Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council:

I apologise that this is lengthy and isn’t about Brexit, Owen Jones (a massive cunt) or any other cunt that needs nominating, but I need to vent.
The ruling Cuntservative bunch of self serving parasites at NCC have really managed to make themselves look complete and utter cunts in the last few days and are boiling my piss to the max.

Why? Well because for a kick off they are cutting services left right and centre in the hope of making what are really meagre savings, especially with childrens services and anything involving the vulnerable. Savings that could easily be made if they went back to employing their own staff and managing their own affairs, instead of farming out every service going to any Tom Dick or Harry wanting to make a fast and easy buck. Just one company alone made £450,000 profit from them last year and many more rake it in at our expense, money that could be used in front line services. Now in a typical cuntish way to kick the vulnerable and incapable even further into the dirt, these despicable cunts have voted to take disabled benefits into account when calculating care costs for those that rely on help the most, especially children, some of which have said it will force them into food banks. This extract from the local paper:

“Their proposal, which would save County Hall £4m, would change the ‘minimum income guarantee’used by the council to assess how much people aged 18 to 64 pay for care. At the moment, the council uses a rate of £189 a week for everyone, but wants to change that to £123.45 for those aged 18 to 24 and £151.45 a week for those aged 25 to 64.”
So, £70 a week loss for some, especially the youngest, not that they give a shit, heartless cunts. Now heres the piss kettle getting switched back on: The twats have announced that some £60m will have been spent on refurbishing the County Hall since 2013 because they say it needs it. (story here:

£60m would have built a lovely new building I am sure. Of that figure, some £24m is being spent on refurbishing some areas for space that they say needs renovating to close down and sell existing buildings to bring those staff back into County Hall. A move that will save £400k a year. CUNTS! Even with the predicted £1.1m from building sales that means a payback of almost 55 years. What cunt figured that fuck up out? Bear in mind that of all the cuts they have sanctioned in the last few weeks, none match up to this hare brained financial clusterfuck in monetary terms.

And to really nail it today, despite communities crying out for traffic measures or other desperately needed work in their areas, these cunts that spout the usual ‘value for money’ garbage, have announced less than 24h after the Royal Gaffer rolled his fuckin’ chariot that they are going to reduce the speed limit on the A149 where the old git crashed the bastard! Theres nothing left to boil! Fuck them and their 2.99% tax rise. Cunts.

Nominated by The Eternally Grumpy Grump

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  1. Norfolk’n’ good…
    But a true Martineau Lane mystery. A job for the legendary (of playgroubd jike fame) Inspector Willy.

    • Not thought of opening up Fiddler Towers for some corporate hospitality Mr Fiddler? It seems a good money spinner for these council taxpayer funded jollies and these party conference ‘away days’ debauchery which crop up in the news now and then would seem quite tame by comparison.

      • Evening LL.
        I’m actually enough of a Cunt to go along to the local Parish Council meetings to stir the shite sometimes. Since the incomers inveigled their way on, I like to go along and object to their “super-duper, aren’t we all so community-minded” plans for family fun-days and the like…bunch of Cunts.
        So, no, I’m afraid that I’d never allow any kind of professional windbag or do-gooder entry to The Towers,and neither would the hounds. We’d be frightened that the Cunts stole our heirlooms to spend on a bouncy castle at the fete-day,or on a holiday in The Algarve for themselves.

        Thieving Cunts.

        • Evening Mr Fiddler, those scenarios sound almost ethical but would probably end up spending it on rainbow flag ‘Children Crossing’ signs and arseless chaps for the lollypop ladies in the name of gay pride.

  2. How much of their gold-plated cuntcil pensions are being pared back on line with all the other cuts to front line services?

    Answers on the back of a borrowed cuntcil clocking-in card.

    • Ps I managed to get banned permanently from another forum by using the word ‘cuntcil’.

      Not many people know that.

  3. Well deserved cunting Eternally. Most parsimonious council in England. The inbred cunts couldn’t turn a profit from a one-armed bandit. Some of the worst schools and hospitals in England. Potholes everywhere. Plus the drugs capital of the East, the Portuguese enclave of Great Yarmouth. Have met some of the cunts. Very dodgy types.

  4. A very valid cunting. Local politics evidence only the worst of all politics and this is true in every cunty cuntcil in the country.

    Cuts and efficiencies to be made ? Easy, let these fall entirely on essential and sensitive areas such as OAP’s, child care etc because we obviously can’t reduce the Gay Pride Festival budget – totally untouchable. Now, that decided, it is time to get on to local TV and explain why these cuts are so evil because they will harm elderly people and toddlers. And, since we are so fucking clever, then lets give ourselves a big payrise.

    We spend lots of time complaining about the big cunts but these little cunts damage society just as much.

    On a wider perspective, if you want to fully understand European national politics you just need to look at UK local politics. Any other remain voters on here?

    • I would be happy to support the festival if the called it “Arse bandits and Rug munchers festival”

    • UK national politics are EU local politics… and will continue to be until we find the gumption to escape the 4th Reich on No Deal WTO terms.

      Actually quite surprised the EU Commission didn’t send their baton wielding police thugs in, a la Catalonia, following that massive defeat they suffered in the House of Cunts last month.

  5. Councils have been shit for as long as i can remember, from social services to fixing pot holes so nothing new.
    Everyone blames whichever government is in power, doesnt really matter how much money is given to councils or what council tax is raised, its never enough, always more more more.
    With regard to care, I agree this has to be funded and the system has to be fair, the arguement is how much personal wealth should be contributed.
    The new fashion statement is mental health, feeling a bit down doesnt really count but as we are being told mental health used to be seen as a stigma but now its a sign of strength to admit that “one had indeed suffered from mental health issues”

    I Watched politics today and every fucker on the panel had suffered mental health issues in the past, never seem to hear from people who are actually suffering in the here and now.
    As one of my friends defined stress, not as a little bit of pressure in the workplace but as turning a corner and see a fucking panzer tank rolling towards you.

    However back to councils… they are all CUNTS.

  6. Councils are a cancerous tumor growing on the back of the few hard working citizens left in this country

  7. All councils are cunts. I work for one, what does that say about me?
    A job done by a contractor, working for a normal firm would be paid , let’s say, £2000 .
    The same contractor doing the same job, but for the council, would hike the price up by , probably double.
    Jobs given out to tender by councils are easy money for the lucky firms who win the contracts

  8. All councils are cunts, especially the big rural ones tucked away in the arse end of the country. See also Herefordshire where the same fucking firm of builders wins the contract to do any construction work every fucking time. This is even after a £1 million overspend on tarting up some hideous 1960s offices down by the ring road. Useless cunts.

  9. I’m sorry but they have to cut services and raise taxes to pay for the gender neutral council forms and trans awareness training.

    There must be at least two of the cunts in the whole of Norfolk?

    Money well spent…

  10. I once went working temporarily in a council office. They were coming to the end of the financial year and asked if anyone could think of something to spend money on. They hadn’t spent their allocation for that year and were worried if they didn’t, they might not get as much money for the following year. I came up with the suggestion of buying a coat stand, which they did. They were really pleased with me.

  11. I did say then on the old codgers driving cunting that, lo and behold the speed limit is cut.

    Plus a couple of “safety” cameras to ensure the new limits are enforced.

    Typical priorities here for both the council and the police, screw the motorist for more money, slow the roads to a crawl all because of one old cunt who could no longer drive. Cunts.

  12. A friend of my brother’s worked at a school and found they’d been ripped off for years buying laptops for over double markde price from ‘specialist suppliers’. No cunt at the school had ever thought to shop around.

    Money is poorly distributed by the vast number of public sector managers and bureaucrats. This is why i challenge people who demand the government spend more money on the NHS. Do they know how the existing budget is spent?
    The BBC never seems to offer a summary of operating costs, just screaming ‘the NHS is on the brink this winter.. you will all die!’

    They need to sort their spending out as well. Cunts.

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