Anna Soubry (4)

A right Independent, eye rolling cunting please for this demented old cunt, arch Remainer and the girl who cried wolf once too often.

Not for the first time, this loudmouthed old trollop calls for police assistance, because she is “frightened” during an interview. Like fuck she is, when she is in full ranting domineering mood, laughing at callers on phone-ins, bollicking Michael Gove or her former colleagues, she is never backward in coming forward.

The old cunt loves to draw attention to herself, then when it backfires she behaves like some Victorian virgin trapped on a troopship:

Enough already. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the fucking kitchen you shitstain on the bloomers of Chukka’s Blairite Boy Band.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Apparently Anna Soubry has called the police to report a protestor who called her a traitor.

Well, if you can’t stand the heat darling then I suggest you stay out of the kitchen.

Far be it from me to pass any opinion on this other than to quote the immortal words of Francis Urquhart – you may very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Nominated by Dioclese

65 thoughts on “Anna Soubry (4)

  1. She won’t be an MP for too much longer as the good people of Beeston want her out.Her Local Conservative Party want to deselect her as soon as possible She is an odious horrible old bag

  2. I more hideous creature I’m yet to see this dried up old slag needs a nite in bed with jezza and flabbot. She has a face like a blind cobblers thumb traitor through and through

  3. When you stand out amongst a bunch of lying, self serving remoaner traitors you know you are a serious piece of shit.
    I’m afraid the bitch doesn’t care if she’s deselected because she won’t be standing anyway. She’s done her job , so just wait for the seat in the Lords and/or a nice cushy Kinnock style job with the EU.
    Baroness Soubry of Vichy anyone?

    • Put her through a large magimix and hey ! (copyright Teflon Tone) presto, Soubry Vichyssoise.
      Flush down crapper.
      This godawful creature from the swamp epitomises everything that is putrid about politics in this country.

      If she accidentally gets culturally enriched with a large scimitar…

  4. It’ll be interesting to see how these cunts fare at the next election.
    Soubry is past it obviously, but you’ve got younger cunts who are so full of themselves they believe people vote for them and not the party.
    I could be wrong but I only remember Martin Bell achieving this, being elected whilst standing as an independent.
    although I imagine most MPs have ill gotten gains to survive on they will be denied something that they crave. The feeling of importance, and the ability to tell others how insignificant their opinion is.

    You’ll find out what our opinion is at the next election.

    • Nick Bowels has resigned from his local association, so I guess is looking for a remoaniac Tory cuntstituency that would take him on.
      The cuuuunt.

  5. Yes Freddie, she’s like most self serving politicians who cling to the Eu like shit to a blanket, they are desperate for a cushy lucrative future on the Eu gravy train

    • Gravy train indeed. You get paid for pissing it up, massive pension and, most important of all, no cunt can vote you out.
      What more could you want?

  6. Silly old bag.

    Am I allowed to call her that without fear of repercussion and same old bag running crying to the police?

    And perhaps be told I must listen to her continued whingeing about why it is ok not to respect the democratic vote, and concur with everything she says?

    Fuck off.

    Silly old bag.

    • Good evening Willie .
      Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, just got settled after a day of Pikey proofing a Land Rover, after last weeks unfortunate incident, which cost me a grand.
      Currently imbibing a nice single malt.

  7. An hysterical old trout who believes that she can treat people with utter contempt and yet screams about “bullying” when people treat her with the same contempt. Hypocritical termagant.

    Someone should kick her in the Cunt.

    • I’m thinking her dried up old cunt will be set like concrete. May have to pick the scabs off to get some moisture

    • … just don’t wear your best shoes, you’ll never get the smell out.

    • Hello Dick.
      If you’d fuck Ms. Cole, then I’m sure you’d violate the Soubro too.
      You’re a disgrace.

      • Soubry? Fucking right I’d be up her like a rat up a drainpipe…I’d be happy for a go on Anne Widdicombe at the minute,tbh.

        • The phrase ‘ beyond redemption ‘ springs to mind.
          Anne Widdecombe !!!!
          Is she even alive ?

          • Doesn’t bother me if the old bag’s stone cold. She’ll be less likely to complain when I blast over those magnificent fun-bags.

        • You are a sterling example to us all, Dick.

          PTSD obviously isn’t in your vocabulary… The thought of waking up next to either of those is truly horrific. But I guess you’d just push them off the ramparts at Fiddler Towers after giving them a damn good seeing-to.

          What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

          I would, however, advise you to have some azithromycin on hand, just in case.

          • I’ll just rinse my cock in some sheep-dip, HBH. That stuff’ll shift even the most stubborn of infections.

    • A typical haughty middle-class liberal cry-bully female.
      Two-a-penny on twatter.

  8. I want a second vote.

    I want Parliament to vote again on a no deal exit ….. and again until we get the right result.

  9. I’m expecting a knock on my door then from the establishment aka the constabulary cus I called my MP a fucking traitorous cunt.

    She got off pretty lightly in my opinion. Cunt.

    • Well done Speakyourmind. Nothing wrong with good plain English and nothing wrong with the word cunt, one of the oldest in the dictionary. But, sadly, we live in snowflake land and I dare say you will be nicked. Enjoy it SYM. Three meals a day, roof over your head, telly, education classes, wide selection of recreational drugs. But watch out for Big Brian on C wing, if you get my meaning.

  10. I was non committal on the referendum. Seeing this fucker’s hectoring ways, along with Gideon and Carney’s threats swung it for me.
    A lot of the Remoaners seem batshit crazy but Soubry actually looks as if she should be sectioned.

  11. Defeating her at the next GE even if she stands won’t bother her, has as been said she’s proven she was following an agenda which only became apparent when push came to shove.
    The good people of Broxtowe thought they were voting for someone who would best serve their views, but they were mistaken. All MPs who promised to respect the referendum, and then did the opposite are traitorous cunts but she stands out even in that salubrious company.
    Quick call the police, i’m going to call her a “mucky old slag” and a cunt to boot.

  12. She’s got a face like a joiner’s nailbag and a disposition to go with it. I feel sorry for her old man, waking up every morning next to this cunt.

  13. A bit rich when this one used to domineer every guest on Central Weekend who she didn’t like!

    I remember her and Nicky Cuntbell plain as day from 10.30pm until 12pm every Friday night, almost letting some poor cunt get a word in edgewise, almost.

    She’s shot her bolt in UK politics and so is overtly presenting her EU love-in to try and guarantee her a £n hundred grand a year quango role at the Brussels trough.

    She IS a fucking traitor! To her constituents and her country, and where the name fits…

    Don’t pretend to be all offended/scared when one ordinary woman calls you out for what you are when your own screeching voice could strip the metal from Battleships at 40 paces, you self-important, treacherous CUNT!

    Fuck off and take the other unmandated wastrels like Chuka Remoaner with you.

    Not very long ago in our esteemed history, cunts like you would be swinging from traitors gate!


  14. She has the look of a nasty old bitch so gets my vote for a cunting just for that, add to this the refusal to accept the result of the referendum and then is elected to parliament on a manifesto to deliver brexit the cunting is more than justified.

    No sympathy from me for the abuse she gets, if you deserve it, suck it up.

    listening to all the main channels news, we are all white supremicists and we have to stop knocking muslims, Islamic extremism doesnt exist anymore, one crazy day in NZ has wiped the slate clean.

    • There are far right white supremacists and marginalised victims of racism who have a history of mental illness and have been radicalised by the internet.
      It’s called “setting the agenda”. You don’t just provide the answers but you define the questions to be asked in the first place. That’s the way it’s done.

  15. Point of order!

    One of our cunters referred to Suck my Dick Khunt as the Shah of London. I think Ayatollah would be more apt. The last Shah was a moderniser, not an Islamist. He fiercely believed in modern western values. Indeed, there was an Israeli embassy in Tehran.

    Ayatollah Khan of the Islamic caliphate of Lonstabistan.

    • Iran’s a fucked up place, iranians are not Arabs but Persians I believe?

      Anyhow even now the place is under control of the ideological insane by law they still have to have a percentage of Jews in their Parliament.

      I’m guessing the Jewish members of the Tehran Parliament don’t say a lot though…….

    • Correct Krav. Was in Tehran in 1969 when the peacefuls started kicking off. Was attacked by Khomeini’s thugs in the street. It was only a matter of time before Pahlavi was gone. These islamists jut won’t take no for an answer. Won’t read or watch news for a few weeks. Must be full of the terrible atrocity in Christchurch blah, blah,blah.

  16. I wish she had crossed Peter Sutcliffe path, back in the day when she was touting for business. Fucking european prostitute type.

  17. Anna just fuck off love, you betrayed the majority, you betrayed your former party and you betrayed the people who elected you as an MP.

    So some might say you are a serial traitor.

  18. Anyone see Rodger Daltry respond to the inevitable Brexit question on Sly News?

    If not have a look!

  19. Soubry’s a post-menopausal screeching banshee.

    I can almost smell her constant yeast infections from the comfort of my front room.

    Her neck gives the game away though, I’ve seen less skin folds on a knackered chicken.

    As Dick says, she really does need kicking in the cunt.

    I wrote a nom recently about the ‘rise of the fat right’ but it either got binned or is still in the queue.

    Whilst I can’t exactly remember the full content I now realise,
    After watching some of the news about what happened in NZ, that I was wrong.

    Despite 9/11 (3000+ dead), 7/7 (52 dead 700 injured) Manchester Arena (22+ dead 800 injured), Borough Market (8 dead, 50+ injured) the threat we all face is from ‘the far right’

    So that’s it then.

    • The Aussie nutter attacks in NZ were caused by Donald Trump.

      CNN says so, so it must be true.

      • I really did wonder how long it would be before Trump was blamed for the attack Rebel.

        Surprised it’s taken them this long.


  20. I fucking loath this woman with every fibre of my being. Fuck off into the obscurity where you belong, you know fuck all nobody.

  21. Remember “If” by Bread?

    Sums Sourberries up perfectly…

    “If a picture paints a thousand words then why does yours say CUNT!

    • Good spot, but look at the rest of the lyrics as there is more:
      If a face could sink a thousand ships,
      There’s none home but you.
      If a (wo)man could stand on two manifesto’s at one time,
      Then that would be you.

      If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die,
      Then that would be because of Brexit, according to you.

      And when the world was through,
      Then one by one the stars would all go out,
      Then you and I would simply call for another referendum on it.

  22. The arrogant bitch is now saying she’ll resign as an MP if a no deal Brexit goes ahead. No you won’t, you lying cunt. You’re just saying that to get publicity. Fuck off back to you little fantasy world and leave the real world to us grown ups.

    • Don’t tell me Soubry’s crush on Chuckaduckie is over already. Where will she go next?. I rather hope Mangledbum takes her over and makes her take it like a man.

  23. In Glasgow hundreds of people have taken part in an anti racism march.
    The Stand Up To Racism event saw the march go through the streets of the city.
    The Unite union said in a statement “All of us who campaign and work for a world free from fear, hatred and bigotry must redouble our efforts”.
    They then waffle on that the political climate is down to far-right, racist xenophobic Leave voters.
    They continue “The message is clear, let’s stand together to promote tolerance, acceptance and equality”.
    A petition was signed online by both Glasgow Fight Racism Fight Imperialism and Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign to try and prevent the Confederation of Friends of Israel in Scotland and Glasgow Friends of Israel attending.
    No bigotry there then, fuck these cunts, fuck all the MP’s and fuck the House of Lords. Fuck the Muzzie cunts and their sympathisers, the snowflakes and generally any cunt that wants to hand our existence to the fucking EU 🔥🇪🇺🔥

  24. Bumholes…..don’t post that much but my last post is awaiting moderation.
    In the meantime………..
    As Dick and many others would say……..Fuck off

  25. Cunt or whatever, but she’s a dead ringer for 1980s yank bad guy actor Richard Lynch…

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