The Rt Dishonourable Dominic Grieve MP [5]


Does this puffed up ball of stinking shit never give up trying to cause trouble?:

Two more fucking bites of the cherry to try to stop Brexit. Why don’t his constituency party just bin the cunt. Deselect him.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

34 thoughts on “The Rt Dishonourable Dominic Grieve MP [5]

  1. All the cunts are pitching in now. T–y B—r, back from his pow-wow with the Indian chiefs – the Delhi ones – has issued a press release to all locals and nationals (as he often does, and the lazy workshy hacks just c&p them into their rags, too). Tony thinks ‘we’ need to delay Article 50 to give his chums more time to fuck Brexit completely. T–y is also piqued that Corbyn will not meet with May unless ‘no-deal’ is taken off the agenda. Can’t think why: T–y is as much against no-deal as any of his stooges in the Party who undoubtedly forced Corbyn into that.

    Phil ‘McCavity’ Hammond’s in there stirring too:

    The Remoaners seem to be focussing on delaying Article 50 now. If May wants to retain the barely-detectable credibility she has left herself with she must recognise and prevent this. She may be stubborn. But is she strong? Don’t bother answering that.

    • Blair was on The World At One (edited thank god from an earlier R4 appearance), he sounds like a peeved old maid, whose butt plug has gone too far up his arse to be removed without major surgery

      I guess motherfuckers like him and Grieve think that by delaying our exit, because we will have to spend millions on the May EU elections, they will be able to exploit the cost and waste of money on those totally unnecessary elections to justify staying in the 4th Reich.

    • All she has to do now is dig her kitten heels in.

      It would be a supreme irony if May’s perpetual incompetence actually ended up delivering the Brexit most Leavers voted for!

      • That would be absolutely brilliant but I’m afraid mays backbone so far appears to be made of paper- mache , her red lines the breaking strain of a kit kat
        Maybe that will change? Somehow I doubt it……..
        Dominic green should definitely be jettisoned out of the Conservative party along with those quislings witches Soubry, Morgan and Wollaston at the earliest opportunity, Absolute cunts stood on election manifesto of leave as did labour MPs many who also represent leave constituencies…….
        Parliaments a fucking joke…..
        Democracy? Don’t make me laugh…….

    • I was going to cunt Hammong on same grounds, but you’ve beaten me to it, Komodo.

      What a pair of fucking cunts.

      All we need now is some sort of awful Soubry incident…

  2. Testicles the size of peppercorns, he’s about as alluring as the unflushed khazi after Diana Flabbatamus has dropped her weekly Nando’s load.

    The breathtaking cowardice of this Cunt.

  3. I’m seriously considering starting a Government petition to force him to have his name changed to Gaylord Bumhandle.

    Goodbye for now.

    • I’m still laughing five minutes after reading Gaylord Bumhandle. Thanks for that.

      Grieve has rightly so been counted several times now, but he is one of many complete and utter cunts who need to be ousted.

      I was completely ready for a second referendum as I would imagine leave would win again, which would be fucking delightful, but seeing as though the proposed options are either accept shitty deal or remain I’ve changed my mind. Both of those options are remain. Might as well say ‘remain’ or ‘pay to remain’. This is an absolute travesty. Who the fuck do these MP’s think they are, they’re not even covering the fact that they’re doing this out of selfishness. They’re supposed to represent the public, not themselves. What the fucking fuck has happened?

    • Interestingly he, along with Soubry and Nancy Boles all represent constituencies that voted Leave – you wonder why their constituency officers to move to deselect them

  4. If it looks like a cunt, and it walks like a cunt, and it talks like a cunt… It’s a cunt.

  5. Grieve, I learn is President of the Anglo-French Society. His ma’s half-Frog.
    Cunt should declare his fucking interests before every utterance on Brexit.

    • Pardon me. Wrong society. He is a director of The Franco-British Society, a nonprofit, also, strangely, of the Ditchley Foundation, which promotes UK-US-Canada relations under the probable aegis of the FCO. His biggest political backer is The Conservative Friends of Pakistan. He is worth ( loosely speaking) Β£3.1M

  6. All MPs should be held to account and declare their fucking interests before their utterances on Brexit.

    Clearly the likes of cunts like Grieve give not a lumpen knob of goatshit that many voting public will never vote Tory again on principle. I certainly wont. None of the alternatives is any better, but these cunts truly deserve to be cast into the wilderness a la Kinnock.

    Clearly the Tories are so arrogant in their belief that no-one in their right mind would vote for Catweazle and Flabbot. Sadly, to a degree they are correct. I foresee many a hung parliament to come.

    • Really looking forward to a hung Parliament – I’ll happily pay for the rope for the nooses. Bunch of cunts.

      • I’d even pay for the tower crane and the bungee section spliced into the drop. I’d get it back with a fast-food stall on the day.

    • I’ll be voting UKIP as in 2015 they came 2nd in my constituency. The Tory MP backed May’s surrender plan. Another weak careerist female.

  7. Crash out, cliff edge, catastrophe blah blah fucking blah. Why don’t all you BBC, Sly news and bent politicos just fuck right of to Brussels and don’t come back. Double dealing twats.

  8. I’ve just had a frightening thought. What if this omnishambles succeeds in convincing us that Parliament is even more incompetent and remote from the UK’s identity than Brussels? Can’t be far off. Then the letter to Juncker et al: ‘You’d better take over as we can’t run our own affairs. Herewith, one Houses of Parliament, without contents, one Big Ben, and a complete set of German royals for authenticity. Your very humble servant, UK plc’

    • Frightening take on it, Komodo. Perhaps those Remainers/Remoaners are ahead of the game?

    • Indeed. It’ll be just like the Soviet ambassador to Hungary, Yuri Andropov, phoning Moscow and asking for help.

      Then the EU tanks will roll in, under cover of darkness. Or Abbott’s piss-flaps. (which is ambiguoius, as I guess her piss-flaps could indeed roll, but they could also provide cover for a batallion of tanks. Providing the vehicles come ashore at Grimsby…)

  9. All he needs is a red and yellow jester’s suit, a curved tricorn hat with bells on, a stick and…



    I hope the crocodile eats his fucking sausages – the cunt!

    Also, do you ever see this hooky-gobbed git and the ABBC’s chief political propagandist Laura Kuntsberg in the same room?

    Blonde bob wig, bit of lippy, same remoaning rhetoric…hmmm…

  10. Back to The Carry on Films for this wanker It’s about time his constituents deselected him from office Follow the will of the people respect the Referendum result

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