda. It is not that people are actually stupid (though many are very gullible), it’s that there exist strong manipulative forces which have long since realised the Achilles heel of the process (errm, it begins and ends with control of the media, the money and the might with an accurate reading of the minds of the many in between).

            The latest (Brit-exit) installment of “democracy’s a fuckin’ con trick” will take around three to five years to sink in, I hereby predict. If ISAC is still up and running in 2025, it’ll be all about what a cunt Farage etc is etc (which, by the way, he actually is) etc.

            Whahahaha… another pipeful, I think, and some more shut-eye.

            You treasure time exactly when you have little of it left.

            Democracy? As B&WC might say, “I know nuffink abaaaht it”. Um Gottes Willen!

        • This cuntry is not finished RTC.

          There are those at work RIGHT NOW who will ensure our nation will ever survive. Some are friends of mine, and most hardly realise the gravity of their contribution (as it should be).

          Believe it or no, this horrible and silly vanity project that is in the news so much (I mean “Brexit”, obvs) will soon run its course.

          Just sit back, lie down, whateverrr, and feed yourself well, RTC. If that food is Prog Rock so be it, but I recommend some earlier overtures of Billie Holliday. And Peter Schreier was pretty good with Sturm und Drang….

          That and a good brisk walk in the “outback”, whether Catford or Carlisle. In your case, dear boy, watch out for that bouncing exercise ball….

          Go well, mate!

  28. Just watched QT now I understand how this cunt came to be PM, wouldn’t mind a turn on Fiona Bruce though.

  29. Just prior to the fatal knifing/unusual poisoning/random bludgeoning in the street of Tony Blair, allow me please to nominate Michael Portillo.

    Not only a detestable shirt-liftling apologist of the most offensive kind, he is an utter cunt who buys his dinner courtesy of his untold dubiousness in Parliament. A cunt who makes money out of his former cuntery. Impressive trick but ffs. A cunt.

    • Totally agree, very dubious man don’t know if I’m correct but wasn’t there some kind of half denial about inappropriate behaviour with a college chum?
      Whatever, we don’t have to go back far in his lineage to find europe. Fucking fifth columnist cunt.

  30. I hear Disney are remaking The Black Hole.

    Auditions for the title role weren’t considered until Cherie came to the attention of producers.

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