Televised Sport

A nomination for televised sport. I’m sick and tired of all this boring shite being inflicted on us via terrestrial TV.
I don’t pay a licence fee for endless hours of the following crap:
cricket, tennis, golf, snooker, darts, bowling, athletics, formula1 etc…
If you want to watch this tedious shite, then pay for it, you cunts.
Also, why are these sports cunts paid so much for doing fuck all anyway?

Nominated by Mystic Maven

19 thoughts on “Televised Sport

  1. We shouldn’t boe forced to pay the BBCraps licence fee, the service is utter shite no matter what programmes you prefer to view.
    A friend told me there is a way around not having to pay a fee and it’s legit.

  2. Are their any male sports programmes still on TV, that are free of female commentators.
    They’re starting to get on my tit.

  3. With you all the way there MM.

    That said, I don’t give a rat’s arse about sport anyway, so I would be wouldn’t I? Partial to the occasional frame of snooker now and again though.

    As for why they get paid so much, think you’ll find it’s down to supply & demand…

    Have a nice weekend Cunters! (I won’t)

  4. Bollocks!! And double bollocks!!
    I want more sport on TV. Fucking loads of it. Only women and fairies don’t like sport. If you don’t like it don’t watch it….. watch some celebrity shit, read a book, stick a dildo up your bum , none of my business.
    By the way, was it really necessary to have a photo featuring the stinking Dallas Cowboys and the cunt faced Giants? Come on you Jets!!

    • “women and fairies” Freddie?

      Not very sporting of you, old chap.

      Add “cunts” to that list and you might have something.

    • I don’t like it and don’t watch it. My point is that there’s too much of it. I don’t watch celebrity shite and I prefer a good book. Not so sure about the dildo though, as I had a colonoscopy last year – not the most pleasurable of experiences.

  5. what annoys me is that we dont get all our national teams live on free to air, I shouldnt have to pay to watch England play any sport on TV (I may not want to watch it but its the fucking principle)

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The heads of the various national sports organisations decry the lack of “grass roots” uptake in most sports.

      The numbers of folk taking up cricket, rugby, etc., has fallen off the face of the planet.

      Well how about showing international matches on NATIONAL TV then!

      Oh, that’s right, there wouldn’t be enough palm grease to oil your grabbing fingers without subscription TV moolah would there.

      Also have you noticed the AL-BEEB have dropped “wimminz” when stating shit like “The big international. England V Scotland, tonight, exclusively on BBC1.”

      Well I’ll have a bit of that!

      Oh, it’s a “wimminz” event at Brentford FC’s Griffin Park playing to a massive crowd of 100 at a free entry gig.

      And yet they still have the massive pre-amble with Yorath, et. al., like it was a Barca V Real Madrid El Classico decider in the cup final.

      Utter toss!

  6. I recall a few years ago the Ozzy women’s football team played a pre tournament friendly against the Oz under 15 boys team and got thrashed 7 – 0. That puts things into perspective. The BBB sports arseholes are unquestionably a bunch of cunts for promoting this shite as equal to mens’ football. I despair for Western civilization – we’re well and truly fucked.

  7. Most BBC women commentators get on my wick but then again the holy Lineker makes me want to kick the screen in. Snowflake cunt.

  8. Used to love watching sport on TV.

    Mainly football, cricket, golf, F1 and athletics.

    Unfortunately BBC have lost EVERYTHING decent, and only get what the other providers (Sky Sports & BT) don’t want.

    I am not bothered about F1 anymore, never into tennis, rugby or anything to do with horses. But I really do miss the golf (especially the four majors plus the Ryder cup) and test match cricket. Love the Olympics (both winter and Summer games), and the football World Cup.

    Too many women commentators on men’s sports for my liking now, who add little to proceedings and ruin for the male viewers. Let women commentators stick to women’s sports, and men to men’s sports.

    Will have to stick to watching BBC cross country, boring snooker (every fucking week), and darts (every fucking week). Oh, and the fucking boat race. Hardly spoilt for choice.

  9. Sports is my very worst subject the most awful being football utter garbage and overrated ban the lot I say

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