Dawn Butler

Unknown Fart Sniffer
Can someone please tell me who the black woman is who sits next to Jeremy Corbynite during parliamentary questions?

My husband calls her Fart Sniffer because she has a facial expression of ‘Who just farted?’ She’s really very annoying to look at and constantly talks and jeers at the opposition. I was considering putting a towel over half of my telly screen just to block out her po face from offending me.

Obviously she’s a waste of space Labour cunt. God help us if it becomes a Minister.


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  1. Aka Dawn Lardbutt… or David Lammy in drag. Thinks Militant were the best thing since sliced bread. Thick as pig shit and far smellier. Doubt even Corbyn’s farts could mask the stench.

  2. If it’s a shade of anything brown and Labour, then you can guarantee it is a cunt for the ages… Lammy, Abbott, Umunna, the cunt recently convicted for something or other and of course, Dawn Cuntler.

    Lest we forget, this festering pile of fucking shit was the one who started an SJW-tier rant last year of ‘muh racism’ at Jamie Oliver and his ‘culturally appropriating’ jerk chicken. Now, let’s be clear. There are one million, four hundred thousand and sixty reasons to hate a behemoth of cuntitude like Jamie Oliver. Criticising him however for improving an overrated dish from the home of drug-taking Kingston Town lobbers and darkies is probably not amongst them.

    This cunt also advocated ‘breaking the law rather than breaking the poor’ when grandstanding in Liverpool during the Autumn. Comically ironic, considering that this is the self-same cunt who claimed the full second home allowance of £23,000 back in the annals of the long-forgotten expenses scandal of 2009. This second home being in Stratford mind you, with her primary residence being in fucking Brent – her constituency – which are both a 30 minute tube ride away from Parliament.

    The funniest fucking gaffe of the lot though was when she revealed a letter of ‘endorsement’ from none other than shoe-shuffling, jug-eared cunt-cum-con merchant Barrack ‘hold my basketball dude’ Obama. Turns out this fucking endorsement was actually written by her own staff. I nearly spat my crack pipe across the desk laughing at that one.

    So let’s wrap this corpse in a tarp and chuck into the fucking furnace: Dawn Butler is yet another neat encapsulation of the hypocritical minority Labour ideologue; a momentum shitcunt in waiting who simultaneously makes me howl with laughter and fills me with unspeakable dread, when considering the prospect that this boot-lipped moron could be on the front bench of a future government.

    • But rest assured, all of this negativity will be white washed (or should that now be “Of colour washed”?) and conveniently forgotten about should Labour win power.

      Steptoe will throw out a few DSMA Notices at all and sundry so that no one will be able to publish or even debate the real truth with regards the hypocritical cunts he has working for him. And anything that does get published will be lambasted as racist!

      In the brave New World of a Labour government, whenever you see the term “Democracy” or “Freedom of Speech” it will come with a very small (*) – a caveat denoting that such things are only acceptable under their terms & interpretations.


      • A spokesperson /spokestranny /spokesgender-neutral fuck-up for Mr Corbyn said:

        “Jeremy is totally opposed to all forms of criticism and is determined to drive it out from society.”

  3. Had to check this one out.
    Good points:
    1. Didn’t do PPE at Oxford
    2. Jamaican 2nd gen, not Nigerian.

    Bad points:
    1. Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary
    2. Formerly Shadow Minister for Diverse Communities (resigned to do 3.)
    3. Voted against European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017
    4. Launched the Parliamentary Black Caucus, concerned with ethnic minority issues (2017)
    5. Thick as two short ones.

  4. This old cunt got thrown out of parliament in 2010 after the expenses scandal in 2010 because she had her first home in Stratford and second home in New Cross – both a very short distance from Westminster. She was replaced by a LibDem woman, but sadly at the next general election old mother Butler’s fellow KFT bargain bucket fans gave her a second chance. Arsehole crawling to Steptoe paid dividends.

  5. According to Wikipedia she took over 2 grand of taxpayers money for a whirlpool bath in one of her houses. Yeah Dawn, way to get down with the aspiring architects and the downtrodden diverse commoonidee. Chiggen chomping chippy cunt.

  6. Just worked at a school in Stratford. Fuck me Christ on a bike not one white pupil.
    Thousands of aspiring and future moped drivers.
    Thank fuck I live south oh the river

  7. *Thank fuck I live south oh the river”

    Honeychild, dere everywhere, man – all the aspiring boxers, architects, doctors and rap musicians. Innit though

  8. They have lying and cheating embedded in their DNA, none of them can be trusted, they see their world as impenetrable because they are black, and if challenged they are so hard faced they try to lie their way out of anything.
    This fucker on Expenses
    Fucking bitch Fiona Onasanya, convicted of perverting the course of justice, still sitting in fucking parliament, Labour have ditched her, but so hard faced still troughing away. She is due for sentancing later this month, if she gets a year or more custodail she cannot remain as an MP….. just hope the fucking judge hits this cunt with the maximun sentance allowable.

  9. Wasn’t she the one who called Jamie Oliver out for the heinous crime of ‘cultural appropriation’ when he marketed a product as Jamaican jerk sauce of something?

    • The very same Ron, I sometimes get confused with all their hang-ups on ‘isms’ and ‘phobes’ – hard to keep track with their constant bedwetting whinges. I will say though she found time to make the mockney wankers jerk rice an issue but at the time Londonistan was in the middle of a stabby and shooty crimewave with her an elected member of Brent Central . At least she’s got her finger on the pulse of the local comoonitees concerns.

  10. This bolsters my argument regarding stopping experiments on apes.

    Where did this one escape from?

    Goodbye for now.

  11. Any man, woman, beast or in her case, THING that associates with, never mind sits next to, that treacherous cunt Corbyn is a steaming great cunt.

    All Labour politicians are mammoth cunts anyway.

    Maybe the ‘fart sniffing’ look she has is the rancid stink coming off of Catweazel. After all, he looks like he just rolls out of bed, vetoes bathing and puts on the contents of last month’s dirty washing basket.


    • I am sure Steptoe is either mad or deluded. He keeps demanding a general election.

      If there is one it will be another hung parliament – neither side seems to have any backbone, and does Jezza really think that the Blairite nancy boys and lezzies not to mention Dame Keir Starmer Chuka-spear Umunna, Campbellend and Mangledbum would let him stay as leader for more than a month.

      What really fucks me off about Labour is that they are just as divided as the tories but they pretend otherwise. Liars and cunts

      • 100% right, Mr Boggs.

        Labour are a total clusterfuck. They are a mess and they bloody well know it. Thank fuck they are, quite frankly and thank fuck they have that absolute bellend leading them, as they have about as much chance of gaining power as I do sipping a Pina Colada in Bermuda with Antonio Banderas.


        • when Jeremy Corbyn was asked today what was Labours Brexit policy, he replied ‘ we’ll figure something out ‘ . i kid you not.

  12. She moans about ‘cultural appropriation’ – that Jamie Oliver rice bollox, but has no problem wearing a tartan jacket and skirt, and there’s that photo of her wearing a sari too. Hypocritical shite.

  13. I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman (I don’t do ‘tweeners for cock-chop and fanny-stitchers out there – you are still a man or a woman you CUNT – so enjoy those pronouns).

    I don’t care if it’s black or white, or anywhere in-between.

    I don’t care if it’s atheist, agnostic or religious – nor what that religion may be.

    All I care about is: is it the best person for the job?

    Sadly PC bullshit, positive discrimination, quotas and virtue-signalling almost always guarantees – especially in public life – the best person for the job does not get the job.

    You are not telling me that there is no one better qualified than Cresida Dick for met chief? She’s useless and is only in that role because she ticks both the wimmenz and bean-flicker boxes.

    And don’t get me started on the Shadow Home Secretary role, FFS!

    And all this “must have as many wimmenz in top roles as men” just to tick the quotas box is just stupid.

    If a business is wimmenz centric and there a very few men qualified for board level then so be it, it’s business for fuck’s sake!

    Conversely if more men than wimmenz are qualified then so be it.

    I wonder how many more vastly qualified blokes have been skipped for promotion in deference to lesser qualified wimmenz just to box tick, meet quotas?

    Fucking loads I bet and I hope those companies gold for being cunts!

  14. From her picture alone, I surmise that she is MP for moaning about black people not having enough this, that or the other. And probably knew someone who died in Grenfell.

    • Yes it’s called the “Lammy Paradox”.

      Britain is so “waycist” and discriminatory towards it’s minority peoples that they will never have the same opportunity to hold high office such as being an MP, Shadow Home Secretary or Mayor of London.

      In America it’s called the “Obama Paradox” where a person of colour will never become the President of the United States.

      Please don’t confuse that with the “Wimmenz Paradox” where the misogynistic West would never have wimmenz in high office such as Maggie Thatcher (RIP), Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Killary Clinton.

      No, what a fucking terrible “waycist” and misogynistic country we live in. I’m off to Burma or Saudi Arabia to avoid such minority and misogynistic treatment of my fellow man.

      P.S. Do you think Lammy, Abbott and this one, et. al., feel the remotest sense of irony when look in the mirror as they wash their hands in the various Cuntminster bathrooms?

  15. Have been meaning to cunt this uppity sneering fucker myself. She sits at Corbyn’s side like a nodding dog, agreeing with everything he says. Fucking sycophant. Bet he’s throwing his porridge up her like he did with a young Flabbot. Oh, and her hair looks like mince.

    • Well fuck me, igiven that Brent Central voted for her, you would have to pay me just to drive through it. Must be a dump with dumpo dummmies living there. In fact, just give me a map highlighting all the Labour constituencies so I know when to put my stab vest on or not get out the car. Mmm, I could make an App for that!

  16. What is it about our esteemed tanned colleagues that they all have the same dead zombie eyes, droopy eyelids, the same few grey cells only capable of sneering chippy sullen entitled bitterness. Cos I’s black innit programmed from birth. Weird.

  17. Most of the Labour cunts are worthless cunts with only a few notable exceptions (Field and Hoey etc). A pox on every one of the fuckers.

  18. Sadly this is my MP, and yes Brent North is a complete crime ridden dump full of scum and about 2 white people left including me lol

    I cant stand the sheer hypocrisy of this cunt, and it has a chip on her shoulder bigger than all the chips sold in Chicken Cottage annually.

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