Gwyneth Williams

A You & Yours, Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Just A Minute , Saturday Live cunting please for this woman who has announced her resignation as Controller of Radio 4 after 8 years in the job. She would have avoided this cunting had she made this wise decision 7 years ago, but her tenure has been marked by a bevvy of shitty wimmins interest programmes, miserable plays about slavery, American wimmin voiced by British actresses who sound like bleeding Victorian poets.

8 more years of the gobshites of The News Quiz and The Now Show, late morning comedy shows devoid of any humour whatsoever, witless talk shows, including one that sounds as if we are entering the fairy grotto, judging by its signature tune, where for 5 minutes two members of the public witter on about matters only of concern to themselves (if even that), 3 times a week with a repeat on Sunday of all 3 years of the sanctimonious bellend Micheal Burke (how apt) with his Moral Maze, which, maze like never ends, the provisional wing of R4 mornings, Wimmins Hour, which though around since god was a lad has got ever more strident and right on in the past few years, and the current affairs wall to wall fuckdom that is relentlessly ever more anti-Brexit, including the Remain lousy panels and audiences that make up every Any Questions?.

What fucks me off about this old bag is that in her farewell message today she has had the fucking cheek to say she has not dumbed the station down, but smartened it up. Smart? The Rev Richard Coles, Wing Commander Jenni Murray, Jeremy Hardy, Miles Jupp, pompous little arsehole that he is, Paul Merton, the miserable sanctimonious “writers and broadcasters” who give their left wing views on every subject under the sun. What a load of fucking shit, as Nan Taylor used to say.

Nominated by W C Boggs

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  1. My rejoicing at this wimminz’ departure would be unbounded if it were not for the probability of her successor’s* continuing the destruction of R4. Think you’ve covered a good bit of the condescending, right-on simplistic crap which makes R4 largely unlistenable, WCB. I can only agree.

    *Mohit Bakaya? Indian parents, born in Battersea, did PPE at Oxford (so another cunt) but is, rather surprisingly, male. Currently commissioning editor of R4. London-centric. May have to reassign gender to get the job…

  2. Incidentally –
    “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. ”

    There is a faint note of hope here. Because the BBC already has (BBC figures, October, 2018) 11% LGBT in its workforce, it has an excellent case for reducing its deviant count. Chance would be a fine thing. Its current BAME count is still 2% below the target, though, so there’ll be plenty more on slavery and colonialism to come.

    • My favourite bame on the so called BBC is the black astronomer on the sky at night, closely followed by the talentless fella in the wheelchair who appears at least weekly to impart his wisdom.
      Here in the west country we have a one armed weather girl who uses her stump to point out weather fronts etc. Being disabled does not automatically mean you are qualified to present prime time tv. I have nothing against retards and cripples but unless they”re going to have a fight to the death I don’t want to see them on the box.

  3. Why is it when I see any of this type, I immediately think of hemp?

    I don’t know why but it used to be associated with hippies and “right on” cunts.

    Where does the AL-BEEB find these modern fossils to head up their programming on both TV and radio?

    When you see any backroom controller/director bods from the AL-BEEB they all look as mad as a box of monkeys, generally over-educated (in some nonsense arts degree/doctorate) white wimmenz, overly keen to push anything efnik or raspberry, when they themselves could give a fuck about either group!

    Ah but it does look good to their luvvy/plummy in-crowd, and that’s all they really care about isn’t it!

    I’ve had less shallow cups of tea compared to these virtue-signalling wank-stains!

    Two backroom AL-BEEB cunts cunted one after the other. That Royal Charter has to go!

    I pay £80 quid a year for Amazon Prime (and get that money back threefold with all of the next day free delivery postage I don’t pay), and for that I get a mix of new and classic films, some decent original TV shows and some old classics (like Smileys People) that I haven’t see in yonks (not that the AL-BEEB will ever reshow their own classics when a modern take on Hamlet based in Grenfell Tower can be shown instead)!

    So why the fuck am I paying £150 a year to basically get told I’m a cunt by Kuntsberg, Linekunt and Derbycunt on a daily fucking basis!?!

    I might be moving house soon and if I do, I won’t be providing those cunts with a new address…

    Which reminds me, when you try to access AL-BEEB catch-up content now via a device you are now given a code for their website that you now have to register including all of your details!

    So the ABBC Stasi seems to be gearing up for a pay-per-view/subscription service.

    Excellent, that will be £0 pounds from me per annum then! I imagine millions of others will think do same!

    I hope the cunts sink without trace!

  4. Great news WC! I was driving down a long glen in the Highlands last night, with R4 tuned in. It was 1830, so the News Quiz launched with the predictable Remoaner theme. Thankfully, in the mountainous glen I kept losing the signal so missed most of the programme. I probably would have crashed in blind rage at the lefty crap.

    Maybe we’ll get a more balanced Controller, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • In the interests of road safety – especially on single-track roads – may I earnestly beg you not to tune in to the News Quiz again.You cannot rely on the hills to protect you from snatches of propaganda any one of which could induce violent and potentially fatal convulsions.

      I forced myself to listen to all of it last night, in the interests of research. Nothing but the usual well-worn targets, with the innovative feature of extended periods of shrieking laughter from the wimminz panellists and Hugo Rifkind*. They’ve now ditched anyone peripherally funny, too. You may not have liked Jeremy Hardy, but he was a clever little cunt and held the show together. It’s fallen apart now.

      * The son of Malcolm. And how ashamed Malcolm must be.

  5. Bugger me, me pissed up old peepers read the title as Kenneth Williams so was expecting a tale orf a trans from the grave. Bugger that.

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