Stabby Gangsta Cunts

I nominate stabby little london gangsta wannabe cunts. Or any other little gangsta cunts are welcome to this cunting.

Who the fuck do they think they are?
These cunts are more worthless to society than a queef emitted from their mothers cunt. Amazingly the best bit of them ran down the crack of their mums arse.

I think we should start packing them off to the west country for a little holiday.

Here in the west country we could teach them a thing or two about the error of their ways.

Fuck stabbing things, knives are used for skinning things round ere.
I reckon we have got more guns than these gangsta cunts too, and we are used to shooting little things like rabbits so there is no way we could miss a gangsta scroat running across the fields.

Good sport on a Sunday I reckon. Send these gobby little cunts down. What use are they?

Fuck fox hunting, it’s cunt hunting from now on. Give em both barrels.


Nominated by Cuntswhallop

27 thoughts on “Stabby Gangsta Cunts

  1. The festering pieces of shite need to be fucked, take them off the streets and air drop them into Somalia or some such shit hole, (ok a free trip home for some). These cunts like fear and intimidation, let them have it. Fuck em, they all so hard and all, lets get them to where the action is.

  2. Some cutting remarks Cuntswhallop. But where’s the point in this? Oh yes, there it is – stuck in my chest.đŸ˜‰

  3. The thing is, if a black cunt stabs another black cunt, he is actually doing society a favour. I hope we dont waste too much police resource on such cases.

    • It should be positively encouraged, not investigated. After all, blacks have receiving the benefits of positive discrimination for years now and this could just be another example of it.

      • White chavs wannabe gangsters stab people too but its usually doing it to each other for sleeping with their slutty girlfriends or dope dealing and its rarely fatal “oi you fucked my girl didn’t you bruv” “I only let you that one time because you bought the vodka and fags”

      • Whos going to do all the industrial design though? We are losing so many aspiring Architects. That dindnt do nuffin.

  4. What always makes me laugh about these cunts is the ridiculously put on ‘ bro innit’ dialogue, monkey-like swagger and pantomimed hand gestures, like the wassock on the right in the pic. It’s as though they’re caricaturing themselves.
    Sadly, being the low-life cunts that they are, they’re always likely to cause more grief than light relief.
    Another act of ‘enrichment’ gone badly wrong. The one ray of sunshine is that they seem more interested in cutting each other up than the rest of us.
    Well cunted, Cuntswallop.

  5. Where the fuck are the NF yobs when you need them?

    They used to have a very active ‘away team’ when I was a lad. I remember a coachload of them invading one of the pubs on Exeter High St (the Mint?) on a summer’s evening in the early eighties; couple of months before that they did the same to a popular pub in Dorchester, en passant.

    Does that still happen? My days of frequenting city centre pubs are long since finished, and I would be most surprised to see any hard-line hooligans or right/left wing factions bursting in on our Thursday Quiz Night or the Sunday carvery.

    Not endorsing what they stood for, but it would have been good clean entertainment to watch the bottom-feeders of the NF squaring off against the knife and gun wielding chimps that seem to be taking over the city centres.

    And that West Side Story was bollocks as well …… I’ve seen a few documentaries about gangs recently and none of these gangsta cunts can sing or dance properly.

  6. I had a rather plesant carabeen friend, well spoken quite chap.
    He had a slight disagreement with a “yardie” fresh of the boat, rather outspoken ect.
    Any way Mr Yardie told my friend to suck his mother, my friend suggested that he may like to say that again… the Yardie did….
    Now my friend was not hard of hearing and had a good 10 years life experience on the other chap and then systematically beat the shit out of him in a non racially motivated attack.
    My understanding is that the Yardie was rather a respected individual when holding a weapon, but a rather pitied individual whilst trying to protect himself curled up in a ball on the ground, there was no “comebacks” as my friend was although mild mannered and polite a notably nasty piece of work when aroused.

    • That’s the thing with these cunts though. They’re massive heroes when they have weapons and the odds are 5 to 1 in their favour, get one on their own and they’re pussies.

  7. I’ve had the misfortune of being in close proximity to some chaps like this. Strange thing, they all seemed to be fondling their genitalia. Probably a passing fad, but damned queer it appeared to my untrained eye.
    Problem was, they were all as boring as fuck, not even worth sharing one’s teabag supply for any information, and no amount of Managers’ Apps could get rid of the little twat two pads down.
    In the end, it was necessary to fall back on thick socks and jars of Duerrsâ„¢ jam. Risky, but effective.
    Cunts all, and a reliable choice of subject-matter in my personal experience, Cuntswhallop.

  8. When Lammy or the Flabbott are given prime airtime to yap on about why so many of these enrichers are getting stabby twitches almost always one of the cunts will say poverty, lack of community centres or some other blame shifting jackanory horseshit.
    Most of these cunts or at least their parents have come from some of the most war-torn violent shitholes on the planet, throw in regular famines, drought, coups, terrorism, Ebola and Aids. A flat on a council estate plus all the benefits of a civilised society and these cunts have won the jackpot in the lottery of life but of course nothing will ever be good enough.

  9. And where the fuck is Mayor Khan in all this shit? Screwing money out of motorists, banning ads on the Tube, slagging off the Tangoman and sucking EU cock, that’s where.
    And where is his Night Czar….that fat, lazy, overpaid Yank lezzer bitch? Pissing it up on our money that’s where.

    • ‘Screwing money out of motorists”, he has to pay for the Thames Garden Bridge fiasco somehow Freddie. Iv just been reading about that particular fuckup, over £50 million spunked up the wall for Lumley and BoJo’s vanity project.

      • Christ (or Welby-Cuntuar) on a monocycle with a dildo strapped onto the saddle.

        One is a useless blonde slapper, the other’s a crappy one-trick spank the pony actress. What a bloody pair.

  10. Round them all up with the pikeys . Wembley stadium will do for starts. Then overheat half a dozen fifty cal machine guns into them. Leave for a fortnight for the crows etc and sweep the bones and bullet casings up before the next football match.
    Jobs a goodun!!

  11. Hold on……

    Quiz question.

    If we hunted these knife wielding cunts to extinction, would society be

    1. Better off? or
    2. Worse off?

  12. I am completely against any form of animal cruelty, and have no objection whatsoever to Cuntswhallop’s suggestion that we target little gangstas rather than little fluffy bunnies. We have more to fear from random violence than myxomatosis.

  13. Another former gang member on the TV again today… fucking joke, we don’t need former gang members we need more police with REAL power and kick out this bullshit about racism…. how can it be racist to stop black kids if it is black kids doing all the stabbing, they are easy to spot…. walking around with hoodies tied up around their face

  14. Most of these stabbing cunts are drug dealers. Give them a one-way flight to the Phillippines. There, President Duterte knows what to do with these cunts.

  15. As for what to do with them; Bus them out to Wales and use them in training the Parachute regiment, Royal Marines and SAS.

  16. Have there been some gangsta cunts on here getting “stabby” with their index finger on the up-rate button? What the actual fuck is going on here?
    And please don’t give this an up-rating for old Charlie Joe’s sakes.

  17. Total and complete Protozoa that desecrate the position of holding a place on this Planet. If there’s one iota of defense, it’s that they’ve been reared in a cesspit of the UTTER DIRGE AND FILTH that constitutes ‘black culcha’. That means the music and films they’ve been exposed to since the 90s. Mary Whitehouse was right, and ‘NWA’ and ‘Public Enemy’ should be retroactively LYNCHED.

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