Compromise is a cunt, isn’t it?

As the old joke goes, my wife and I compromise on everything: She wanted to watch Downton Abbey but I wanted to watch the football – so we compromised and watched Downton Abbey. It’s an amiable arrangement between husband and wife whereby they both agree to let the wife have her choice.

When both sides yield, neither is the winner and nobody is content. It eventually becomes an unhappy medium which falls betwixt two stools.

Often there cannot be an acquiesce, or at least shouldn’t be. If a family of five wanted a pet, they might discuss and debate it before having a family vote. If the vote produces three votes for a dog and two votes for a cat, how can they compromise? The dog wins so a dog should be bought.
They shouldn’t purchase a gerbil; they shouldn’t search for a dog-like cat or a hybrid feline-hound; why reduce the demand with a bio-hacked mutant which satisfies nobody?

Fuck compromise.


Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

54 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. On the contrary, I think the Brexit negotiations need a lot more compromise from the Fourth Reich.

    • Negotiations OC? I presume you’re referring to the so called withdrawal agreement, dictated to our quisling government by 4th Reich.

      The one that “secures a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the EU referendum, delivering the Brexit people voted for, building a country that works for everyone, taking back control of our borders, laws and money, but protecting jobs, our security and our precious union, blah blah woof woof…”

      Btw, hopefully speaker Bercunt’s blatantly partisan behaviour in Parliament yesterday will cause Mavis to dig her heels in and facilitate a No Deal Brexit by default. One can but dream…

      • Yes, those ‘negotiations’. There should never even have been any – we should’ve immediately left with no deal on the 24th.

      • I’m afraid you’ll be dreaming forever. Don’t forget the Maybot has no balls.

  2. Indeed: Leavers had the majority vote and should have won; but fuck it, let’s compromise, water that shit down and turn it into a remain win instead.


  3. If I were a committed cunt I would search the web for a picture of an unhappy medium falling between two stools… but May has no psychic talent whatever.

  4. “They shouldn’t purchase a gerbil”…..

    I’d ban the sale of gerbils,hamsters,guinea-pigs or any other animal capable of crawling up a not-so-narrow pipe….especially to Peter Mandelson.

  5. If she wants to slap her brain around with mediocre TV then she should buy her own fucking TV. Alternatively slap her around until she compromises.

    The mistake was compromising by turning in your man card in exchange for marriage.

  6. I came home and found the missus packing her bags.

    I said “What the fucks going on.?”

    “I’m leaving” she said, “I’m moving to Las Vegas.”

    “What’s in Vegas.?”

    She said “There are men in Vegas who will pay me a thousand pounds to do that thing I do to you”….

    I said “Pass me a suitcase, I’m coming with you”

    “Why the fuck would you do that.?”

    I said “I just wanna see how you manage on two grand a year”…..

    • A chap bursts into his home and says to his wife, “Whe-hey! Pack your bags, I’ve won 5 million on the lottery.”

      She replies, “That’s great news. But to go where?”

      He says, “I don’t care where you go, just pack your bags and fuck off!”

  7. Veering off-road for a moment…

    Britain’s biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is set to announce “substantial” job cuts in the thousands, as the company faces double-digit drops in demand in China and a slump in sales for diesel cars in Europe.

    So what is O’Shithead’s take? “The Daily Mail told the workers at Jaguar Rover to vote for their own unemployment by voting to leave the European Union.”

    Of course… as usual it’s all down to Brexit.

    I think Jaguar Rover would know more about their business than a Remoaning Poundshop Lord Haw Haw, eh James?

    • I legitimately smacked the kitchen table several times in anger earlier when Beebistan Radio 4 mentioned ‘concerns over Brexit’ as a reason for the job losses.

    • You really should stop listening to that stale piss blanket, RTCP. The guy is trolling peoples sensibilities with his violent ear wankery for thousands of pounds per show.

      As for JLR, sounds like my old dealer post-september 2008. “It’s da credit crunch bruvs. Mad prices ting!”. Any old excuse will do.

      • I find it useful to listen (sporadically) to the cunt because his extreme Remoaner take on Brexit keeps me on my toes and helps confirm my belief that the only Brexit worth a jot is a No Deal, which we should have gone for on day one, had the Remoaner establishment been of a mind to carry out the will of the people, which they weren’t of course.

        Fucking Pob currently on his feet in the Commons arguing vociferously for Mavis’s sellout deal. It’s one thing to stab Boris in the back, but 17.4 million people?

        • I was listening to LBC this morning as well.

          Along with JLR partially blaming their cut in workforce on Brexit, apparently the motorsport (F1) industry is saying it will affect them due to getting parts etc. through customs with the possible delays.

          Now I’m no boffin but if you thought or knew there was going to be a delay, wouldn’t you leave earlier?

          My wife broke a fingernail last night but she soon calmed down after I had explained it was the fault of Brexit.

          Goodbye for now.

          • “the motorsport (F1) industry is saying it will affect them due to getting parts etc. through customs with the possible delays.”

            Which would be why most of the jobs being transferred to Slovakia are management and sales? Neither of which can function without a personal containerload of camshafts…

            The main reasons actually being cited by Jaguar are a Chinese downturn, over-reliance on diesel, now in sharp decline, and a need for restructuring generally.

            Ford are closing facilities in mainland Europe for similar reasons.

            But the Bleeding Bollocks Corporation and the Grauniad know the REAL story….

    • Ford are planning cuts throughout Europe for ‘cost saving’ nothing specific about the UK, but I am sure the remoaners will find a way to blame brexit.

      • News sites say restructuring but the BBC gets Brexit in.

        And as mentioned above, Jaguar Landrover is in trouble due to Asian slow down and the fact that 98% of it’s vehicles are diesel. But Brexit is of course the real reason.
        The drop in the Chinese market is also probably Brexit related.

    • This kind of negative blame-game over Brexit will last for years despite the fact we won’t actually be leaving the EU afterall.

      But it will be the default response to any downturn in the economy even if it has fuck all to do with Brexit.

  8. I cannot understand why there needs to be a 5 day debate on the fucking brexit deal, there isnt any sign of COMPROMISE so what is the point.

    All the MPs made their minds up weeks or months ago.

    I would take the fucking deal, just to get out…. once we are out its final.

    Fucking Corbycunt wants his general election, but not really, he wouldn’t have a fucking clue and he is surrounded by fucking useless cunts who also have no fucking clue.

    He is on this morning pouring out the usual shit, diversity, champion of the poor, workers rights, poor fucking migrants, privileged elite, inequality…….
    Socialism would be the real disaster for this country, ecnomically and socially, gid help us!

    • But the “Deal” doesn’t get us out.

      With the “backstop” the EU can keep us tied in FOREVER. And you can be damned sure the £39 billion is just a down payment, there’ll be a further £18 billion to pay when they inevitably extend the “transition period” into 2022.

      Unless the backstop is removed, the 4th Reich have us over a barrel. Even without the backstop I would not give them a penny unless and until a trade deal beneficial to both sides is agreed… and certainly not £57 billion!

      Truth is, they fucking owe us.

      • I fully agree with you logic RTCp but I fear that unless we we take the deal Brexit will be withdrawn, another referendum and a strong chance we will remain.

        I know the deal has a risk but as long as the UK avoid the backstop and get a mechanism to keep the irish border free of any extra infrastructure then that ticks the main EU box.
        A trade deal can be struck, doesnt have to be anything more than a canada style deal then that gets us out of transition.
        I know it will cost money but it will guarantee we are OUT.

        • Unfortunately the EU hold all the cards when it comes to the backstop, it’s not in our gift to avoid it – it’s a trap SOI, and our quisling government knows that full well.

          If it came to a choice between the EU’s Deal and Remain, I would go with Remain, because at least we would keep open the option of leaving in the manner and at a time of our own choosing.

          It is clear that the current Conservative Government and the Labour Opposition have never had the slightest intention of delivering a meaningful Brexit. A No Deal by default is our only hope now, but seeing as the EU can change the rules whenever it suits them, my bet is that Article 50 will be extended until Parliament either signs on the EU’s dotted line or legislates for another referendum, with the ‘EU Deal’ or ‘No Brexit At All’ the only choice on the ballot paper.

          They won’t allow us the option of ‘No Deal’.

          The only other possible alternative would be a General Election which if Labour won they’d roll over in front of the EU faster than you could say Lord Adonis. And we’d get a Loony Left Government into the bargain, just when the rest of Europe is waking up and moving rightwards.


          • I guess we will see some direction next week when the deal bites the dust.

            Corbycunt will have to go for no confidence, if he doesnt what little credibility he has will go down the pan.

            If pushed, I would prefer a general election to another referendum, would love to see how Labour and Torries party manifesto’s takle Brexit.

            They are both fucked!

  9. Ashley Judd’s sexual harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein dismissed…
    Hopefully this is just the start… Watch the Me Too rats and self serving Time’s Up slags (see you, Johansscunt!) scatter from the sinking ship….

    Uncle Harvey may have had his evil way, but I bet he didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head to do it… After all, a slag is a slag is a slag…. I also hope the old boy has his day and grasses a good few of these virtue signaling slappers right up…

    • Disagree Norman. I understand your point about the hypocracy of metoo but fuck me no young woman deserves to have that bloated ugly fucker abusing them. We are talking hundreds of young women here. Yes they wanted fame but it’s almost like your saying that’s the price they had to pay.

      • They paid it, probably entirely voluntarily. And no doubt after their mothers had told them about creeps like Weinstein.
        ‘Caveat emptor’ is the phrase that springs to mind. Whichever side you support…

        • All about shagging shiksas as well. They practice on the shiksas before getting a good Jewish wife. All in Philip Roth.

      • They had a choice, they could have told him to go fuck himself…….
        If their career was more important than their self respect then its their fault.

        • Absoutely. I may have never sucked cock to advance in any career but having a choice would have been nice. Perhaps this should be included along with diversity quotas. I’ve had 1 or 2 stunning women managers in the past and I’d have gone down quicker than slipping on dog shit.

        • I had a mate who worked at a major City investment bank and was in charge of recruiting all of the support personnel.

          The birds who came in for interview were ready to do anything to get the job (and, according to him, did). They all wanted to get in there to snag a loaded banker type as a husband and be made for life.

          A large number of women are basically whores when they want something. At least most of them understand the bargain – this #meetoo bollocks is just sickening when you think that they willingly participated.

        • As Germaine Greer put it, ‘If you willingly open your legs or get on your knees to further your career, it’s no use crying about it afterwards’….

  10. Compromise is for weak-willed individuals. I refused to compromise about anything with Mrs Cunt Engine.
    Might explain the upcoming divorce…

  11. Me and Mrs Creampuff rarely watch TV together… usually only when we’re having dinner, along with recordings of Judge Judy. We nearly always agree with the verdicts.

    Mrs Creampuff has a big telly and two HDD recorders (full of shite) in the master bedroom. I tend to watch my stuff (one HDD recorder) in the withdrawing room.

    A further four TVs are dotted around the house for Creampuff’s convenience.

    I compromise with myself every day. Otherwise Portmeirion would make Hungerford look like a Downton Abbey village tea party.

    • Father Plastic here RT. Now my child you say ‘I compromise with myself every day’. That’s very serious. What you need to do is avoid the occasions of sin and don’t go looking for sexual imagery on the internet.

      • Not to worry Miles, I self flagellate virtually on an hourly basis… except when I’m listening to James O’Brien, which is punishment enough in itself, I think you’d agree.

  12. My two penny’s.

    Margaret Thatcher famously said (not word for word it’s my recollection) ‘ be careful not to walk in the middle of the road as you are liable to get hit by traffic from both directions’ . I don’t think the PM heeded that advice but then TM is no MT.

    The other thing I don’t understand is why more politicians are not saying right now — that;

    The then PM said this was our choice and in effect without any let or hindrance Parliament would carry out the will of the people. The Will was to leave —- it was not ‘subject to agreement reached with the whores of the EU’ it was not ‘on condition of this projected GDP or that projected GDP’. Anything else ( that I fear we are now heading towards) is utter betrayal. Of course the Anna scum bags or Dominic Cunts of this world can say not leaving or delaying our leave is ‘in our interests’ or for ‘ the common good’ if they want but they have to accept that which ever way you slice it it’s still an absolute gold plated Betrayal( with the attendant damage to the very DNA of this Country— irrevocable Poison in my view) .

    Utter Cunts. And I am not one to use that word overly freely even on this worthy site.

    Ps good points RTC!

    • “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.”

      (from £9 million taxpayer funded glossy Government pro Remain propaganda pamphlet, delivered to every home in the Uk)

      • Yeah why do you hate canadians so much besides canadians are basically our extended brothers in the queens service of colonial territory well not the french speaking ones they can fuck off obviously

      • Ha ha Miles you remembered my Canada thing. Hope you and RTC Christmased well and the New Year has put you in good spirits!

        I have just endured Question Time and now off to Bedfordshire … don’t know why I put myself through it!

        All the best C W

    • £0.99 plus vat at You can even add some Is A Cunt branding for a further £1.49 + vat.

      Amazon are cunts.

      • Amazon are PROPER cunts and that 99p is a proper bargain, Proper Cunt. If only Is-A-Cunt… had a logo to steam on the back. I suppose Treason May is the closest we’ve had but I don’t wish that spindly hunchback’s face anywhere near me.

  13. If we leave the EU without a deal (which is looking more and more unlikely) the German car market will be affected far more than the British car market. Or will they continue to sell us cars if a no deal? You can bet your last Euro they will.

    Plus Trump is wanting to impose a 20% surcharge on German car imports. Fucking great. Trump knows how to handle the EU, downgrading their dinner lonatic status. Suck on it Juncker and Barnier.

    Merkel has a planned visit to Japan. It will be a wasted visit however as the vast majority of Japanese people buy Japanese cars, plus they will not listen to any of her immigration shit.

    Why doesn’t Merkel just fuck off now. Majority of the peoples of Europe sick of the fucking sight of her and her pro German (sorry, that should be pro Europe) dictate. Useless bitch.

    • Evening Willie.
      I’ve read that the German economy’s in a bit of trouble. Hmm, importing a 1 000000 gimmigrants onto the benefits’ system might’ve contributed to that. Useless bitch.

      However, I’m certain Brexit will be blamed.

  14. I don’t do compromise, but then I often don’t have to as I am a very solitary cunt who can please myself most of the time. I am also a moody cunt, stubborn as fuck and usually refuse to compromise…..right up until the point I do as I am also a weak arse pussy of a cunt.

    Compromise is a bit of a cunt as inevitably one person always ends up getting the shitty end of the stick, but I would say it is pretty crucial when it comes to relationships. You have to bend a little, they have to bend a little so each can see that the other has backed down to keep things democratic and happy, otherwise it is all liable to go to shit.

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