Professor Daniel Pollack-Petzner

Professor Daniel Pollack-Petzner.
Who the fuck? See the piece below:

The classic family film Mary Poppins has been branded racist by a US academic who accuses Dame Julie Andrews of ‘blacking up’ with soot while dancing with chimney sweeps.

In a piece for the New York Times, Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner criticises one of the film’s iconic moments, when Mary Poppins joins Dick Van Dyke’s Bert to dance on a rooftop for the classic song ‘Step in Time.’

So now we know. Soot is inherently racist in kiddies’ films and American academics live on planet Half-wit.
I always knew van Dyke was a cunt.

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71 thoughts on “Professor Daniel Pollack-Petzner

  1. It seems there isn’t a day that goes by without someone deconstructing human life.

    What a tosser.

    Goodbye for now.

  2. If this is all this vacuous cunt has to worry about, he has too much time on his hands. Sack the cunt and give him some real worries. I wouldn’t employ an arsehole like him. Perhaps Chuckaduckie would like him for Gavin Shuker Ltd?

  3. Christ on a bike what fucking retard, mind you I notice he wasn’t saying Bert was racially appropriating a “cockney™” accent. Soot is black chimney sweeps clear soot therefore they get black, as a professor he’s a disgrace to the teaching profession mind you so many are now.

  4. Mr Bollock-Pretzel, yet another batshit crazy academic who seems to have got his professorship out of a Christmas cracker.

  5. If that’s the substance of academia these days then the cunts really ought to get real jobs?


    “Daniel Pollack-Petzner.”


    “We, none.”


    “Professor of Social Justice Studies.”

    “That’s a no then. Ok here’s your cards: McDonald’s, KFC or Dominoes. Apparently Dominoes allows you to take unclaimed pizzas home with you.”

  6. Anyone surprised? As with 90% of this bullshit it ain’t some black person who’s offended by this, it’s a progressive white liberal academic.

    Al Jolsons family probably worry some cunt gonna dig him up and burn his bones.

    Give me a fucking break. The game of 3D PC chess is relentless.

    • Now steady now, you’ve just brought up another harrowing point, chess must be racist, it’s blacks Vs whites.

      This must also mean coal miners were all racist, garage mechanics are racist, rugby players all racist, anyone who ever gets a slightly muddy face, racist.

      I can only assume these ‘articles’ are a form of professional trolling, surely there’s no one out there reading this tripe nodding their head and saying “yes you’re right, bloody racists”.

  7. Yet another ‘academic’ apparently detecting subliminal racism, when to 99% of anyone watching the film, it is chimney soot.

    Had Andrews and Van Dyke’s faces been completely covered in ‘soot’ then this idiot’s tenuous argument may have some merit.

    Cunts like this would find racism in the tanned hue of a cup of tea.

  8. How can this tit be a professor. I no some fitters, who by the end of the working day have grease,oil,etc. Over their hands and faces.. Are they racist. Yes probably, but let’s not go there today.

  9. Too much “Education,Education, Education”,that’s the trouble these days. Too many “clever”Cunts believe themselves to be some kind of groundbreaking geniuses,when really they are just deluded Gobshites scrabbling around in some made-up field of bullshit.

    Most eggheads are Cunts,anyhow. Fair enough,the odd one of them might do good work when they’re not having mental-breakdowns or molesting students,but 99% of them are superfluous Windbags incapable of doing a proper days work.

    Pol Pot had the right idea when it came to Gobby Blowhards spouting shite. They weren’t so keen of demonstrating their Superior Intellect there. It’s a strategy that would certainly act as a deterrent nowadays to “The Emperor’s New Clothes” world of Academia.
    Less Professors and less fucking “Students”,that’s the answer to so many World problems. Academics should shut their yap and get a proper job,along with their “Students”…they wouldn’t have as much time to spout bollocks if they’d done a full days work felling timber or ploughing the fields.

    Fuck Off.

      • There aren’t Dark Key academics,surely? Really,this positive discrimination is out of control. The thought of one of them, dressed up in a gown and mortarboard,giving his views on the bend in bananas is ridiculous. They’d still all be Up The Jungle if it wasn’t for white men….and I mean “men”,not poncified Eggheads.

    • Mrs. Doubtfire was a highly suspicious individual…no mention made of her by this Egghead. The racist bastard.

    • I take it you have never been to the Tuol Sleng S21 Prison or The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh then Mr F?

    • A lot of academics suffer the Dunning-Kruger effect, as do a lot of the ‘blue tick intellectuals’ on Twitter, many calling themselves experts on the transgender issue when they’re really secondary school biology teachers with blue hair and problem glasses.

      Tell them they’re not ‘experts’ and they have a meltdown.

  10. I could understand (though not agree) if she was proper blacked up, with white lips, wearing a top hat and singing “Mammy” or “Workin’ Fo’ de Massa”. What an utter cuntstain this left-wing two-bob shitcunt is.

  11. And to think they call conspiracy theorists paranoid nutters, yet this supposed “intellectual” can make ludicrous shit up and get column space in a mainstream newspaper.
    What a (slightly creepy looking) cunt…

  12. One hopes this gurning Yank never visits or searches on-line the Rochester Sweeps Festival in May as he’d have a meltdown (which would be justice).

  13. cunts Like this idiot are simply trying to make a name for themselves, not a day goes by when some bellend from the university of bullshit doesn’t come up with some crack pot nonsense..
    There’s thousands of these narcissistic peacocking cunts around that want to astound the public with their towering intellects , their thoughtful insight , play devils advocate…..
    cunts like this should be treated with complete indifference ….

    • I didn’t know who this cunt was this morning, and I won’t remember who the cunt is tomorrow morning, and that’s as it should be.

  14. This cunt is in the same category as yesterday’s ‘baby consent’ cunt. Trouble is, academia is full of these cunts who are passing this shit on to generation safespace fuckwit.

  15. Mary Poppins is set in a time when sweeps used small children as flue brushes. I notice he isn’t bothered by that. Social justice my fundament.

    And what, my masters, of that racist 50’s/60’s glove puppet, Sooty?

    In mitigation, most academics are so obsessed by their speciality that they disappear up their own metanarrative, irreversibly. Which is fine in science, but positively dangerous in the (grossly overstaffed) humanities.

    • The Postmodernists reject all metanarratives.. apart from Marxism, which mutated into identity politics via the power struggle ideas of the French ‘nutter’ school of philosophy. ‘Check your privilege’ is the consumer feminist/ bottom-feeding manifestion of this domain, but it’s fraudulent all the way up.

      • Sooty was yellow anyway. Where are all the offended Korean/Chinese/Japanese folk?
        Oh wait, they don’t actually give a shit…😆😂

    • I spoke too soon. I have just had my inbox irrelevantly spammed by a scientist of sorts (geographer +policy research, so it’s marginal), plugging his metanarrative* to a large email group of which I am a member. Followed by other recipients hitting ‘reply all’ as well. So many cunts, so little time.

      *Research ‘impact’, which sadly does not involve my clenched fist and his face. Yet.

    • Ah yes, Sooty. A classic example of a #MeToo.

      Imagine being a small mute furry creature, unable to scream, spending decades with an adult abusers hand shoved up his jacksy, right up to the wristwatch.

      At least Sweep was able to scream, not sure about Su, she was far to calm and happy, must’ve had his hand up her G-Spot.

      #Justice4Glovepuppets, at least Mr Punch fought back with his stick, not so sure about the baby-throwing though….

      can you imagine the TRAUMA the counselling that hundreds of thousands of young children will need if they are told early about sexualization, and saying no, and “stranger danger”, seeing Sooty and Co being FISTED #SaveTheChildren BAN GLOVE PUPPETS NOW.

  16. Watched a programme the other day called “Edwardian Britain in Colour.” It started with a stern warning that there were scenes that some views may find “disturbing and racially offensive.” Fuck me , I thought, this is serious.
    Well, it consisted of a scene from from an Empire Day parade with about half a dozen cunts blacked up. They had some historian on , Black of course, to explain that they were trying to represent all people in the Empire and there weren’t any black people about.
    I imagined some snowflake Guardianista squirming on the sofa crying with pain and outrage at this shocking 15 second scene. I do hope they have recovered by now the delicate little fairies.

    • These cunts hunger, nay lust and search relentlessly for the opportunity to spout their long practiced self righteous pc blatherings if only to hear the sound of their own voice but moreso to bore an audience. A week or two in Saudi Arabia would sort these cunts out and bring me no small joy.

  17. When we live in a world where the BBC are joining ITV in a subscription service with BBC input into the deal is content we already paid for, are we surprised by anything anymore?

    It’s mainly outlets like the BBC who eagerly promote this PC bullshit. Go on the BBC website and it’s full of diversity stories.

    We live in a dystopian system.

    War is peace and up is down!

    • Twenty years and the West is done. Gone down exactly the same route as Rome & Greece. Celebrity chefs, gender obsession and imported in outsiders to do the work the decadents were too precious to do

      • We’re run by CUNTS who talk about “learning from history” yet that’s all it is, talk, as they go down the same fucking route, because they think they can’t or won’t make those mistakes. It’s happening in Venezuela and if that unutterable cunt Corbyn gets in, WILL happen here, because concrete headed cunts are incapable of learning.

  18. BBC story headline today:

    LBGT mental health: ‘Being the butt of gay jokes made me ill’

    Irony was lost on the junior editor writing that or maybe it wasn’t

  19. Even is name is an open-goal, and that pic bethinks me of these smug jazzcunts:
    perhaps due to the “interior joy” I would savour upon knocking them right down his gizzard with a ball-peen hammer.

    • Waste of a good hammer. Drown the bastard in dogshit, assuming the dogshit won’t complain at the contamination.

  20. These people are just attention-seekers and stirrers. They know what they’re doing.
    There was a journalist who complained that a diner had picturers of a man in black-face. When the owner explained he was a coal miner the journalist responded ‘context doesnt matter’.

    Pure shit-stirring wankers.

  21. What gets to me is that Ms Andrews sings, feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence a bag, tuppence a bag – you’re ‘aving a bleeding laugh! Have you seen the price of seeds down your local Pet Store? The film should be banned from misleading consumers about the ‘real’ cost of living in London Town!

  22. How can this halfwit be even described as an “academic”? Presumably he is is the emeritus-Cunt in Cuntritude and Wankrage at some Hall of Knackerdemia
    The Univershitty of Phuquinell California.

    This tenured twat obviously has too much time on his hands being a professor of bollock-studies, a subject so thin on any form of genuine knowledge that he makes up this toxic shite to get a headline, get noticed, so that the Marxist spunk bubbles mis-running said Univershitty, will hand over more funding for another year of unending pus eruptions of unbelievable bollocks.

    That the Univershitties have sunk to such depths is no surprise as the Trots, Marxists and sundry poisonous lefties are unemployable outside of Knackerdemia, they tend to employ eachother like one big circle wank or more likely “daisy chain” their noses & tongues up each others arses.

    But by far the WORST aspect, is that they are indoctrinating naïve young minds with this malevolent slurry, turning out not rounded intellectual s with knowledge and experience to partake in the world: No, they’re turning out emotional crippled, intellectually raped, angry, permanently indebted, dysfunctional, unemployable, irrational, coloured haired snot-hanger nose-ringed SJW snowflakes with a monstrous sense of entitlement, AND made them PAY MONEY for it.

    This man is a child abusing, mind raping CUNT who, with his fellow intellect-of-a-polecat predatory “professors” should burn in their very own hell, as even Satan wouldn’t have them

    The result of this constant stream of verbal stinking diarrhoea is that is contaminates everything it touches, while positively poisoning childhood, turning every piece of supposed children’s”entertainment” into preachy, shouty, boring, toxic crap.

    I nominate the “professor” for a 29th trimester abortion. What a despicable CUNT.. Pick the bones out of THAT.

  23. In a previous, unpublished paper, Professor Daniel Pollack-Petzner, discussed the possibility that the ‘dark side of the moon’ is also a bit racist. But after careful deliberation, he dismissed his thesis because he believed his black cat, Clarence, thought his notion was a tad fanciful.

  24. Fucking hell look at the demonic gaze in his eyes , lucifer would be proud… his mugshot wouldn’t look out of place next to serial killers like ted bundy and ian brady

      • No quite LL, I don’t remember Javier Bardems character ever smiling in the film he just walked around with that silly silenced vacuum cleaner gun he had,

        This mary poppins cunt has a demented permagrin. Pretty stupid film honestly it got more acclaim then it was worth

  25. Bloody Nora CC, where dig you dig this batshit spanner out from? I can’t believe there’s a single person who thinks his comments are anything other than absolute SJW bollocks. What a cunt!

    • There are thousands of these useless toxic cunt “professors” infesting the colleges like an Educational Ebola and unfortunately as infectious and deadly.

      It’s bad enough here in the UK with the Marxist Snotbuckets doing the Islamo-Nazis jobs for them in persecuting Jews, white males or anyone to the right of Trotsky.

      Look at Canada at Jordan Petersen’s treatment by the toxic left.

      Worst of the LOT is by far in the USA, Land of the Free, whose Univershitties are packed with tenured “Professors” who I wouldn’t give clearance to go anywhere near anyone still alive, let alone let them pollute and rape naive young minds.

      The sacks of shit inhabitting many US Univershitties, if I had my way would be jailed for grooming and child abuse.

      Once upon a time, going to college was a smart move to get a useful degree that would ensure a decent job, teach you to think, to question, a thing of pride.

      Today it’s become a drink/drug-fueled skive on borrowed money, to be indoctrinated by “academic” Loser Cunt “Professors” who are unemployable anywhere, turning out whining, snot-hanger, nose-ringed unemployable indebted cunts with degrees in “gender studies” or the history of badger arseholes in art or some useless made-up SHIT, who think the world owes them a living, and blame Trump when they find it doesn’t.
      Yeah, I’m a bit angry.

  26. A top cunting. Once again, another example of some pseudo-professor of snowflake wankery who clearly wants people to look at him, because of his false cutting edge views….no doubt so he can gain another step up the ladder of academic cock suck. I saw a superb piece of old footage, many years ago of a sweep in his flat cap, who fired a 12 bore up a chimney to clear a bad blockage. A load of soot came down and covered him to the point where he looked like a Maasai warrior, and he was pissing himself laughing. Happy days.

    No doubt, the unicorn dumb-as-cardboard generation would ring the hurt-feelings police and threaten to kill themselves if they saw that. Society is fucked. This said “professor” of fuck all can fuck off and away, the cunt.

    • Yep, that was Laurel and Hardy. You actually couldn’t make something as harmless as that no without some dumb leftist fragile fuckwit getting a touch of the vapours and setting the Facebook Fascists and Twitter Trots on them. At this rate having dirty hands will be a “racist hate crime” that the fucking useless Common Purpose Plods will leap at, a nice soft target who won’t riot or call them waaayyyycist or phobic or other hurty-words. I despise these utter cunts from the depths of my soul

      The reality is that you couldn’t make MOST children’s films or programmes which is why children’s Books and TV are such a load of sanitized, boring WANK full of hyper-shouty preachy, propaganda with humour level of a dose of herpes on your honeymoon. Poor little damaged fucks.

      Look at the “edgy” adult “comedy” when it runs out of Trump, Brexit & Thatcher jokes is so terrified of the slightest possibility of misinterpretation has now reverted to poo-poo, wee-wee Smit and unfunny PC “situations” approved by the lefty cunt squad.

      Most “comedy” is now unwatchable WANK with the occasional laugh that’s like a sunbeam after 6 months of winter drizzle.

      But here’s the punchline, WE CUNTS ALLOWED IT.

    • That 12-bore invites further extended cunting of the health and safety industry. Imagine the headless-chicken scenario if someone did that now!

  27. Did anyone read the Professor’s article? He said the blacking up in the movies were referenced in the original books and dem tings were wayycist and gave examples.

    Technically the twat Professor has a point, but who cares? The Mary Poppins movies have given much more JOY to the world, than anything he will likely ever point out!

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