The Irish

The Irish.
The whole lot of the fuckers from the halfbreed, shirt-lifting Teashop to the humblest bog trotter.
And I speak as an Irish halfbreed myself.

‘Der will be no negotiating on de backstop’ according to some no-mark in Dublin.
Well feck youse. No deal will fuck your banana republic over big time while causing some inconvenience to us.
Feck de lot of youse, and feck de border.
And you can have that unfunny Mrs Brown drag act back as well.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

98 thoughts on “The Irish

  1. Born and bred in North Belfast and the only thing i have to say about the cunts south of the border is that they are Provo harbouring shitcunts AND they fucking gave us Bono and that ratfaced fenian cunt from The Pogues. Cunts the lot of them

    • Shane McGowan? That tooth-shy, liver experiment was born in…. posh old Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

      Perhaps de biggest plastic Paddy of dem allll.

      🎵 Dey caaall ‘im dee Oirish Rohhh-ver. Not.”🎵

  2. How can the Irish get more posts than the recent and most excellent (if I do say so myself) Germans nomination FFS?

    Surely after what the cunts have done (and continue to do) to this once great country the Germans are in a different league.

    • I suppose it’s because we only have a pop at de Oirish once a year (in March) and the Hermans receive it a lot more.

      🎵 Micks to the left of me, Krauts to the right, here I am
      Stuck in the Middle…🎵

  3. QT tonight with none other than banana gob Gina Miller.
    Coming from Lincoln, should be interesting to see how the audience behaves considering the vote went Leave the EU

  4. So they ditched John Barnes?


    I take it all back John, you were fucking right all along.

        • And showed his true promise with a good rap on ‘world in motion’

          Peter Hook was a bit of a cunt though and the cunt Allen is in the video I think, along with the elephant mans twin brother Peter Beardsley. Good player tho.

  5. Why have they got some rich Kraut on telling us how great the EU is?
    Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas and if they did some rich fuckers would try and reverse it if it wasn’t making them even richer.

    • The first 5 minutes was nothing but a fear driven monologue by that corporate skid mark. No subtlety by the bbc, a total offence to my dignity. I switched off after that.

  6. It finished with the rich Kraut crying about democracy in Venezuela.
    The same cunt who doesn’t want democracy in Europe, on his own backdoor.
    Marvellous BBC gobbledygook .

  7. Not all the Irish are cunts. The 190 Irishmen awarded the Victoria Cross cannot be labelled cunts. The 35000 killed in WW1 and 5000 killed in WW2 fighting for the British cannot be labelled cunts. The many thousands injured in both wars cannot be labelled cunts. The thousands who lived through WW2 and returned home to suffer years of persecution and discrimination by their government and people cannot be labelled cunts. The thousands of Irish labourers whose sweat and effort built your cities and with whom I had the privilege of working as a young man cannot be called cunts. Well, yes you can call them cunts but that makes you an even bigger cunt.. Written with fond memories and respect to all my family of Murphys in Mayo both living and deceased.. Fuck off anyone who labels them cunts.

  8. Been to both the North and South of Ireland several times a few times in the South for work but the rest of the times I’ve been for motorcycle road racing. The Skerries, nw200, ulster gp, dundrod, carrowdore… Etc. Never found arseholes anywhere just fellow bike fans and locals that seemed keen on knowing you were being treated well. Maybe I’ve been lucky but it could be that I haven’t met the teashop, bonio, goboff, or slaphead o’connor.
    The ira and sein fein and all other terrorist organisations are off course CUNTS without end.

    • Same here, love the road racing, in fact thinking of it the cuntiest Irish people that I know of don’t even live there anymore.

  9. I think the Irish are no more wanky than the English or Welsh. We all know the Scots have a greater proportion of turd heads ( and I am part Jock —small part – oh matron —before anyone gets too upset).

    The point is the Irish politicians are utter Uber Cunts sucking up to the EU when the UK is by far more significant in trade and ties. But then look at our half wit polititions in England? Conclusion is we can’t turn against the Irish just becasue they suffer from utter cunt polititions and PM ( Tee shirt or some such being their term) .

    Just my feeling about all this.

    Ps I simply cannot now see any outcome other than a WTO ( better a wto Gatt article enactment) that is going to honour Brexit. This was always going to come down to punishment for daring to leave their cock suckers club.

  10. I have to say I quite like the Irish, I go over quite often to watch the motorbike road racing series that they have and I always have a great time or as the Irish like to call it “craic”

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