Selfish Childish Adults

Lazy, Can’t be asked, it’s Too Much to Cook at Christmas, Childish, Snowflake Cunts.
Yes, I know some parents enjoy wallowing in their kids’ perpetual childhood, but this is of another order.
What a generation of some truly useless spongers we’ve spawned. Just seen a celebratory BBCstan news(?) item.

The subject, 30 to 40 year, so called “adults” whom refuse to grow up and do the decent thing and cook for their elderly parents at Christmas. What a fucking waste of space they are, employing every lame excuse imaginable, in order to parasite off their parents’ goodwill, whom have probably spent close to half their lives raising ingrates, with little reward.
The pic on this news piece shows a couple of grinning smugos “aren’t we clever, stove dodging wankers”, with empty plates to the fore, pie holes agape, ready to be spoon fed, like shameless fat cuckoos, still troughing and shitting in their parents nest and celebrating the fact, at 40 years old!.
If they were mine I would phone em just before they set out for the trough and tell em dinner is cancelled, now open your presents we sent you two cunts, there’s a tube of moldy, sour cream crisps and a stale mince pie for you knobs to share.
Can you see this generation taking care of their now knackered parents in a few years? No, just call a care home. Merry Christmas all and fuck em!


Nominated by Set The Spark

23 thoughts on “Selfish Childish Adults

  1. Sadly, the more prosperous we get, the more spoiled and pathetic are the majority of the citizens.

    Apparently (some BBC story says yesterday) we have children ravaging the bins for food.

    Their pathetic parents could easily feed their children, but no, its someone elses problem.

    It will sadly continue to get worse. Great cunting.

    Oh and most relevantly, the reason the councils have no money any more is because of the cose if care for the elderly, whos children don’t give 2 shits about, but why would they – not giving a fuck is what liberalism is all about. Ih and bullshitting yourself and everyone else.

    Long live the emperor!

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa!

      You’re not suggesting we spend state money on the elderly are you?

      I mean those cunts have only paid into the system for 40yrs, so why do they deserve any payback when that money could be better spent to fund Mo’ and his 8 kids and to gift a free and unproductive lifestyle to the cunts fresh off the banana boat hitting the Kent coastline!

      They’re all aspiring you know.

  2. Splendid cunting, Sir.

    I call these types ‘Timothy Lumsdens’ after the hapless Ronnie Corbett character in Sorry. The difference is that Sorry was funny, whereas these useless pricks are simply tragic.

    The product of a generation where the parents have nobly tried to give their ungrateful spawn what they never had. The spawn doesn’t appreciate this one iota and remains committed to a wretched life of self entitlement.

    Extermination is the only solution as the righteous sense of self indulgent has spread too far – like a terminal cancer.

  3. Being a self entitled snowflake is now almost a badge of honour for some. Hence Labour doing well in the last election as that cuddly old uncle Jeremy was going to give everyone everything for free and all wars would stop and peace would spread across the world. They know this as they were taught it at yuni. What’s not to like?

  4. This is stupid. I’m not playing this silly game anymore. I’m telling my dad on you lot.

  5. Sponge off their parents at home for as long as possible in the hope that both oldies clock it and they can inherit the house.

  6. “…just call a care home.”

    Yeah – and no doubt expect the taxpayer to pay! Utter cuntitude.

    Quality cunting Set The Spark.

    Btw, piss already well boiled this morning, curtesy Andy Murray, not to mention ‘trans hospital wards’, ffs!

    • I usually have that happy “Friday Feeling”, but already after reading some of the cuntings on here I “feel” like buying an Uzi 9mm from the local gangster and shooting the shit out of all these cunts that really piss my water!

      Moreover, on my wife’s Shitbook page there’s a local debate from some feminist group moaning/demanding that some Highway Code road signs need “reviewing” as they are grossly “offensive” and “inherently sexist”. These include:-

      The triangular “Road Works” sign, with a bloke shoveling shit (sexist)
      The circular warning of the “School Crossing” sign with the girl holding the boy’s hand and dragging him along. (demeaning and offensive)
      The “No Cycling” sign (cyclists should have universal access)

      The “No Left Turn/Right Turn/U Turn” signs (homophobic!!!)
      The “Keep Right” sign (offensive)
      The “Uneven Road” sign (sexist)
      The “Frail or Elderly Crossing” sign (ageist, homophobic and sexist)
      The “Zebra Crossing” sign (misleading and sexist)
      The “Disabled Access” sign (offensive & demeaning)

      There were probably more, but I just gave up in disgust and bemusement. But these cunts were raging about it apparently; and that “our spiteful, horrid government isn’t dong enough!!”

      Fucking hell, it’s only 9am and already I have the urge to throw this laptop out of the fucking window!

  7. Can’t get behind this cunting.

    You get what you give, and if society has raised an entire generation of snowflakes then that is down to the parents and everyone in that age range – we all make up the environment of other people.

    There’s an entire catalogue of parental and societal failures that lay squarely at the feet of boomer aged individuals. A big one being prioritizing careers or jobs over their children, ‘giving them everything’ except the things that actually matter – love, affection, attention, guidance. You get what you give and children don’t give a shit about your financial status.

  8. Old people bring this on themselves. When I was a child,Old Granny Fiddler used to always invite the whole family to Christmas dinner. She loved it and used to start preparations weeks before. It suited my Mother just fine because she could hardly cook. We used to descend like a swarm of locusts,uncles,cousins et al.
    After eating,everyone would sit around sniping at each other until a blazing meltdown occurred and we would all go home swearing Eternal Damnation on the other members of the family. If it was a vintage year,a fight would break out. Granny always pretended to be asleep,worn out by all the work,but I think that it was just the way that she dealt with people when she’d had enough of their company..a theory that was tested when my Father had popped in to check up on her 3 days running before realising that she wasn’t just pretending to be asleep in the chair to avoid him,but was actually clay-cold dead.
    Happy Days.

    • Mrs Rebel could burn water, however I am a decent cook. Please note I use the word cook and not chef because I cook proper food well.

      I learned off my Grandmother who was in service (in the upstairs/downstairs sense) shortly before we saved to the world from the moustachioed Austrian (you’re welcome Europe, you short memoried cunts).

      I spend most of the Xmas break in the kitchen as it legitimises my profuse consumption of alcohol while watching Bond and War films on my little idiot lantern in my sanctuary.

      Saves me from having to converse with the outlaws, or any other cunt who has the audacity to descend for a freebie – no Old Tom or Champion Ale for you, Tesco value bitter or lager for you cunts! 😀

      My two leeches can both cook (#1 child is the only cunt at Twattyversity who actually cooks – the rest live on subways and McD’s) and #2 is the only cunt allowed to chef up his own stuff out of his mates at school.

      The issue with my 2 cunts isn’t the cooking, it’s the tidying up after themselves after it has been cooked! Cunts!

      As a fat cunt I like me grub so it’s usually better if it’s at least palatable.

      Mrs Rebel thinks a two course meal is chips & sauce (oven chips too, the cunt).

  9. This is a good cunting. Being self employed, I come into contact with a large number of people across the social scale. You can find these cuckoo’s in wealthy households and in those that are struggling . I’ve seen parents lose their homes because of their parasitic offspring. They remortgage in order to lavish their adult children, fall behind with their payments and end up having their home repossessed. Meanwhile, the cuckoo has secured a mortgage and fucks off, leaving the parents high and dry in rented accommodation.
    A current customer has a fifty year old son ( FFS ) who still lives with her, he has a full time job but rarely pays anything for his keep and does fuck all around the house, he behaves like a teenager and has a punchability score that is off the fucking scale. He is also something of a weirdo, who’s hard drive would probably be of great interest to the rozzers.
    I have to say that it isn’t all the cuckoo’s fault, overweening and protective parents very often make a rod for their own back.
    I remember an occasion years ago when my eldest asked me in all sincerity if a trust fund had been set up for her ( too much watching of TV programmes like Friends ). I gleefully informed her that the answer was no, that me and her mother had started with fuck all and that it was her responsibility to make her own way in life, ( the other one got the same speech ) , they were also told that me and Mrs. Cunter would not be around for ever either, so they’d better get cracking. The look on her face was priceless, anyway, they’ve both done well, so hats off to ’em.
    Good morning.

  10. Too many overindulged greedy fuckwits my age. I enjoy cooking meals for my family. These 40-something blokes who rely on mummy to cook their tea and wipe their arse while they play on the playstation are as much the underclass as the dirtiest STD infested chav.

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